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I preordered online to avoid the queue. Some of my friends have said that the wait can be up to 2h on a bad day. I got them at 6 for $16.90, that’s about $2.80 each! This is significantly cheaper than P&P.

• Crème Brulee: The custard was of the right sweetness. Do note that the torched crust is bitter, and not for everyone. The filling for this was the most generous of all the donuts I got.
• Maple Cinammon: This reminds me of auntie anne’s! The filling tasted like whipped cream to me.
• Blueberry Cheesecake: The filling was ~80% blueberry flavoured whipped cream paired with 20% blueberry jams like those old school bread. Couldn’t really taste the cheese.
• Donutella: Just the usual nutella.
• Raspberry Jam: The jam was a perfect balance between the berry’s sweetness and tanginess.
• Pistachio: The filling is really thick, nutty and fragrant. It will definitely hit the spot for pistachio lovers.

The bread is more of the chewy type, in my opinion.

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The founder, Mr Richard Toh has been handmaking these treats since 1980 from a recipe that was handed down from his wife’s family. The assorted box comes in a box of 10 kuehs with 5 mung bean, 2 peanut and 3 coconut. Their most popular flavour is the mildly sweet mung bean, which I can understand why because it is not cloyingly sweet as compared to those factory-made ones that contain lots of preservatives, and the filling is wrapped with a chewy outer casing made from glutinous rice flour.
✨ Ah Hood Kueh
📍 400 Balestier Road, Balestier Plaza, Unit 01-09/10, Singapore 329802
🌐 https://www.ahhoodkueh.com/
🍴 [Gifted]

This bowl of noodles is really good, especially the sauce, which is slightly spicy, salty and with a hint of vinegar. Sadly, because of covid-19 heightened measures, the plastic bowl doesn't do visual justice to the dish. The minced meat is also very well cooked and surprisingly has a very special texture compared to traditional minced meat elsewhere. Added their handmade meat ball ($1), and definitely worth it and would recommend too. Their handmade fishcake and fishball also tasted good and is very bouncy. Overall, the combination of dishes, condiments, and noodles made it stand out among traditional minced meat noodles. Definitely give it a try if you're there!

This is a very old school bakery shop at Whampoa that you shouldn’t miss out getting some of their bread back home.

There’s lots of choice for their bread items and I gotten myself the red bean filling and totally love it.

The bread was so soft with generous fillings inside and it only cost me $2. Definitely worth it!

Generous amount of fillings, though the pastry skin can be flakier. This is one of the better siew baos I’ve had in SG. The only complaint I’ve had is, it’s slightly more on the salty side.

Among all the stalls at Whampoa Food Centre, this Halal stall stand up with always a queue in front of them.

Many people come here for their famous and authentic ginger fried chicken and I totally go with them.

Even I have takeaway back home to eat after sometime, the chicken still taste great especially mixing with the chili and sweet sauce, topped with crunchy bites above.

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A popular item at Loong Fatt, but that queue too long, so we anyhow got it from 603 hahaha. Okay lah still better than random cream puffs.

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Zhongshan Park, find this contemporary bistro bar for their modern take on the Indian cuisine. Enjoy a feast of Biryani Bowls ($12), Masala Macaroni ($12), Tandoori Chicken ($16) and Kerala Fish Curry ($18) for sharing! Other signature dishes include the Butter Chicken Pasta ($14), a fusion of creamy and tender butter chicken served with penne cooked to perfection.

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.


From the Best Lu Mian In Town
Worth the queue.
Handcrafted braised yellow flat noodles.
Heart melted once seeing this on the table.
Highly recommended indeed.

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From Bugis St Chuen Chuen Chicken Rice
Another local delicacy.
Fluffy fragrant chicken rice.
Blanched bean sprouts covered by fried shallots and chopped parsley.
Succulent chicken over the slice cucumber.
Seriously enjoyable portion.

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butter chix, aloo gobi, garlic naan, masala tea $30.40 (after 141!) + free keropok(? abt 3-4 pcs) and water 😋

portions actl looked q small but turned out to be q filling! aloo gobi was gr8