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Had this traditional Lor Mee ($4.50) after a long while. I like that they have their own handmade meatball in it. The gravy wise kind of watery.

Overall, not bad for a neighborhood food if you live around the area.

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If you know where is CCK Shell, just opposite Lot One, this shop is not hard to find. A small space in Shell Cheers. Chose 25% sweetness yet taste like 100% 🙃

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Bee-Live Beverage & Dessert's milk series is the perfect mid-day pick-me-up for anyone who's looking for a healthier alternative! All their beverages are sugar-free and made with honey and fresh ingredients. Give their Oatmeal Cocoa Latte ($4.90) a shot and you’ll see what we mean.

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Craving some bubble tea? Swing by No.17 Tea's Choa Chu Kang outlet to try their signature Golden Bubble Milk Tea ($3.90 for medium, $4.90 for large)! This beverage should satisfy all you sweet tooths out there.

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The gelato was decently large scoops for the price (made even more worth it with 1-1 on @burpple). Roasted black sesame was natural, not sweet, rich and earthy goodness; would recommend for bsm lovers! Enjoyed the inclusion of toasted sesame seeds for added texture although it did compromise on smoothness and creaminess. The gula melaka was creamier and fragrant without being too sweet.

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No Horse Run presents artisanal gelato & waffles to all patrons who walk in! Indulge in flavours such as the Roasted Bronte Pistachio, the Cereal Milk, and Roasted Black Sesame—whichever you pick, you’re guaranteed a sweet treat.

Got 2 XXL burgers, chilli cheese fries and cookies and cream and chocolate milkshakes!! Extremely well seasoned and everything was so delicious!

The uncle doesn't like having to cook an extra small portion but this is a great decision, the slightly sweet and very well balanced pork was tender, quite similar to the chicken. Their meats are all superb here

PSA opens at 9am

Not much kimchi taste, it doesn't taste like any fried rice I've had but still comforting. Well charred as you can tell, there's crispy bits and there's some body but not overly savoury. Goes super well w the side of kimchi. There's some wok hei as well, somehow it's quite good without too much umami.

P.s. if u don't mix it the bottom gets burnt, I didn't cos I wanted crust and I'd say it's somewhat worth the intensification of flavours at the bottom

I tot the lady boss is in charge of the service but now I know she makes a mean fried rice, this was by her

Feast on Canadian Pizza’s BBQ Chicken Bonanza! This pizza comes loaded with tender chicken breast, special bbq sauce, onions, capsicums, tomatoes, mozzarella & edam cheese.

Soup had serious depth and generous amounts of shredded egg and veggies.

Kimchi had a surprisingly refreshing aftertaste, on the lighter side.

Beef was perfect as ever, ckn was tender and well cooked too. It's got a slightly sweet balanced sauce.

Still the best Korean stall I've ever tried. Their consistency is impressive too

Black pepper mushroom sauce topped over tender chicken breast 👍🏻 More worth than the dry beef patty burger 🍔

🍠 sweet potato fries - never goes wrong with good sweet potato & a crispy coating recipe! ✔️
🌶️ Chilli spicy fries wasn’t rly spicy. It was a tomato-meat-based like sauce

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