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📍Viio Gastropub [Balestier]
Pan seared gnocchi with beef ragout ($24)
One of the best gnocchi dishes I have ever tasted! The gnocchi was crispy ok the outside and soft on the inside, the outer layer remained crispy even after being drenched in the beef ragout. The gnocchi was not overly starchy too. The beef ragout has a deep flavour and a nice hint of wine and was delicious. Only problem with the dish is that the tomato was slightly acidic for my liking, but overall it was delightful.
Korobuta Pork Ribs ($20)
Fall of the bone ribs with a slight smoky flavour to it. The sauce was generously coated and paired really well. Only downside is the portion is really small.
Carbonara ($22)
Carbonara was cooked al dente and was topped off with bonito flakes. The bonito flakes brought an umami flavour to the pasta and surprisingly paired very well! The chorizo brought a slight spice kick to the dish, overall really yummy!
Chocolate fondant ($10)
3 mini lava cakes all suprisingly had lava! The berries brought a nice fresh tartness to the dish and the crumble sort of sand also brought a nice texture to the dish. The yuzu sorbet was the highlight of the dish, it was sharp but not overpowering and it was so refreshing! My only problem with the lava cake is the chocolate flavour did not shine through enough.
Food was delicious and really lived up to my high expectations of it! Only problem is that the wait was really Long and that the portion size for the meats were small, but the food was amazing
Price: $$$
Come back factor:🤩🤩🤩½

2 rolls of sushi popiah. Fresh prawns and they wrap crabstick inside, different from the usual popiah that they also sell. Definitely a must buy every time i go to whampoa area. My favourite snack.

I prefer the salted one over the sweet one but actually both are sweet! 😂 Taste the best fresh out of the oven but stayed crispy even when I ate it the next day. Love the texture of it, crumbles upon biting. Highly recommended!

A straightforward enough creation but which I hadn't tried. It was more likeable than expected. The filling used was better than what you expect from a fast-food chain and it paired well with the pastry.

It's a little gimmicky sushi-wrapping what's already a wrap, but I credit them for adding prawn, mayo and chilli. All that and still cheap leh.

First time trying Army Stew! Thought it was great. Generous servings of luncheon meat, Maggie, korean rice cakes, onions (alot of it...), sausages..

Wasn't too spicy. Suitable for 3 pax and above!

Price: $38 before GST
Rating: 8/10

Strong coffee with ice cream. How can you not order this.

Perfect drink for afternoon. Sweet and bitter together.

Ambience and decor is great. Staff could be better.

5 on 5

Excellent main course dish.

Well worth the price. Quantity was perfect, quality was great.

Short Ribs were well cooked and came with a salad.

Highly recommended 5 on 5

$24++ for Mains + Drinks

Ordered the 60° Chicken Breast + Iced Lemon Tea and Seafood Aglio Olio + Ginger Lemonade

The Chicken Breast was perfectly cooked and tender. It was paired well with smooth mashed potato sides and some corn. Also, beautifully decorated with a flower for visual aesthetics.

The Seafood Aglio Olio was perfectly seasoned with generous ingredient toppings. Overall a savoury dish I really enjoyed with a burst of flavours.

Nothing amazing about the drinks. Just that the ginger lemonade was an interesting concoction for those who love zesty flavours.

Total Bill: $25.68

Mouth watering traditional baked bean pastry.
Generous with fillings, loved both salted and sweet type.
Highly recommended!

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The pasta is really well cooked. Al-dente 👍 There was loads of clams. Although small but they were really tasty. The sauce was nicely coated on every string of spaghetti which makes the whole dish very delicious. However, i don't think its very worth the price. Would be better if it is cheaper. Staffs were friendly too. However, the location was not very convenient.

Tried other foods too (crepe poulet, cheesy teriyaki chicken , dory fish & chips). Unfortunately, they don't taste as nice as the vongole. It tasted rather normal. I would give a rating of 2 stars for these dishes.

Review: 3.5/5

Spaghetti Vongole
Crepe Poulet
Cheesy Teriyaki Chicken
Dory Fish & Chips