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My favourite dessert.
It consists of a rich soft custard base with a layer of hardened caramelized sugar. It is always fun to crack through the sugar and reveal the light soft custard.
Featuring the creme brulee from @collinsgrille.sg The caramelized sugar is a bit thin. So can't really crack much. But I guess it is good that it is not overly sweet.
Blog: http://www.eatdreamlove.com
Eatdreamlove made an anonymous visit and paid for the food reviewed
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It’s very easy to make me happy ... just give me CKT 😂.
Feature Chuan Kee Fried Kway Teow.
This CKT is really tasty, the wok Hei very strong and it’s not sweet type of ckt, which I prefer my ckt to be.
📍Chuan Kee Fried Kway Teow.
#01-41 Whampoa Makan Place.
90 Whampoa Drive.

Nyonya chendol have 6 outlets in islandwide. And I tried Whampoa outlet, and it’s really good.
Chendol come with big chunks of durian purée, the gula Melaka amount is just nice, not too sweet and balance well with the rich coconut milk.
📍Nyonya Chendol.
Whampoa Hawker Centre, #01-17.

Mentaiko pasta ($19.90) was very disappointing and wouldn’t go back there for it. Beef bowl ($19.90) was average.

This western stall at Whampoa Makan Place caught our attention as it looked really old-school. We ordered the mixed grill to have a taste test on the different types of meat, but sadly turned out to be a huge disappointment. There were beef, pork, hotdog, french fries, baked beans, coleslaw and a bun. All the meat on this plate were well done, in fact, over cooked and thus tough to chew as well as dry. The fries were soggy and the supposed mushroom sauce paired with the meats was too diluted. Pretty sure we can get better mixed grills hawker version at the same price elsewhere.


We ordered 4 different burgers - har cheong gai burger, mentaiko katsu burger, grub double cheeseburger and the cheesy chicken burger. I felt like the standards really varied widely. I would only recommend the double cheeseburger & the har cheong gai burger. Har cheong gai was a tad dry. The fries were pretty well done though, I could finish another bucket by myself! Location wise it’s hardly crowded and great if you’re looking for a relatively quiet place. Only outdoor seatings available and this is by the pool side.

This Nonya Chendol at Whampoa FC was a good relief and a tasty treat. With options of red beans, sweet corns and durian toppings, the Gula Melaka was aromatic and of just the right level of sweetness.

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The dry version is best if you can take Chili. The soup taste great too. My fav is the handmade noodles follow by the flat noodles. You can call to order before you go down to cut the waiting time.

[3/4] I marked this as one of my favourites as the Thai Milk Tea wasn’t heavy/concentrated in flavour. It was surprisingly balanced, which I think is a move to compensate for the doughnut’s sugary exterior. Thankfully, I followed my hunch of getting two of these in my box of 6! 😂