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A creamy cup of caffeine.

Smooth and rich in flavour and aroma

Was expecting something overly sweet, but with the first sip, this was the perfect level of chocolatetyness

You can taste the cacao which is sweetened by the milk.

Giving it a refreshing and not too overpowering taste.

No patty, but the onion rings were more than enough to give this burger such a magnificent flavour and mouth feel

A crispy chicken patty with tender juicy boneless chicken thigh.

The salted egg creame accentuates the flavor of the chicken


A magnificent Roulade but not roulade type dish, reall flavorful and tasty

This was also a unique dish available only during the Bangkok Takeover.

This one is a scallop dish paired with a spinach sauce that reminds me of masak Lemak.

Part of the Malaysia flavour feature

The seating arrangement for buffet here is great

This dish was really special, as it's only available for 1 day only during the Bangkok Takeover.

A savoury and spicy dish that's simply incredible

Flock usually has an annual event called the Social Table.

And the buffet is simply superb

Flock restaurant offers an amazing view while you dine.

Had the chance to try Datuk Wong roast pork and it was amazing! Crispness of the skin and the fattiness of the meat burst like flavour crystals when you chew on it. The sauce from the meat goes well with rice. One plate is not enough.
Watching Datuk Wong cut his meat to great proportions was nice to watch. The size is really quite right.
Do queue early as they sell out fast and servings take long. Check out the back alley where the good pork is made.