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The feuilleté is light and crispy and its delicate texture and buttery taste certainly go well with the velvety vanilla ice cream and juicy strawberries.

Toby's The Dessert Asylum
8 Boon Lay Way
Unit No.: 01-35
Singapore 609964
Tel No.: 6316 2422




Top up $4 fir an extra patty.
Molten Nacho Cheese is injected into the beef burger.
The lava cheese oozes out of the beef burger in a spectacular flow.
Accompanying by spicy French Fries, a beef burger to die for over lazy Sunday.
P2: Spicy Hot Wings with homemade hot sauce $8.90.
Not spicy, simply finger licking good.
P3: Battered Button Mushroom with Tartar Dip $6.50.
Crunchy, crispy, additive.
Everyone’s favourite.
P4: Baby Ribs Platter (usual price $89+) $69+.
BBQ Baby Ribs, New Guinness Stout Baby Ribs, New Hickory Smoked Baby Ribs.
Comes with 5 sides, mashed potatoes, onion rings, Taco Fries, Potato Salad, Cheesy Focaccia.
Ribs lovers rejoice.
P5: Spicy Marinara Spaghetti with green mussels, prawns, calamari, spicy tomato sauce $17.90.
Al dente spaghetti, fresh seafood, good for brunch.
P6: Ice blended Coffee Chendol $7.90
Expresso chendol, Gula Melaka.
Adore the coffee & the chendol combo.
P7: Ondeh Ondeh Cake with Fresh Cream (slice) $7.90 / (whole) $58.00
A Taste of Malacca.
P8: D’Lover $7.90 / $72.00
Fresh Durian with Chocolate Fudge.
Adore the durian.
P9: Leaning Tower of Toby $13.90
Layers of Feuillete, Fresh Cream, Fresh Berries, Vanilla Ice Cream.
Beautiful dessert with crispy feuillete, melting Vanilla ice cream.
TOBY’S The Dessert Asylum
TRADEHUB21 # 01-35
8 Boon Lay Way
Tel: 6316 2422
Opens daily: 11am - 10pm
Check FB: TOBY’S The Dessert Asylum for promotion information.
Thank you @tobys_the_dessert_asylum for invite & hosting; VJ & Service Team for the warm hospitality as usual.
#FoodinSingapore #WhatMakesSG
#burpple #burpplesg

We changed the raw egg yolk to the scramble egg. The scramble egg portion not as generous as previously but the oil, super generous. Overall still taste nice, but the oil can really reduce. Ok for 1 for 1, quite expensive if dont have 1 for 1.

Craving for some Japanese cuisine? Time to visit Niigato Bento to enjoy their signature Tori Teriyaki Bento. The chicken is freshly prepared with chef's special homemade teriyaki sauce and it goes perfect with the Koshihikari Rice. The homemade teriyaki sauce comes with a perfect combination of savoury & sweet fragrance of shoyu and rice wine.
Apart from that, I was impressed by their truffle udon. The udon is mixed in truffle oil and topped with fish roe and kani strips. The spicy salmon mini don is served with fresh salmon cubes and with a special spicy paste. Do note that both the truffle udon and spicy salmon mini don is only available at their Clementi mall outlet and available via delivery platforms such as @grabfoodsg @honestbeesg @foodpandasg @deliveroo_sg .

Thank you @singaporefoodlisting for the invite and @niigatabento for the warm hosting!

_📍 Clementi Mall (#B1-K13)
_📍 Our Tampines Hub (#01-86)
_📍 Hong Leong Building (#B1-29/30)
_📍 Changi Airport T1 & T4 (Transit Area)

We ordered their touted signature Chilli crab ($38; approx 300-400g?).

Depending on which group you fall into about how the Chilli crab should be prepared, as the poll pictured shows we’re divided. Lesson here: If you fall into the group that enjoys your Chilli crab steamed and tossed in the sauce (like I do), this is going to be sooooooo disappointing. The fried crab and tossed later in sauce makes the meat soggy and makes me wonder just how fresh is the crab?

We enjoyed the salted egg yolk chicken ($14), hot plate tofu ($8) and sambal Kailan ($9).

There’s no aircon nor washrooms in the restaurant, so a little letdown on a hot summer night eating fried crabs.

