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$23.90 for the Black Angus Striploin was a steal. The beef was marinated and grilled deliciously. It was a treat and would highly recommend others to try!

With Burpple Beyond, I got another main for my fiancée at the price of one.

Had the lobster and the tenderloin. Used the Beyond app.
For the price paid. I think it’s good worth of $. Starters pricing a little on the high side though.

Kinda like the place hidden in the neighborhood, very relaxing.

After using the Beyond offer, main plus one starter and one drink is $52.

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Not the best wanton noodles in Singapore but is comforting when you need some warm. 🍜

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Literally whatever's still open. Satays were tasty, tender and grilled to perfection with a little charred parts to highlight the fats or the seasoning. On the other hand, porridge was ok only. But beggars can't be choosers lah.

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I was craving for some late night snack the other time, and what a better option than some crispy, Cheese Egg pratas?! 👅 This place is a hit and miss honestly, but among all the nearby alternatives, this one has me whipped the most – they do crispy pratas and they use stretchy type of cheese instead of the melty, processed ones. (7.4/10)

A tip for when you’re coming here: Do NOT get their plain or egg pratas. They’ll serve you the pre-made ones. 🙁


East siders, mark this casual Muslim-owned Western joint down for the next time you're hungry for weekend brunch ideas.
Photo by Burppler halfeaten (Ella)

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This Chinese-owned and run hawker stall at Kaki Bukit Market & Food Centre does brisk business for their satay and barbecued chicken wings. Every time I visit with my parents, I see them hustlin’ non-stop to get the ever-growing pile of orders ready.
Although they offer three kinds of satay (pork, mutton and chicken), it’s the poultry that we usually order. I like the size they cut the chicken meat to - thin enough for the marinade to be fully saturated yet thick enough for a satisfying bite. The skin and fat are absent but the meat in this case, never needs any help. It‘s unerringly smoky, full in flavour and tender enough. Do get a portion of their “ketupat” (steamed rice cakes) to accompany. They do a soft one that goes nicely with their satay.
I have had the barbecued chicken wings from “Chong Pang” numerous times too and have always found them good. They are consistent in quality with no unevenness in grilling, and have none of the frozen-for-too-long smell that you get with some stalls’. Served with the wings is a tangy chili dip with kick.
Another plus point: The stall has a buzzer system so there is no need to stand around the stall to wait for your food.


Even though the vanilla ice cream melted quickly, it went really well with the warm lava cake. I loved how I could taste the chocolate bits in the cake, which provided a really nice texture. The lava was really molten so thumbs up🖒

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My new favourite burger from this cosy eatery. I love that apart from the beef patty, it also comes with chilli beef (kinda like a minced meat gravy, not spicy at all!) and onion rings! I also instantly gobbled up all the fries that had chilli beef on them 😂 Will definitely get this again.

Price: $16.90 (a real steal with 50% off on eatigo!) #halfeatenblog #tbobscorner #burger #beef #fries #onionring #burpple


My favourite part of this dish is the mushroom cream sauce. It tastes good with the lobster, with the rice... and anything really!

Price: $22.90 (get 50% off on eatigo!) 😁

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