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Sad to say the food here was a little disappointing 😔 The mentaiko sauce was not as creamy as I would have liked it to be and the salmon is super cooked which you might like but I personally prefer my salmon to be a bit more “raw” and soft. The worst thing was the rice which was very dry and over cooked. The carbonara pasta was alright but nothing special, really just an average pasta dish. Unfortunately, I would not come back here again 🥺

Decent food, quite generous portions. worth it with burpple 1 for 1

Liked that the dish wasn’t too salty, salmon slice was also a good size.

A basic cafe with a basic menu. Korean fusion. That's cheap samyang ramyeon. Very spicy. The chicken was good but a bit too thick to be fried well. Yolk was unfortunately fully cooked.

It’s been a while since I had frog porridge! We decided to venture beyond the usual Chinatown/Geylang options and try the highly-raved Hong Chang Eating House (2 Braddell Road) a few weeks back.

The star of the show is definitely the Claypot Frog ($8 for one, $13 for two, $16 for three, $22 for four). We opted for ginger spring onion style and the frog legs are super tender, fragrant and delicious, and it goes very well with the plain porridge. Regretted ordering 2 instead of 3 *cries*

Apart from frog porridge, there is also an array of zichar dishes to choose from, and we had Sambal Stingray ($10-$20), Thai-Style Clams ($9 for small), Butter Squid ($9 for small) and Sambal Kangkong ($6 for small). The chilli dishes are not very spicy but they are quite flavourful and goes well with the porridge - the sambal kangkong has a nice wok hei as well. However, you might want to skip the butter squid as it is quite tough/overcooked~

While the frog porridge is very good, I don’t know if I will brave the extremely long queue just to have this again:P Nonetheless, enjoyed this dinner!

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Rather newly open pretty cafe decked in coat of pastel colors, with an interesting concept of multi-cuisine under one roof. It serves korean delights, thai delight and some local delights. We ordered their Crab Meat Omelette Fried Rice and their Blue Pea Nasi Lemak. Portion is quite generous but the wait can be quite long. Quality of food wise, it’s quite decent just that the chilli sauce were a little on the saltier side. Their fried rice is fluffy and fragrant while their fried chicken wing from the nasi lemak is crispy and juicy! Not a place I’ll keep returning unless I happen to be in that area.

They have free flow Korean mukbang buffet at $25 serving free flow fried chicken, fried Mandu, curly fries and fire noodles 🔥🤯, they do have ala carte as well for the WEAK😂 (kidding).
We tried their KIMCHI SPAGHETTI which was surprisingly good 👍 the tangy kimchi was well-balanced with the cream and the egg gives it a savory finish🍝

The carbonara is best served and eaten in the store. Would recommend for you to try it!

Fried chicken is pretty decent.

Overall 3.5/5

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We tried the laksa and the curry. I am afraid to say I do not find the laksa creamy nor fragrant. The curry sauce is ok but the meat tasted tough and tasteless. I suspect its probably becasue it hasn't been stewed long enough in the curry sauce for taste to flavour the chicken. I am shocked to find the foods of such a standard since I have heard good things about this brand.

Finally tried this brand of original katong laksa (same brand as the one in Queensway shopping centre)! But I didn't feel like eating laksa on the day of my visit, hence opted for the chicken cutlet with curry sauce! It was interesting to see that they offer laksa sauce as the zhup as well! This was the regular $5 portion. When the plate got served, I was quite surprised as I was expecting the breaded kind of chicken cutlet. But it turned out to be more of the grilled kind of chicken. Would also love it if more curry sauce was given. Nothing too wow to shout about, but a good plate of curry chicken rice. If you compare this to normal caifan, the price may even seem a little steep...

Restaurant has a 1 for 1 menu where all items inside qualify (without Beyond/Entertainer). On top of that, you get a free side dish that's actually of full size (including Truffle Fries, Nachos Wedges and more). Ordered the Blend It Up Pizza and Tom Yum Cream Pasta, both were good though I would have preferred the Tom Yum taste to be a tad stronger. They also provide lemon-infused water which was a nice touch! Recommend this hidden gem and would come back soon!

New kid on the block! Got this at buy 1 and get 50% off on second mains for lunch
Love how we can get an affordable mentaiko bowl which has huge portion.
Friendly staff and great ambience with Korean theme
They also have a fire extinguisher tower with a large array of sojus. Best to pair with their Korean wings

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