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Burpple beyond set $29.90 include 2 pasta, 2 drinks
+ truffle mash $6
Total: ~$42

1. Chilli Crab pasta, must try πŸ˜‹ πŸ‘πŸ»
2. Sakura ebi pasta nice for me. But hubby say normal only.
3. Truffle mash not bad πŸ™‚ (not included in the set)

Overall Worth it πŸ‘πŸ», must try! 😁

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I felt that sweet is much better than salty but I taste that salty got mixture with pineapple. I don't like pineapple inside Tau sar piah and taste like so weird tbh in my opinion.

From Jiu Xiang Xiang
Consistently tasty plate of roast duck and roast pork belly over fluffy rice.
Not bad indeed.


Founded in 1998 by the late Boon Fong Juan, and just 1 of 4 stalls remaining from the now-defunct Long House Food Centre, his wife Rose Le has run the stall since 2011.
They use a signature, tempura-like batter for their fritters, resulting in a beautiful golden hue that's non-greasy, and a gentle crispy crunch to texture.
The sweet potato is tender and yields easily, releasing its vegetal sweet starchy flavours. The yam / taro is soft and comes apart in small chunks, with mild vegetal earthy savoury flavour.
The tapioca has a unique golden yellow hue, fragrant and soft with earthy sweet flavour. The fried banana / goreng pisang is creamy and soft, with addictive floral fruity sweet notes, shiok.
Dessert Fritter
Boon Pisang Goreng (Long House)
@ Balestier Market, 411 Balestier Road #01-18
More details:

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Their signature Braised Pork Rice ($4.70) is definitely bang for the buck as it comes with a bowl of white rice topped with braised pork belly, a whole braised egg and sides that will surely fill your tummy up. To complement the braised pork rice, you have to get a side of Taiwanese Crispy Chicken Cutlet ($4.30) and Spiced Crispy Chicken Skin ($3.50), the latter a hot commodity item that is available with limited quantities per day and sells out very quickly. The crispness from each bite paired with the spice mix that coats onto the skin is just so sinful but tastes so good.

For the Korean snacks, you can get the QQ Cheesy Tteokbokki ($3.30) and Kimbap ($4.50), both taste so comforting and homely. If you are around the area, do drop by this humble stall to have a taste of homecooked Korean and Taiwanese fare.
✨ NiuNiu Tea DuDu Rice
πŸ“ 90 Whampoa Drive, Whampoa Drive Food Centre, Unit 01-82, Singapore 320090
🍴 [Media Invite]

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From the Loong Fatt
A quick lunch with the creamy curry chicken and slow soy sauce braised pork troters with hard boiled egg.
Really satisfying.


Succulent chicken meat with tasty fried ngoh Hiang and tofu.

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Little bits of durian inside, but I prefer real durians

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Heard about the opening of DuDu Rice and NiuNiu Tea at Whampoa Makan Place (i.e. Blk 90 Whampoa Drive) β€” having opened just earlier this week, the stall is run by a couple; the husband being Taiwanese while his spouse being Korean, which is the reason why this stall serves up both Taiwanese and Korean cuisine on its menu. Their colourful signboard stands out from their neighbours pretty boldly; patrons can expect both Korean and Taiwanese mains and sides here β€” some examples of the mains being served at DuDu Rice and NiuNiu Tea includes Lu Rou Fan, Taiwanese Mee Sua and the Dakdoritang, whilst side dishes include the Taiwanese Crispy Chicken Cutlet and the QQ Cheesy Tteokbokki.

We were especially intrigued by the Dakdoritang whilst skimming through the menu at DuDu Rice and NiuNiu Tea β€” perhaps this is being due to the fact that there are more Taiwanese dishes dominating the menu here as opposed to the selection of Korean food available here; also particularly intriguing is how Dakdoritang is one of the items that seems to be rarely found in Korean establishments here, let alone a hawker stall. Dakdoritang is essentially a Korean Spicy Chicken Stew β€” the Dakdoritang at DuDu Rice and NiuNiu Tea is described to come with root vegetables and rice on the menu. Being cooked to order, there wasn’t too long a wait for the Dakdoritang to be served; in fact, most other hawker dishes may take a longer preparation time in retrospect. Was expecting something similar in terms of flavour profile to the Andong-jjimdak (i.e. Korean Braised Chicken), which was indeed what it seemed to be. That being said, we note that the flavours of the Dakdoritang is significantly less jelak than Andong-jjimdak β€” whilst Andong-jjimdak is usually flavourful from the reduction of the braised sauce, the Dakdoritang felt like a homely rendition of the same that is lighter to the taste buds, but also carries just a light tinge of spiciness for that extra kick; pretty mild and would work well for those whom have a lower tolerance to spiciness. The chicken is especially tender; the meat doesn’t require much effort to come off from the bones, while the chunks of root vegetables (i.e. carrots and potatoes) that came along are soft to chew on. We especially enjoyed the bed of rice beneath tho; said to be Taiwanese short-grain pearl rice, we really liked that consistency of which it was cooked to β€” fluffy and sufficiently moist, it absorbed those lightly savoury notes of the Dakdoritang for a good flavour.

One thing we cannot deny about the food at DuDu Rice and NiuNiu Tea is how homely it feels β€” dine-in patrons are also entitled to complimentary serving of banchan as well; speaks loads on how they strive to serve their patrons well by ensuring that they get their fill. Considering how Whampoa has always been sort of an enclave for local fare, DuDu Rice and NiuNiu Tea is a pretty refreshing change to the norm in this neighbourhood β€” an interesting option that is surprisingly hearty and comforting to have!

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The lor mee is pretty decent. But the side really blew me off πŸ’―πŸ’― so crispy and light!

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From Tiong Bee Bah Kut Teh
Teochew pork ribs soup.
Simple yet tasty, definitely satisfy the craving.

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From Tiong Bee Bah Kut Teh
Long hours stewed & cooked pig trotters, soft texture of meat and almost melt in the mouth pork fat.
Served with some savoury preserved vegetables.
Comforting food indeed.

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