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Meatless Mondays? Nah fam, round here, we do MEATY Mondays. Meat, meat and MOAR MEAT. While the Arabs have their kebabs, we got our scintillating satays here in Singapore, and Joy Satay at the newly established @kedaikopisg does ‘em excellently.⠀

For $0.70 a stick, we got mutton, beef & chicken on a stick, and each prawn on a stick cost us two bucks. The mutton satay was plenty piquant with minimal offensive gaminess, and the spice marinade had fully & irreversibly bonded with the meat. Better yet, it was tender, joyously juicy, and didn’t require a tug of war to slide off the skewer. Ditto for the beef & chicken as well, and the satay sauce might just be the most stellar satay sauce in the history of satay sauces. THICC, nutty and loaded with the perfect balance of sweet & salty, Gimme More by Britney became my theme song while smashing dat sauce.⠀

The big boi bbq prawns were acceptably fresh, and had a delectable smoky finish thanks to the grill. Sure, it needed a generous sprinkling of salt, but all was well the minute I drowned it in that scintillating satay sauce. Joy Satay is a hot-tay, and you can take that to the bank.⠀

Thanks for having me, @esth3r_esth3r, @aricjayden & @kedaikopisg!⠀

@kedaikopisg is a fully halal coffeeshop, so of course they serve up mouthwatering Malay staples like nasi goreng. But Banana Grill doesn’t just do normal nasi goreng, oh hell naw. They fry up the best damn seafood nasi goreng, and then gingerly wrap it in a banana leaf. That’s right fellas, it’s a present, and it’s a positively palatable one at that.⠀

Fluffy, well separated grains of (basmati? I don’t remember fam) rice are well acquainted with a subtle yet scintillating sambal in a devilishly hot wok, and is buffed with the inclusion of well beaten eggs that morph into omelettes by the end of the cooking cycle. But of course, it wouldn’t be seafood nasi goreng without the seafood, and so a generous bevy of squid, shrimp & sliced fishcakes are incorporated into the marvellous mound of fried carby deliciousness. Oh, and watch out for the slices of chili, which are there are extra spice bombs.⠀

At $9.90 for this Banana Leaf Seafood Fried Rice that will feed two, this is dish is perfect for using as a gauge for your potential wife fellas. Hear ye young kings, for I preach unto thee from the Gospel of Future: if you present her with this piquant present & she receives it eager, she’s a keeper. If she throws a fit, she belongs to the streets.⠀

Thanks for hosting me, @esth3r_esth3r & @kedaikopisg!

You can (almost) never go wrong with the timeless classic combination of potato, meat, sauce & cheese, but Tenderbest does it remarkably well. These brilliant Bolognese fries comprise thin straight cut French fries getting absolutely drenched in a delicious deluge of bolognese sauce, liquid cheese, and mayonnaise for that extra calorie hit.⠀

The only real improvements that could be made here are to ditch the thin spuds for THICC crinkle cut fries that will absorb every last spot of sauce, and of course, MOAR SSSSAAAAUUUSSSE. They don’t call me the SAUS BAWS for no reason, y’know. I can’t tell if the meat in the bolognese is beef or chicken, but I do know that it’s one hundred percent halal, and it’s two hundred percent perfect. Tomato-y, salty, sweet, and majestically meaty, this sauce is simply scintillating.⠀

This may have been intended as a sharing dish, but these bolognese fries are so fabulous I’m enforcing severe social distancing measures on the whole lot of y’all.⠀

Thanks for (over)feeding us, @kedaikopisg & @aricjayden, and @esth3r_esth3r for letting me tag along!

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Had 1-1 burpple deal. Ordered ice matcha latte - although requested with sugar, it still wasnt sweet, was hovering towards the bitter side. If you like sweet matcha, this isnt for you. Matcha taste isn’t particularly strong either - more milky

Located at a neighbourhood place, served pretty authentic korean food. Spicy cold noodles were sticking together. Had to sit outside because they informed they were closing in 45mins

Tenderbest falls under the purview of @tenderfreshsg, and Tenderfresh has been in operation since the late seventies. They’ve been consistently cooking up fantastic fried chicken as well as redolent roasted chicken since then. With more than forty years of experience in excellence, it was never in any doubt that our nine piece family set ($25.90) was gonna be sublime sumptuousness.⠀

Each colossal chicken cut was tender, juicy and chock full of fabulous flavours. It was supremely savoury, and the fat under the skin had been fully rendered out, leaving behind salty, crispy chicken skin that amplified the ambrosial awesomeness of this fried fowl.⠀

Forget the colonel, Tenderbest is the Commander in Chief of all things chicken related.


Be prepared to wait twenty minutes to enter the shop! The queue is very well managed and staff are friendly. Unfortunately, I don’t quite see the appeal. Whilst creamy, the ice cream is far too sweet and artificial tasting. Opted for single scoops ($5) of yam and black sesame - their signatures would probably fare better but I doubt I’d be heading back any time soon!

One of the three new ice creameries that opened at Sunset Way, but perhaps the most underrated. Hundred Acre Creamery is located along a more quiet stretch facing the carpark, and occupies a smaller unit than the other new offerings in this neighbourhood. Surprisingly, they were empty on a Tuesday night (while BC was packed on Monday night). Service here is impeccable, the staff are all cheerful, welcoming and friendly. They’re extremely patient and attentive as well.

First of what we tried - the Dalat. If you love coconut and avocado, you’ll love this. The coconut ice cream at HAC is amazing. It’s packed full of coconut flavour and is super smooth, I made sure to get myself a pint ($12) to bring home. There wasn’t any strange artificial taste or an overwhelming smell of coconut oil. While I wasn’t such a fan of the avocado mousse (I’m more team savoury avo-toast rather than avo-dessert), it had a pleasant mouthfeel that complemented the creamy coconut ice cream really well. The dessert was topped off with a slice of nuts florentine and crushed nuts for some crunchiness too.

Not my personal favourite but if you like coconut-avocado, this should be a must-try.

a healthier choice - for those who prefer their drinks without added sugar :~)

smooth blend of hojicha/matcha with milk without being overpowering. a clean and relatively refreshing taste.

give this a miss if you are looking for something sweeter

A cozy cafe in the west.

Tucked in a quiet neighbourhood, together with @gelatolabo in a 2-in-1 shop concept, a fairly chill place to spend my lazy afternoon.

Today is V day. I cant believe writing a love letter to springleaf prata instead of my V.

Late for morning openings - waited 7mins before they opened their doors. Waited another 30mins for food (i was the second customer, the first customer only ordered for a family of 5, 3 kids). I ordered 3 pratas too...

Processed delivery orders while having customers waiting in shop

Cold teh tarik. Rubbery prata like eating my own car tyre.

Had another group of aunties complained about the cold tea and had the tea remade. The tea came back cold again... they told the waiter don’t bother changing liao lol.