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The latte here is ok. Not overly acidic like some places.

The white coffee here costs RM7 while black coffee is RM5.
You can upgrade the milk to soy/almond/oat milk for an additional RM3.
You can also add in caramel/hazelnut/vanilla syrup for an additional RM2.

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Trying to eat healthier these days. Though gotta admit, eating healthy in KL is quite pricey. 馃槄

This round tried the Quinoa Heaven at Kettlebell. It comes with organic quinoa, kale, soft boiled egg, green beans, sweet peas, edamame, cherry tomatoes, red pepper hummus, smoked paprika parmesan and balsamic olive dressing. It also comes with alfalfa but I didn鈥檛 want it. Honestly, it was nicer than I expected. I also swapped out the soft boiled egg with a hard boiled and added another hard boiled egg for RM2.

I like that the server helps on which meal to go for, based on how heavy a meal you want. He also suggested to change the soft boiled egg to a hard boiled for a more filling meal. I find that helpful.

This meal was RM25 but RM27 for me cause I added the extra egg.

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馃挵: RM55
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Recommended by Kettlebell team, this avocado open sandwich is good for light snack or breakfast because some days you just simply need to go on meatless yet healthy options. The Avo good day contains 63degree onsen egg, smashed avocado spread on wholemeal bread serve along a sweet corn , Cherry tomatoes and lettuce salad, beetroot hummus and spicy tomato salsa. Definitely a well balance protein diet high on magnesium, potassium and vitamins. I am so in love with their beetroot hummus, it鈥檚 like the soul of the entire plate that makes everything do tasty. Pair with sweet green pressed juice. RM22 per serving. Juice RM11.

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Tofu, tempeh, brown rice, 63 degree egg, spinach, spring onion, chickpeas, roasted pumpkin, roasted peanut, red chili, red cabbage & soy vinaigrette. Add on sous vide chicken breast (+rm6)


Trio color organic quinoa, kale, 63 degree egg, green beans, sweet peas, Edamame, cherry tomato, alfalfa, red pepper hummus, smoked paprika parmesan & balsamic olive dressing. Add-on sous vide chicken breast (+rm6)

This salad that packed with protein goodness do remind me of the salad I had in US. What I do enjoy about this salad is they are not heavy handed on the seasoning and dressing. It gave the very refreshing feeling after the meal.

As all food menu is meatless, I do add on chicken breast from the top-up list.


The supercharged smoothie menu from kettle bell definately giving me a hard time to make my decision.

I had this delicious shelter booster that made with unsweeted peanut butter, protein powder, blueberry, papaya, banana, coconut oil, flax seed, cinnamon, soy & ice.

This smoothie that packed with protein is so good, it's filling, yummy yet nutrition. So happy to know they use soy instead of milk in this smoothie, perfect for someone like me who have lactose intolerant.


The sister company of pan&tamper, a new healthy food joint around the mont kiara neighbourhood.

For the soft launch menu, they do served a few power packed protein bowl, smoothie and coffee. I love how considerate of them when come to their menu.

Food is all meatless but it do come with an option to topped up sous vide chicken breast (+rm6) for those who looking for extra protein intake. Aside from chicken breast, egg, toast, grain and avocado are all available from the top up menu.

As for drinks, the selection of smoothie that come with protein powder is so yummy yet nutrition packed. For coffee drinker, they also offer 3 different type of milk alternative (oat, almond, soy) which suitable for those who doesn't consume dairy or lactose intolerant.

Tasted like an ordinary latte. Charcoal just for aesthetic purposes.

Crispy seafood pancake with scallion, squid and crab stick without prawns. Although slightly greasy, this was undeniable one of the best Korean pancake I鈥檝e tasted in town for their taste and crispiness as they put quite a fair bit of scallions and it鈥檚 not too thick. Pair it with the dipping sauce. RM32 per serving.

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Not only did they have the prettiest utensils, the soft pink facade but the food are yummy too. Win Liao
Don't know what got into me but I ordered the greenest dish off the menu 馃槄 but it's tasty enough to entice me to polish it all.