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they ran out of the crispy pork buns and xiao long baos when we went, which was really such a pity :-( liu sha bao was delightful—liquidy with a strong salted egg taste. would also recommend the dumplings in spicy sauce and the porridge here. overall their food was quite good across the board, nothing to complain about.

7.5/10 🌟

WOW. Serving was amazing the beef was sooooo thick and big but then of course its 350g HAHHA but werf!!!! Texture is slightly more similar to chicken breast and less fatty compared to the ribeye

Rating: 7.8/10

Verdict: nuubbbaaad

Tried the NZ ribeye (200g) with mac and cheese & onion ring sides

Tbh, the ribeye was alot fattier than I expected and preferred but I guess the fats gave it flavour. Mac and cheese was nice!!!! And generous serving while onion rings are just onion rings

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: for affordable steak this place does its job!

Vegetarian pasta with delicious sauce, wished there was more asparagus!

@texaschickensg has launched the new Buttery Popcorn Crunch Chicken for a limited time, available from now till 7 October 2020 at all outlets. Freshly juicy fried chicken coated with crispy breading that’s extra crunchier.
What I have is the 5-piece meal ($27.90) which includes
▪️5 pieces of Buttery Popcorn Crunch Chicken
▪️Buttery Popcorn Bites
▪️Large Curly Fries
▪️2 Honey Butter Biscuits
▪️2 Regular Coco Cola
A-la-carte and 8 piece meal options are also available. Visit https://sg.texaschicken.com for more info.
#texaschickensg #burpple #burpplesg #butterypopcorncrunchchicken #sgfastfood

Bought the Milk tea at $4.2 ( no pearl ) , actually it is quite an expensive bubble to drink but still give it a try.

NZ RIBEYE STEAK (200G) - $20++
Steak was pretty good and worth for the price! Ordered in medium well, felt like it was still a bit tough. could opt for medium if you prefer your steak not as tough!

When I ordered this, I requested for less sweet. And they gave me specially an unsweetened one with syrup on the side so I could modulate the sweetness levels myself. Totally a sucker for such a concept when it comes to my iced teas! Can’t stand it when it’s too sweet, hate it when it is tasteless. While quality of the tea is nothing much to shout about as it was an ordinary cup of milk tea you could find anywhere, the effort of the staff in accommodating my requests and their warmth they’ve extended to us as customers is exactly what it should be about!

Where do I start when it comes to perfection? I have been craving butter chicken for the longest time, and this easily satisfies it. This butter chicken was thick, creamy, silky, smooth and rich - anything you’d expect from this dish done well and authentic. There were many layers to flavours of this dish - slightly sweet, slightly sour, slightly buttery, slightly spicy. And when they all come together... pure delight! Dipped my naans with it, and it made my day!
P.S. Because of COVID-19 and their halt on their lunchtime buffet it seems like their crowd has dwindled, and while on the pricier side of food within Biopolis, service here was great and impeccable. The staff were so extremely lovely. Can’t wait to come back here to try so much more again!

Pardon my ignorance when it comes to Indian dishes. This was one plate of fiery prawn mandala which was cooked in a robust tomato onion masala, heavily flavoured with chilli and spices. It wasn’t a fluid, curry texture you’d expect, but rather, a thick, compote-like dish, which would go well with rice, rather than a naan to be dipped in. It is admittedly my first time trying such a dish, and I enjoyed the high levels of spiciness it brought. Generous amount of prawns of about 8-9? Loved it, enjoyed it, and worth the try; but I must warn you - it is an acquired taste, especially if you can’t handle spice, and you prefer (like me) your curries.

$3.50 for 2 huge triangular pieces of thin, but crisp naan with garlic? Yes please. Not the chewy, thick kind flatbread one might expect, but I loved this anyway. Dip in a curry of your choice and voila - perfection.

Love the beauty collagen and tomato based soup! Yummy.