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Came by earlier this year! Each bowl ($11+, regular) comprises a base, 1 protein, 2 sides, 1 topping and 1 sauce. The bases are nothing to shout about as the choices are limited and rather basic - we opted for penne pasta, with brown rice/ lettuce/ potato cucumber salad as the other options. I much preferred the baked dory over the Cajun chicken - the fish was moist with a crisp flavourful exterior! The chicken was tender but it’s marinade didn’t quite hit the mark. Amongst the sides, the curried cauliflower was my favourite as it packed lots of flavour! The crispy chickpeas were a surprise hit. Both dressings we picked were a tad strange but sufficed. The place is good for a quiet afternoon once the lunch crowd clears!

A friend had bought this for me, and I think it’s one of the nicest cream puffs I’ve had thus far! It’s crisp on the outside, with a light fluffy custard on the inside. The vanilla flavour was great too.

An awesome stay home comfort food, NUDE Seafood’s ‘Bouillabaisse’ Seafood Stew ($25.60) was such a treat! Chockfull of seafood-y goodness, it was loaded with tiger prawn, clams, cuttlefish, rouille, watercress, baby corn, desiree potato and a delightful hunk of fish (which i believe is barramundi). The fillet as well as the cuttlefish were tender and fresh-tasting. What I liked most was that the broth was richly textured yet delicately flavoured - getting the natural flavours of the ingredients, both sweet and tangy. The vegetables also provided a nice crunch and the crusty sourdough that came with the stew made the meal more hearty.

*Islandwide delivery is available and they are having 10% off storewide till 1 June, order from them directly to enjoy the deal.

An oldie but a goodie. I always order the same thing at Guzman. The pulled beef is stringy and tender. The rice is fluffy and aromatic. The salsa is juicy but not too tart. Asked for no black beans this time and they were very nice to accommodate my request yay!
Price: $11.90

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9 Apr’19, Tue⛅️⁣⁣
📍Mellower Coffee (Robinson Rd)⁣⁣
- Flat White☕️⁣⁣
Need that afternoon boost to keep the day going...💪🏻⁣⁣
Burpple one-for-one, yay!✌🏻⁣⁣

The one I had is more towards nutty-chocolatey taste, medium bodied, quite gao in another words~😋
Damage: $5.80 (one-for-one)

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Halal Lobster Nasi Lemak - Using a variety of herbs and spices, Lawa Bintang creates delicious and unique ingredients for their Nasi Lemak.

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Besides ready-to-eat meals, @level33_sg has a selection of individual Meal Kits for takeaway too (best accompanied by a bottle of their own craft beer naturally).
Each of the meal kits is a balanced nourishing set with fully prepped ingredients, which means they’ve been washed, portioned and perfectly seasoned. Clear instructions are included to help you put together a restaurant-quality meal in under 20mins.
Me and my itchy backside opted for this when Gastrosense PR emailed to say they wanted to send a meal from Level33 to me and my family. I chose the Black Garlic Carbonara Pasta ($13) for us because after gawking at @casanostrasg’s Antonio’s pasta lessons (beautifully filmed by his wife Jasmine), I was seduced into thinking even I could try my hand at a carbonara.
Granted the Meal Kit was a bit of a cheat 😆 and I had a little help. But it was easy and fun to follow the step-by-step guide that led to the plate-up mere minutes later. There wasn’t even a need to turn on the stove since I used a kettle to boil water for the pasta.
I think the result was very flavourful, due in part to the almost alcoholic sweetness of the black garlic and the rich bacon oil (slightly unconventional carbonara ingredients but shhhhh....). However, in my #noobness, I think I left the pasta languishing a little too long in the hot water and thus, it was soft rather than al dente. Oops.
If you aren’t into a heavy carb, fret not. Several other Meal Kit choices await at the link in @level33_sg’s Instagram bio. Vegetarian ones too.

3rd time having this during the circuit breaker period and it is absolutely my fav salmon! Love the perfectly executed medium rare and how well seared the salmon is. The sushi rice is well seasoned with furikake and tobiko, very fluffy and tasty, with a light hint of vinegar. Mandatory to add on an onsen egg cause the broken yolk is so good with the sushi rice!

This is Nude Seafood vision of the ultimate fish soup. Two premium fishes - threadfin, used in the rich thick collagen broth; and pomfret fish, served as the silky fish slices. Cooked with fried scallops and traditional Teochew accompaniments, it's very tasty, and very healthy. I don't think salt nor msg was added, it's as genuine as it tasted.
This dish is created in honour of Junchen's grandpa. His grandpa sold fish along River Valley Road as a street hawker, before moving into a wet market at the first new town in Singapore, Queenstown. From there, to a small factory in Redhill, before moving to Jurong Fishery Port, where their factory is one of the only two factories within the port area. That's right, his family’s wholesale business is Hai Sia Seafood.
This soup thus spans 3 generations of the Ang family. And for us, we get the best fish in this soup, because Junchen shared with me that he's always the first to pick the best seafood at his family’s seafood wholesale business. And you'll see that his pomfret is indeed more tender, more silky than most around.


This isn't the insanely hyped gooey burnt cheesecake, it's a classic traditional Basque cheesecake, made richer by cream sauce lifted with some lime, and textured by almond crumble.
Ola Kitchen, Tono Cevicheria & Tonito now deliver, and you can order across all three concepts in one order. To order, call or whatsapp +65 9619 4898 at least an hour in advance. Free delivery for any $100 minimum purchase. Swipe for menus, and photos of dishes of their dine in menu for reference.

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I used to be a big fan of Anglo Indian when I worked in the CBD (My experience at the Chijmes branch was less stellar.). The biryani was divine, especially with the pastry on top. Other dishes were very good - just solid North Indian food as opposed to something creative like Rang Mahal of Punjab Grill. So, with the circuit breaker in place, we ordered for delivery. It arrived even 5 minutes early. However, we were shocked at how Lilliputian the portions were. $45 per pax was truly excessive. Food delivered at home would never taste the same as on premises. Next time, since this is not innovative haute cuisine anyway, we would just buy the same food at a hawker for one quarter of the price. Quality would not be as high, but the gap in taste would still be less than the difference in price.

Visit for the delivery menu
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