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^thats the name of the dish because be prepared to really hunt for the chicken pieces! That said, at $19, I think the portion is okay. I would have appreciated if there was more chicken just because of how good it was. The chicken is fried perfectly. It’s crispy, tender, not oily, and leaves a slight tingly numbing feeling in your mouth from the mala spices. It’s only a little so non-spicy eaters would be able to try this as well - just avoid the chillies!

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Burratine & Tomato ($26):
Something about burratine paired with sichuan sesame dressing just didn’t work for me. The dressing was overpowering and just an odd combination. Birds of a Feather has done really well with their fusion concept for other dishes but this was a miss!

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Pork dumplings with Sichuan dressing, sage foam, butternut purée, almond bits, and fried sage ($17):
You can literally taste everything at once if you scoop up everything and put the whole dumpling in your mouth with all the sauce. It’s juicy, salty, spicy, sweet, sour… I could go on and on. So many flavours and textures happening together like a symphony! Best dumpling I’ve had.

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Iberico chorizo, confit potato, and soft eggs:
The waiter will help to mix it all together to be eaten as a dip together with the bread. Can’t go wrong with sausages, potato, and eggs so it made a nice tapas. Wouldn’t order again though because I’d like to try more interesting dishes :)

Croquettes (2x crab and 2x jamon iberico):
The perfect comfort food. The croquettes were of just the right soul-warming temperature, gooey and delicious, and had a surprising smoky element to it!
My favourite dish of the night despite its simple appearance!

Squid ink paella:
Rice was nicely cooked, not too wet nor too dry! Though it could have been more flavourful. I am usually not a fan of squid because of how tough it can be, but the seafood here was all fresh and perfectly chewy.

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This was truly spicy, and the chicken itself was not flavourful. Wouldn’t recommend getting their chicken, maybe their pork (tangsuyuk) might’ve been better (as that’s their speciality).

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The taste was decent, lots of onions so the sauce was good, but I would’ve preferred more Q/springy noodles. (There are better places to get a jjajjang fix in sg)

Maybe get their order stuff like crispy rice in claypot, that looked interesting and unique.

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I’ve always wanted to try membosha (basically 面包虾/ bread with prawn) cause I’ve seen it in many Korean cooking shows! So I had to come here to try it and it was fantastic! Better than I expected!

The bread was so crispy but still fluffy and not dry. The prawns were crunchy, and the sauce was the cherry on top, just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness.

This is something I think I will crave and come back again for!

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This new krestaurant serves Korean food that you can’t really find in Singapore!

Their menu consist of soups and clay pot dishes that you barely hear of in Singapore but might have seen them in Korean shows!

The ambience here was very nice as well, good vibes, you can also see into the kitchen which looked really professional and clean!

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Steak but doesn’t have that wow if you know what I mean.
The day we ordered without looking at the price.

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Had sambal prawns for starters, squid paella for main and a cheesy cheesecake for dessert. The starters dish is my favourite- love the succulent prawn meat! Just don’t ask me why this is on a Spanish restaurant menu. Perhaps an alternate take on the delicious gambas.

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