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Beneath the crispy golden exterior lies cubes of soft radish cake well covered in fluffy egg and studded with generous servings of chai poh (preserved radish). The chai poh was crunchy, sweet and a little salty, heightening the flavour of the whole dish.

You’ll notice that they have 2 stalls just a few stalls adjacent to each other. But fret not, they are essentially the same - business is too good so they had to open one stall just for dining in and one for takeaway. Yay to shorter waiting times!

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KIMBAP (김밥): Taste similar to the kimbap I've eaten in Korea; good as sides for sharing..
SUNDUBU SOUP (순두부찌개): Flavorful and light; with mussels, clam and prawn; good to try..
KIMCHI SOUP (김치찌개): The only soup that can satisfy my Korean soup craving; more robust taste with the addition of canned tuna in the soup; finish the whole soup and not thirsty at all; the only meal time of the day when I wish it's a rainy day instead of sunny day; must-try..
Overall a filling and affordable meal; all soup comes with rice; portion looks small but it's super filling; various kimchi is refillable; come earlier at the opening hours or later after the peak hours to avoid crowds..
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It was more of a syrup kind of yoghurt drink, was unfortunately too sweet for our liking!


Popped by this confectionery shop selling a wide range of old-school pastries, to munch on their popular mini muffin @ $0.60 per piece only! ❤️ the moist and fluffy texture with pops of zesty lemon 🍋 flavour in every bite.
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This is why I so love the weekends! [Part III] 💗

Back @ Three Meals A Day again to recharge myself with a piping hot bowl of fermented bean paste stew filled with ingredients such as prawn, mussels, clams, radish, zucchini, tofu and a small amount of chilli paste/flakes added (no sliced red & green chilli peppers, please) for a hint of spiciness🔥.

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At Hambaobao, which is run by a young couple, they are flipping burgers that are made with an Asian twist. Perhaps the boldest move that they have took is to create the Buah Keluak ($5), a Peranakan ingredient used in their cooking of buah keluak chicken but this time round this “black gold” is infused into a chicken patty mixed in with some rempah and sandwiched between a soft bun with some chap chye.
Available: 114, Upper Bukit Timah Road, Beauty World Centre, Unit 04-49, Singapore 588177

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