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Burrata Pizza - Slow roasted tomatoes & Sicilian oregano. My all time favourite pizza in all Italian’s restaurant. My love for Burrata is real!

Mozza Caprese – Generous amount of buffalo’s burrata cheese, smidgen of basil pesto drizzle olive oil topped with roasted tomatoes. Everything’s so simple yet perfect in taste. It’s always a MUST order in every Italian restaurant that I patronized

MBS has a social hour on Tuesdays where some of the cocktails at their restaurants go for 50% off. On this particular Tuesday, we were here to have our last meal at Pizzeria Mozza because the damn chef-owner couldn’t (allegedly) keep his hands on the pizza dough and off his employees.

But, I digress.

After trying a few discounted cocktails, we decided it was time to start living life large by ordering an off-menu Bloody Mary. The bartender explained that they concoct their own tomato juice and offered us a taste. Chili-padi spicy, while lacking the consistency of congealed blood typical of carton tomato juices? Check.

I spent the next half an hour sipping on my heavily spiked tomato juice and pausing to “inhale, exhale” (except this wasn’t a yoga class). Generous pour of alcohol? Check.

Bartender also secretly offered us extra servings of the olives which were stuffed with blue cheese. Great service because who doesn’t like freebies? Check.

In conclusion: One of the better Bloody Marys I’ve had but probably not for the faint-hearted. If you’re into Bloody Marys which are more viscous, this is probably not for you either. Also, sit by the bar.

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Italian gelato from Chocolat Milano, a renowned artisanal gelato producer in Milan.

Rich, creamy and nutty... perfect indulgence on a hot day!

the skin to fat to meat ratio suited me. seafood rice with duck broth was fun to eat with the rice pops. chicken with mei cai was tender but suggest to pair with rice. same with the char siew which was like imba sweet. one way ticket to the diabetes centre. if want to save some $, can skip the $5 tea and $3 white rice. 45 per pax. #forbiddenduck #beijingroastduck #ternoobs #burpple #hungrygowhere #8dayseat #whati8today #igfood #foodstagram #sgeats #sgfoodie #sgfood

Only for just merely SGD 60 including taxes, you get to enjoy free flow of alcohol and tapas selection that changes every single day from 5 - 7 pm at Singapore’s MBS with great view. It’s all worth it!


The pork chop was perfection 👌
The meat was filled with juice and the tenderness 😻
But I waited for 45 mins~ But it was worth waiting
$40+ for 2 course meal
$48+ for 3 course meal

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The two restaurants have announced their impending closures, and will officially cease operations with effect from Friday, 27 July 2018.

While the official reason for closure was not given, several of Mario Batali’s restaurants have been affected after allegations of sexual misconduct against the celebrity chef.

In case you are wondering, the current restaurant space will reopen as Nostra Cucina.