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Enjoyed the roasted duck very much ... crispy skin and succulent meat. The signature chilled tofu was very good too. Some hits and misses for the dim sum dishes though.

Had the medium protein bowl ($13) which came with 1 base (romaine lettuce), 1 protein (baked dory fish), 3 supplements (roasted curried cauliflower, onsen egg and roasted pumpkin) and a sprinkle of mixed nuts. It also comes with dressing but I didn't have any dressing on this one.

I felt the portions were not really good on this one, for $13 I can easily get a more generous bowl somewhere else. I think the weirdest thing I did was to add the mixed nuts, somehow I thought they'd be almonds or something but it ended up just being crushed peanuts. >< The fish is quite good though, flaky and with a crispy but not oily breadcrumb exterior. Can't really go wrong with the onsen egg which is a really good pairing with the lettuce :) I felt the roasted pumpkin was a weird one, it felt soggy and it was mashed which I didn't like.

Not too bad!! Better options out there but with a one for one deal I'll take it for a healthy, fuss-free, kinda-yummy lunch :)


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Park yourself at this bicycle cafe for wholesome, delicious and affordable protein bowls. The customisable Protein Bowl ($11) includes one base, one protein, two sides, one topping and one dressing. Burppler Chu Ning enjoyed the tender and thinly-sliced Beef paired with Penne. Other noteworthy options include the fragrant Garlic Butter Broccoli and the smoky Char Siew Pork Belly. P.S. Cyclists, there is plenty of bike parking space here!
Photo by Burppler Chu Ning


Errr had better pulled pork else where? But nice ambience 😊

Quite possibly the most expensive fish soup I’ve had in CBD thus far, this is the franchise of the famed Arcade Fish Soup at Raffles. What was interesting about the fish soup here is that there’s pickled vegetables and tofu in the soup, with chopped fried garlic on the side which really amplify the flavours of pretty much everything. I opt for the version with milk and the soup turned out to have a rather distinct milk taste instead of the fish; and the fish can be improved too. Everything considered, I wouldn’t be back so soon.

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📍waacow; singapore📍4-course set menu: hokkaido oysters, torched hokkaido scallops, truffle fries, wagyu sukiyaki gyudon, house pour wine & house beer • def our fave gyudon in sg!! the beef slices was super tender and well marinated, the sauce was well-balanced (salty with a hint of sweetness), and paired with the rice, it’s an explosion of succulent beef, flavorful sauce and super chewy rice in one mouthful. the other dishes were also spectacular; the seafood was fresh & the mentaiko added additional texture and flavors to the dish. what surprised us the most was that the truffle fries was so well done that it nearly became our fave dish of the night. & can i say i’m in love with the house wine?

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Never enjoyed such a good protein bowl in such a long time. Personal fave was the daily cut and I guess this place does give it a run for its money.

Priced at $11 for their small/regular bowl, the serving was very generous.

Opted the penne, beef, onsen egg, curried cauliflower, roasted sesame sauce and parmasan cheese topping.

Beef was similar to the sukiyaki kind, thin and tender. The cauliflower wasn’t over cooked and it still retained its bite to it.

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Quite a huge portion of salad top with a significant amount of crabmeat, though is “fake” crabmeat. Drizzled with a good amount of sesame dressing that enhances the dish with sense of smell.

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TDC is probably one of those few DIY salad eateries that got my heart back recently with the continuous change of menu for each season. I remember food there being rather plain and bland. But the pomegranate seeds, chilli crisps and the soft dory fillet from the summer menu was so addictive I saw myself buying it 5 days in a row. Good thing that the service is fast too despite the long lunch queue

This is a mash up of avocado, corn and chicken bits slap on a sourdough. Feels abit creamy for me but the sweet potato fries save the day. Coffee was good and ends the lunch on a positive note.

This is quite a good deal because you get an iced coffee with a sandwich of the day. The turkey ham and cheese sandwich was toasted nicely and rather yummy. The coffee was pretty robust too.