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If you love ban mian and love fish soup, why not have both? Lai Lai Handmade Noodle from Whampoa Food Centre (Blk 90 one) offers fish soup with the addition of handmade noodles. I got the double fish u mian ($6) and I must say its so darn good! The soup itself is made from fish broth and you get that wonderful umami. The noodles itself are very springy, definitely slurp worthy! The sliced fish meat itself is very fresh and succulent, with a firm bite 😍 let's not forget the fried fish slices that are actually still a little crispy and yet juicy on the inside! A perfect bowl!

The pandan in this drink tasted more like the plant than the flavour. Haha. I can't say if that's a good thing.

My first time trying bombolinis!

Oreo 🍪
Pistachio 🥜
Chocolate 🍫
Nutella 🌰
Lotus biscuit 🍪
PB&J 🥜

I admittedly don't have much to compare with but these seemed to have a very generous amount of filling in them. I managed to try the lotus biscuit and the pistachio, which were both thick and rich. You could even taste the gritty pistachios they ground down. However, others who tried it all agreed that the excessive powdered sugar tipped the bombolinis into saccharine territory. They were also quite greasy and the dough wasn't as chewy as what I'd expect from a doughnut.

These are considerably cheaper than the popular burnt ends ones (5 for $20) but given the neighborhood location (whampoa) the shop is located, these pastries could be considered on the pricier end.

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I'm not a fan of Teochew bkt but decided to try this. The soup was enjoyable, but the ribs were so tough it failed the dish.

Went to Wheeler's Yard recently and ordered the Mentaiko Pasta ($19.90), 60degC Chicken Breast ($17.90) and Truffle Fries with Furikake ($15.90)🤪 omg firstly... the food looks gorgeous😍 I really like the laid back antique-styled ambience of the cafe and the food is also really good!! Service was good too and its a great place for pics🤣 Only downside is that the place is a little ulu but overall ratings are still 9/10 though HAHA will definitely come back again!!😇

Had mixed flat noodle and thin bee hoon. They gave a lot of garlic and vinegar so it was hot and sour. The braised pork was very minced so there was no chew to it. The fish was a refreshing touch which I never tried before.

Had this quite a few times when I was younger, but I can’t remember if the pastry skin always had this strong margarine flavour, or if my tastebuds have changed. It tasted very traditional because of the margarine, but I don't like margarine lol. Skin texture is nice tho - slightly crispy, very flaky outers. Filling to skin ratio is like 2:1? Doesn’t get cloying, very easy to eat.

With sesame seeds = sweet. The filling was like lotus paste. Paste is quite smooth!

Without sesame seeds = salty. The mung bean filling had a slight saltiness, but it’s not super salty, just more savoury in comparison to the sweet paste.

I think I like the salty one slightly more!

From a corner stall with a long rows of variety of cooked dishes to select.
Tasty plate of mixed rice, chosen the braise pork, fried egg omelette and savoury lady finger (okra).
Not bad indeed.

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Bought this soft shell crab pasta with Burpple Beyond 1-1 deal.

The portion of soft shell crab is very generous 🦀

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Had the $6 portion.

Very long queue during dinner time.

Very friendly auntie collecting orders.

Not a bad plate of hokkien mee, chilli was somewhat sweet.

Theres no need use chopsticks to eat, spoon can scoop everything up to eat.

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Really really good! Surprisingly fluffy bread, good butter and kaya, and the correct amount of pepper on eggs!