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The sugar donuts from Old Airport Road are unbelievable. They’re fluffy, chewy, and both slightly sweet from the sugar and salty from the dough, which tastes a bit like you tiao. They have to be eaten on the same day though, or the dough loses its springiness. Love having this with jam, but even more so alone, so you can appreciate the subtle saltiness of it!

Being a stall by the same folks behind the more well-known To-Ricos Guo Shi which had recently received their Michelin Bib Gourmand title in this year's listing, this is from To-Ricos Thai Kway Chap; also at Old Airport Road Food Centre, which focuses on Thai Kway Chap instead (much to the likes of Yaowarat Thai Kway Chap at Upper Serangoon Road; probably the first store in Singapore to focus on such an offering) .

While the Signature Thai Kwap Chap would be the one that comes with all the goodies including pig skin and innards, I opted for the Thai Kway Chap with Roasted Pork for I am not quite the innards type of guy and just happy to stick to big meats instead. Featuring simply rolled rice noodles in a broth and coming with Roasted Pork slices, the Thai Kway Chap with Roasted Pork was a decent eat; the broth being light and savoury with a slight peppery flavour while the rolled rice noodles were easy to eat whilst being springy and chewy — carried a good bite. The roast pork was more on the leaner side; gave a meaty bite while the skin still managed to retain some crispness despite absorbing the flavours of the broth. Patrons can add in condiments like peanuts, Thai Chili Powder and coriander which is made available at the side of the stall; the chili powder being rather spicy and providing the bowl with a great kick for those who would like their Thai Kway Chap to tingle their taste buds, while the coriander helps to provide a good contrast that breaks away the savoury notes of the broth. A good choice for a light eat for those who prefer items with a slightly cleaner flavour in general.


The beef noodles are really good here! Flavourful and the soup is soooo good! Worth a try for 5.50 only.. Uncle is very friendly and polite too

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旺旺 中秋
Handmade daily, fried in vegetable oil & packed upon order.
Signature crispy & flaky shell embracing moist, not so sweet, Orh Nee (Yam Paste) with salted egg yolk.
Highly recommended!

4 pieces of single yolk yam paste mooncake, $32 a box.


One of the more silky and smooth CCF skins I’ve had, this CCF had an amazing texture🤤 Ordered 1 roll of Charsiew (~$2.50) and prawns (~$2.50) since you had to order >1 roll! 🐖🦐 Ingredients were in substantial amounts but I must say the shrimps were lesser than my usual CCF haunt (it’s cheaper as well) 🤨
The sauce was quite satisfying bc it wasn’t Super salty, but rather quite light and not as oily!
THE CHILLI WAS BOMBZ AND TBH MY FAV PART OF THIS DISH !!!! 🌶🌶🍲🥟Shrimp flavour was strong and it really added so much flavour to the sweet sauce and I really LOVED IT 😍 Even if you don’t take spicy stuff...,. you gotta take the chilli....

Ig @goodfomood

Prawn Mee Soup (~$5) was warm and comforting, with 3 huuge juicy and fresh prawns inside 🦐🤩 Meat came out from the shell easily which made eating it so much easier tbh 🤪
However the prawn broth was pretty anticlimactic ☹️ Expected the broth to be much thicker and have more of a shrimp ‘taste’ but it was Super thin :-( Overall able to get better Prawn Mees out there :<

Ig @goodfomood

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$2 chendol that satisfied your sweet palate on this hot weather! They got the correct balance of the gula melaka and fresh coconut milk.*thumb up

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$7 for this plate of grilled chicken. Portion is huge and really well worth the money. They are also generous with the sides! Chicken is grilled to slight crispy on the outside and still tender inside.

Wasn’t as bad as I expected. I love their fried Maggie noodle but the downside is that they do not have a lot of variety of ingredients for you to have with your noodles. 5.5/10

PRICE: $8 for this bowl (1-person portion)
Charges by portion, not weight
$1/veg and noodles
$3/seafood and beef

WAITING TIME: Less than 5 minutes on a weekday past 8.30PM

SPICINESS: Drew a huge circle with two hands when I ordered 大辣. But it was hardly spicy. No peppercorns. More like 不麻不辣锅.

- Filling enough for one at this price
- I like that mushrooms are charged at $1 per portion here. Can be expensive at other MLXG shops.
- I like that the fake fish maw thingy is charged under meats at $2 per portion. Still scarred by that one other MLXG shop that dared charge it as seafood, by the weight.
- Pork belly is nice
- Portions are okay. Didn't feel shortchanged.

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PRICE: $7 for Chicken Curry + Prata Set

WAITING TIME: No queue but more than 5 minutes on a weekday night past 8.30PM

- Instant Prata, but still crispy
- Curry is very very mild..Not spicy.
- Very generous with the chicken and potato