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When it comes to Orh Luak, I think it's either you like it or hate it. I haven't find a good orh luak before but when I had this one at Old Airport Rd, it's so good. The taste of wok hei is what makes it stands out. The oysters are fresh, plump and no fishy smell at all. In one portion there are more than 5 pieces of oysters and the size is quite big. You should also try the sambal, spicy but slightly sour. So good! Will be back again.

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Had Eng noodles for brunch today. It was alright. Nothing to shout about. Chilli wasnt as hot as I thought. I squeeze alot but still not hot enough. 😆Barley was diluted. I also walked past the white plate place and it was equally crowded.

Located at 51 Old Airport Rd, Old Airport Road Food Centre #01-06, Singapore 390051. Muah Chee, $2. It’s so hard to find good Muah Chee nowadays, it used to be a common dish from Pasar Malam and I like to indulge in since young. This Satay Stall in old airport Hawker sells FANTASTIC Muah Chee.. Indeed, we are hooked to this plate of mouth-watering Muah Chee! The texture is just nice, and the peanuts are very fine, tasteful and generous! #hungryunicornsg #muahchee #muahcheethepom #oldairportroadfoodcentre #oldairportroadhawkercentre

Located at 51 Old Airport Rd, Old Airport Road Food Centre #01-91, Singapore 390051. Pork ball with Century Egg porridge, $4! Smooth and silky porridge with savoury pork balls and Century egg! They served pipping hot you tiao too! You can choose to cut in small pieces or the whole piece as it is! It’s so crispy and crunchy, goes so well with the porridge! Yummy porridge to warm the tummy! #hungryunicornsg #欣美粥品 #porridge #oldairportroadfoodcentre #youtiao

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The noodles are well fried; with a slightly smokey taste. The mix of yellow and vermicelli noodles is refreshing as well. But the star of the show is definitely the fiery chilli, one for the spice lovers.


Not much needs to be said about this establishment. Beautifully braised pork parts and silky kway. Come here to get your offal on! 👅💦💦Messy but oh-so-goooood!


It does not get shorter, it gets longer by the minute. Always impressed by this lovely lady who goes down the line and takes your order, she has an elephant memory. Once you get to the head of the queue, you get your bowl of lormee, exactly what you ordered.
Garnished with lots of shredded fish, bits of lorbak (braised pork belly) and an egg. Gravy was thick and gooey. It made the yellow noodles sort of slimy in a good way. Quite rich so it taste best with enough vinegar to tone it down. It can get quite fishy because there were lots of it. So if you are not a "fishy" person, I say skip the fish and go for the lorbak bits (if the stall allows).
My advice is go before 10am, the queue is shorter. It gets sold out pretty fast even before 1pm and they close at 2. I only "lormee" here once a year because of my unwillingness to queue for too long. So see you lormee next year.

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Discovered a good chendol stall when i was at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre the other day. What makes the chendol here so good is the very rich gula melaka sauce & the thick coconut milk they drizzle on top of every bowl of shaved ice. Shiok!


Traditionally, fried fish bits are added to Lor Mee, but most places replaced it with fried battered fish which makes it less authentic! It’s available in $4/5/6 but I opted for the $5 one! 😋😋
Ratings: 10/10
Comments: definitely the best lor mee I have eaten to date! Despite the long queue, people still queue up for this awesome bowl of noodles, generous portions of ingredients and the thick, rich, five spiced braised sauce is the key to the whole dish! Highly recommended if you have yet to try it! #burpple

The egg noodles have a good bite with a flavourful seasoning, and their famous chilli sauce adds an addictive fiery kick. Nothing special about the char siew though, but a very decent bowl nonetheless. @engswantannoodle
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The true test of good Italian cooking is always a simple tomato based pasta or plain ole aglio olio.

Just a simple arrabbiata that was absolutely beautiful in flavour .

It hit all the right notes , spicy , tomato-ey, slight sweet, slight savoury with a good undertone of herbs. The sauce had a good texture with both puréed tomatoes and some chopped tomatoes.

Pretty surprised to get standards like this from a stall in a Hawker - I would say even better than some cafes or some Italian restaurants.

The price point adds a bonus too 🤩


Located at Located at Blk 51, Old Airport Road Hawker Centee, #01-115, Singapore 390051. Not a huge fan of it but since there’s a long Q for it, we decided to give it a try.. Original Chendol (no red beans) for just $1.50! There are also different options available for the chendol! Sweet corn, Red Bean and Durian! The cold icy chendol is delicious and it is good for the hot weather! #hungryunicornsg #nonyachendol #chendol #oldairportroadfoodcentre #oldairportroadhawkercentre

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