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sweet but refreshing! but kinda expensive, might not try again
👉 $5.90

My third time back at hoy Yang for their velvety egg gravy horfun. The horfun is smooth and of the right thickness and the condiments are fresh .
No wonder this is a house specialty .

The egg gravy horfun feels surprisingly light on the palate - no greasy and not too salty 😊

I could slurp up this horfun right up to the light drop of gravy .

Best to come in a group so you can order a few of their best dishes to share - ie crispy yam and duck , curry Assam fish head , Hk style steamed fish head , Mapo toufu , Kenya beans with fried shrimps , braised Dong Po Rou, steamed pork in lotus leaf .

Every dish is cooked with so much attention and love - you can feel the sincerity of the Chef .

It helps that this is a family owned business - you tend to get better quality and consistency of food 😊

One of the few last standing places where food feels so home cooked and so reasonably priced .

“Seafood Soup ” Dory Fish Seafood Soup with Thin Bee Hoon $5.6 ローカルの人が美味しいというものは試さずにはいられない。 スープだけだと物足りなそうだったので、ビーフンを追加。 写真だと具材がスープの中には沈んでてちぃっと寂しいけど、柔らかいドリーちゃん(白身魚)がいっぱい隠れてます。 スープというメニューなだけあって、それはそれはスープが美味しい。 魚介のエキスがギュッと詰まってる。 優しい味なので、あとは好き嫌いの問題だけで、子供も食べれると思います。 帰りに同じホーカー内の餃子が美味しくて有名なストールの冷凍餃子をお持ち帰り。 Frozen Dumpling $10/30粒 シンガポールには、美味しいお店の味が家で手軽に食べられる、持ち帰り用冷凍餃子があちこちで売ってて助かります。 我が家では、週末の疲れて何も作る気が起きない時などのために必ずストックしてあります。 #seafoodsoup #frozendumplings #主婦の味方 #冷凍餃子 #ホーカーズ#シンガポールグルメ#シンガポールごはん#シンガポール生活 #シンガポールライフ #シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール旅行 #lovesg #singapura #singaporelife #シンガポール子育て #singaporeinsta #igsg #🇸🇬 #駐妻#hawkerfood #hawker #sghawker #sghawkerfood #singaporelife#sgfood#sgeats#sgfoodies #foodpics#burpple#みど散歩

Opt for 0% sugar and you can taste the fragance of black sesame mix into the black soya milk. Black sesame was slightly sweet and it compliments the soya milk really well. Hope that they put this as one of their staple!

Great value and really aromatic, I would consider this one of, if not the best in the West. Packed during dinner times, you can see queues even though they use the usual queue beeper thing.

Full vlog and how-to-make: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4f2sutcSIU

They serve one of the best fish soup around. The fish slices are always thick and very very fresh. The soup is flavourful but yet you wouldn’t feel thirsty after. 👍🏼👍🏼 $4 for fish soup mee sua.

Please do heat this up in toaster/ microwave becore eating. Super soft texture that is undescrible with words. I toasted it to a tipping point that is slightly more crispy on the outside.

Location: @saizeriyasg 321 Clementi Ave 3, Singapore
#saizeriyasg #burpplesg #burpple

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. .
Lunch with cousin’s bro at his uni !😋 2x side dishes, 1x main and 1x add on $5.20. So yummy. .

Duck was way too little and there weren’t meat just skin. However rice was tasty
Not recommended for the portion.

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Liked the middle layer of maoshanwang penyet/cream, sandwiched between two layers of sponge that was so so, and topped with a lot a lot of cream. Not the best durian cake but definitely a nice treat for the cheap price, but would give it a pass 😅😅

Side dishes are really good for refreshing the palate in between bites, else the tongue will grow tired of the same taste, which i did for the bibimbap.. #SeafoodPancake was crispy with chunky seafood that added texture but it lacked flavour. Kimchi pancake was flavourful enough even the sour taste of kimchi but had no texture to it. Would be good to come out with a kimchi seafood pancake to marry the merits of both pancakes.

Spicy korean fried chicken was too sweet.

So sad to be bidding farewell to @heygillian with this meal.. almost a complete turnover now 😭