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This got to be my new favourite restaurant for Italian food!

I tried the Salmon Pizza, which only cost around $7.9 if I’m not wrong at remembering. The salmon is surprisingly taste well with the pizza. It’s thin, and flavourful. The amount of sauce, cheese and look at the salmon on the top, definitely worth it.

I also tried Bacon Mac and Cheese. Guys, if you’re somehow craving for cheese, please go to this restaurant and order this. This dish filled with potato, bacon and A LOT of cheese which will satisfy your craving. I have to say that this mac and cheese taste better than other place. Cheese is creamy and not too thick, I think that is why I enjoyed it so much without feeling nausated.

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Had a sample of 9 different craft beers and my favourites were Cherry Ruby and Golden Wheat!

Cherry Ruby's captivating aroma of fruity cherry sweetness was their Ladies favourite! Golden Wheat was close to a typical light-tasting beer taste, but with a light taste of bread crust. Kvass tasted the most unique to me. It's made from sourdough rye bread and is considered non-alcoholic due to its very low alcohol content! And that interesting glass of green beer was Greenpiece. Definitely did not taste as weird as it looks 😌

Next to the quiet driveway of Rochester Park sits Brewfest Brewery surrounded by greenery and comfortable music. I had an fun time with my pals drinking all the different beers from their beer tasting menu. Go ahead grab a few buddies over and I’m sure you’ll have a crafty great chat over a few light glasses of beer!


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Housed in an old black and white bungalow amidst the lush greenery of Rochester Park is a microbrewery that has its roots in Thailand and Russia. This very spacious joint (according to owner Sergei, it is suitable for events as their venue can seat up to 500 people) serves a large variety of beer brewed right on their premises by Angelo. It was fascinating to hear him share so passionately about the science and the process when we visited last night.
To pair with the beer, the food items I enjoyed the most were the Chicken Wings (they‘re very crunchy and surprisingly spicy) and the Crispy German Pork Knuckle. Both, a match made in heaven with beer. Shown above is the latter, a massive serving suitable for 2 to 4 people depending on how hungry everyone is, was really very good. Having been brined for seven days, the meat tasted tender, moist and very flavourful through and through. But the extremely crunchy skin was what I loved most. It was addictively salty but stopped short of being too much. The sauerkraut and mashed potato served alongside were faultless too.


The dessert course of the spectacularly value for money, $25.90++ per person New Years Day set menu was a brilliant chocolate layered cake. I’m hoping that 5 Senses are baking their own cakes, but I do know for a fact that this takes the cake.

Granted, it looks unappealingly dry, but the sponge layers are adequately moist and have been thoroughly infused with the taste of sweet, slightly bitter chocolate. The mousse separating each sponge layer is light, yet deliciously chocolatey with a hint of bitterness to boot.

The bottom layer has a texture like a crunchy cookie: brittle, crunchy when bitten down into, and crumbs like a cookie. The frosting is also quite delightful, and is sweeter than the mousse and sponge cake that it cocoons to add a little variety on the palate.

It’s not the most revolutionary cake ever made, but you best believe I’ll have this cake and eat it too.


Drumsticks 🍗 & Summer Rice 🍚 Bowl + Bottomless Soft Drink (S$12.90+)
2 tender chicken 🐓 drumsticks 🍗 on a bed of Spiced Rice with mixed vegetables 🍚
Available at @NandosSG everyday till 5pm.
Help yourself to the various soft drinks at the dispenser machine as all lunch meals come with a bottomless drink!
It’s such a great 👍🏼 deal for lunch!
Selected HOT 🥵 for spicy 🌶 level and it’s ok 👌🏼 for me. Next time can try Extra Hot 🥵 level. The rice 🍚 was packed with lots of vegetables such as corn 🌽, tomato 🍅, pumpkin , kidney bean and green pepper.
Nando’s Star Vista
Address 🏠 : 1 Vista Exchange Green, # B1-09 The Star Vista, Singapore 🇸🇬 138 617
Tel ☎️ : 6694 0630
Open ⏰ : 10am - 10pm
Website 🌐 : http://www.nandos.com.sg
MRT 🚇 : Buona Vista (EW21/ CC22)
Note 📝 : Order and pay at counter.
Got GST but no service charge.
Help yourself to bottomless PERi-PERi sauces from side counter.

