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Lightly torched Kaya Meringue enveloping creamy Mao Shan Wang durian ice-cream and moist Pandan Sponge layered atop of a sturdy, buttery tart shell.
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Tasting Hosted by @dingdongsg and @blessincasia
Location: 115 Amoy Street, Singapore 069935
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Without a doubt the winning canapés in the new menu tasting at Birds. But it can certainly use a more imaginative name, perhaps “Fish on Dry Land”. Chef explained he wanted to introduce another flavour or Szechuan dish 魚香 literally translated as “fragrant fish” which has nothing fishy in its ingredients though. Those familiar with the Cantonese dish 魚香茄子 (Fish fragrant eggplant) would find similarity as it is basically a salty meat sauce used to braised the egg plant. Birds rendition included mozzarella and a really interesting base of fried mantou.


A substitute for the previous spiced grilled pork trotter. This will no doubt be a crowd favourite. The pork bits are well marinated with yet again an oriental spice, not typical of Szechuan, each laid upon a 飯焦 or rice crispy which packs a crunch in every bite!


Before you keep all your cash at home, you ought to know this wanton place specialises in tapas sharing plates, about 3 plates for 2 to share. The signature fried wanton with XO sauce and savoury dried shrimps comes in 6pieces at a rather hefty $8. The roasted pork belly ($10) and salted egg chicken wings ($10/5pcs) which is pretty yummy. Thankfully there is Burpple Beyond for the 1-for-1 deals, which of course exclude the $1 meekia, but pretty much all the mains are made worthy.
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Dining there will seem like you’ve been transported to Chengdu as you can expect a range of fiery Sichuan cuisine, some even with over-the-top presentation such as the Spicy Grilled Frog Skewers presented on a toy straw boat complete with dry ice blowing out from the sides to represent a scene from The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Perhaps the most intriguing for me would be the Giant Sesame Ball, a signature dessert of the restaurant, whereby the sesame glutinous rice dough is handmade and proofed for several hours before going into the fryer for 20 minutes, while at the same time, ensuring that it remains in its spherical shape. I highly recommend that you ask the restaurant for a side order of condensed milk (or maybe the restaurant can add it into the order in future?) so that you can dip the cut up slices of these sesame glutinous rice sheets into it. By doing so, it immediately elevates this dessert by several folds.
Chengdu Restaurant
Address: 74, Amoy Street, Singapore 069893

Felt like eating 年糕 & I found it too sweet
Good Wood Coffee Dessert ($15) entire presentation & sensation was enticing 😍 Espresso shot drown the fluffy candy cloud & totally love the soaked up coffee brownie in coffee soil with Tahitian vanilla chantilly
Ice2 Baby ($15) made a grand entrance with the song - Ice Ice Baby - blast out in the PA system 😱 but we were disappointed with this Sichuan classic dessert as the clear jelly, assorted fruits, burned cucumber, crushed peanuts were rather ordinary. Flat.
Chocolate Mousse Cake ($12) with fresh berries & mango coulis. Another ordinary piece of chocolate cake that lacked the ‘mousse’ feel that we were expecting
Guess the desserts here didn’t really wow us as much as the pretty cocktails did

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This Oriental Bolognaise ($20) wowed us with its twist 👍🏻
Crispy Gyoza with Truffle Soy Vinaigrette ($16) not only whet our appetite with its alluring aroma but also with its fabulous yumminess 😍 Totally fell in love with the vinaigrette 😘
Hong Shao Short Ribs ($38) braised in Sichuan style with steamed spicy & sour potato noodle, baby bak choy & roasted bell pepper. A good recommendation by the staff but it lost the limelight to its neighbor - the tenderly soft Wagyu Striploin 😂
Fried Calamari with Yuzu Tartar Sauce ($19) was the usual starter but I found it slightly rubbery hard 😅
Charcoal Grilled Pork Bits ($15) served with marinated green chilli, fried japanese purple sweet potato, homemade crispy rice & drizzled with cumin spice dust. Quite an enjoyable appetizer to chew on with cocktails while waiting for the mains 😋
Blue mussels cooked in Sichuan spicy & sour nage served with Chinese yam noodle succeeded in conquering & numbing our tongues 👅 Though a rather strong dish but I kinda enjoyed the shiokness & the fresh plump mussels. Indeed live up to its name - Sweating Mussels ($29)

A really interest rendition of an iconic street food in the Oriental world: China and Taiwan - 臭豆腐 (smelly beancurd). Chef uses aburrage tofu (or Tau Pok as we call it here) and introduce another level of pungent with Vieux Lille as the stuffing - somewhat more palatable stinkiness acceptable to the Occidental world. It was not everyone’s kind of appetizer, running the risk of losing it completely but I love it. P.S. Love the other details that goes into the dish: the beet slices were spice pickled; the charcoal powder were oil infused and yes the toasted soy beans can be eaten!


Black rice known as Forbidden Rice much like the texture of pulut hitam used in porridge or more commonly desserts in this part of the world, is the main staple for this risotto. The pan seared scallops, squid and ikura really comes together like a medley of the ocean. The mustard (sour pak choy) used has too rich a sour element. But otherwise the texture is really what I like, the kind of comfort wholesome feel - even the emperor in the Forbidden City will be delighted.


Rain Will Stop ($23)
Beauty to the eyes. Soothing for the palate. Zest up for the mind
Indeed Rain will stop, Sun will shine, Rainbow will smile

Featuring my favorites here:
❣️Stuffed You Tiao, Otah Otah, Kaffir Lime Mayonnaise
❣️Pad Thai Quail, Watercress Salad, Firm Beancurd
❣️Beef Short Rib, Buah Keluak, Wingbean Salad
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