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Very intrigued by the unique concept of this store and my gut's feeling great! Tried their sourdough kimchi burger and topped it up to a set meal to give me kombucha and broccoli and I must say I absolutely love the unique flavours and textures. Will be back for more.

The crab bowl was what made me want to order this when I looking at the menu. It coincides with my love for seafood too so I know I had to, furthermore with the chefs hat as recommended main (I’m totally new to this bistro).

Mussels, crab meat, and sotong in it which I figured the ingredients ratio to spaghetti can be increased to strike a better balance 🦀Spaghetti al dente but it doesn’t seem to absorb the flavour from the broth so its quite a pity. Another downside is the strips of ginger in it which I happen to chew on it by accident because it was finely cut and sticks to the spaghetti.

I would prefer it without the strong taste of ginger in it because it steals the spotlight away from the rich seafood broth. Still worth a try, and if you’re fine with ginger. Great effort in the presentation though!

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Recently there is a lot of pao fan stall popping up. Decided to try this so went early to order. Reached before 12 and there was no line. Ordered the signature pao fan. Soup was tasty with 2 prawns, scallops and a few Lala. Pretty decent for a stall in a Coffeeshop.

The neighbours are the same stall, except one serves bcm(meatball) and the other fishball. To save time, go for bcm(much shorter queue) and just add on fishballs, they will bring over from the other side

Sambal was homemade and unique, there's this tang. Do ask for more sambal else the noodles can be abit tasteless. Soup was light and sweet, but the highlight were obviously the fishballs. Soft and slight bouncy, it breaks into small curds so there's a bit of the melt in your mouth quality. Fishcake was slightly inferior.

Meatballs were good too, it's closer to fishballs than the meatballs you imagine, it's tender and bouncy as well

Steamed rice grains steeped in piping-hot broth made with a medley of seafood, topped with a shower of crispy fried rice puffs. Perfect to stave off my cravings for something warm and soupy with the chilly sweater weather in Singapore these past few weeks.

🗒 Seafood Pao Fan ($6.90)

$40 for 2 pax with beyond. Wagyu burger was ok ok. Not really worth $24. Crabmeat pasta was fishy. Its just no no taste. Service is slow considering there is no one else except us. We need to press the bell many2 times even just to get the menu. I wont recommend this place

Contrary to traditional lava cake where the chocolate lava oozes once cut, this one here has the chocolate lava atop the cake at first look 🍫

Rich and luscious, perfect dessert to end a meal. Vanilla ice cream is average, can be better to elevate the pairing with the chocolate lava cake.

Simple looking stall with no frills and advertising on the front. Was not aware this stall till i saw someone posted about this. Glad to try it. The food was braised nicely with good flavors. Highly recommend for anyone who loves Kway chap.

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It used to be good. My ribeye was served cold, Brussels sprout was so undercook it’s almost raw.

A robust flat white ($4.50) with a strong dark roast and smooth milk! The crowd thins out in the late afternoon and staff are very attentive.

The truffle cream linguine ($13.90+ a la carte, 20+ burpple beyond’s set) was rich and decadent - the truffle aroma came through nicely! Might get a little overwhelming towards the end when it gets cold, but this was substantial. Also ordered the chilli seafood pasta - enjoyed it previously, but it was awfully alkaline-tasting this time round. Otherwise, the seafood was generous and fresh. Particularly liked the addition of mushrooms and garlic!

Love the tofu and cauliflowers! Will be back when time permits.