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($7.50) Not that nice tbh 🫠 but it's quite weird tbh as I just felt that it's quite vegetal taste. They got a variety for tea based latte but I still wanted to try their other flavour such as hojicha latte

Surrey Hills Grocer is one of the brands that doesn’t seem to rest on their laurels — while they had just launched their new outlet at Raffles City Shopping Centre just a short while ago, their lease agreement at their original location at d’Arena in Joo Koon had also ended fairly recently. With that, Surrey Hills Grocer had since took the opportunity to open yet another outlet — this time round in The Woodleigh Mall within the property’s Heritage Walk area; this would also be the same area where one can find other F&B tenants such as that of the outlet of Pepper Lunch, Tiong Bahru Bakery and Olla Specialty Coffee at the mall. True to their roots, the Surrey Hills Grocer outlet at The Woodleigh Mall location consists of both the grocer and the bistro concept — something that has pretty much been a fixture since their days at d’Arena. One would also note that the space dedicated for the bistro is bigger at their The Woodleigh Mall outlet as compared to that of their d’Arena space when they had first started out. Whilst carrying a rustic vibe with the use of wooden elements amidst an interior that also employs the use of a Royal Green colour scheme, one can also find a handcrafted Mornington train making its way around the dine-in area with the tracks that are suspended from the ceiling. Surrey Hills Grocer has been known to bring patrons a different experience with the opening of every new outlet that they have — the highlight at their The Woodleigh Mall outlet would be the collaboration with The Pancake Parlour; a pancake house that hails from Melbourne, Australia, though there are also other dishes spread across menu categories such as Soup, For Sharing, All Day Brunch, Mains, Salad, Pasta, Desserts and Ice-Cream (sourced from Van Diemens Land Creamery in Tasmania, Australia). For beverages, one can opt for specialty coffee that is brewed using beans sourced from ONA Coffee, as well as tea, smoothies and fresh-pressed juices.

Wanting to go for at least one savoury food item during our visit to Surrey Hills Grocer at their The Woodleigh Mall outlet, it does seem like the Wagyu Eggs Shibuya was the dish that stood out particularly whilst we were skimming through the food menu. The online menu actually describes the Wagyu Eggs Shibuya to be an item that comes with elements such as Braised Shoyu Wagyu beef cheeks, folded eggs, Furikake, steamed
Japanese rice and Edamame. Truth to be told, this does feel like an item that seems to be inspired by that of Japanese Omu Rice and also with a bit of influence from the scrambled egg rice bowls from Dan Lao 蛋佬 that has captured a fair bit of attention on social media for a while.

Digging straight into the folded eggs and the steamed Japanese rice with Edamame, we really liked the consistency of the folded eggs here — they are done just nicely runny whilst being creamy with an evident eggy note that was particularly fragrant especially on the very first spoonful. On parts where it is being drenched with the braised Shoyu sauce from the beef cheeks, the braised Shoyu sauce acted like a Japanese Demi-Glace sauce that is all savoury, rich and a little briny for an additional punch of flavours; otherwise, there is a bit of that Furikake that has been sprinkled in the middle of the mound of rice which provides an umami touch to the dish. As one munches on the Edamame, it gives a contrast of texture against the short-grain rice. The Braised Shoyu Wagyu beef cheeks were pretty delightful; having absorbed all of the flavours from the braised Shoyu sauce, the meat can also be described as really tender with a melt-in-the-mouth texture, though we would think that some might feel that the dish is slightly heavy-handed as thus a bit jelat to finish. We had also tried the Pancake Parlour Classic Stack during our visit to Surrey Hill Grocer’s outlet at The Woodleigh Mall — while we have heard of some ravings about their pancake offerings that are created in collaboration with The Pancake Parlour, we found the pancake stack in our Pancake Parlour Classic Stack to be a little on the dry side. No doubt it does seem to work better if we do mix in all the vanilla crème Chantilly, whipped butter and maple syrup to have alongside the pancake stack, it did also ultimately proved to be on the heavy side of things for us as well. As with all other locations of Surrey Hills Grocer (with the exception of Surrey Hills Deli at 6 Battery Road), the price point of the mains are in the range of $18++ (being the price of the Pancake Parlour Classic Stack) to $42++ (being the price of the Steak & Eggs) — definitely on the higher side which is pretty much the norm here. That being said, Surrey Hills Grocer does have its own following; and this also means that we would be seeing fans of the brand flock to this latest outlet to try what they have to offer — a opening that is likely exciting especially for those staying around Woodleigh at least!

Decided to go veganburg for lunch since its a long time never go and even did passby previously. So I order their best selling burger w characol bun + set meal (curly fries + ginger lemonade) ($14.80) good thing that they are able to remove sauce frm burger. I don't really like too much sauce on the burger tbh. I just take a bit sauce for dip or spread only. The burger really quite nice tbh with. But the curly fries really crunchy and crispy texture. But ginger lemonade got strong taste for ginger tbh compared with lemonade.

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Decided to get this dessert ($8.90) for a long time as I tried their matcha soya bean version. Matcha Shaved Ice really got refreshing, sweet and bitter taste. Red Bean is so good as it's quite soft and crunchy texture. But for taro matcha mochi really chewy and not that hard to chew thru. But overall its quite full for me due to taro matcha balls.

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Signature Porridge 招牌粥 (S$8)
Scallops 干贝, sliced fish 鱼片, cuttlefish 鱿鱼, homemade pork meat ball 特制肉丸, lean meat 瘦肉, sliced chicken meat 鸡丝, century egg 皮蛋, salted egg 咸蛋
Topped with chopped spring onion, crispy fried shallots, and crispy fried anchovies.

Wanted to try the stir-fried porridge but was told unavailable. Lots of liao inside the porridge.

Ten Points Porridge 十分粥道
Address 🛖 : 11 Bidadari Park Drive, # B1-K37 The Woodleigh Mall, Singapore 🇸🇬 367 803
Note 📝 : only cash and NETS payment modes

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Osmanthus Oolong Cold Brew
Need to order in advance as the staff need 24 hours to brew the drink.

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Shifudo's goshiki carpaccio was without a doubt, our favourite dish of the meal.

Thick slices of fresh akami (tuna), hamachi (yellowtail), nama hotate (fresh scallop), salmon and tako (octopus) sashimi are served with a drizzle of yuzu lemon vinagerette. The tangy and citrus flavour of the yuzu lemon serves to accentuate the natural sweetness of the fresh sashimi.

It was really appetising and an absolutely great way to start the meal!


Shifudo has a wide ranging menu and their iberico pork secreto don is one of their highly recommended dishes.

Slices of iberico pork is served with white rice, pickles and an onsen egg. We love that the pork is tender and juicy. It is sweet and flavourful with a nice nutty finish. We do wish however that they gave us more meat as the portion was slightly small and we were hankering for more!


Located on the ground floor of a mixed development known as Kensington Square, Shifudo is a little hidden gem not known to many and serves good quality Japanese food at an affordable price.

Their house special soft shell crab roll features soft shell crab, avocado and tobiko. We found the dish rather enjoyable - the crisp soft shell crab was well paired with the rich and buttery avocado, and the portions were good considering the price.


Creamy Beef Rigatoni was good except it could do with more meat. My serving had more fat than meat.

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This was acceptable, although at the same time you can tell the salmon and rice aren't premium.

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