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They have quite an extensive range of drinks options here from coffee to non-coffee.

I went for this seasalt caramel macchiato, lovely blend of coffee with sea salt and caramel.

Available in cold or hot.

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This beautifully decorated cafe has attracted many people for this aesthetically interior with their foods and drinks.

Beside serving Korean inspired foods, they also served delicious cakes like this one.

Layered with black sesame and genmaicha flavours.

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If you asking the Johor residents where to grab decent supper at night, this place usually will be on the list of recommendation.

This noodles place only open in the evening from 6pm onwards till late night, making it one of the best supper spot to grab some meal at night.

You can choose from either sitting outdoor beside the road, or indoor with air-conditioned.

As for their wan tan mee, you can choose either with the black sauce or not, whether to go with spicy or non-spicy. Also to choose the portion either small or big.

I actually like it considering the ingredients given, every plate of wan tan mee will come with a fried cracker, char siew, veggie and wanton in a bowl of soup.

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I believe most people who have visited to Johor Bahru before would have hear of or already try this place.

You may need to drive, take bus or Grab to reach here from custom. But totally worth the trip when you see all the ingredients on display.

Yes, the laksa here is much like our yong tau foo, where you first need to pick any ingredients that you want to add on to your laksa.

Lots of options available, from vegetables to beancurd to fishballs and more. Then choose the type of your noodle and you are good to go.


This is quite funny. So not all grilled mains are on the dinner menu, some like this is avail on the all day menu

It's tender but the meat was a tad dry. The sauce was also very strong, abit too sweet and intense. Mash was very strongly buttery and almost sticky

Overall decent too, but not worth travelling all the way here

The muffin was very crispy, hollandaise sauce was nice too with a touch of acidity and not too jelat. The pull pork's sauce was too strong tho

Overall decent

Linguine was perfectly cooked but the sauce was way too sweet.

Their signature. The prawns were meaty tho

They have dry version too but everyone's having the soup one.

The soup has a little bit of thickness surprisingly despite being clear. It's quite flavourful and a little fishy too. Ingredients were generally competent, the sharp tasting preserved veggies is the slight novelty

Pretty decent

Idk what's the reverse part honestly but this was pretty dainty. The crumbly crust was good and the lemon flavour was well balanced. There's also a bitter cream in the middle which worked well in tandem w everything else

Overall a good piece, abit ex. Don't come an hour before they close cos they don't have many things left by then

Their rendition surprised me. Firstly, they didn't say black pepper. Secondly, it has bones.