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Not only pao fan being one of the hottest culinary trends these days, ex-hotel chefs turn hawkers seems like a rising trend too! Helmed by ex-Wah Lok’s Chef Mun, Mun’s seafood pao fan serves one of the pao fans with lighter taste around. Not that it’s bland, but you wouldn’t find a pao fan rich in umami here either. And that’s because of the ingredients simmering in the soup broth; pork bones and carrots, homely yet excellent choice for the bright orange appearance.

At $7.50, you’d find lala, snakehead fish slices, 2 prawns and a half-shell scallop. Prawns were really succulent and the scallop was juicy, and a sprinkle of crispy rice pops that also contributed to a fragrant fried aroma. Gotta say this is one of those broths that I would keep craving for and wouldn’t leave me thirsty even after finishing every single drop.

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The prawn dumplings and prawn ball are the best.

Soup is delivered separately.

Not even kidding when I say the filling literally BURST into your mouth when you bite into it. It can be a little too sweet though. But I did enjoy the omph moment when the ondeh ondeh burst 😂

Thin yet not easily breakable skin. Very aromatic coconut. They rly have the best kueh :")

A little on the pricey side but it’s a really nice restaurant conveniently located a short walk away from Star Vista MRT. Great for a celebration.

Surprised to see a lot of bubble tea variations here. Will definitely try the alcoholic drinks next time. Perfect to visit during your pay day. Great reward for a job well done!

Eggy and tender noodles with lean char Siew and tasty Wantons .

Opted to exclude the tomato sauce for a more traditional taste .

Really reminds me of the good old taste.

I love anything good and cheap and this is one of the best Tau sar piahs for me after trying countless ones from across all bakeries - from cheap to the most expensive .

A stall in Holland drive selling breads and pastries .

Buy a few of these and toast them lightly in the oven .

It’s crisp outside and extremely crumbly and tender inside and not too sweet at all .

Very very good and just 60 cents .

I’m a huge fan of LeNu myself so I was quite excited to try this place, another one of the Paradise Group’s creations. I was not disappointed - the dumplings were huge with crunchy prawn fillings (came with 5 dumplings that I couldn’t finish), la mian portion was generous as usual and the prawn broth was rich and addictive.

Prawn mee lovers would enjoy this place! It’s like a prawn version of LeNu 🦐🦐🦐

Brought the fam out for a good meal at Peperoni Pizzeria at Biopolis! Super cool al fresco vibes amidst lightning and thundery showers. Service was brisk and efficient with the food coming relatively quickly, even the made to order, monstrously sized pizza.

Had the huge 21 inch pizza ($55), with half Hawaiian (pineapple, ham and bell pepper) and half Diavola (pepperoni). It is certainly as delicious as I remember from the first time I had it. Shatteringly thin, crisp crust (which my mum really liked) and piping hot from the wood-fired oven with just the right cheese pull. I actually preferred the diavola, their pepperoni is really good!! And the pizza is not too greasy, even though there might appear to be oil puddles in the pic.

Great place to chill at, amidst Science Park surroundings, with good quality coffee. The Burpple 1 for 1 deal at $28+ (choice of main course + dessert + choice of drink) is a strange package as the items on an a la carte basis only add up to ~$25 max and yet we were still told to top up $2 for coffee despite the Burpple screen indicating that only alcoholic drinks are excluded! Ah well. We paid $33 in total including the extra $2 and service charge.