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Decent coffee ☕️
Nice place to chill on the weekends not overly crowded with so-so service. The cashier told me to slow down my order after only saying 2 things.... (I think she was probably new)
Nonetheless, join as a member anyway to collect points and enjoy discounts on your next visit (just remind them that you’re a member and that you want to use the discount when paying)

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Great place to stop by to chill or on a weekend because I feel that it’s not bustling with people on a Sunday morning. Iced chocolate tasted alright but had some bits of Chocolate bits here and there.

Where the lemon was devoid of any meringue, Carpenter and Cook’s petite passionfruit tart had all of that on it. Their Passionfruit Meringue Tart was admittedly not my favourite or anyone else’s at the table. We all agreed that the combination of the sweet, tropical passionfruit and the torched meringue seemed a little senseless. They weren’t complementary elements, but rather additive — both were sweet to different degrees. Hence, there wasn’t any real complexity or heights to its taste. 🧐

You’re better off trying their other things like their Lemon Meringue Tart which I tried alongside this. The Passionfruit Meringue Tart didn’t come cheap either - it was $5 at least for something that’s a fraction of the size of a saucer. 😨 (6.1/10)


While many cafés sell their lemon-flavoured tarts with torched meringues, Carpenter & Cook puts forward to us a more naked alternative of the classic dessert.

Tasting their Lemon Cream Tart made me realise for a second how superfluous meringues can be. They don’t add much to the overall flavour, functioning mainly as a sweet counterpart to the tartness of the lemon filling in the mini pie.

Having this tart in its bare yellow-awash, lemon-imbued glory meant that I was able to realise the real appeal of tart, tangy desserts — refreshing is the word we’re looking for. The acidity that lands on one’s palette will definitely have them twitching for a split second, but what will follow is this rush of excitement and happiness that will induce a smile, and then a desire to have more.

Too bad to anybody who can’t appreciate sour sweets, but thanks as well because that means there’s more for me! (7.2/10) 😘😂


The rich chicken broth was comforting especially for a cold rainy night. Was bubbling on serving hence the second photo to show the chicken - our main star in this dish!

Glutinous rice that was stuffed within the chicken created a congee-like texture. Had a bite out of the baby Korean ginseng - surprisingly, tasted like sweet potato :)

Recommended for cold nights if you are craving some rich chicken broth

Despite having eaten Korean cuisine several times, I am ashamed to say that this is my first ever kimchi pajeon.

The bright red pancake from the kimchi and visible cabbage amidst the flour was visually enticing. Have to say it’s an acquired taste however, not everyone might enjoy the sour taste that the pancakes have - from the kimchi. I was a fan of its crispy sides of each bite - maybe I would give the chives and the spring onion ones a go next!

Enjoyed this dish! Sweet potato glass noodles went well with the sauce and mushrooms :) must-try if you are there, although a tad on the pricy side as I thought it was usually a side dish.

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An array of mixed banchan from my favourite Korean family restaurant! :) my favourite is the pickled kimchi cucumber with its wonderful refreshing taste. Appreciate how they will oblige with refilling of the sides of you request for them and the 2 mini yakult-ish probiotic drink they provided :)

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I’ve read many good reviews on the passion fruit meringue tart.. however me being a chocolate lover still prefer the Chocolate sea salt caramel tart😜


Smoked salmon eggs benedict on croissant roll is good!(What can go wrong with this combi^^)


Arrived looking like the usual Murtabak, but within the heartily sliced chunks is MAGGI GORENG!
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