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The original Wild Sheep Chase in Tmn Desa has relocated into then Catcher in the Rye, now renamed, Wild Sheep Chase Home

I am super touched by the store manager who still recognised me since the heyday in Tmn Desa. Love how thoughtful and tasty their food are and they now roast their own beans.


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Each dish, well presented by friendly kitchen staffs, explaining in details •

First came to know of Jing Ze at Tiffin FC, a well memorable rice bowl that reflected here, silken soft beef, pinkish in the middle, drenched with heavy rendang gravy and a side of sambal matah - somewhat reminding me of Bali •

A nicely seared sizable Pork & Prawn Gyoza that had an amazing combination of fire sauce base and crispy lard and what an unique wings appetizer, stuffed with glutinous rice and Thai fermented pork sausage, yet crunchy on the that sent me to heaven with its wings, especially with sriracha mayo dip. So much was going on with every bite ! •

On a perfect note to end the lunch course, a palate cleanser, coconut and pumpkin sorbet which was down to its natural purée taste. I wish it was more than a scoop #highlyRAEted •

Lunch Set RM50 - Loh Mai Kai Wings & Crispy Corn (snacks), Pork and Prawn Dumplings (appetizer), Rendang Wagyu Beef Bowl, Coconut & Pumpkin Sorbet • Apple Plum Cooler RM10 •

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There are indeed plentiful places for cakes around but let’s talk about some good ol’ fashion granny cakes, absolutely “a piece of cake” 🤪 •

Giving it an extra touch of love and home made feels, these cakes here are simply light, yummy and ain’t covered with cream or anything too fancy, allowing every bite to live up to its name (flavor) •

The Blueberry Almond exceeded expectation with such generous amount of actual fresh blueberry bits, their take on the classic Victoria Spongecake with raspberry jam sandwiched in between had the perfect buttery layers and every chosen cake were not too sweet 🍰💯 •

It’s a very down to earth cake haven tucked in Happy Mansion, cozy for cakes and a cuppa anytime of the day #highlyRAEted •

Blueberry Almond • Victoria Spongecake • Banana Pecan Raisin • Chocolate Cake •

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SUPERB GRILLED BUTTERFISH cooked with squid and clams. For the price that I had to pay, this was so worth it. The crowd favourites are all meat dishes but you can definitely consider this if you’re looking for other options.

Hats off to the chef for this amazing combo! Grilled lamb shoulder in seafood broth along with fresh clams? Never thought it’ll work but it did!

Really liked how refreshing this was! This came with greens (rocket?), jackfruit, huge beetroot cubes and feta. A great start to an epic meal!

It's a big surprise. Didn't expect how this turned out to be so goood and refreshing. It's very appetising, mainly contributed by the achar sauce and the juicy pineapple. Yumzz!

Also, an impressive stretch of sweet crepes that suits a healthier sweet tooth appetite •

A cafe that has never given me a reason to stop going this past few years because of its consistency 💯 •

A Hen’s Crush RM19.50 • Go Banananuts ! RM14 •

#strangersat47 #seksyen17 #crepes #savoury #dessert #sweet #cafehopping #cafehopkl #burpple #burpplekl #eatnowkl

Plan a hot, hot meal with your buds at this newbie in Jaya One – expect excellent service, fresh meats and MSG-free soups with free refills! Have Three Soups (RM42) which you can choose from the four flavours available – mushroom, pork bone, spicy and tomato. Ingredients wise, specialities here comprise of the Ring Roll (RM12), Pork Belly (RM22), Hong Kong Beef Ball (RM16) and the Handmade Mee (RM10). Ps. They're open till 1am, so file this spot away for late-night eats!

From the folks of The Lolla Co. is this hip brunch spot tucked in Seventeen Mall. A delicious meat-free option is the Superfine Bowl (RM26) packed with all kinds of goodness – herbed chickpeas, roasted pumpkin, beetroot hummus and more. The Lolla Co. is popular for their sandwiches, and you can find them here too – we recommended the Chef's Cubanos (RM26) with roasted pork shoulder, pineapple ham and swiss Emmental cheese. Coffee's a must-order, and you can trust the team pull great shots with beans sourced from The Roast Things.