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Build your own vegetarian burritos here if you want a more filling meal. Be sure to fill it up with the tempeh, mushrooms and chilli beans. Finish it off with the gooey cheese sauce.

Keep Sala’s in mind if you’re looking for vegetarian Mexican food that’s really damn tasty. Gotta love a mushroom taco, and especially one that’s filled with chilli beans, savoury mushrooms and a refreshing tomato salsa.

Not all Korean restaurants sell jjolmyeon. So am always happy to see it in the menu.

This jjolmyeon was very delicious with more than enough hot and spicy sauce. An item to try here besides their gimbap.

This cost RM20.

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It’s tucked away in a corner of Desa Sri Hartamas, next to Raj Curry House and near to Souled out. The restaurant uses a proper tabletop charcoal grill so the food is cooked at a slower pace. This is not for a rushed meal but rather taking your time grilling the food over conversations and company. The seafood set had prawns, scallops, squid and some side dishes for two. You’ll probably want to add some more such as the beef cubes (with lots of marbling) and the beef wrapped enoki. I now know I’m terrible at grilling squid. Haha. The staff will help you grill on request or you can diy. #burpple


This dish was a lot spicier than I expected, which was awesome! I love spicy food. A teeny bit sweet. The spaghetti was al dente. The only thing I didn’t quite like was the amount of oil. It was a bit too oily for me. It came with fresh basil, mushrooms and prawns.

This was RM18.50.


Fries topped with beef and some really spicy sambal. You can choose to have the toppings on the side so that the kids can have the fries sans chilli.


Brownie, you worth a post. I need to tell my friend you are sexy and delicious in your own way. Friends~ go and try it! If you don’t like it, tabao the rest and deliver to me :P #thepreproom


There are plenty of changes (for instance, all-day RM5 food PLUS drink specials are a thing now, which, wow, hello crazy valuetown), but the overarching guiding principle remains the same: honest, simple food with as much as possible made in-house. It still works, for the most part. And please don't ask how we adjudicate the honesty and simpleness of food. We just use these words fam, our boss gives them to us

On to the new menu then. There's the nasi lemak set (sambal - mild in spiciness but punchy in flavour, plump ikan bilis, unfortunately mushy rice) which, again, RM5 for this and tea, sooooo yeah. There's the spinach soup (which we loved, so chunky and texture-y). And the fish and chips (tenggiri when we tried, siakap soon apparently. Lovely light batter. Perfectly cooked flaky flesh. Probably one of the best fish and chips around, to our pleasant surprise). There's a Radjmari pasta (great with the nutmeg and lime leaves!), and a spicy Thai spaghetti (really fierce, unforgiving spiciness, and some al dente pasta. Delectable). And the green curry chicken (super tender chicken, subtle but comforting curry). And, of course, there are a couple of dishes that don't hit quite the same heights. Looking at you, curry laksa (the subdued, muted flavour made us long for Ho Li Chow), honey mustard chicken (interesting Nestum coating but unfortunately the meat came out a bit dry), and burnt cheesecake (decent, not great). We wrapped up with dessert. The rum raisin nut-aholic is still excellent. Plump, plump raisins. And that waffle! Lovely homemade peanut butter. Excellent waffles with that slight hint of tangy sourness right at the end. Not as crispity crunchy on the outside as the first visit, but hey it's still great. Oh, and we had a luxurious, luscious Ovaltine brownie. Love the crunchy bits around the edges. Yum.

Overall verdict? Still very good. Now imagine if they had those RM5 set meals around Masjid Jamek too... #Foodgazer #instayum #instayummy #foodshot #goodeats #makan #gastronomy #dailyfoodfeed #yougottaeatthis #tastespotting #theartofplating #foodography #tastingtable #burpple

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The next time you need a drink or ice cream, pay a visit to The Ice Cream Bar where you can find two in one. Get the Gold Apple Cider if you want something that’s light and refreshing (there’s still a punch from the alcohol), while the Milk Chocolate Guinness is definitely heavier on the chocolate.

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I thought it was good but personally would like the usual sea salt. BUT THEN I TRIED ALL THESE OTHER BAD BOYS FROM @minus4degree

And they were pretty much all good to great (to varying degrees, of course). Like the Banana ice cream. Very measured sweetness, not too cloying, lovely nibs scattered throughout to break up the texture and give it a nice bite. Or the Durian. So so thick and creamy, it's like essence of durian without the funky texture and with a more muted nose. Or the Bailey's, with its rich coffee lacings. Or the Stout - so so good. Bitter, full-bodied, unforgivingly strong. Love the rich unrelenting nature of it and it's definitely sweet enough imo. Unlike the rum and raisin, which was too sweet for my liking. But on to better things, like the Black Sesame. Probably my top 3 from minus 4 degree. Thick, grainy (not powdery), delightfully chewy, absolutely love the texture.

But my top pick has to be the Smoked Salmon. Yes, smoked salmon ice cream. And it's bloody brilliant. The smoke smacks you in the nose like an Essence of Islay fragrance (@tomford, get on that please), and each bite is a shock of smooth cold ice cream contrasted with the salty, savoury explosions of flavour. So goddamn good.

You can find them at Butcher Carey and TLB for now, or order online, buttttt maybe they're opening a physical store soon? 🤔 Perhaps? Maybe? We'll see.

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Simple and nice. I thought the pasta could have done with less cooking time. They were not al dente but that’s just my personal preference.