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Bursting with flavours with wagyu, truffle, scallop, unagi and more. There is a side of wasabi for a hint of spiciness.

This gorgeous plate is one dish for the carbonara lovers. As one of the 2 pastas available on the mains menu, I'd rather this anytime!

The thick, creamy (though there's no cream) & cheesy linguine with a perfect yolk in the middle layers every corner of your mouth as you slurp down each strand.

The dish is well-balanced & is exactly what you'd expect, no less.

Apart from the mains, please have a go at their cocktails! Their usual prices are $19++ & up which is fairly affordable for CBD area drinks.

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I arrived there quite late, around 1:15 pm. Not much choices left. The avocado was almost finished and wasn’t very fresh at that time. I like the taste of the salmon and the avocado, although they were not very special. With soya source and other spices, a simple homemade can be better than this.

Expected to be a bit spicy but it wasn’t. This new western japanese fusion stall located at 5 Straits View, B1 Marina One The Heart which below high end office tower.

The price is really affordable and it does taste good. You may spotted three young chef who owns the stall, they previously worked at Saveur.
Do support their humble food stall!

The dish was splendid. Taste just as good as it looks.

Portion was quite small but understandable for its low price at CBD.

Rate : 4/5

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As with most Dalgona, this is on the sweeter side but good milk :)

Interesting find downtown, fusion of Asian flavours in western presentation. The duck is done exceptionally well!

Hmm beef steak befitting of its’ price point. Not very memorable.

Tender beef and runny egg on rice or greens. What’s not to like? ;)

Amazing first time at Waa Cow!! The portion is seemingly small but each rice bowl is packed with a lot of sukiyaki meat pieces and rice! The truffle taste from the rice bowl is simply delectable, not too strong but enough to pack a punch! The mentaiko hokkaido scallops (spicy) were on another level! Waa Cow! is a definite must-try!! I will be back next time!! :•)

Cazuela ($38; 4 ⭐️) - “Mediterranean style” seafood stew with complex flavours from the mix of tomatoes, seafood, and generous amounts of white wine and dry sherry. It was a flavour that grew on us with each bite and left us wishing for more.

Black Fideua ($40; 4.5 ⭐️)- the general favourite was this traditional squid ink paella made from noodles (yes, not rice!). The noodles were springy yet crisp (esp those at the edge) and came with fresh and chewy Spanish octopus and calamari. The squid ink sauce was an umami bomb and the accompanying smoked paprika mayo added complexity and a spicy kick which we thoroughly enjoyed.