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Always a fan of French toasts, especially the ones that are thick and fluffy. (Minus the huge scoop of cream which I mistaken as ice cream, but eh).
If there’s one advice to give, it’s that you either come here with a super empty stomach (for dessert) or share this baby with a few of your friends bc you’ll get jelak pretty fast.

The folks behind this joint are on a mission to ensure that healthy food is accessible and comes at an affordable price – build-your-own bowls start from RM13.90. Take your pick of protein, fresh veggies and housemade sauces. Must-haves include the parsley cauliflower rice, herb-baked white fish, turmeric pumpkin, spicy eggplant and the salted egg yolk dressing.
Photo by Burppler Serena Ho

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This concept just adds the comforting homey feels into every dish presented •

Portion was more than enough especially that mountain fried rice 😂 #highlyRAEted •

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Matcha with passion fruit Monin syrup. Could use a stronger matcha flavour, but refreshing nonetheless.

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Taking inspiration from Chuncheon's well-known barbecue chicken, SeoulNami serves delicious pork-free Korean barbecue. A must-try is their Famous Chuncheon Chicken (from RM59) – tender marinated chicken thigh available in four tantalising flavours including sweet Honey Butter and spicy Hot Pepper. Bring a group and order the Signature Tasting Set (RM269) for a worth-the-splurge meal for four. The set includes a variety of dishes to fuel the party – think Chuncheon Chicken in three flavours, Crabby Kimchi Jjigae and Fist Rice (DIY rice balls with seaweed and chicken). Also indulge in the popular Korean Bone-in Short Ribs. (RM139).
Photo by Burppler Calie Tang

Fans of food capital Hanoi, bookmark this casual eatery for the city’s classics under one roof. You’ll find staples like pho, but we’re here for the Hanoi signature, Chac Ca La Vong (RM21.90) – a perfect rendition of this classic Hanioian dish, which sees grilled fish with tumeric and dill served with vermicelli. Other popular dishes include the Grilled Vietnamese Pork Chop with rice (from RM15.90) as well as the Braised Pork Belly in Coconut Juice (from RM15.90). Pro tip: To avoid wastage, choose your rice or noodle portion (small, medium or large) based on how hungry you are. Double pro tip: Make sure to wipe your plates clean as the restaurant donates RM0.10 to Food Aid Foundation for every meal finished.
Photo by Burppler Calie Tang

The first time I had this was in Hanoi, and I’ve missed this dish terribly – happy to find a decent option here in KL. Comes with Vermicelli (you can pick the portion size) and a clay pot brimming with turmeric and dill marinated fish. Enjoyed the tenderness of the fish and the marinade tho I wish it was a bit more fragrant.

This mod-chic tea bar in Gardens Mall is a joint venture with Purple Cane – a familiar name in the game. Take tea-drinking to a new level by trying their frothy housemade Nitro Tea (RM15.90) that comes in three different flavours – Pu'Er Honey Tea, Lemongrass Black Tea and Roselle Hawthorn. The menu also boasts a wide selection of imported Chinese teas such as the smoky Premium Long Jing (RM18.90) and light-bodied Dried Mandarin Peel White Tea (RM18.90), all meticulously brewed with the exact timing and temperature. Pro tip: Sip slowly as rebrews are not allowed here!
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I really enjoyed this even though I found it very sweet lol! Not as fizzy as other nitro teas but it still has that fizziness, which in my opinion makes it easier to drink. It’s sweet on the nose and tongue and ends with soft bitter notes from the tea.

This green tea was recommended by the friendly brewer, and it didn’t taste like regular green tea to me! In fact, it sported toasty notes instead of the regular sweet-ish green tea. Pleasantly surprised! Tip: Sip your teas slowly here as they don’t do rebrews.

Imagine drinking tea off a beer glass, except It’s a reality now that Tea+ is offering nitrogen infused tea! Slightly sweetened, cold and they managed to preserve the original flavour of the bold black tea. A pretty interesting experience that I would go back if you ask me!