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Interesting way of preparing a chicken breast as they used hazelnut foam as the sauce together with mash potatoes. While design is good, food was just slightly above average.. doubt will visit again

Besides regular steaks, Cavemen also serves up various types of dry-aged steaks! Their butter-aged steak is really popular & you have to pre-order to avoid disappointment! I've yet to try out the butter-aged but I did manage to get my hands on a whisky-aged one! The whisky is said to be able to give the beef a more smoky flavour & I was super excited to try it out!

I've never had dry-aged beef before so I honestly didn't know what to expect. We got to try some appetisers like the Texture of Tomatoes & Liver Mousse. The creativity & thought that goes behind them should definitely be appreciated!

For Texture of Tomatoes, they've managed to use one ingredient in 3 ways. First, all natural, next, dehydrated & last but not least, tomato juice is extracted & then made into a jelly-like texture! It's even got 'soil' over it which is actually dehydrated olives that are ground up till it becomes a soil-like texture.

For the Liver Mousse, in order to tone down the strong flavour of the liver, they brought along unagi to accompany it, along with some brioche toast and apple. When you eat it all together like intended, the sweetness from the unagi, toast & apple went really well with the liver! I was pretty mindblown. This has got to be the most interesting combination I've seen in awhile.

Moving on to the dry-aged steak, it has hints of blue cheese to it & the smokiness of the whisky is subtle but there. I personally feel that it should be shared because it's got quite a strong flavour to it that might be too overwhelming after awhile if you were to eat it by yourself. Besides, it'll be a great conversation topic between your friends, don't ya think? 😉

I had such a wonderful time dining at Cavemen, it's definitely gonna be added to my faves list. 💕

Comes with the drumstick/thigh, a side (actually a mountain) of bean sprouts, soup and rice. Definitely a good plate of chicken rice, though not my favourite. Chicken was tender and tasty, but the rice had a texture that I didn’t love, being slightly softer than I like.

Loved the bean sprouts in that light, savoury sesame sauce! Very value for money set.


Dog goes woof, cow goes moo, duck goes...straight into my stomach. Soon Kee, which was at Longhouse for the better part of a decade before bouncing around and finally settling in Balestier, has been a family favourite for almost as long.

Their braising sauce is T H I C C and ultra unctuous and umami, and it goes well on the tender, delicious duck, the slightly dry but unquestionably delicious rice, the porridge, the noodles...yeah, it goes well on just about everything.

While my annoyance at the duck getting sliced up too thinly still goes unaddressed, the duck itself, despite having its texture somewhat marred, is smashingly savoury from being slowly boiled in that brilliant braising sauce. That sumptuous, sapid sauce just serves to heighten the gluttonous gratification of the duck.

Also, their fried chili is the best in Singapore. Slightly sweet, superbly savoury & rounded off with a feisty fire from the chili, it’s absolutely addictive and impossible to resist.

Is Soon Kee the best braised duck rice in Singapore? Yes, quite possibly so.


The fried fish remained crispy despite sitting in the soup for a while. The lightly battered fish was flaky, and tender on the inside.

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We used our Burpple one for one for 2 sets of the 60 degree chicken breast, with iced lemon tea (about $13 each)! Presentation of the dish definitely stole the show, with hazelnuts and petals all around making it especially aesthetically pleasing.

We loved the mashed potatoes that were whipped to such a smooth consistency and the foamy milk thing that came along with it. The chicken breast itself was not too bad!

From Just Greens Health Food
Tasty plate of multi grain rice, with tomato egg omelette and fried vegan drumstick.
Satisfying indeed.

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Feature USDA prime rib eye with sake, dry aged for 30 days.
Marinated with salt and pepper, grill over charcoal.
Served with side dishes mash potatoes and Brussels sprout.
Ps : the mash potatoes is really good 😋, smooth and creamy..
💰$21.5/100 gram (meat). Additional cost for cooking it..
📍Cavemen Singapore.
1 Jalan Dusun #01-09.

Surrounded by mostly kopitiams & bak kut teh stores aplenty, Cavemen stands out amongst the usual local food affairs in Balestier. Honestly, I was pretty surprised when I first saw it.

I work around Novena & my colleagues & I often walk to various places within close vicinity for lunch. One day, we were around where Cavemen was & I was like, ‘Whoa. This place looks cool! 👀 ‘

Unfortunately, it was closed during the day so I wasn’t able to take a closer look.

Fast forward to night time & here I am, in awe by their interesting selections of meat, countless bottles of wine & sake for you to pick from, bespoke cocktails & delicious food.

The white bait is the perfect bar snack because it was so easy to just pop one in between conversations & sips of cocktail. If you’re not into deep-fried stuff, the saba is a good alternative as well!

2 bespoke cocktails was made to go with the bar snacks & I loved the Lemongrass Grapefruit Lychee! It was really refreshing & paired with the white bait really well!

The steak was lightly seasoned with just salt & pepper because a good steak should be able to shine with just that. No need to drench it in sauce. You’ve gotta bask in it’s original flavour & savour it. 🤤

They’ve also managed to nail brussels sprouts. I personally think that’s a feat in itself because I’ve hardly come across places that do justice to brussels sprouts. I took one bite of the brussels sprouts & I was like, ‘This is it. I’ve found THE place for brussels sprouts.’

Do check out their pecan pie as well. It’s stuffed full of pecan right down to its filling that consists of chopped pecan & caramelised sugar which is pretty much like mai ya tang.

If you’re looking to chill with your friends over some good bar snacks & drinks or chat over some impeccable steaks, this is the place to be.

This is definitely a hidden gem that deserves more recognition! I’m so glad I got to know about this place! 😍

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Tastes nice although we wish the oyster will be fried a bit longer to get that crispy texture. We’d rather stick to either prawn cake or prawn noodle from now on.