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YOLO serves up nutritious and healthy food bowls (they even show you the calories!) The taste is really not bad. There's also meal plans and build-your-own-bowl options for those who want to meet their nutritional goals.

This cost around $40 (for about 3-4 people), it's pricey for mala but the taste and quality is pretty good. The taste is more of "la" and less "ma" (less peppercorns) though.

They’re generous with their portion. Salmon was definitely fresh together with the roe, it was so good. Rice was soft and fluffy. Will definitely be back.


Despite the many good reviews praising this dish on burpple, unfortunately this dish was disappointingly below average. The pasta was plain and simply doused in olive oil. There was a lot of crab meat but there wasn’t a nice blend to the pasta. Overall, I wouldn’t have recommended this in the first place. I would choose the cream pastas if you had to eat here. Otherwise, the food is not really worth the price I’m afraid.

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Uses hungry go where (50% off at selected timings). Usual price is $26

The cheese at the top was nice, pasta was cooked with the right doneness and overall a pleasant dish.

Flaws would be there is not enough cheese, and it tasted more like a cream pasta with cheese on top vs a cheese sauce. They could be more creative with the cheese usage to add a cheese with a sharper taste like aged cheddar

Overall a nice dish but nothing spectacular

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1 base, half protein, 2 sides and 1 topping.
Real sad that they changed their menu :-( previously it was build your own bowl without any fixed composition so I could try and save some bucks HAHA. Anyways!! I love their cauliflower rice!! I think they stir fry theirs with other seasonings which make it flavourful. Their half protein size is freaking big, making petite worth it. I like their spinach egg too! Their broccoli was super salty that day :-( and their kimchi quite inconsistent

$6.00 for this is way too expensive. You can easily purchase this for $4+ at Cold Storage. Highly recommend to stick to their coffee.

Got half of each type of roll for a total of $17.20. This place is delicious and it’s always been my guilty pleasure... but seriously? $17 for one full roll? After eating this healthy but not-so-filling meal, I have to fast for the next 2 lunches alr

I get that the ingredients are a lot but I’ve had similar rolls in CBD for way cheaper :/ Aussie Roll where you at!

Extremely fresh sashimi on top of their fluffy vinegar rice and their aburi sauce wasn’t too salty which went really well with their rice. What surprised me was that they provided edamame too hence it balances the whole meal. Will return to try other dishes from their menu.

Commune Cafe is a little cafe at the lobby of my office building which has recently branched into grain bowls during lunch hour.

For $13, you get a bowl of rice and furikake topped with a piece of miso salmon, an onsen egg and some pickled ginger. The food is good, simple and homely. I wish though that they are a little more generous with their portions thought!

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Lo Hei lunch at Canton @paradisegrpsg in @thestarvista by vendor
Fortune Set Meal 福星高照 (S$608++/6pax)
Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng 樂天捞起 (樂天鲍鱼捞生)
Combination of Crispy Roasted Irish Duck, Steamed Kampong Chicken in Canton Style and BBQ Pork with Honey Sauce 三喜临门(金牌烧肥鸭、水晶真味鸡、蜜汁靓叉烧)
Double-boiled Superior Chicken Soup with Fish Maw 鹏程展翅(花胶炖鸡汤)
Braised Abalone and Truffle Crystal Dumplings with Broccoli 碧绿白玉(松露水晶饺扣鲍鱼西兰花)
Deep-fried Red Garoupa with Spicy Bean Sauce 财源滚滚(香辣豆皇酱炸红斑)
Boston Lobster Tossed with Salted Egg Yolk 平步青云(黄金波士顿龙虾)
Stewed Ee-fu Noodles with Dried Shrimps 丰收连年(虾籽焖伊面)
Steamed Red Beans in Mouse Shape 吉星报喜(金鼠豆沙包)

Last of my healthy eating series, Yolo is located at Star Vista and serves very affordable healthy eating options.
In particular, I love their cauliflower fried rice! It tastes so good, and is so low in calories! I paired it with herb chicken and mushrooms. The taste was great and portion was generous.
This is definitely one of my favourite healthy eating spots. Do try it!
Taste: 4.5/5
Price: 4.5/5