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The herbal soup is not as strong as compared to the previous time I ate, ingredients is lesser too. Nevertheless, it is still a decent bowl of mee sua especially during rainy weather (S$4).

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Although we are pretty sure the sauces served alongside it were mayo and salad dressings 🤔 looked pretty tho...! #cake #lavacake #chocolate #chocolatecake #wawawa #dessert #sweettreats #sweettooth

BAKED CHICKEN STEW: Super big chicken leg in tomato based stew with potatoes, spinach and mushrooms; meat is tender and well-cooked; flavorful and filling; appetizing with tinge of sour; with toast; love at first sight; a must-try..
SOUP WITH TOAST: Mushroom soup with toast; soup towards milky, creamy side; able to taste small pieces of mushroom; toast is crispy and fluffy, but taste very bland..
SMOKED SALMON PESTO: Pasta with homemade pesto sauce and smoked salmon; pesto sauce is quite flavorful and not too overwhelming; spaghetti is a little undercooked but acceptable; too generous with olive oil; worth to try..
LONG BLACK: Love the black series presentation; black coffee in black cup..
Overall a decent, filling and affordable meal; super crowded during lunch time probably cos it's a public holiday..
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2nd time here, and so far I haven’t tasted anything that sucks here. Their mac and cheese is pretty good and decently priced (actually everything is very decently priced, with most mains averaging at $14-$15. Other must trys - oreo milkshake, porky egg waffle, mushroom soup, and this cauliflower cheesy mashed potato. It’s SO GOOD!!! ~ $20/pax only!!

Pretty thin pancakes but overall a very tasty dish!


Nice little cafe usually nested in the heart of Bedok Reservoir HDB estate. The "It's Salmon Time" and "Fuel Me Up" are wholesomely cooked and serving portions are more than adequate. The banana pancakes are delightfully fluffy and ideal for sharing after a heavy meal. Kudos to Refuel for pricing their menu reasonably. Definitely worth a subsequent visit.


A tantalising combi of chicken, bacon, cheese and spinach!
The chicken was glazed with just the right amount of honey to balance out the savouriness of the bacon. And wow the sauteed spinach tasted like the one from my office cai png stall (I meant this in a good way lol)!

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A big reason why I prefer the Bedok food centre branch of “Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup” is that their steamed fish never fails.
Whatever type of fish my dad and I pick, it’s always covered in leeks, “kiam chye”, “tau cheo” and tomatoes, heat-boosted with a splash of chilli sauce (you can ask for it to be left out) and steamed to perfection. And yet even with all that seasoning, the freshness of the fish is still apparent.
My parents and I use to have dinner here very regularly for years before the hawker centre closed for renovations. Am so glad it’s reopened - we can get back into our happy little routine again.


The force is strong in the little green bean of Petai (kind of like the little green being who’s a legendary Jedi master). Its ability to have its pungent scent enter and leave your body with equal measures of equanimity is something to be reckoned with.
But I can’t resist petai in any form. Be it stirfried in a sea of crispy ikan bilis and sambal which you can get at “zichar” stalls dotting our little red dot of Singapore, or blanched and cut into tiny pieces to be eaten with miso creme fraiche and kaffir lime-sprinkled rice crackers, a dish dreamed up by a young Singaporean chef at “田 Magic Square”.
Always good either way and all ways.