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Refreshing in the scorching heat. Kinda reminds me of the grape flavoured Vitagen.

A keto alternative to the quinoa bowl! Added chicken breast (RM7.90) for that extra protein. Yum!

A keto alternative to the quinoa bowl! Added chicken breast (RM7.90) for that extra protein. Yum!

I’d say how I am absolutely amazed by their Chai latte. Tbh, was never a huge fan of one or it wasn’t a go to preference, but took a sip from my friend’s cup and decided that it was going to be my cup forever. Also, they recommended their baked cheesecake, but decided to go for something out of the blues like Thai Tea Baked Cheesecake, cz we were feeling a bit adventurous. Oh boy, I had so much doubts when I ordered it, thinking it was going to be a diabetic scene, but it turns out to be slightly on the bittersweet note, while at the same time having that slight Thai tea floral essence and it blended so well with the baked cheesecake.

So underrated, but beautiful!

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The butter chicken was all I hoped it would be - crispy chicken bathed with delectable butter sauce. Pad Thai was not amazing, but they were generous with the seafood. This was an average of RM30 per person.

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Ok I like this place for the truffle mash they don't play play when they say it's truffle okei some places say got truffle but doesn't taste the truffle AT ALL so good job fat fish I like.

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It's the weekend; you're up early and famished — head on over to Ra.Ft for a meal to kickstart your day. The new outlet in Arcoris Plaza is gorgeous with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, plus it’s spacious enough for big family get-togethers. Expect Italian brunch fare, like French Croissant with Parma Ham and Buffalo Mozzarella (RM27) and a classic Stuffed Caprese (stuffed chicken breast with cheese, pesto and tomatoes, RM32). If you’re feeling exceptionally hungry, order My Breakfast (RM28.50), which allows you to pile it on by building your own plate. Finish the meal off with a dark and fruity Long Black (RM8) roasted and brewed in-house.
Photo by Burppler Alison K

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you just know the coffee gonna be awesome when you see the Slayer ! 😃
Beautiful cosy ambiance , good coffee , delicious cakes , Opah Tok approved ❤️😘😍🥰 . .
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This place offers with 4 preset bowls and the usual customize your own bowl option. For customize version, you can choose between Usual Bowl (which comes with 1 protein) or Upsize Bowl (which comes with 2 proteins).

I opt to customize because I wasn’t feeling the preset options. I chose the Usual Bowl.

This bowl has cauliflower rice, chicken breast, salsa corn, crispy chickpeas, eggplant and red & green bell pepper. For dressing, I chose the chilli oil that everyone recommended and also because I love spicy food.

It was delicious and filling at the right level. The chilli oil was as spicy as mentioned. No let down there. Prefer if they removed the chilli seeds though.

This is RM16.90. I paid extra RM3 for the cauliflower rice.

Oh this was so good. Aburi salmon on top and INSIDE the sushi! Couldn’t get enough of this.

A bed of greens topped with salmon sashimi and fish roe. Nothing spectacular. You can choose between dressing of yuzu soya sauce or sesame sauce.