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On Spago’s a la carte lunch menu is this flavourbomb of a Korean-inspired BLT.
Like a super coordinated K-pop band, the “K.B.L.T.” is a slick package of style and substance. First to grab your attention are the vibrant colours and graphic form. Then it’s the bold combo of housemade bread, Korean-style braised pork belly, gochujang aioli, vine-ripe tomatoes and wild rocket that storms in to rock your world.
Even the house-made Brussels sprouts kimchi served on the side is such a ferociously spicy thing it demands a share of the spotlight.


Dark Knight Burger - It comprises a succulent wagyu beef patty topped with grilled portobello mushroom, and served with Dark Knight charcoal burger buns, mesclun salad, red onions and shoestring fries. 

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Poultry when cooked and executed well, I think becomes the best tasting protein and such is the case with Spago’s brioche stuffed Australian quail.

This dish doesn’t have a strong gamy taste but instead is packed full of flavour due to the coating of finely chopped pistachio gremolata. The quail is ever so tender and juicy, and sits atop a bed of smooth fennel purée together with a Swiss chard and caramelised Comice pear slices.

This dish is available as a main on Spago’s Express Prix Fixe 3-course lunch menu at $45++.


prime burger, aged cheddar, crispy onion ring, bacon, sweet baby rays bbq, mayo


Vanilla cookie shake
vanilla frosted rim with cookie crumbles topped with a 'cookiewich', crumbled cookies, chocolate chips, whipped cream & chocolate drizzle

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Burger indulgence 🍔

I really really loved this ‘Original db burger’ that filled with short ribs and foie Gras inside a huge beef patty. It’s my first time having foie Gras stuffed inside a patty and it really had a rich upbringing.
One thing, though, The burger was too thick to bite 😏

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And creamy blue cheese and huge onion rings too. Ok, that's all.


These tiny masterpieces are simply an explosion of flavours upon the first bite, working beautifully together!

Available on their ala-carte menu (a set of 3 cones) or come in a pair as starter which is part of their 3 course lunch set menu. A must-try star appetizer if you are lunching in Spago!

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The braised lentils were too much for me to finish. The cod literally melts in your mouth. Lamb was very well done.
But their modern Asian cuisine plays with strong and bold flavors, so we felt overwhelmed and no room for desserts.
Not sure if it's due to F1 hence the place was full and I couldn't get a nice table (even I request again upon seeing customers left but was told they were being reserved) so decided not to waste money ordering the F1 set dinner costing $268 per pax.


The eponymous third of this was expectedly very good - juicy, tender, free of gimmicks. The other two thirds can only be explained as being native to this dish - they weren't special. Credit to the staff for advising us this is large and we didn't have to order more.

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