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All the meat were really well cooked and all the skewers was well marinated too. We also ordered other dish like the “ZhuJianMian”. They were really generous with their portion. Price was quite ex but pretty norm among all the skewers shop.

Rate 3.8/5

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Taste decent, the carbonara was better compared to this dish.

Rate 3.5/5

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Newly opened branch when I got it. Bought a second main at 50% off.

Looks decent but the taste turns out to be really good!

I had it as a take out. Ambience of the place was pretty nice. Good for a Friday night drinking sesh with Korean snacks n soju!

Rate : 4/5

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Janggut Laksa, large $7.50 from 𝗝𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗴𝘂𝘁 𝗟𝗮𝗸𝘀𝗮 ⠀

📍133 New Bridge Rd, Chinatown Point, unit B1-49A, S 059413⠀

We used to travel specially to Queensway Shopping Centre to queue for 𝗝𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗴𝘂𝘁 𝗟𝗮𝗸𝘀𝗮 but now they have open more outlets and can be found in Wisma Food Republic, Roxy Sq, 331 Paya Lebar Rd & even Chinatown Point! ⠀

In Chinatown Point, the aka carte Laksa are priced at regular $5.50 & large $7.50. We couldn’t resist our temptation so we had to order the large bowl😬. Noodles were cut shorter so no chopsticks were needed, there’s beansprouts, fish cakes, prawns and cockles! Laksa gravy were super fragrant with coconut taste, light and not too thick and jelak! Goes super well with their sambal chilli sauce too, it’s not too spicy and taste is just right! Super duper shiok and comforting! One of our to-go Laksa place whenever we have cravings! ⠀

They offer online delivery to your comfort doorstep too:⠀
🌍 https://janggutlaksa.oddle.me⠀

If you have Burpple Beyond Subscription Plan, they are also listed in it too! ⠀

#hungryunicornsg #janggutlaksa #laksa #theoriginalkatonglaksa

Tried both the Original & Yang Nyum flavours and I much preferred the latter flavour that was sweet and mildly spicy, the former paled in comparison as the flavour could have been stronger.

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Pint & Dine is a cafe by day, bistro by night concept that recently opened at Kensington Square. I highly recommend trying their Drunken Clams (from their cafe menu); love the light yet flavourful broth, and also the sweet and juicy clams! It is served together with flavoured rice.

Super generous fillings and gravy is lemak enough. Otah soft and yummy. Will be back again as I love laksa!

Ex but delicious!

Rewarding to try it once in a while. Best if you dine in and chill

Overall 4/5

Part of Allium’s current Prix Fixe Lunch ($58 nett per person) menu.

Of course, comes the part of the meal I enjoy most, dessert! Thus, presented to us were Fresh Coconut Jelly and Genmaicha Egg Tart. For the former, the basic square of coconut water and fresh coconut milk jelly acted as a great palate cleanser. The latter, on the other hand, was an indulgent treat. Not expecting the caramelized top, I would have loved for the creamy roasted rice green tea egg custard to be more pronounced in its tea flavour but the french butter pastry was good and overall the elements complemented one another.


Part of Allium’s current Prix Fixe Lunch ($58 nett per person) menu.

The unanimous favourite was the Scallop & Ginger Congee. A humble yet perfect bowl of belly-warming food, their rendition was teeming with seafood-y flavour. Impeccably sweet, the use of pearl rice and dried scallop stock was ingenious. Cooked to perfection, it just simply slides down the throat.

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Part of Allium’s current Prix Fixe Lunch ($58 nett per person) menu

A nice take on the classic Siew Mai and Guo Tie, Allium’s Chicken & Porcini Mushroom Siew Mai, as well as Clam & Cabbage Guo Tie, delivered the familiar flavours with an added dose of umami. Hand-chopped kampong chicken, dried mushrooms, with porcini vinaigrette; the Siew Mai was well-seasoned and supple. A safe option, the Clam & Cabbage Guo Tie could be a tad crisper but the skin was of the perfect thickness. Taste-wise, it could use a little more oomph with perhaps more clam stock incorporated into the cabbage and pork belly mince. Likewise, their Pan-fried Carrot Cake promised the typical flavours but with the pleasing introduction of dried oysters apart from the accustomed bits of lap cheong. Not dry at all, the interior was tender while the exterior spotted a lovely crisp.