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Which would you choose out of these three? And yes, the Har Cheong Gai Burger here definitely beats the chix out of Macca鈥檚 any day! .

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Think crisp batter enclaving juicy thin layers of pork with mentaiko cheese, further topped with mentaiko sauce. Each bite is such a delight!

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Duck porridge.

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$0.80 each

I鈥檓 a fan of Tau Sar Piah so I鈥檝e tried so many before. Trust me when I said it is the best! No other stalls can win their tau sar piah or come close to the taste. It is just so unique and addictive! 馃構 Buttery, flaky crust with sweet and salty tau sar filling! I love the salty over the sweet ones. You can see the staff making them by hands. Taste so heavenly when you eat it warm and fresh out of oven! 馃い


Best Lor Mee according to the signboard

It鈥檚 pretty good! Many chunks of fried fish, fried ngoh hiang and braised shiitake mushroom slices.


$1 each

Skin is thin and soft with generous amount of ku chai 闊彍


Y鈥檏now how cafes usually serve 鈥渃hili crab pasta鈥 as just pasta whipped up with a bit of chili? Well, you won鈥檛 get any of that substandard stuff here; their al dente noodles are bathed in an abundance of chili crab sauce that is loaded with shredded eggs and comprise a perfect balance of sweet and savory - an orthodox flavor that guarantees this dish鈥檚 status as a crowd pleaser. Contrary to its appearance, the soft shell crab - though browned more than usual - was actually just lightly battered, allowing the crab to steal the spotlight!

The Beef Suki Rice Bowl was what you鈥檇 expect - nicely seared beef slices at medium doneness coupled with a jiggly sous vide egg. Though carrying the right amount of char in its flavour, the beef did feel a little tough on the outside - possibly due to a flat iron steak being used. Their signature homemade sauce was delish though, and added some oomph to the bed of rice!!馃構


Can鈥檛 believe I鈥檝e never set foot in this old skool kool cafe despite how my house is within walking distance?! And I have admittedly been missing out! Unlike other indie cafes that are usually found clustered in a cramped fashion, Wheeler鈥檚 Yard occupies an entire warehouse鈥檚 worth of space and is - simply put - unbelievably cavernous. Decked out in bicycles (yep, think whole bicycles hanging from walls, standing on tables) and biking related gear, the whole grungy aesthetic exudes chill vibes that one naturally settles into, creating the perfect spot for a laidback brunch.

We got ourselves the Pork Katsu Toast and a quintessential brunch item, Eggs Benedict!! As always, hallelujah to the existence of #burpplebeyond with which we got da 1-for-1!!!馃槡 The former is a unique take on traditional toast; more of an open sandwich, the fluffy white bread base surprisingly managed to hold its own beneath two cripsy patties of pork that were breaded with panko and drizzled generously with tonkatsu sauce...and then topped with a runny egg & bonito flakes. Each bite was so so umami!!!馃槏 and if it ain鈥檛 enough, you can mop up the extra tonkatsu sauce that the servers have kindly spread along the plate!!!
The eggs benny was nothing to shout about, but I did like how the hollandaise was unusually lemony and citrusy. But definitely, get the tonkatsu toast if you鈥檙e here!!


Durian br没l茅e had real durian fillings which surprised me & wasn鈥檛 just artificial cream. best to share it with a friend. These were baked not fried.


Thanks to #burpplebeyond for the 1 for 1 deal, we finally could dine here! The ambience and setting of the place was quite interesting, with a bike shop yard and glasshouse aircon cafe tgt. But the food was kind of average. The roasted chicken would have been better with more marination. And it wasn't a good complement to the waffles (which tasted really normal, like the kind I used to cook at home haha). The bacon egg Japanese rice was alright! (It comes with bacon bites instead of normal pork slices). With the 1 for 1 offer, it was only $20.90 nett for both dishes! 馃 #burpple #burpplesg #tybinnovena

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Fresh made soft and bouncy carrot cake strips deep fried to a crispy skin before serving. Perhaps it was the oil used that there was a nice fragrance to it. An enjoyable treat of our own heritage.

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