The @sophosogood non soup version Pho is served with a small bowl of sweet savory sauce for dousing, makes it refreshing & 😋 yummy.
Lemongrass flavored battered wings, spring rolls & prawn rolls on caramelized sugar cane, are delicious sides to have
Fried rice is also layered with dynamic flavors from various ingredients, topped with crispy deep fried shallots
Grateful for culinary friends from across the crooked 🌉 bridge, surprised me with an awesome mango flavored @chateraise.singapore bday cake. Light and smooth, with fresh natural sweetness

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Got it from grabfood and omg I love the K Fries. I'm a huge fan of loaded fries, but this isn't really a conventional fries actually. Like the potatoe doesn't seem like fried. But the loada on top were damn nice. Beef bulgogi, fried chicken, Kimchi and alot of cheese and mayo. Just damn good!!! And it's quite cheap also at 6.90!!

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I’m on a binging spree to make up for an entire week’s worth of food deprivation.
Got my dessert fix with this absolute delectable cold dessert — creamy, luscious mango puree topped with generous serving of diced mango and pomelo pulps.
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Even though it’s a tasting, I still am honest about my reviews just less brutal I hope😂🙊 I feel that @tobys_the_dessert_asylum mains can be improved, in comparison, their strength is definitely in desserts✨ their platters looks really great and well portioned. However, the pork meat doesnt cleanly pull off from the bone - it is definitely cooked but there is a tough chewiness and a fair amount of meat sticking to the bone - the skill of cooking pork ribs can be improved🤔 personal opinion - not professional as a disclaimer🙈 the sauce is smokey good though✨For the lava burger, I have seen videos before this which made me have high expectations, it was slightly underwhelming, I think as an Instagram gig: could work on stating which side the lava will flow to prior to the action( my video is on the wrong side so nothing was captured) , the springs is too big as well ( I saw other posts that had a smaller one?) 🤔 the Cajun fries and fried button mushroom ) my favourite) are very addictive though☺️👍 overall, it’s still a great family cafe for gatherings and chill outs, but I personally will stick to desserts opps🙃 thanks @singapore.eats and @tobys_the_dessert_asylum @tobys_bakery for invite! Hope you don’t mind my honest review😅💕
Address: Tradehub21 #01-35, 8 Boon Lay Way, Singapore 609964
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11.00 am - 10.00 pm
Tel:6316 2422
Nearest MRT: Jurong East
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ROAST CHICKEN: Well roasted half spring chicken on a bed of mashed potatoes; meat is tender and moist; chicken skin is slightly crisp; gravy at the side is good; with brussel sprouts and almond flakes at the side; good combination; understand why this dish has great review..
PEAR, FETA & ALMOND SALAD: Simple and light appetizer..
CREAM OF PUMPKIN SOUP: Probably the thickest pumpkin soup I've ever tried; flavorful; looks small but just nice for me as a bigger portion will be too overwhelming for me; the croutons taste good on it's own..
LIVE GARLIC MUSSELS & LINGUINE: Generous portion of al-dente pasta with garlic, chilli, lemon and parsley; flavorful; mussels are fresh..
DARK CHOCOLATE TART: Chocolate overloaded; with sea salt; tart is good; not too sweet..
CITRUS, ROSEMARY & OLIVE OIL CAKE: Fluffy and moist; well balanced taste; taste better with the whipped cream at the side..
Overall a satisfactory and filling meal; pretty small café, with more outdoor seats; service is good and food is of quality; lunch set is value for money; choice of 2 or 3 course; worth to make a trip down..
#summerhillsg #roastchicken #pasta #musselslinguine #chocolatetart #cake #pumpkinsoup #lunch #burpple #caloriesoverload #jaslynfoodinstagram

Burpple Beyond deal! It’s exactly what you’d expect- warm, crunchy toast, with velvety egg and delicious meat with every bite. The beef teriyaki was a terrific choice- it even comes with an egg. (so good, I forgot to take photo first, pardon the half eaten picture) However, this is a messy eating experience- don’t get this if you’re on a date, get it when you’re with a friend so you can laugh about how silly each other looks with egg and grease smeared over your mouths. I liked the toast - great flavourful bread with a light crunch! Tips for improvement: Egg Stop if you’re reading this: perhaps give us complimentary napkins or plastic gloves. Or have an eat in area or table where people can consume their toasts there fast and conveniently. But overall, the toast itself is amazing af