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Tried the Wanton Noodle ($3.50) and added pig’s skin ($1).
The noodle is soggy while the sauce is the starchy type.
It’s not my kind of wtm. The pig’s skin on the other hand is braised till too soft so there’s no 咬劲 at all. Kind of disappointed.
But the char siew is nice with a good ratio of lean/fats. And you can taste sole fish in the wanton filling.
The previous tenant of this stall is the one that recently went viral on FB with a rat filmed hiding among the utensils.
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celebrate this Easter with cute cake from @chateraise.singapore.

Feature :
💕Happy Easter Cute Bird.
Yoghurt mousse cake contains a sweet-and-sour white chocolate mousse in the middle and wobbly strawberry jelly centre.
💕Cute Bunny.
Strawberry mousse cake containing a layer of white chocolate cereal flakes and a sweet-and-sour strawberry sauce core.
💰$5.1. 💕Cute Panda.
White chocolate mousse cake with flowy chocolate sauce in the centre. A layer of chocolate cereal on top of sponge cake.
What made @chateraise.singapore different from other confectionery is, they only used fresh ingredients from japan. From strawberry, fresh cream that made from Hokkaido fresh milk, custard cream that made from freshly laid eggs and red bean paste..
📍Châteraisé outlet

Well, for those who are bad with words, here’s a good option.
Presenting japan’s No 1 Confectionary 1st ever customizable cake!
‘The Portrait Whole Cake 15cm (S$45).’ This delicious offering features three layers of fresh cream, vanilla sponge cake as well as strawberry sauce with fresh strawberries. Use chocolate pens to design the motifs or write sweet messages to express your love for your mother!
Besides the customisable cake, Châteraisé will offer seven other Mother’s Day Cakes, all specially imported from Japan, and their whole cakes will retail at the unbelievable price of S$20 onwards.
From Left to right -
•Pure Heart Whole Cake •Love Blossom Whole Cake
•The Portrait Whole Cake
Thanks to @brandcellar for the invite and @chateraise.singapore for having me!

One of my favourite restaurants. The service staff at Lot 1 are always friendly and customer-oriended.
Mediterranean salad with chicken $14.80 with add on grilled Halloumi cheese $3. Total $17.80. Healthy, economic and delicious!👍👍👍

wu xiang to share. the place has levelled up. they used to serve the food to your table but now they use buzzers for self collections.
picked prawn fritters, sausages and my favourite pork lard cake which i was enlightened by @graciex. thats the yellow cake thingy right at the back.
it did scare me off for abit but a buibui's gonna do what a buibui's gonna do. which is to enjoy food. this particular item is not mushy and has a chewy bite to it. the items are quite fresh. no overfried stuff. if they are meant to be crispy and crunchy, they will be.
bee hoon was nice too. the wu xiang was served with a red sauce topped with peanut bits. i particularly like to dip the bee hoon in the sauce to eat. machiam eating like your cold soba. weird but it works for me.
$6.50 per pax.
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I had $25 eatigo discount which was set to expire hence I didn't want to waste it so ask my friend out to eat just around the vicinity.

We ordered the Spicy Pork Shabu ($7.90), Rice Vermicelli with Pork Chop ($8.90) , Vermicelli Wrap with Pork Belly ($6.90) , Snack Platter ($8.90) & Vietnamese Coffee Ice.

The sauce for the Rice Vermicelli is flavourful and the pork chop is tender. It is a very filling meal for a big eater like me. One bowl of it finished me off just like that. The other side dishes were great to especially their fish cake.

I didn't expect a neighbourhood place have such a delicious yet affordable food.

After eatigo 10% & $25 eatigo discount, the bill came to a total of $9.95.

Not bad, chicken was tender and rice was nice too, not oily at all!

Came across this new stall at the ground level of CCK MRT station and decided to give it a try. Truthfully, I really have no idea what this is called (flatbread?) but I think the Chinese calls it 煎饼! To win the creative point, this new chain has decided to call it 锅盔😂 Other than the classic red bean filling, there are other options but they are mainly variations of different pickled vegetables. There’s even an order called 全家福 where they mix all the pickled veg together.
Upon ordering, the Chef would place the pre-prepared dough into the tandoor for baking. We were lucky to be saved all the waiting when the Aunty in front of us decided to give up her red bean 煎饼 for the 全家福👍🏻 The crunch was totally addictive and the red bean filling was not very sweet. Light as it was, it’s definitely a good snack for tea break.


You can't go wrong with the Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles ($3.50).
Opened 24hrs daily, you can have it any-time any-day! I'm sure people who stayed in the North-West especially CCK area will agree with me, that this is probably the best supper you can ever have when you feel hungry in the middle of the night.


First impressions: when I opened up the box, I could smell the familiar fragrance of the mala spices. That instantly perked up the senses 😋 The first few bites of the chicken, which is really crispy on the outside, doesn't give that same mala hotness. I didn't even break a sweat 😒 But after I finished the first piece of chicken, I could feel a bit (just a bit) of that numbing sensation that's often associated with mala hotpot. 😘 But that's all there is to it. Overall, it's pretty decent. But if you're expecting the full-on mala hotness, you're better off going to an actual mala hotpot stall. I think the mala spiciness has been dropped a notch to cater to a wider base of consumers including those who want to try mala but can't even handle the 小辣 (mild spicy) .
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Who would have thought that this a real hidden Jem in my neighbourhood!! The recommendations made blew my taste buds away kudos to the 2 young ladies working here !! You are are doing a awesom job
Psst....... ask for the charcoal waffle

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Good morning! McGriddles is back! Have you had yours yet? The goodness of a maple syrup infused muffin sandwiching a sausage patty and cheese covered egg would make any morning a great one!