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Old School Bakery

The egg tart was too sweet. The Sugee cake was lacking of the expected dense.

🥤Yaxi Perfume Lemon Tea ($7.50)
A really interesting drink, it is super refreshing with a strong lemon flavour, but also a hint of herbal-ness. Though it was something new, I found myself really liking this.

🧉White Moonlight Coconut Perfume Lemon Tea ($7.50)
Very similar to the above drink, just that it is milkier with a coconut aroma. Dont expect a coconut shake because its pretty liquidy, never expected coconut and lemon to pair but it works!

🍉Watermelon Snow Ice ($18.30)
When we were served this, we thought that this was a cake at first :p but nope its actually bingsu! Love the cute and unique presentation and the flavours definitely hit the spot too. The watermelon flavours are pretty prominent and the dessert as a whole isnt too sweet.

🥞Honey Souffle ($21.50)
I was blown away by this pancake as it was super light and fluffy with a moist, melt-in-the-mouth texture. The pancake has a slightly eggy taste and pairs perfectly with the syrup and berries. The syrup is quite sweet though so just a little is enough to elevate the flavours!

Indulge in budget-friendly Western delights at Common Grill by COLLIN’S® located at 308 Clementi!
Enjoy 1-for-1 deals and savour the goodness of dishes like Chicken and Shroom Aglio Olio or their XL Fish & Chips. A taste of excellence without breaking the bank!

Finally tried these pan-fried buns [a.k.a. sheng jian bao 生煎包] after reading rave reviews from social medias.

The enormous bun comes with a somewhat thicker skin and pan-fried bottom, bursting with amazingly flavourful broth and juicy meat filling.

One quick note 📝 is to consume the pan-fried buns & fried dumplings 🔜 as the chewy skin hardens quickly, nearly causing a chipped tooth when I bite on the thick doughy skin. 😨

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Found this old school confectionery at Clementi, just a short walk away from train station.

You would find all the freshly baked pastries and cakes on display here. As I was searching for something I want to grab, I found this dark colour filling which turned up to be black sesame.

The flavour wasn’t too strong but pleasant hint as you eat. Fluffy texture as well.

For every Japanese cuisine enthusiast, a visit to Sakae Sushi is practically a culinary rite of passage! However, if you haven’t yet savoured the Gyuniku Curry Don ($17.10) at their Tradehub 21 outlet, it’s a delicious journey worth undertaking. This savoury dish features delectable Japanese curry, tender sliced beef, and perfectly steamed rice.


Pic creds: Darren Chng

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Yay! Finally, it’s the school holidays! 🥳

This cutesy Winnie-the-Pooh themed gelato cafe is one of my favourite places to visit when I’m craving for a sweet dessert. 🫶🏻

Love their fragrant & distinct signature coconut pandan waffle 🧇 that is golden-brown and crispy on the outside, and slightly chewy, mochi-like on the inside paired with swirl of gula melaka sauce and a scoop of creamy vanilla with biscoff crumbs.

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Yay! Managed to grab the last one off the shelves from this old school bakery that specialised in pies and puffs.

Love 🫶🏻 this soul-warming pie with chock-full of minced beef, mushrooms, carrots, onions and peas fillings, topped with golden brown cheesy mashed potato. 🤩

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The Xiao Long Bao was decent which bb enjoyed, though BB felt that the aspic was slightly sweeter than he would have preferred. Skin thickness was alright, and the meat filling texture was among the better ones we have tried thus far.

These baos in the Shanghai Tan Pan-Fried Bun Platter are LEGIT JOOOOICY! Both the pork and prawn buns are packed with well-flavourful & QQ meat filling and brimming with stock like a xiao long bao (which we also ordered), so we were careful not to spurt the broth onto our clothes. We liked the prawn variant more because of the fresh prawns incorporated into the meat filling. Also enjoyed the contrast between the softer & thinner texture of the wrapper and the thicker & crusty base (where the knot is fried) that tasted like a fried mantou.