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no because these are so good and nostalgic albeit too sweet and i’ve grown out of them but very comforting still and the donuts barely feel oily!

this was way more worth it when it was on burpple 1-1 before they changed the deal. but if ur feeling carnivorous, can get it at regular price anw. rly A LOT of meat. and aglio olio and sides pretty good too. very substantial. if you’re 2 girls you can just share it

black ssm has a bit of a strange taste. yam is overly sweetened and not pure but at this price, can’t expect much. it’s still a tasty bun. pumpkin also doesn’t taste natural but same thing - cheap thrills . bread base super good tho thin dense and chewy 😘

super light and airy with a pretty good pandan flavour, their new and improved version is made with alchemy fibre so that’s pretty cool and 👍🏻health👍🏻

this was at their new outlet at the sail! pretty good very rich and nutty pistachio but super sweet. takes away the pistachio taste and robs it of the limelight

tender & crispy!! was especially huge too and didn’t take long to be served despite being told that we had to be prepared to wait long👍🏼

Genuinely enjoy their coffee especially with their price tag. With the slight mint taste, it brought out the whole coffee experience and I would definitely come back for more. What’s not to love about cosy environment and coffee?

Was pleasantly surprised at the portion. Even though it looks like any other sandwich I think the effort put into the sandwich to make it a bit nicer is commendable such as having tomato and onions. Tuna could have been more though and cheese could have been melted a bit more.

PB&J bagel. Bagel was dense and they gave more PB&J which made it even better.
Would love for them to come up with more options to go with the bagel such as other spreads.

Back to this mala spot after quite a while! Glad we had foresight and bought bubble teas before we sat down to eat 😂 Had their medium spice but it was fiery! The mala here maintains its standard pretty well - fresh ingredients, thoroughly fried and reasonably priced.

Find this Halal-certified stall in FoodLoft Clementi dishing up generous portions of Western-fusion cuisine at exceptional prices! Indulge in their Samyang Prawn Carbonata ($9.50), which combines the spicy taste of Samyang sauce and creamy carbobnara tossed with fresh prawns and umami mushrooms.

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