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The rice is fragrant although maybe given the late timing that we went (7pm), it was a bit dry & hard and we found ourselves pouring soup/ sauce to soften it. With the chicken came a generous serving of vegetables & a side of achar, making it a more balanced meal. The big bowl of preserved vegetable soup was also yummy and a great addition to the meal.
📍@ahboychickenrice, #01-01, V6 Food Court, Block 678A Choa Chu Kang Crescent, Singapore 681678

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Not to be confused with “Ben Kee Popiah”, this popiah is from another stall that sells its rojak at $3, along with other breakfast delicacies like traditional kueh and curry puffs. It is located a mere stone’s throw away from the stall that I wrote about in my previous review. Despite being sold in just the next coffeeshop and carrying the same price tag, the difference between this popiah and the one from Ben Kee Popiah is pretty significant imo.

👍🏼 PROS:
- affordably priced at $1.50 per roll

👎🏼 CONS:
- stingy with the amount of ingredients, especially the crushed peanuts! I could barely taste them in every bite I took :-(
- the ingredients were way too bland 😔
- popiah skin was dry and hard to chew
- definitely pales in comparison as compared to BEN KEE POPIAH, which is located just a few stalls away

overall rating: 1/10
my advice: just get the one from Ben Kee 🤭 hahahaha

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Bad food is made by chefs who are indifferent, or who are trying to be everything to everybody, who are trying to please everyone... Bad food is fake food... food that shows fear and lack of confidence in people's ability to discern or to make decisions about their lives. .
And thank god that is not the case for Singapore’s food culture. Each order, each dish and each plate/bowl is made with pride and love. It’s unpretentious, something for those who crave it. Our Hawkers/Kopitiam food continue to shine confidence, a decision has been made by each individual who dedicate their whole life to reach perfection in their craft. .
However, that’s how we describe the past and current generation of Hawkers. I wish and hope that the next generation can assume the mantle.
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This is hands down my FAVOURITE popiah ever. Everytime I'm craving for popiah, I know I can always settle for the one from Pontian because it never disappoints! 💕👼🏻

- the quality of popiah is consistent across all their outlets - the turnips are always incredibly juicy and the peanuts are distinctly fragrant 😛
- a tiny shrimp is added into each roll of popiah as well 🍤
- the popiah skin is chewy and it might be a tad too thick, but it always does an amazing job of holding the fillings together to prevent them from falling out easily 😉
- the size of this popiah is A LOT larger compared to your regular popiah, which explains its higher price tag

- might be a little pricey at $2.80 per roll (but then again, it's the quality AND quantity you're paying for!)
- sadly, not every Pontian cafe sells popiah 😧 also, the price of each roll of popiah varies across different outlets (it ranges between $2.60-$2.80 per roll); really hope that they could make popiah a permanent item on their menu that is available at all their outlets!

overall rating: 10/10 🤗

The chicken was really tender, well cooked to the centre. However the only downside to this is that it's a tad too oily. Do get the meal (medium fries and a drink) if you are thinking of getting this, it's more worth it 😊

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Pork chop taste okay. Simple dish and if u don’t mind waiting for like 20-25 mins. Overall decent meal

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If you like your waffles crispy on the outside, but oh so soft and fluffy on the inside - this place hits the spot.

It’s all about sugar here - so the waffles are a tad bit on the sweet side. We loved their playing with chocolate ‘soil’ which added great texture to the dish as well. We opted for their speculoos ice cream which has a gumier texture than I would prefer - my sister loved it though.

This place has a great ambience if you’d like to hang out for longer, and a very instagrammable wall with fairy lights ;)

Durian ice cream was flavourful, but the charcoal waffles were disappointingly dry and flat. Heard that the plain waffles are much fluffier and better tasting though!


We had the $40 platter for 4 which included their marinated pork collar, smoked duck, prawns, black pepper dory, luncheon meat, marinated chicken thigh, marinated pork belly, Thai fish cake, fishballs, crabstick, hot dog, golden mushrooms, xiao bai chye, chinese cabbage and egg! 😍 We also had a couple of their sides that were yums like the cheesy toufu, salmon and the MAMA tom yum noodles that goes amazingly well with the broth 🥘
Would definitely go back for more!

Westies, sate your mookata cravings with Jub Jub Mookata's Platter for 4 ($40), featuring a bevy of 15 assorted goodies including marinated pork collar, pork belly and chicken thigh, smoked duck breast(!), prawns, black pepper dory, luncheon meat, Thai fishcake and fish balls. The meat items go especially well with their house-made Thai-style chilli sauce that packs just the right amount of heat and a dash of sweetness.

There's extras you can top up for too, and I particularly liked the cheesy tofu, pork balls and salmon. A must order is the MAMA brand Tom Yum instant noodles - add the packet seasoning to the bubbling pot for an instant spicy kick to your soup!

Taste: 3/5