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Loved their desserts! Especially the ice cream and their eclairs! However not a huge fan of the Mont Blanc because a bit too sweet for my taste! Will return 🍦🍫

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a chicken cutlet burger meal. served with a iced lemon tea and mushroom soup.
the chicken itself was alright. mushroom soup tasted weird to me. fries were too salty. not a place i would patronize again.
$18 with 50% off during the chope sale. and i still find it super not worth it. my $10 buttermilk chicken burger from mcds wins by a long shot.
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Too chocolatey, way too sweet. A bit jelat. Recommend that you just go with the carbonara with tiger prawns!!!

From the new collection. Made of crunchy hazelnut biscuit, choc cream, hazelnut biscuit, hazelnut cream, choc and grounded almonds icing and milk choc light whipped cream. This was far better than the raspberry one. Very yummy. A dessert deserving of the Angelina name. I just loved the hazelnut base. Not as sweet as I feared. Lovely hazelnut taste. I wouldn’t mind coming back for this.

This was one of the new items. Made of crunchy pistachio biscuit, pistachio cream, almond biscuit, raspberry mousse and smooth pistachio cream quenelle. Pistachio flavor was not strong. Raspberry mousse was smooth. But overall the pastry didn’t taste very fresh. Didn’t take my breath away like I expected an Angelina pastry would.


It was thick and hot but couldn’t be compared with the original in Paris. Maybe I was distracted by the handsome French waiter, but I didn’t recall the one in Paris being this sour. The whipped cream was a disappointment. Came almost melted into a puddle in that little container. Looked most unappetizing. It certainly looked different from the pics of other reviewers. Even thou this was below expectations, it was still better than other places I’ve tried in Singapore.

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Mac-a-Ron Or Mac-a-Roon?

Although @angelinasingapore Macarons Only Weigh a few grams, but it's good enough to leave your senses quivering with pleasure!.

Sadly, These are the available flavour left when i visited the parlour! That's how hot selling their Macarons are, even though their specialty are still their Chocolate items!

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Coffee became my dietary supplement! Madly addicted to @starbucksreserve Right Now! // @starbuckssg @starbucks

Parisian set comes with Angelina tea which is a oolong base tea. Alternatively, you can also choose to have coffee. The second drink was a cup of fruit juice which we chose orange juice.

The baked goods were fragrant and yummy including croissant and danishes with two bottles of apricot and strawberry jam that you can bring back.

The croissant was crispy, fragrant but not overly oily with butter.


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celebrate with
Speculoos Cheese Cake (2kg) from @coffeebeansg.
A classic favourite sprinkled with caramelised cookie crumbs.. 💰$69.

If u spot the cute red sweater cup, u can purchase it as a gift at their retail merchandise.

For Coffee Bean Card Members, enjoy 15% off Xmast Whole Cakes & Party Pack when you placed the order before noon, 17 Dec 2018
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