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Simply wow. For $9.50

For 3 sides selection.

More Sides were overflowing and hidden below chicken chop.

Super value for money.

And the chicken chop was tender and flavorful, the garlic aioli gave the chicken more flavour as well.

📍: Burnt Cones
🍦🧇: Coconut Lychee, Ube & Dark Chocolate Gelato on Plajn Buttermilk Waffle

I have been wanting to try @burntcones since I saw them popping up all over my feed. They’re on the opposite end of the island from where I stay though ☹️ Managed to chance upon them on my long-distance walk one weekend though, was so excited 🥳

Their gelatos are soooooooo thicc and creamy! Our table did find it to be rather cloying and sweet halfway through though.

However, we did unanimously agree that the waffles was the real star here though 🌟 we were silently fighting to stuff as many pieces of waffle in our mouthes 🤪 crisp on the outside, chewy yet fluffy and soft on the inside. As a self-proclaimed waffles & gelato lover, this is definitely one of the best waffles I’ve had!

Service was great too and will definitely return again for the waffles despite how far away I stay 🤍

These freshly baked scones from Fredos has a crispy exterior that gives in to a fresh, moist and buttery center, with unique flavours like Orange Mascarpone, Gula Melaka pandan. This awaits us after our hike in the nearby Clementi forest ($3.80)

@burpplebeyond please update the 1-for-1s. Came all the way and the staff told us that the vouchers are not applicable even tho it's live on the app.

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Meat platter for 4 was no joke as we couldn't finish the fries. Just check out that 1:1 fries to meat ratio!
Steak was tender (was it sous vide because that was a perfect medium rare) and lightly seared. Lamb chop was well seasoned and the fat was grilled till it melts in your mouth. Bratwurst and chicken chop was not that fantastic tho.
Sides was amazing enough to cut through the weariness of eating meat with the beans cooked with bacon, sauteed corn, and a refreshing coleslaw that's didn't come from a box.
Overall thought it was a good dinner spot if you're eating in a group of not more than 5.

From Ootoya
Juicy croquette & crispy fried chicken.
Chosen the fluffy gokoku rice.

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From Ootoya
Chirashi Don
Sushi rice with assorted dice cut (bigeye tuna Maguro, yellowtail Buri, Salmon etc)

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The flavour stayed true to its name, with very pronounced earthy notes of coffee. It was very clear from the start that Gelatolabo spared no expenses in using good coffee. The butter biscuits, on the other hand, paled in its delivery. What came through was sodden bits of cookie mash (kinda like what you get at the bottom of the cup when you dunk your Oreo a little too long). I wished there was more chunk and bite to the cookie, which would lend a nice sweet balance to the bitter undertone of the coffee. Still good nonetheless, but probably not worth the price.

If only a video was allowed to be posted here - I could show you a video of how crumbly Amd gooey this was .

The apple filling is tart and not the sickeningly sweet kind .

The pastry is crusty , tender and light .

Probably the best apple pie ever .

We were particularly interested in Mee Bagus, a halal concept for bak chor mee-style mie ayam that replaces pork with chicken. An unconventional twist to ramen, the Volcano Ayam features a bowl of belly-comforting mee kia ramen with a myriad of ingredients such as minced chicken, sliced abalone, fishballs, meatballs, mushrooms and a lava egg. Although the dollop of volcano sambal wasn’t as potent and still bearable for someone like me who has a low tolerance for heat, I would have preferred if the broth was richer, more milky and flavourful that would have a greater resemblance to the actual ramen.

@kedaikopisg, a coffeeshop concept by @tenderfreshsg and @kimlycoffeeshop.sg, has been on my wishlist for a while before I finally checked it out recently. The coffeeshop, with its modern hipster interior, comprises 9 stalls that serve halal hawker fare, some with a creative twist. My Muslim friends in the west, you have no reason to not dine here. 😛

Ever since @nasicocosg at Newest shut their doors, I have been missing their nasi lemak from time to time. Was exhilarated to find their new collaboration with Tenderfresh here at 1 of the stalls, 380 Nasi Lemak, serving several items such as Mak Spicy Chicken Cutlet, Shrimp paste chicken. We had the XXL crispy chicken leg that came along with their signature fluffy coconut rice and a rather sweet sambal chili. While it was only served warm and not as crispy as expected, but the tenderness and juiciness of the chicken leg were apparent as we started tearing off the meat.