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I only realised that I may have been 'cheated'/paid wrongly halfway through the meal upon comparing what I ordered to the menu. A 7 piece Yong Tau Foo Set (With noodles/rice/kway teow) would have costs $5.60 according to the menu but I'm not too sure why I was charged the Yong Tau Foo (9pcs) instead. :/

Yong Tau Foo Dry (7pcs) ($6.30)
Anyways, my contained 1 tomato, a bunch of golden mushrooms, a bunch of green vegetable, 2 pieces of tofu with fish paste, a slice of eggplant and a piece of bitter gourd with fish paste. A spicy fiery orange chili sauce and sweet dark red 'chee cheong fan' (hoisin) sauce can be found at the counter. The fish paste found within the ingredients were definitely not the freshest and I felt that the one found in the tofu was a tad too little. I didn't think any particular ingredient stood out which made the entire dish unremarkable and insipid. Nevertheless, it was a decent bowl with a generous serving of kway teow. The soup provided at the side was not too bland either though my dining companion said that it was just ordinary. Overall, if the price of this was meant to be $6.30, I would definitely not recommend as there are a far greater variety of dishes that can be found at more affordable prices. It's great for a filling meal though.
Price: 5/10
Taste: 5/10
Overall: 5/10 (Have it only if you really feel like eating Yong Tau Foo at Foodfare)

Picture of their menu can be found at: https://www.instagram.com/p/B50Ro_egEMI/?igshid=fwiv7tyysh46

Pretty worth for the price and the portion is quite consistent. The cutlet was a bit too thin. 7.0/10

One of the best pork chop I ever had.
Great ambience, SUPER WELL DONED with the foods (including sides)
There are discount from Eatigo app.
Thus, it is very affordable!

$1.20 for the curry puff it was freshly fried and still piping hot when I bit into it. The puff was really flaky and crispy and the filling was savory with sizable chunks of potato and chicken. The spice was not overwhelming and just right too.

Portion of beef was quite generous and they gave quite a number of briskets. Tbh for the price, this is more worth it than the new store opened next to it. 6.0/10

Upon the chance to visit this neighbourhood and found this quiet restaurant and ordered their signature roasted chicken. Surprisingly tender and juicy, serving with two seasonal sides and gravy.

Order the set course that comes with additional items such as dessert.

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“My best Korean restaurant” ・ 📌HoHo Korean Restaurant ・ 激アツ SUNSET WAY ツアー 第2弾 HoHoの開店時間まで時間があったので、まずはサンセットウェイがどれだけアツイかをプレゼン。 お気に入りベーカリーやレストラン、カフェを散策。 中でも友達が興味津々だったのは、写真7〜9枚目の格安アルコール(笑) サンセットウェイお初の友達にもサンセットウェイのアツさを感じてもらえたところで、オープンと同時に入店。 前回お持ち帰りしたキムチが美味しすぎて、滞在時間最大で45分でしたが、行きも帰りも走って行ってきました(笑) 入店と同時にオーダーしたのは、 Sundubu $15 Ojingeo-Samgyeopsal Bulgogi $25 Harmful-Pajeon $20 ・ どれも美味しかったけど、特にOjingeo-Samgyeopsal Bulgogiの破壊力がすごかった。 甘いコチュジャンのソースが万能でご飯がススムことは間違いなく、チヂミに付けても美味しいし、無人島に何持ってくかって聞かれたらコレ持って行きたいくらい(笑) スンドゥブは海鮮のダシが効いてて深みのある味。 チヂミは外カリの中モッチモチ。 お馴染みのキムチと供にチャプチェ$18も持って帰りましたが、もう何食べても美味しい! お持ち帰りキムチは1kgの販売もありますが、ちゃんと重さを計っている訳ではなく、1kgよりも少ないことが多いそうなので、1kg買うなら500gを2つがおすすめです。 #hohokoreanrestaurant @hohokorean #kimuchi #sgkoreanrestaurant #sgkoreanfood #배추김치 #싱가포르 #싱가포르생활 #韓国キムチ #불고기 #순두부 #シンガポールグルメ#シンガポール生活 #シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール観光 #シンガポールおすすめ #singaporeinsiders #travelsingapore #singaporetrip #sunsetwaysingapore #singaporelife #sginstagram #igsg #singaporediaries #sgfood #sgeats #sgfoodies #sgfoodstagram #burpple #サンセットウェイ開拓部 詳細はブログ更新にて! プロフィール @dorimingo813 のURLから飛べるので、よかったら覗きにきてくださいね。

The Pumpkin Golden Crab is still the highlight here, it’s really different from the usual chilli and pepper varieties and comes in a luxuriant, sweet and creamy pumpkin sauce that’s finger-licking good. Their side dishes were no slouches either. Mum commended the braised pork buns and said they tasted like how my grandma used to make them. I liked the Red Wine Pork Ribs that were really tender and juicy. Dessert was coconut jelly with coconut ice cream, the perfect way to undercut all the rich flavours. 8.5/10, prices are quite reasonable here and it’s not too crowded at lunchtime. #foodie #foodsg #foodiesg #foodgasm #foodporn #sgfood #sgfoodies #sgfoodporn #instafood #instafood_sg #burpple #hungrygowhere #delicious #delish #whati8today

Tried Roasted Black Sesame and Osmantus & Chrysanthemum! Rly LOVE both flavours!!! The black sesame has bits of sesame in it which makes it even more fragrant!! 10/10 would recommend their gelato 😭😭😭 even better than azabusabo's black sesame 😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