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Hi chef, I just want something comfy, warm and easy.
What a way to reload after an exercise.

Price is affordable. Defo a good price point if you compare it to the nearby serangoon gardens equivalent restaurants.

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Awed by this delectable unique dish of dory fish slices and prawns pasta. It was perfectly seasoned with dried prawn paste, and chilli for the extra oomph!

The pasta is priced at $19 but do take advantage of their awesome 1-for-1 lunch deal!


Porcini risotto with a hint of truffle. I personally feel that the mushroom is not that strong in dish which can be improved since it’s key ingredient is mushroom. Overall it does provide that warm, homely and comforting food feel that I expect from a risotto.


Penne with bacon, sausage, mushroom in pink tomato sauce and garlic


Really nice rustic wooden interior with orange lightbulbs. Pop song covers lulled in the background. Strong ceiling fans provided a nice breeze (or gale). Great service as well. 👌🏼

Here’s what we ordered! Burpple Beyond applied to any main dish.


1. Carbonara $13.90
Tasted as good as it looks. Arrived the fastest.

2. Leg of Lamb $18.90
Thin and juicy, slightly too red near the bone. Tasty sides! I think they were like salted roasted potatoes and veg.

3. Hamachi Fin $18
Not an expert on fish fins but it was a bit on the dry side — over cooked? Felt like saba. Chili went well with the fish though and presentation was cute. Would be better if it were served with some carbs... Slowest to arrive.

4. Sambal Fish $16.90
Nice samballll. Served with rice (butter or coconut I can’t rmb oops).

5. Top-up Mushroom soup $3
Okay. Garlic bread was softly crispy and oily — nice.


1. Shirley’s Temple $5
I think it’s sprite with cherry?

2. Hawaii Soda $4
Pineapple soda 🧐

3. Iced Lemon Tea $3.50
Can add the amount of sugar syrup u want.

4. English Breakfast Tea $5.90

Overall a nice place for dates or hanging out with your buds.

This time we tried the super ex Lobster Pasta ($58) and the special item Randang Chicken Calzone ($26). Pasta was good but it was rather messy eating the humongous lobster 😅 The ‘huge curry puff’ like folded pizza was so so, didn’t impress us. We still prefer their signature Blend It Up pizza 😂 Truffle Fries ($10) was ok and skinny crispy fries are still our preferred love 😆

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Really ulu but also worth when we took the mushroom and pork belly for just $0.50!!!! Had different marinating sauce too. Would recommend the teriyaki and very spicy sauce

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Something interesting would be their oven baked Nacho Cheese ($8) for a sinful cheese which went well with some jalapeños for abit of heat.
Cosy chilled atmosphere that is good for a quiet family meal. @saturdayhousesg is available on #burpplebeyond for 1 for 1 Mains! Have you signed up yet?


they ran out of bread. so the girl took things into her own hands. and the result is in picture number two. preferred the laksa to the chicken curry. fragrant and the chilli was spicy sweet. broth was not overly rich. learnt a new way of eating the laksa. eat with the chilli but not mixing it in. chicken curry was alright. definitely more gao than toast box's.

5 per pax.

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Not too spicy and pretty mild for laksa. Love the hum here really fresh with a clean finish. The soup here is more cloudy than usual also because they use fresh coconut milk