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Ketchup prawns, pickled roast chicken, braised pork belly. If you're wondering, this bkt joint has caifan and zichar too. Some interesting dishes, especially achar-style roast chicken. Reminded me of a Comedy Nite skit where they re-cooked spoiling food in increasingly rich flavours to conceal it. Why roast a chicken then pickle it? Haha. Disclaimer: I'm not accusing anybody. I still ate it.

Just é cake tasted sweeter as you eat 😫
ginger lemonade was é opposite, taste better as you drink 😅

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Couldn't find the right location tag but this was from the fishball noodle stall at Mega Foodcourt along Balestier Road. A really simple bowl with clear soup. Tasted healthy yet so comforting, with the silky rice noodles and bouncy fishcakes. Loved it! Also love that they give beansprouts.

Price: $3.50

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This halal take on chicken rice is the bomb. The rice was really tasty and fragrant. The use of long grain basmati rice was smart because the pillowy texture of the rice made it all the more delicious and accompanied the crispy fried bits very well. Fried chicken was well-spiced and even though I ordered the breast, meat was not too dry. There was a short queue which moved really quickly. A definite recommend and very worth the $3.5!

Edit: also an option to add stuff like other veg, tofu, chicken skin for $0.50 onwards, and a large portion chicken rice option for $6 if you’re a big eater!

NJ Cafe & Bar is located on the ground floor of the newly built Citadines Hotel. The place was pristine and spacious, although it did feel as if some character was lacking from the furniture and decor of the space. A conducive space to chill and do work regardless, because of the lack of a crowd.

~Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream~ ($6.9)
The brownie was a crispy on the outside and fudgy on the inside, a perfect combination of textures in my opinion. However, I would have appreciated a denser brownie with a fuller moist center as this seemed a bit thin and less shiok to enjoy with the ice cream. The crackly surface was also a bit dry. The ice cream was normal, nothing to rave about. There were some icy bits and didn't see trace of vanilla beans.

~Cafe Mocha~ ($6.8)
4/10. Tasted like water with cocoa powder. Came with a layer of foam that couldn't hold its body well and disappeared quickly. The only saving grace was its volume.

~Vanilla Latte~ ($6.8)
5/10. Right amount of sweetness but taste could have been fuller.

Overall, a nice place to visit with promotions.

Had the Burpple one for one experience at Wheeler’s yard ($24++), came with 2 mains (from a choice of 3) and 2 drinks (ice lemon tea or ginger lemonade). This is the porky don, which is described as flavourful, enjoyable and sufficient. Some may say it is bountiful, scrumptious and hypertension-inducing but definitely worth it. The ginger lemonade was so ginger that Ron Weasly would have made friends with it. Would go for the ice lemon tea if you’re seeking less adventure on your palate. The chicken breast was healthy, nutritious and tender, even marathon runners would eat it. 7/10 because airconditioning at the place is a little weak plus it is not the easiest entrance to find.

Assorted 7 pieces of baked doughnuts & bombolinis.
Cannot resist so stolen a bombolinis from it.
Actually 8 pieces inside this box.
Some say taste as good as it looked.
Some say taste better than it looked.
Happy snack!

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✨How do you like to spend your afternoons?✨⁣

I love to laze my afternoons away with a nice cup of cappuccino & @artisanboulangerie’s All Day Coffee set (1 pastry + 1 coffee) $6.90 is my go to set whenever I’m near any of their outlets. 😍😍 ⁣

Do you know that they use @tobysestatesg coffee beans to brew coffee 🤩🤩 ☕️ & I love pairing it with their 🥐 croissants. Their pastries never fail to make me smile with every bite. 👏🏻👏🏻⁣

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$17.9++. Got this using Beyond also - tasted like an Oyako don kinda thing but with bacon instead. Was an unusual but pleasant combination haha

$18.9++. Finally visited this place after intending to for so long! Used Burpple Beyond so there were only 3 options, but this did not disappoint! The chicken was tender as other reviews read, and I actually enjoyed the mashed potatoes even though I don’t usually. Also interesting addition of hazelnuts and petals haha. ALSO the Burpple set came with drinks so I got iced lemon tea and they gave 2 slices of lemon in it which is rare but good :”)

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Perfectly sculpted mound of ice with generous ingredients.

Tasted very generic, typical boiled pasta with pasta sauce added on top. Would recommend the crepes over this. Perhaps I will try the pancakes next time.