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Snowy peach oolong tea (R) @ The whale tea. I like the small peach bits inside , nice and refreshing 😋😋🤤 📍The Whale Tea
Cost : $4.50 (Regular)
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Some strands of undercooked mee sua clump together, tiny morsels of minced meat, 2 meatballs and some mushrooms. Definitely not enough to keep you filled. Don’t really understand the long queue for this too.

My family and I enjoy its signature Rong Yu Sheng dish featuring fresh thick cut Air-flown Norwegian Salmon which is the star of Sakae Sushi Yu Sheng, and with all the veggie fixins; white radish, white ginger, red ginger, brown melon, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, jellyfish, candied lime, peanuts, sesame seeds and pok chui crackers in yu sheng plum sauce.

Sakae Sushi Yu Sheng is available in Small ($36.88), Medium ($51.88) and Large ($64.88). If you purchase a large you can nab yourself a $30 cash voucher for your next visit (you’ll get $10 for a Small and $20 for a Medium, too).

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First time dining at Siam Kitchen. The menu is authentic but the food is just decent and in my opinion I feel lack the usual Thai ommph factor. The dishes were just either too salty or too sweet and very oily. There wasn't much customers in the restaurant but the food took so long to be serve. Overall the food wasn't awful but I definitely won't be going back there again.

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I have bought kebab from their various outlets and the taste has always been consistent. I always buy their chicken kebab as the burrito is too big for me to finish.

I like their new salad bowl design, which makes it easy to mix your salad and see the ingredients in your food. Have purchased from Lot One several times, and this is the first time they got my order wrong. They gave me shredded cheese when I had ticked chicken strips.

Tip: you can choose half lettuce and half brown rice when you DIY your salad

Love their sushi buffet! alot food to eat and choose! sushi and snack ! great to eat with friends dam affordable

love their bubbletea! yummy and nice taste ! friendly staff hehe

Sugar level is fixed for this drink, milk tea does not have much tea taste. The brown jelly tastes a bit like grass jelly. Probably will not order this drink again. However I'm curious about their 'lava' drinks which are in fact peach resin. Will try their lava drinks next time.

Ordered these dishes using grab food. There was promo hence got it at lower price. Portion is big and suitable for 3 to 4 adults. Flavour wise it is not bad. I've indicated less spicy for the fish, however it still taste quite spicy (towards medium spicy). Overall good experience, will order again if there's promo in the future.

Subway has launched the new Breaded Chicken Cutlet sub and it is fast becoming my favourite one! The Breaded Chicken Cutlet makes for a very hearty and satisfying meal as it has more “bite” to it, adding a robustness to a sandwich meal. And before I forget, a new cookie flavour is launched along with the new sub and it is one that you definitely have to try! The harmony between orange and chocolate is perfectly balanced in the Chocolate Orange Cookie, bringing the festive season into my mouth!

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