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Top 10 in Mont Kiara

Top 10 places in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.

Latest Reviews in Mont Kiara

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.

What I like most about the burger menu is that you can choose what patty you want to go with your burger. Unlike some where the burger is only served with beef or chicken patty. So you have a choice of beef, chicken or falafel. Since I’m a pescatarian, I chose the falafel.

Blue comes with creamy blue cheese (yummmm!!), caramelised onions and rocket leaves on fluffy soft pretzel bun. The patty was crispy on the outside and crumbly on the inside. It came with a side of fries.

Honestly, I expected a bigger burger but this size is just enough. If you have a bigger appetite, might not be enough.

This is RM33.

Honestly, I had a hard time looking for the outlet. It was hidden away in a corner. With the lot number, I expected to see it right next to Rakuzen, but nope.

Ordered the Figaro pizza to try as the topping was the most interesting. It came with goat’s cheese, mozzarella, fresh figs, honey, walnut, beef bacon and rocket leaves.

I find the goat’s cheese taste was a little overwhelming but my friend liked it. So it depends on your liking. The crust was nicely thin. Overall, I enjoyed it.

This is RM40. I think the price is a little on the high side considering the size.

Wholemeal toast with smooth peanut butter and banana. Pair it with a cup of RM5 long black.
I had this the third time this week. So good!

You’ll be crushing on CRUST once you've had one of their yummy, woodfire-baked sourdough pizzas. The folks behind this large and cheerful space also own casual pizza and burger point Patty & Pie, so your food is in good hands. Dive straight for the meaty Carne (RM35) or the Greek-inspired Baba (RM35) topped with feta cheese and baba ganoush. Bring your burger-loving friends along for the ride too – the juicy Cheeseburger (RM28) is simple and super satisfying.


A light choux pastry with a vanilla filling. I wish it would’ve been more vanilla-y, as I found the flavour rather mild. The shortbread biscuit on the top was a nice addition, though it was kinda tough. For RM15, I’d expect more. Maybe it’s the gold dust that’s worth a lot?

My go-to poke bowl. Maybe a little pricier than most at RM24, but well worth it to me. I’m not a fan of the usual poke bowls that come slathered in mayo and tonnes of toppings. I like the simplicity of the marinated salmon chunks and the different fresh veggies, paired with that sauce. Oh loooord, that SAUCE.

I’m not a fan of aglio olio but I do love the one at Fat Fish. They don’t over do with the olive oil.

The pasta was al dente. Seafood was fresh. It came with prawns and squids.

This is RM30.

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Salmon & Tobikko Don (rm35). Thick salmon sashimi cuts and flying fish roe on a bed of sushi rice is just so comforting and satisfying! 4/5

Barachirashi Don (rm28) Not the best Chirashi Don I’ve tired but still good. 3.5/5

Salmon belly (rm48) It’s really fresh and literally melts in your mouth. Worth the price! 5/5

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The “Rio Bowl” (rm21.90 large size) is made up from blended açaí with fresh bananas, apple juice, strawberry, Açaí lab’s homemade granolas and honey. For me, I always go for peanut butter topping instead of honey! I know it’s difficult to find really good açaí bowl in KL, but of all the açaí bowls I’ve tried, nothing beats Açaí lab’s! Really recommended, must try 😉 4.5/5

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