First time back in Watami after years. Had the watami salad (+$1), bacon pizza (+$1), pork hot pot with udon, salmon carpaccio, teriyaki chicken, gyudon and salmon maki and 3 drinks.
Food was average but still good. If you are going there in groups get this set as it is pretty worth it

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The main course of 5 Senses Bistro’s New Year’s Day meal was a slab of peri peri chicken thigh, and while it wasn’t the most amazing thing ever, it was still deliciously delightful.

The skin is charmingly crispy with just right with the right amount of charring around the edges. The skin is tantalizingly spicy and savory, and the peri peri marinade isn’t just skin deep, it penetrates all the way through the thigh fillet.

The juicy meat is packed full of flavor, and is an utter joy to bite down into. The grilled corn cob on the side could do with a bit of butter, but it was fresh and sumptuously sweet.

All things considered, it’s a fantastic entrée that’s more than earned its place on the ridiculously value for money $25.90++ 3 course set.


The fresh handmade fishballs are equally bouncy and tasty, but it somehow feels like the soup from Ru Ji’s Old Airport Road stall is more flavourful. They add in fried onions and lard here if you order a separate bowl of fishball soup but I find it cleaner tasting without.


Not just their beers, their food menu is really interesting! I don’t get to find Russian cuisine much in Singapore thus this is a really rare spot🌸✨ on normal days, they serve German western menu🌝 I tried their pork knuckle and speciality spicy chicken wing✨ I will say honestly their pork knuckle needs improvement, however their spicy wings are really well done :) it’s not the usual spice but a clear distinguished taste of chilli padi in the crust of the chicken wing - something I haven’t taste anywhere else ( especially when everywhere sells chicken wings🍗)I will like to shoutout about their weekends special🌈they have weekend BBQ charcoal grill and Slavic day every weekend menu which is authentic Russian cuisine like shadhlik (lamb or pork) and vareniki (dumplings with potatoes)🍺thanks @singapore.eats for the invite and @beerfest_singapore for the kind attention🙆‍♀️💕
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Not sure if this is best eaten hot or cold! But i like the onions on this as it gives extra crunch to the sandwich! Ratio of salmon and bread is alittle off in my opinion...

Located next to the cosy driveway at Rochester park✨ owned by a friendly Russian guy - @beerfest_singapore is a traditional restaurant, famous for its craft beer and classic Western and Slavic cuisine✨🤤✨. They have been around for 15 years in Russia, Thailand and now Singapore🌞They have their own backend beer microbrewery serving a range of beers from basic to experimental flavours🍻 the unique flavours are really worth trying eg. cherry ruby🍒- cherry infused beer, green piece - seaweed beer ( healthier choice apparently!)🌿,American amber ale - caramel favoured🍯. The prices are pretty affordable at around $11 for a pint. But the best deal is their beer o clock that runs from 12pm to 8pm starting as Low as $3.90!!!😎✨now office workers around one-north you know where to get drunk😂! This is definitely a microbrewery to look out for in Singapore 🇸🇬 🍺thanks @singapore.eats for the invite and @beerfest_singapore for the kind attention🙆‍♀️💕
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Yoohenee korean food stall

I really liked how this kim Chi fried rice was prepared.

Each grain of rice was firm and covered well with the delectable kim Chi sauce and kim Chi .
The portion was generous and I surprised myself by being able to finish the whole plate of rice ( that’s after eating half a plate of stewed seafood bee hoon from the adjacent stall ).

Paired with more kim Chi on the side and a
clear vegetable soup .

This stall is new and run by a korean lady who started business about 2 months ago.

Her japchae is also highly recommended .

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