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Served as a side rather than as a main, it was pretty heavy and savory (salty) as well. Tender and full of flavor - great as an accompaniment to a carb dish.

Price: $15.80

Served in a bar and bistro, one will not usually expect Indian cuisine to be served. An above average briyani, meat was tender enough and well flavored. Rice was a tad dry and not the best grade of bismati rice was used. Loved the citrusy jam served with the pappadam as it serves to cut the richness of the dish.

Portion size is on a larger size and suitable for sharing.

Price: $15.80

Spicy salsa with prawn meat stuffed in the poori. It packs a punch but taste wise pretty one-dimensional. Would be great if there’s yoghurt too to undercut the heat and add to the flavor. Friendly gentleman (owner?) shared that it makes a good pairing with gin or whiskey. Set of 4 morsels at $10.80 presented interestingly on a wooden platform.

Price: $10.80

Lotsa good food can be found in this food centre. Do not miss the xiao long bao $3/5pcs, teochew meat puff $2/pc, lor mee, fish soup.... Just to name a few.

Pretty huge wagyu patty with the standard accompaniments: tomato, onion, lettuce. Also comes
with bacon and an onsen egg which made it a real juicy mess to eat and was abit pointless on the burger in my opinion. Flavor wise it was decent but nothing to shout about and I wouldn’t have ordered it without the Beyond 1 for 1. Appreciated the effort they made in the details like toasting the bun and encasing the onsen egg in an onion ring so it wouldn’t leak all over.

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Frozen ball of espresso infused with hazelnut, served with a warm glass of milk. When it was first served the coffee and hazelnut aroma hits you quite strongly which surprised me. After mixing with the milk, the hazelnut flavor is still retained but the coffee is somewhat diluted. The frozen ball takes awhile to melt though so wait until it’s fully melted if not it’s kinda like drinking coffee flavored milk.

Always a long queue, a sometimes good sign of good food (though not always true). This fish head bee hoon serves both sliced and fried versions though it seems that their fried version is their signature. Ordering both, we prefer the latter. The sliced ones while good, were a bit blah. On the other hand, the fried ones were meaty and the batter nicely coated the fish which made it even more savory. The soup base was flavorful and shaoxing wine is also added to it. Overall, a very satisfying bowl of fried fish bee hoon.

Price: $4.50

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Came here a few times. Love the ambiance, very spacious and relatively quiet place for meals. We ordered some of the chef recommendation on the menu.
Pork katsu toast tasted home cooked. Not too bad but not fantastic, very average. Chilli crab pasta was too watery, and cauliflower also lack punch. A little disappointing i must say. Cannot imagine those dishes that are not chef recommendation.

A hidden gem with an affordable, rustic set lunch menu with dishes that were executed perfectly.

The salad was a refreshing starter with a zingy wasabi soy drizzle. They do a mean spinach aglio olio, cooked to garlicky, al-dente perfection, topped with slices of eggplant and zucchini that were fresh, juicy with an addictive charred smokiness. Fans of the classic carbonara might take a liking to their fusion take, with bonito flakes crowning the creamy dish.

We were treated to a colourful trio of hand-shaved chips - the sweet potato chips were outstanding (dip them in the homemade guacamole salsa and you'll see why). Teas were at $2 a pop with the set lunch - the iced pomegranate tea was a refreshing treat.

We stared longingly at the halibut dish that was also on the menu, but that's a dish for another culinary sojourn.

Flame-grilled big fresh juicy Scallops drizzled with yuzu wasabi sauce, mentaiko dressing and mayonnaise.👌😋
🚩Stärker Bistro (Zhongshan Park), 1, 01-02, Jalan Rajah, Zhongshan Park, Singapore 329133
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Food wasn’t bad but a tad too pricey. wouldn’t go back if not for the 1 for 1 deal.