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Nowadays I fall in love with coffee cocktails. I like the taste and how it's being presented.


noodles are p tAsty and the pork is well seasOneddd !!

friend’s review - noodles are good ( bettEr than dumplings HAHA ) but tRy the smoked duck dumplings cuz they are sUper good , beli beli fraglant ~~

Ordered this as it's name sounded very interesting and it did live up to expectations. There was some rose extract being used but the proportion was well controlled as it did not overpower the vodka. The frozen rose and rose bits also provided an additional sensory experience. This bar is crazy popular so I would recommend getting there before 10pm if you like a seat!

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So sad that i just found this place, serving possibly the best kbbq in SG!! the meat was aged and the taste was sooooooo good. both the beef and pork were really good!!!! Around $20-23 per portion of meat, not cheap but so so so worth it! looking forward to the next visit already❤️

Pretty decent for this price, tho portions are a tad small. Would have appreciated slightly more rice maybe? I also think the chili powder is unnecessary, so I'd ask them to not add it next time round. Would be interested to try their butadon as well.

Rating: 3 / 5

We chose the Sichuan and the braised pork flavoured noodles, with sides of pierogi dumplings and Smoked duck dumplings. The noodles had the perfect texture, really chewy and not too oily. I preferred the Sichuan flavour, as it had a mild hint of spice and some crispy bits inside. I must say I liked the eggs as I am a big fan of those hanjuku eggs with leaky middles. The smoked duck dumplings were wrapped with a gyoza-like shell and filled with bits of duck and veggie. It was my first time trying pierogi and I’m really surprised that these are filled with truffle potato. The skin had more of a doughy, crispy feel. I actually quite like these and might order them again the next time I come. The sriracha cream served together was a really good sauce to complement its creamy filling. For the drinks, the grapefruit thyme green tea was mainly dominated by the sour grapefruit, making it a refreshing complement to the meal. The osmantus longan lime drink was really unusual, with more tea undertones. There was also osmantus jelly added, which had a more agar like texture. Both drinks were really more on the less sweet side, relying more on the natural flavours of the stuff added.
I’ve heard others say the portion is abit small but to me it’s honestly a really good sharing portion. I left feeling like it was just just nice(not too full not hungry either) and it’s probably going to be a place I go with friends to just eat a chill lunch!!:))
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That withering look with the chilling phrase of “do I look like I want to eat a burger?” killed all hopes.
Not too bad for a random restaurant choice - the beef for the main dish was way better than the signature binchotan.

I can totally see why @dumpling.darlings has it’s large fan base and a long walk-in queue for dinner on Friday nights 👾 And if you’re on @burpple beyond you get a greater deal! 🎊 Absolutely enjoyed this bowl of miso mushroom noodles 😋 All of its elements came so well together there’s really no fight - springy and chewy noodles with no alkaline taste, perfectly cooked eggs and nicely marinated mushrooms 🤤🤤

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Had the braised pork noodles with original dumplings, using burpple beyond. Wasn't impressed with the dumplings actually. It was okay. Place is pretty small and had to wait a while as it was crowded on a Friday night. Service was great and able to book a queue number. Would advise to reserve online in advance.

The beef patty is cooked nicely, though it could do with more seasoning—I shouldn’t need to add mustard for flavour. It’s also quite pricey, unless you consider $19.80 for a bacon cheeseburger cheap. Their fries here ($5.50) are an enhanced version of McDonald’s, having a crispier exterior and fluffier interior. If you’re thirsty, quench your thirst with a $4 soda to complete your $30 gourmet fast food experience. But there’s no 2 hour queue here, and justifiably so. @burgerjointsg
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Real good chicken cooked dirty with tons of mexican flavour. Taking eating clean to the next level with affordable and top-quality juicy meats & side dishes @chicolocosg - my new staple for breakfast, lunch & dinner in the cbd. $9/ 1/4 chicken, $17 1/2 chicken, $32 whole chicken

Amazing, tender and juicy. I highly recommend this dish $12/125g or $23/250g