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Love the special Burpple Beyond promo offered here. The smoothies are unique and captivating. Will come back for more!

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This never fails to satisfy my palette! A simple toast with mushrooms brings good memories and comfort to my stomach!

Can’t stop eating this amazing Avo Egg toast - from the branch at Chinatown to this branch at Marina One. Love everything about it! Got it from Burpple’s 1-for-1 Double toast deal with a cuppa refreshing lemonade!

Very presentable hot cuppa coffee to warm the soul.

It was truly bread with pudding sauce over it! Quite different from my usual MY bread pudding but it works. Nice and warm, not too sweet.

Tough nut smoothie is not so tough… in fact it’s very soothing! Because they served the smoothies before our double toast, we licked it up like an appetiser! So good!

Tried the pork potato stew and the combo platter of dumplings. The stew really touched my soul and it would be great to have it on a rainy day. The dumplings were all good but I really liked the beef dumpling. I would recommend it to my friends when we visit Lau Pa Sat again.

Got the laksa lobster linguine and the beef wellington. Both were really really good! Beef was tenderly cooked, but i think i’ve had crispier, better pastry skin on a wellington.

Nibble on the addictive bites like Pettole ($14), a traditional Apulian snack of deep fried dough balls or Monkfish Cheeks Milanese ($24) over cocktails.

Hungry? Get their moreish Norcia Sausage and Peppers ($30), hand-cut strands of spaghetti alla chitarra enveloped in a textural red capsicum sauce, studded with chunks of the finest Norcia pork sausage and topped with parma ham crisps.

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Firm favourite of mine for those light-as-air artisan pizza 🍕 EVP has elevated their menu like the luxe version of Hawaiian pizza, Aloha’m ($30). Made with smoked tomato, fresh pineapple that is slow-cooked overnight in parma ham fat, slices of high quality prosciutto cotto, fior di latte and finished in organic EVOO.

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Scallop dish was served with wagyu beef bowl set if you use the 1-1 Burpple beyond deal. Very fresh and tender. Slurp down yr throat!

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It was yummy tho’ I think the bowl could be a larger serving. The Burpple Beyond 1-1 deal is a set of either wagyu beef or salmon with a side of scallops and a drink (beer or soft drinks). Beer is definitely worth it! $50/set deal