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During 2021 CNY, La Juiceria comes out with the special CNY menu and this set has some of my favourite - Black Pepper Beef, Pumpkin, Quinoa, Sweet Potato. Has this set delivered by a bright rider, thanks to him, I had a good time since I received this food. The beef is not disappointing, it was amazing! Tasted so savoury with the heavy black pepper flavor, I can't stop but keep scoping the sauce to my rice and Quinoa. It just goes so well together. However, I must said that it was very oily. Juice was good too. Overall satisfying, but price is on the steep side.
Food: 9/10, Price: RM40+ (Normal price), I bought it with a discount. With delivery, it cost RM26.

What I especially amazed here was my Tuna Pastry, FABULOUS!!! Can't tell how much I loved it. Slightly more dense skin that is just as flaky, small hint of salt with whatever flavorful fillings inside, it was a flavor bomb! Loved it!

Food: 11/10, Price: RM7

After Li's in Damansara Jaya, this place served exceptional sourdough bread, crisp on the out, chewy inner side, I like sourdough to be like this. Salted beef is generous in portion and really good too.

Food: 9/10, Price: About RM40+

They have vege and non-vege for the bathura set. For this, it’s the vege version. It comes with channa, dhal and butter paneer. The bathura was really light. The dhal was a bit salty. The channa and butter paneer was good.

This is RM25.

This is basically a wrap. You can choose what filing you want. I like this because its something that isn’t very heavy. The paneer was really delicious and I opted to add cheese. Yummsss!

This is RM13. There is an option to add cheese for additional RM1.

Cheese and caramelised pineapple with the homemade toast RM10 (single)

Been wanting to check this place out for a while now, finally get to try. The deco is clean and neat, with Mandarin Pop playing?? 🤔🤔

Anyway, coffee is decent and the flat white tastes good!!