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The big portion of minced pork noodles soup.


The bread itself is sweeter, had this raisin bread smell for some reason. The red bean is quite standard, the sweet kinds that you get from a neighbourhood bakery. I prefer the red bean bun from sin hon loong nearby, it tasted more special!

($8) I choose two vegetables, potato and chicken drumstick but then a lot of people queued up before or after me even they open for stall ard 12 p.m. already. But then it's worth it to try their dish for first time if you like nasi padang.

Very worth it with burpple 1 for 1.. even without, the $4.50 latte is definitely one of the cheapest in town. Quality is also good. Definitely worth.

The noodles were very soft and bouncy while the pork belly was tender and melts in your mouth. Will recommend

This is a SG exclusive menu item! The pork was tender and tasty. The rice was fluffy as well. Overall, it was a satisfying and filling meal. Will recommend 👍🏻

($1.20) It's fragrant and crunchy taste for crashed peanut. It's quite warm when I bought the pancake but I left it as cold for a while.

Soya Bean & Grass Jelly Drink I opt out for less sugar but grass jelly got a bit sweet taste tbh.

(Big Size - $5) I managed to queue up for this before they closed for day. I saw people queued up for this stall and also think that it's must be so good and delicious. It's really taste like old school style and soup broth is quite hot and plain.

Uncle was so sweet, the lady in front was trying to decide if to add the last portion left to what she ordered, but uncle said to leave some for the person behind ( me, heh). That’s all they sell, these deep fried traditional carrot cakes but cut unusually in bite-sized sticks. I was a first-timer so silly me , asked if there was a sauce that went with it. Uncle says no sauce, that’s how he’s sold it for decades… need to be able to taste the carrot. It was yummy, served warm. I admire the dedication- selling this one snack for years 👍

Blk 91 , whampoa market, whampoa drive. Ie balestier lah

Always a tasty plate of fried chicken. Consistently good through the years! I feel myself licking my lips every time she sprinkles the crispy bits 😜. Rice fragrant & not too oily. Today I realised they also sell fried chicken skin! Good value at $4.5 for halal fried chicken rice +$1 for fried chic skin!

Mat noh & rose authentic ginger fried rice, blk 91, whampoa drive, whampoa market. I.e balestier 🤣

A single portion set will set you back for $5, but you get the usual fixings that will satiate your Kway Chap cravings! The braising stock was well-balanced & lighter on the spices but pleasant enough to not overwhelm the pork's natural taste. The ingredients were generally clean-tasting with zero gamey funk, but the braised pork skin was the best of the bunch - stripped clean of fat and braised to a QQ toothsome texture. ⁣

The kway was decently smooth but nothing spectacular, and I found myself enjoying the tangy-sweet preserved kiam chye (mustard greens) more. It's not the best I have had thus far (my favourite is Bukit Merah View Kway Chap at Jurong West), but this one is pretty decent! 👍🏻⁣