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Check out my photo for the review. $14.90 with 2 sides.

Check out the picture for my review. $13.90 with 2 sides included.

Getting the NEW Crispy Cheese Thigh Burger 🍔 (S$13.90+) at @nandossg in @thestarvista which was packed with juicy boneless thigh, crispy oven-baked cheese 🧀, fresh lettuce 🥬, tomatoes 🍅 and mayonnaise.
Accompanied with 2 choices of sides which I selected Caulimash and Chargrilled Veg.
Don’t forget to topup S$1.50+ for extra Cheddar Cheese 🧀 Sauce to make it extra sinful.
Accompanied the meal with Cheesy PERi-PERi Loaded Chips (S$7.90+) which was topped with corn salsa and cheese 🧀 sauce.
Cheese overloaded but it’s such a heaven for me! Are you a cheese 🧀 lover too? You will sure love 💕 these dishes too!

Note 📝 : No service charge, but got 7% GST

Had their signature bowl of ramen! Ingredients were generous and it was a big and hearty bowl. The soup was also very robust and you could really tell that they did not cut back on the quality. We also ordered sides to go along with it (you can top up your noodles to a set meal with a side and a drink for just $3.20). The unassuming bamboo shoots were surprisingly very nice and had a very pleasant taste that left us wanting for more. Would recommend to try!

5 Senses Bistro has quietly updated & overhauled its menu since the last time I’ve been there. One of the new dishes on the menu is this White Seafood Crabmeat Pasta ($14.90++), which sees crab meat (duh), squid, shrimp & mussels stewing in a wonderful white seafood soup.

Apparently, 5 Senses takes the old adage that ‘you eat with your eyes first’ very seriously, as they serve this piquant pasta in a cute ceramic crab bowl. It is a little annoying to get all that brilliant broth out with all the tiny nooks inside the bowl, but there’s no denying that the presentation is bang-on beautiful.

5 Senses has always been a stellar soup maker even though they don’t specialise in soups, and their white seafood soup is utterly umami. It’s rich, briny, wondrously wholesome, and is undoubtedly hearty. The angel hair pasta is competently cooked to al dente perfection and absorbs that sapid soup well.

The seafood was pleasantly fresh, with the mussels tasting nice and clean and the crab with just a little hint of sweetness in it. The weird thing about squid is that it must be cooked just right, or it must be thoroughly overcooked in order to qualify as perfectly cooked squid. 5 Senses’ squid is definitely at the latter end, with the squid being soft and easy to bite into, with just a little bit of resistance and snap. The shrimp within ain’t much, but they’re fresh, slightly sweet & satisfyingly snappy.

Believe me folks, 5 Senses’ White Seafood Crabmeat Pasta is a tremendous treat for all 5 senses. No bullcrab here, only honest to goodness seafood soup.


Half-assed photo of parma ham pizza for the half-assed effort of the chef at Cali.....

Tried their steak (medium rare) and crispy skin salmon.....salmon is too dry (felt like it was micro-waved?)....steak felt like a very cheap cut, which shouldn’t have been at a $34 price point....

Parma ham pizza was a joke, too salt (perhaps from the ham) but it felt like saltbae went on a mad craze...

Wonder if their pasta would be btr?

Seriously disappointed

liU 7/11

seaFud carbonara p creamy & cheesy but not until will eaT until gelat so alls gUd !!!!! rly tasty and honestly plate a lil big 4 d pasta lMaU but it’s actl more filling than i thOt !!! drinks that the 1-1 deal is p restricted but can’t complain when u have a discount !!!! noice plAze wld com bak 2 chill ~~

Lii 7.3/11
I like d bAlanCe the tomatO sauCE CFUD PASTA GAVE AND THEY ALSO HV aLllLllLlOt of Liao! rt ningz abt d drinks hehe buT server wUs q a joke so made expEriencE more yEETZ :~)

Come if u don’t mind having melted gelato! Flavours were real interesting and the people even more so? So apparently Burpplers have a limit of tasting 3 flavours, so choose wisely! The chrysanthemum and lychee flavour was yums but combined when melted... not so much. Nice place to hang with friends as there’s seating space but do note that apart from the vents (as seen in the pic) there are no fans around so could be pretty hot when the vents are off. Company makes it all better tho

“Which color would you like?” ・ 📌Jimmy Monkey Cafe ・ 実はわたしにとっては想い出のカフェ。 来星当初、お役立ちサイトで子供の恐竜図鑑を受け取りに来て、Googleマップで周辺のカフェを検索してたどり着いたのがここでした。 この頃はインスタもアカウントを持ってるだけ状態、Googleマップの活用方法も知らず、かなりの大冒険だったのを昨日のことのように思い出せます。 その時からあったかな? すごい場所にトイレが(笑) お店の名前にもなってるモンキーがソーサーにも隠れていたり、エスプレッソマシンに店名が入っていたり、細かいとこまで拘っているオージーカフェ。 メニューのALL DAY BREKKIEとかオージーイングリッシュ最高。 ドリンクは3色のラテを。 Matcha(緑) Turmeric(黄) Beetroot(赤) 各$5 冒険は苦手と言う若者に「#攻撃は最大の防御 」となることを教えました(笑) 結果的に一番冒険したBeetroot がマイベスト。 抹茶は苦目の本格派。ターメリックはチャイをもっとスパイシーにした感じ。 それぞれ個性があって美味しかったです。 フードは Caramelised Banana Pancakes $16 Aussie Sunrise $17 Bacon Mac n’ cheese Quesadilla $20 手違い(チキンウィングを頼んだはずがケサディラが来た)もあって炭水化物祭りに(笑) インスタで見て気になったメニューはどうやらどれも週末メニューのようだったし、週末にも来てみたいな。 静かで緑豊かな場所にある、トイレが飾られたオージーカフェです(笑) #トイレのオブジェ #オブジェというかリアル #jimmymonkey @jimmymonkeycafe #aussiecafe #brekkie #シンガポールグルメ#シンガポールカフェ#シンガポール生活 #シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール旅行 #lovesg #singapura #singaporelife #シンガポール子育て #🇸🇬 #singaporeinsta #singaporeinsiders #igsg #singaporecafe #sgcafe#sweettooth #sgcafehopping #eatoutsg #foodpics #burpple #みど朝活隊

Level 5 spiciness curry with spinach and chicken steak. Manageable curry heat - wished it were spicier. Great food, nonetheless.

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