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Decent enough polo bun compared to many other outlets I have tried in Klang Valley.

This was pretty good. The textural variation was nice - soft stewed turnips, crunchy peanuts and the highlight: crispy fried bits. Would definitely come back again!

Chicken rice RM12
Mee goreng with ayam goreng RM12

I have not been to MidValley for a while and seems the FnB outlet quality has dropped

I ordered kopi c which turned out to be condensed milk extra sweet

And looking at how the food was being prep, I will avoid this shop in future

I have very high expectations of my HK styled coffee and polo bun

This one is just mehhhh 😣

One of Thailand’s most favourite boba shop by Seoulcial Club. The Majestic is a sinful creamy drink filled with milk & cream, black sugar pearl, silky milk pudding, cream cheese brûlée, crispy cornflakes and cheese on top. RM16.90 per serving.

The folks behind this joint are on a mission to ensure that healthy food is accessible and comes at an affordable price – build-your-own bowls start from RM13.90. Take your pick of protein, fresh veggies and housemade sauces. Must-haves include the parsley cauliflower rice, herb-baked white fish, turmeric pumpkin, spicy eggplant and the salted egg yolk dressing.
Photo by Burppler Serena Ho

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Finally had the chance to try this! I’m a matcha junkie, so I can never say no to anything matcha. Naturally I went straight for this best-seller.
This was everything I dreamed of! Fluffy and refreshing shaved ice flavoured with rich matcha and topped with creme brûlée. Yum!
That’s not all, I was surprised to find sweet red beans hidden within the mountain. Will definitely come back! 😍