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Top 10 for Cafes & Coffee in Beauty World

Top 10 places in Beauty World, Singapore.

Latest Reviews for Cafes & Coffee in Beauty World

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Beauty World, Singapore.

Sea salt cane through for the chocolate tart but the passionfruit meringue lacked tartness in the curd

This is such amazing value for a pretty good bingsu?? The ice was green tea flavoured too and they were really generous with the toppings of shaved almonds and red bean?? And the green tea ice cream was quite decent and it鈥檚 way cheaper than nun song yee?? Defo a go to dessert place if you鈥檙e ever in the beauty world area!!


$17, no GST no Service Charge.

Fried chicken was tender and crispy.
Waffles was fragrant and slightly fluffy. The food and coffee here is really good at it's price point.

Don鈥檛 know what took me so long to get one of these, especially since I pass by Dino at least once a week. The biscuity crust is a little thick but I absolutely loved that super dense cheese filling! It was rich and smooth with just a touch of sweetness. I still love BAKE鈥檚 fluffy and lighter textured filling but this also wins my heart + at almost half the price!


Overall it鈥檚 a little too sweet for me, for both its apple filling and slightly thick and doughy tart. Would have also liked a better filling to crust ratio. Go for their cheese tart ($1.80) instead!


Price: $15
Taste: 3/5
The pork taste good, perhaps it will taste better with burger bun

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Avo-ka-dukkah: Perfectly poached eggs that simply burst open with the yolks drizzling down over the toast. Not really a fan of the haloumi cheese though but the rest were spot on!

Ocean鈥檚 Thirteen: Smoked salmon, poached eggs over toast. What is there left to say? But the eggs for this came slightly overcooked but still good regardless!

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Pulled pork was well marinated and served with Apple slaw that gives a slight sourness to balance out the saltiness. Yumms

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Crispy chicken served with maple syrup. ~$17 It was AMAZING! Chicken was so nicely seasoned! Great looking cafe, too!

Poached eggs, crispy bacon, baby spinach and Hollandaise ~$15

Great texture on the fries - crispy edges and soft centres. The savoury mentaiko sauce drizzled all over is what makes this dish stand out from the rest. Yummy pairing!

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