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For the smallest size - you get a base of lettuce, choice of a main, a protein and 4 toppings!! The mains include soba and thai vermicilli. I chose the thai vermicilli and really enjoyed the spicy kick hehe. Included proteins grilled chicken, egg and ham etc while proteins like smoked salmon requires additional top-up. I think its super affordable for a salad especially since the serving is pretty big!

Love the soup of this fish bee hoon soup ($4). Can taste the sole fish taste in it.
I love seaweed but noodle stalls are always so ngeow with it so I bought my own to the coffeeshop.
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New flavour for autumn! Really enjoyed the combi - the souffle cheesecake was light and the sweet potato cream on top had a good sweet potato flavour! Just felt that the portion was too small 🤪

$5.50: 2 x plain prata + 1 x egg prata + Teh-O.
Size of the prata good!
> CURRY: 6/10*
(Still other better options 😉)

Apart from the colour difference, it taste just like a bandung that I can get for less than half the price at the Coffeeshop. Gimmicky.

From Denon 天龙
Handmade using premium soy beans.
Regular portion of ginkgo beancurd only $2.50 & tall cup of original soya milk at $1.30.

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From Seng Huat.
The signature Mee Sua Dry version of minced meat noodle only $3.50 a bowl.
Truly addictive for those who loved mee sua, mix the sambal chilli then indulge.
Highly recommended.


From Seng Huat.
Tasty bowl of mushrooms minced meat noodle only $3.50.
Awesome combination of chilli sauce and skinny noodles.
Highly recommended!


Turned it into a boy 👦🏻 and then a short-haired girl?? 👧🏻 #selfhigh

Colleague tried the new Grilled Chicken Sandwich ($6.20) while I ate the Crispy Fish Sandwich ($6.20) - the patties aren’t exactly new if you ask me 🧐. ⁣

The grilled chicken is the one from the McD salad/wrap while the crispy fish has been presented before in the form of fish & chips by McD. Just that they zhng-ed up the patties into a burger with lettuce 🥬, chargrill sauce, chicken bacon 🥓, white cheddar cheese 🧀, and semolina buns 🍔 ⁣

I loveeee how cute the packaging is!! 😍⁣

📍All McDonald’s outlets islandwide

This stall is on the second floor.
Stall name: Western food 🥘

Crispy juicy chicken wings accompanied with fragrant chicken rice. The coleslaw is slightly above average so overall a good wholesome meal.

If you are feeling peckish and don’t want to eat a full meal, you can try their chicken burger too!

Chicken burger: $2.60

Opening hours: noon till 8-9pm

Their ingredients are very well seasoned. The mushrooms and sauce really give you that oomph feeling at the end. 🤤👌🏻⁣

2nd Picture: Dry Fishball noodles! Personally I don’t really like my fish balls to have the strong fishy taste and this stalls never fails to give me fresh chewy fishballs. ⁣

I have been eating this for years and it’s really good comfort food esp when you are hungry in the middle of the night. 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻⁣

🍽 is at 302 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 #01-719 S(680302) ⁣
🕰 Opens 24 Hours (Daily) ⁣


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Their carrot cake is honestly one of the better cakes even though the caloric content is REALLY REALLY HIGH. Sinful indulgence to start the day, but well, it’s a once in a while thing and it didn’t disappoint so it’s fine? Also had a refreshing mint citrus tea (my go to tea at Starbucks) as I try not to take coffee if I can over the weekends!
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