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Two of the most popular stalls in this coffeeshop would be this economic beehoon (AM) /ngoh hiang (PM) stall and the Bak Chor Mee stall, and for good reason. This particular selection cost $3.40. Economic beehoon is comfort food on every level. The fish cake was crispy and the beehoon was nicely seasoned.

Saturday night out!
...I’m just kidding!

I'm in my PJs enjoying my favorite snack - Ean Ean Prawn Crackers while watching ”The Legend of Mi Yue”.
Ean Ean Prawn Cracker is one of the traditional snacks that is produced from my lovely hometown, Penang. It was priced at RM0.50/ packet during my primary school time, however, the price has now has increased to RM1/ packet.
微凉的星期六夜晚, 躺在沙发上一边看着 “芈月传” , 一边吃着儿时的最爱 - 熊猫🐼標圆圆虾饼, 好幸福!
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Had this a couple of times from the Chinese Cuisine stall and it’s always really decent. The noodles is nice and chewy while the soup is peppery. Perfect for a rainy day.

Volcanic Sapphire Whale - bright blue top, coconut milk and amber jelly. The blue comes from spirulina (a blue-green algae superfood) for extra boost of nutrients. Honestly, it doesn’t contribute any taste at all. The main flavour still comes from the coconut milk (quite strong coconut taste) which is different from the usual rich, sweet and milky flavours. The amber jelly at the bottom are actually collagen, something healthier and different from the usual boba pearls.
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Strawberry Softserve 🍦 I guess I was too used to those Japanese strawberry softserve hence I was quite taken aback by this 😅 Of course it does taste artificial (usually strawberry flavoured food items are like this) and the popping candies that acts as decoration just makes the whole ice cream tasted a lot weirder. Would be good to remove those candies haha. However you will slowly get used to the taste of the ice cream so I am not too sure if it's a good or bad thing. The cone is very thin and airy. Thought it will be those nice cookie cone since it looks like one. But you look what? Never judge a book by its cover 🙂 so this is a #myheartisokie for me.
🤑: SGD 2.80
👅: 2/5

Got around to trying this drink and it is a nice brown sugar drink. One of the better ones around in Singapore and is aesthetic for the photos - looks like tiger stripes. However, I was not allowed to adjust the sugar or ice level. So i felt that there was a lot of ice and the drink ran out quite quickly for an expensive drink.

Nice to see a new bbt joint in cck area! Tried the passion fruit lava ($5.20 or $5.30 I can’t rmb). It was a good refreshing drink after dinner. It would be a perfect drink for a hot day.

This drink is part of the volcanic collagen series. I personally enjoyed the collagen jelly! Added texture to the drink.

However, it is quite pricey compared to other bbt places.

Yet another bubble tea chain has landed on our shores. Originally from Nanjing, China, @thewhale teasg has 2 outlets now opened at Lot 1 and City Square Mall, and a third slated to open at China Square Central.

Sticking to my go-to drink, the Brown Sugar Boba Milk seemed to be lacking in flavour robustness. Nothing out of ordinary for this classic combination; fresh milk fell short of milky aroma, boba pearls weren’t really warm thus no contrast between the cold milk and the pearls, and because they weren’t warm, the pearls became hard rather quickly. The brown sugar was purely a sweet syrup without much depth, but thickly coated around the boba, that made up almost one-third of the cup.

Another drink we had from the brown sugar series was the Brown Sugar Shizuoka Matcha. While I appreciated greatly the richness and bitterness of the Shizuoka Matcha, it stole the limelight of the brown sugar, which sadly, faded into the matcha.

Despite the short queue, our drinks took quite a while to be prepared and the drinks are generally pricier. But if you are an adventurous bubble tea hunter, you could always try out their special concoctions like the Volcanic Sapphire Whale from the Volcanic Collage Series, Flaming Brown Sugar (an upgrade of the Brown Sugar Boba Milk), Blue Whale Coconut Milk from the Whale Crystal Series, or even the soft serves/ice creams.

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A simple nostalgia.
Brisk queue for the plate of Fried Noodles $3.60 with fried egg, fish cake and taukwa.
Cup of brewed Kopi O $1.10 only.


For the smallest size - you get a base of lettuce, choice of a main, a protein and 4 toppings!! The mains include soba and thai vermicilli. I chose the thai vermicilli and really enjoyed the spicy kick hehe. Included proteins grilled chicken, egg and ham etc while proteins like smoked salmon requires additional top-up. I think its super affordable for a salad especially since the serving is pretty big!

Love the soup of this fish bee hoon soup ($4). Can taste the sole fish taste in it.
I love seaweed but noodle stalls are always so ngeow with it so I bought my own to the coffeeshop.
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New flavour for autumn! Really enjoyed the combi - the souffle cheesecake was light and the sweet potato cream on top had a good sweet potato flavour! Just felt that the portion was too small 🤪