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3 scoops of ice cream - roasted pistachio, sea salt gula melaka and earl grey lavender πŸ™Œ + waffles ($13.20)
They are currently running a promotion- 3 scoops of ice cream for the price of 2 on Wednesdays :)

Waffles were super good - crispy on the outside and slightly fluffy on the inside just the way I love it
Their ice creams are also really good and fragrant!!

Visit their first outlet in the oldest estate in SG (Toa Payoh) and this cozy ice cream shop is always packed in the evening as they churn out interesting ice cream flavours.
There is a loyalty program, promo on Wednesday (free 3rd scoop) and discount on occasions (Easter 4-for-3 pints). We had 1 waffle with single scoop of ice cream (Sea Salt Gula Melaka) $9.10 and 1 cone Acai Berry Flavour (ice cream $3.60 + cone $0.80). πŸ€“

Because any trip made to this area of Toa Payoh is not complete without a visit to Creamier (or so, I feel).

Dropped by to grab a scoop; the Orange Milk Chocolate being a flavour that simply stood out to me today; probably festive enough for the CNY season. It’s rich without being overly sweet; consistently creamy as per the ice-creams that one would expect from Creamier, carrying notes of bittersweet flavour from the chocolate. There are nibs of soft marshmallow within for a chewy bite, while a hint of zesty orangey flavours can be detected within every bit of that ice-cream for a nice contrast that works for those who are into the chocolate and orange flavour combination.

Creamier hardly needs introduction. Comfort food on a warm day! Had peanut butter and jelly and salted gula melaka ice cream - certainly did not disappoint! The waffles were soft and fluffy in the inside.

Creamier is one of my favourite place to get my waffles and ice-cream cravings fix! They offers a huge selection of ice-cream flavours and their waffles are usually served crispy and hot, drizzled with honey and chocolate sauce and topped with the ice-cream of your choice.

It's my first time trying out their Hazelnut Milk Chocolate and to my surprise, it tasted exactly like a blended version of kinder bueno and ferrero rocher! Their Sea Salt Gula Melaka never fails to disappoint me.

I went during their peak hours and it took them a while to serve my waffles, which was surprisingly cold and not crispy. Felt like it was made beforehand and was left out in room temperature before being served to me. Maybe it was just my unlucky day? Nevertheless I'm definitely coming back for their ice-cream πŸ˜‹

Price: $3.50 (single scoop) / $6 (double scoop)
$13 (2 waffles + 2 scoops of ice-cream)

Had to get myself here since I was in the area and my evil friend just didn't want to be here when I was also in the area the other day. There is absolutely nothing not to love with this flavour; the richness of the hazelnut flavour is already a clear winner, while the milk chocolate here simply makes it more luscious without getting overwhelming.

After all the hype on which cafe serves the best ice cream waffles which are wallet friendly. We all come to a point where we judge which waffle batter is the best. Gotta say some are really normal and some are extra flavourful, fluffy and the ice cream goes really well together. What I can say is after tasting Creamier's, you will go back for it. Creamier's services are A+ and I love the sprinkles that went together with the waffles and ice cream. Didn't regret ordering 2 scoops of ice cream and will definitely be back for more. Thanks Creamier! πŸ˜„

mom craved waffles & ice cream late at night, so i had to seize the opportunity to bring my family to try the much-raved... creamier at toa payoh! located conveniently on the ground floor of a hdb block, i was captivated by the sketches of toa payoh which hung on the walls of the shop. we ordered the waffles with 1 scoop of earl grey, 1 scoop of plain ole chocolate ice cream. the scoops were definitely creamy (just as the name promised), rich in flavour and had just the right amount of sweetness. looks like we've found another family dessert place to hit up after a hearty meal! 🍨😚

Underwhelmed by the ice cream and waffles. Ice cream was too sweet for my liking and too creamy. Also melted too fast. Crowded and squeezy. Don't think I'll visit again. My friend swears by this though I don't understand why

Their waffles never disappoint, warm and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and paired perfectly with the coldness of the icecream. My Thai milk tea and hokey pokey were rich and flavourful without the overbearing sweetness πŸ’― my only concern is, are their ice cream waffles worth the stress/confusion that comes with their space constraint and messiness of the entire shop/queue (because you have no idea who are queueing to buy and who are standing there waiting for seats). My verdict: a big fat YES

I've always wanted to go to Creamier ever since I heard that they had the same owner as Sunday Folks and boy did I not regret it!! We had Horlicks chocolate chip and matcha, and I really liked the former.

The waffles taste about the same- great, lovely, crispy, fluffy. Moreover, there's a greater variety of ice cream flavours that are more interesting, and the ice cream doesn't melt as fast as Sunday Folks', which is great for taking lots of photos. (I was very amused at the fact that the colour of our ice creams matched my friend's clothes and took many photos while he stared at it earnestly, wanting to start eating....)

Though Creamier trumps in the number of ice cream flavours offered, I'm still partial to the Earl Grey Lavender which Sunday Folk's also has. Waffles and ice cream were just as amazing, but I will return to Sunday Folks instead just because their space feels less cramped.