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Top 10 for Cafes & Coffee in Bartley

Top 10 places in Bartley, Singapore.

Latest Reviews for Cafes & Coffee in Bartley

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Bartley, Singapore.

Hi chef, I just want something comfy, warm and easy.
What a way to reload after an exercise.

Price is affordable. Defo a good price point if you compare it to the nearby serangoon gardens equivalent restaurants.

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Awed by this delectable unique dish of dory fish slices and prawns pasta. It was perfectly seasoned with dried prawn paste, and chilli for the extra oomph!

The pasta is priced at $19 but do take advantage of their awesome 1-for-1 lunch deal!

Porcini risotto with a hint of truffle. I personally feel that the mushroom is not that strong in dish which can be improved since it’s key ingredient is mushroom. Overall it does provide that warm, homely and comforting food feel that I expect from a risotto.


Penne with bacon, sausage, mushroom in pink tomato sauce and garlic


This time we tried the super ex Lobster Pasta ($58) and the special item Randang Chicken Calzone ($26). Pasta was good but it was rather messy eating the humongous lobster 😅 The ‘huge curry puff’ like folded pizza was so so, didn’t impress us. We still prefer their signature Blend It Up pizza 😂 Truffle Fries ($10) was ok and skinny crispy fries are still our preferred love 😆

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Can’t get enough of the pretty Mushroom Soup ($12) & super thin & crispy Blend It Up Pizza ($21). 1st time trying the Vongole e cozze ($15) & they were so superbly slippery like they were being ‘scrubbed’ 🤣 It was more garlicky than ‘wine’ taste ☺️
We really love the ambience of this place & looks like this will be our favorite frequent hunt 😘


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Hits and misses with this dish. The pistachio lava cake was really nutty, strong pistachio flavour and cake was a little crispy on the outside with fluffy inside. I had issue with the fact that the lava gave way from the bottom instead of the side when we attempted to cut through. I also didn't like the lukewarm temperature of the cake. The cold gelato totally overwhelmed the lukewarm cake. Still it's a very good experience having only tried molten chocolate lava cakes previously.


This spaghetti prawn pasta aglio olio is really worth having. $19 with chunks of dory fish slices along with prawns? Wow it's a steal. On top of that the dried prawn paste is makes the dish really flavourful with the right balance of spiciness and a distinct prawn taste.

Ft. Tom Yum risotto & laksa lasagna. Was attracted to the 1 for 1 weekday lunch deal but was greatly disappointed by the taste. The tom yum risotto lacked of the distinct hot and sour flavour , and it tasted more similar to laksa . Mediocre laksa lasagne is a much better choice compared to the prior one