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inspired by the trendy Hawaiian poke bowl, Customers can pick their own favourite mix of spicy hot Sichuan food with over 10 different curated selections of Chengdu Bowls starting from $10.60.
1. Chicken with Chilli Mala Bowl 成都辣子鸡 (With Rice)
💰Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90
2. Chengdu Style Steamed Pork Belly Bowl 梅菜扣肉 (With Rice).
💰Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90
3.Fatty Beef Mala Xiang Guo Bowl 肥牛香锅 (With Rice).
💰Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90
4. Sichuan Spicy Maocai 四川麻辣冒菜 (With Rice).
5. Prawn Paste Noodles with Sour Pickled Soup 泡椒虾滑米线.
💰Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90
6. Classic Sour Fish Rice Noodle 经典酸菜鱼米线.
💰Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90

Chengdu Bowl is available via island-wide delivery on their website: https://chengdubowl.ezqr.sg.

74 Amoy Street.

I’ve ATTEMPTED to dine at LUNA a couple of times now but was never able to get a seat, so having been offered the opportunity to try their new cakes recently...dudes I hopped on the bandwagon like *snaps fingers*. And, as per my first — and only — experience there, I left super satisfied. My fave of the 2 new flavours I tried was their Yuzu Meringue. The sponge layers were fluffy and soft, good but nothing to yell home about. What screamed out to me was the curd. Texture-wise it was textbook perfect, and it had just the right amount of tang: discernible but not in-my-face, keep me reaching for more bite after bite. I also really enjoyed the little bits of sweet yuzu peel folded in there. It tastes exceedingly reminiscent of the Korean citron marmalade, and the very mild bitterness from the peel balanced out really well with all the other flavours.

Was very apprehensive about this at first but it turned out to be rather pleasant! Texture is a little like minced tuna sashimi and the light and juicy pear sticks really complemented the dish.

Also ordered the pork and beef set for 2pax. Personally preferred the pork as it was more flavourful. Overall it’s not bad.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Shift (used to be Upside Down Coffee Alternatives) has one of the best coffee in SG. REALLY. It’s so nutty and wholesome with oat milk and the aroma of their coffee lingers on your tongue with every sip. I LOVEEEEEEE.

Matcha White Chocolate ($8)
Bruh.... bruh........... this cake was so frickin delicious I think Jesus himself made it...... it’s so perfect from head to toe ugh. The first cake to ever make me tear bc I was so touched at the taste LOL I AM DRAMATIC AS HELL my friend asked me what’s wrong with me. It’s perfectly sweet, matcha was slightly bitter, white choc not cloying, cake layers were moist and soft.... my god idk how to describe it anymore lah just go and try it’s rly damn good sia wtf 😭

Orh Nee ($8)
I don’t eat orh nee and I kinda hate it tbh I don’t dig the texture nor the taste but this was ok for me!!! The taste was similar to sweet potatoes but not as strong of an earthy taste. The cake had a good balance of sweetness and was light on the palate. I would have it again, no doubt, and this is coming from a yam hater mind u.