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The pork belly has been marinated overnight in cumin, garlic, chilli, Sichuan pepper, soya sauce, salt and pepper. It is then deep fried and charcoal grilled. These crispy bite sized pork belly unknowing will get you hooked. Best to go along with a couple of drinks. In it,you can also find Japanese sweet potato and green chilli.
Birds Of A Feather
115 Amoy Street
Singapore 069935
Tel: +65 62217449
Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer (DT Line). Tanjong Pagar (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Wed: 10am - 11pm
Thu-Sat: 10am - 12midnight
Sun: 10am - 10pm

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This version from #ChengduSG on Amoy Street packs flavour and spice (the medium spicy is just nice for many, though I'd like it a bit hotter), with ingredients such as luncheon meat and prawns. Only downside was that it was a tad too salty, which we've already feedback to the team. PS. Don't let this turn you away from this establishment, their dishes are usually very good.
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This month (September) is the restaurant’s 3rd anniversary and I am embarrassed to admit today’s visit was a first for me. But I now see why it’s beloved by many.
Group Executive Chef Seumas Smith who is below thirty years of age, has an impressive resume from having started work in kitchens at the age of sixteen. He hails from Scotland’s Isle of Mey, and has cleverly tapped into his roots, working with small producers there to incorporate unique elements in his food.
Speaking of which, for me, the show-stealers at the tasting I attended, were the vegetable-centred dishes. They‘re part of “Maggie Joan’s” new menu and were all gorgeous to behold and fabulously delicious.
Even if you’re not by nature a greens-lover, you ought not to skip the following:
1) The beetroot done two ways - barbecued in the INKA charcoal oven and pickled in a mix of red wine, red wine vinegar, sugar for 2 days. They were plated with smoked creme fraiche over hickory wood chips, candied walnuts and upland cress.
2) The refreshing gazpacho of green French tomatoes finished with deep-fried artichokes and goat’s curd from Neal’s Yard Dairy in London.
3) The unbelievably beautiful carrots that were first confit in butter before being grilled in the INKA charcoal oven then tossed in brown butter, black sesame seeds, parsley and honey.
4) The salad of Japanese cucumber and English sugar snap peas dressed in a white miso sesame.

With such strong non-meat dishes, it’s great to see “Maggie Joan’s” offers a vegetarian Chef’s Selection Menu. It can also be tweaked to suit vegans.


Don’t miss dessert because these pear, cream cheese and amaretto-filled babies were a hot-and-cold kind of delicious! The joint also makes their own Tasmanian honey ice cream, which makes a mighty smart combi with the deep-fried dumpling.


Had to order this to determine their dumpling dexterity! The original is executed expertly, with beautifully seared (on one side) skin coddling minced pork collar and napa cabbage filling. I would have wanted more of that ginger soy sauce and black vinaigrette, but happy even without.


Dumpling Darlings also does handmade noodles! You will fare well with the pocket-friendly miso mushroom, which turned out to also be the most flavourful of the lot. The miso sauce clings nicely onto these thin, qq noodles while the mushrooms make a great alternative to all your meat-filled dumpling sides.


@chengdusg doles out some serious spicy Sichuan cuisine w an eye on the plating. Helmed by Chefs Qing Jun & Jing Xiao, who’ve served celebrities and dignitaries throughout their careers, it is now one of my fav new restaurant tasted so far. 🦀Spicy Crab
🐷Cold Sliced Pig Trotters w Noodles & Spicy Dip
🥦Ice Ball w Whelk
🐷Spicy Pork Ribs
😊Giant Sesame Ball

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The new darling on the block, Dumpling Darlings serves up a wide array of pan-fried or deep-fried dumplings.🥟 If you come during lunch, they offer a lunch set ($16) that comes with noodles, four dumplings and a pretty drink. Our fav was the Miso Mushroom Noodles. These thin egg noodles made in-house had a great texture not unlike e-fu noodles and was great with the braised mushrooms.


If you’re coming with at least two other friends, the Dumpling Platter of 15 ($20) is a good way to try more flavours, plus it’ll give you more bang for your buck. You get three each of The Original, Veggie Mandu, Momo Curry, Fried Pierogi and Smoked Duck.


This is their riff on zha jiang mian with bacon sofrito and Sichuan tare. Similar to the braised pork noodle, I wish they added more bacon sofrito. Oh, and don’t worry about the heat, it’s not spicy at all.

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I liked the savoury pulled pork ragu drenched further with soy tare, but couldn’t really taste the bacon sofrito. Maybe you can request for more so amp up the freshness. Nevertheless, this was a comforting bowl of noodles!


Homemade noodles topped with foolproof braised shiitake, savoury miso tare and sofrito (think blitzed up salsa). This was the tastiest and most well-balanced out of the three when we tried.

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