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The queue here is relentless as usual and a sip of the gravy explains the reason perfectly. The full-bodied gravy goes with the noodles perfectly; with every strand coated with the starchy gravy 😍 The myriad of ingredients swimming in the bowl makes the queue and the price worth every bit.

Definitely a great way to mark the end of a work week with our favourite bowl of Lor Mee over lunch.

The Lor Mee here goes for $3 normally but when you lunch with a Physical Ed teacher, he naturally goes off the menu and get a $4 one 😂

Finally tried this after moving into the neighborhood for 5 months. Not great and not cheap. Although the interior deco and ambience is quite nice. Probably won’t be having in again unless I’m really craving ice cream and too lazy to travel out of the hood. But then again there’s macs next door...

This is $6 and the rice is additional $2.
Ever since my favourite ayam bakar stall at Clementi mall closed, I have been usually disappointed by all the others I tried. But this was not disappointing! The chicken was a bit tough here and there but still tasted better than a lot that I've tried. The chilli is sufficiently spicy. Not bad at all.

Heard rave reviews about KFC’s Parmesan Truffle Chicken so I gave it a try and the truth is I don’t really like it.

I’m not a big fan of KFC to begin with except for their cheese fries. The Chicken with the Crispy Skin that is infused with the flavour of Truffle and Parmesan Cheese gets too jelat after the first piece. I think KFC fans might love this but I personally feel there is nothing special about it. To me, it’s just a pile of deep fried salty proteins that is a waste of calories.

But KFC fans do not be disheartened because this is just my personal opinion and you might actually like it after you try it.


But guess what, everyone had the same thinking too. The queue was soo long (although there were only 8 ppl or so infront of me, coz they took really long to prepare each order) Non-veg items again! (Mushroom, mayo tako, cheesy crab bite, non spicy chicken floss and teriyaki chicken) #burpple #burpplesg #favepay #favepaysg #qqrice #qqricesg

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Frosty Vanilla, S$6.80 :
Not so bad, that’s only all I can say haha!
BBQ chix croissant, S$3.20? :
It tastes just all right. People said it reminded ʼem of Tim Ho Wan bbq pork bun but I think Tim Ho Wan one tastes nicer haha!
Sea salt dark chocolate croissant, S$2.60? :
I only had a small bite once because it was quite dry for me so in the end my friend had to finish it!
Salted egg croissant, S$2.60? :
The photo/video of this flavour on delifrance sg Instagram was totally a lie. It showed how a lot of oozing there was when tearing it apart. My friend and I got shocked at our croissant with very little salted egg. Not oozing, not enough to drip, the amount was like around a teaspoon. Lol, I’m serious. Bullshit, that cheated our feelings...
Hazelnut praline croissant, S$2.60? :
We both thought it tasted like Nutella but compared to the rest of croissants, we are satisfied with this flavour the most. The filling was a lot and we liked the crunchy topping as well!
Blueberry cream cheese croissant :
We really wanted to try this flavour too but the staff said it was out of stocks, or no longer available. Oh well...


Result :
I only definitely will come again for hazelnut praline croissant if I suddenly crave for some Nutella and crispy snack!

I grew up eating this Ngoh Hiang Bee Hoon and I think people living in Choa Chu Kang have most likely heard of this underrated Ngoh Hiang stall located in this popular 24-hour coffee shop so I feel it’s worth a mention.

In the morning, the stall sells Economic Bee Hoon. In the afternoon, they are converted to Ngoh Hiang Bee Hoon. They have a wide variety of Liao to choose from. The Ngoh Hiang, Tau Kwa and Prawn Crackers are a must order. The Ngoh Hiang is tasty while the Tau Kwa is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The Prawn Cracker is light and crispy too. Paired with the humble Fried Bee Hoon and the sweet and sour chili dip, it is the ultimate sinful choice for supper.

For $12.50, it is more than enough to satisfy your supper needs and your craving for deep fried food. Best shared among loved ones.

37 Choa Chu Kang Loop, Singapore 689675

This comforting bowl of Bak Chor Mee is solid. It is very well-balanced and the umami will rock your tastebuds.

I went with Mee Pok as usual. The noodles are springy, chewy and on point when mixed with the chili sauce and the tangy vinegar. This simple yet complex bowl is definitely heavy in flavour.

There are minced meat, meat balls, braised mushrooms and I particularly liked the liver. The liver which has a nice texture is well-cooked but the gamey taste is not for everyone. The bowl of soup at the side also helps to cleanse the palate. Overall, the taste is awesome and it is one of my all-time favourite Bak Chor Mee stall.

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Tze Char for routine family dinner. This is one of my favourite Tze Char places. The medley of dishes deserves your attention.

You can tell from the photo that I absolutely LOVE Yam Rings and this one does not disappoint . ($18)

The Curry Fish Head is rich in flavour and the gravy is the perfect accompaniment for the rice. ($25)

Strong in flavour, the Cuttlefish Kang Kong makes me want to eat my greens. ($18)

The highlight of my meal was definitely the Har Cheong Gai. It was crispy and well marinated yet not too salty. Yummy! ($15)

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