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This bowl was filled with the goodness of many premium ingredients (foie gras, unagi, truffle, ikura, wagyu beef, onsen egg). Well balanced flavours and presented in a cute Japanese bowl. We had the Burpple set which came with a pint of Asahi each for $98. Will be back to try the other items on the menu!

The omelette was good! It’s moist and fluffy, savoury yet not too salty so it was enjoyable devouring it.

Second time tasting it but have yet to “acclimatize” to the taste. Love the focaccia though! Dipping the crisp and fluffy focaccia into the gazpacho helps to tone down the strong taste of it.

Duck Porridge ($36)
Beef horfun ($28)
⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️
🍴Second visit to this restaurant within a month because not only do we love the food, it’s also highly value for money with #entertainersg 1-1 discount (but sadly we are now out of coupons 😂). We really enjoyed the #duckporridge that had an ultra flavourful broth from the long simmering of duck bones, scallop, and prawns. Some of the rice grains were pre-fried till crisp - besides adding a smoky aroma to the soup, it gave a unique textural combination of crunch and softness (from the porridge grains) alongside the creamy broth. Only minor drawback was that there was quite little ingredients (i.e duck) and needed to be eaten quick as the fried rice grains became less crispy after awhile. The #beefhorfun had an interesting satay sauce that gave a nice spin to the usual horfun. It also had a strong wok hei and tender beef. We also previously tried and would recommend their signature duck and homemade tofu, as well as the yuzu egg tart as a sweet end to the meal!
📍@forbiddenduck.sg, 02-02, Marina Bay Link Mall, 8A Marina Boulevard, Singapore
Insta: cafehoppingkids

Swapped out the quinoa salad for a refreshing gazpacho (only item that came in individual portion from the set). Good way to start the meal with this cold soup full of ripe, summery flavors!

Next dish was the Spanish broken omelette, creamy scrambled eggs with Spanish chorizo sausage and manchego cheese with juicy burst from the cherry tomatoes.

The crispy skin barramundi was well cooked and moist. Paired well with grilled vegetables with an added touch of sweetness from the piquillo aioli.

What stole the show that night was the valenciana paella which came with the perfect socarrat, delicious chicken chunks and a dollop of garlic aioli.

Next, we had the grilled Spanish pork, which was a little tough. It came with green salad and lentil stew.

We ended the meal with chestnut mousse tart topped with chocolate ganache and vanilla cream.

Good value despite some hits and misses! I definitely had a better experience with their ala carte menu.

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Cafe Milligram serves healthy meal options and boasts great coffees. The food was decent, but not fantastic. The ambience was enjoyable because we went after the lunch crowd. However, meals were on the pricier side and the location was not easy to get to.

Food: 5/10
Ambience: 8/10

A staple tapas in most Spanish restaurants, the Gambas was a surprise hit for us ($25). The prawns are fresh and well seasoned, cloaked in garlic oil and paprika. Can we just talk about how velvety and creamy the potato puree was? So addictingly good along with the sauce that we swept it up with loaves of warm bread. 🤣🍤⠀

The Pulpo ($28) was highly recommended by the server, and it definitely tickled my palate. Nicely grilled with a smoky flavour, the octopus had a crunchy exterior and a tender & juicy centre. The combination of black olive tapenade and light hummus gave the overall dish more depth and a nice savory touch, making it all the more tenta-lising.🐙

#bbjiaksimi #bbjiakatas #spanishfood #OLAkitchengroup #sgfoodie #sgeats #sgfoodtrend #grilledoctopus #foodreviewsmr

Sour Cream Ice Cream, Kaffir Lime Foam & Zest

If there is only one thing you can order from the menu, order this. It wow-ed all of us at the table and we unanimously agreed that this is the best creme brûlée that we ever had. The sour tinge from the ice cream perfectly complemented the sweetness of the creme brûlée and the sea coconut was a pleasant surprise which unexpectedly went well with the whole dessert.

Taste - 11/10

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Yellow Dhai & Chickpea Masala, Apple Cucumber Raita, Cumin Mustard Jus

Chicken leg was tender and delightful, but it could do with a bit more marination. Filling main.

Taste 8/10

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Grilled “Bak Kwa” Style, Fermented Cabbage, Potato Mousslin, Caramel Vinegar

Came here on a Sunday night with Chope reservations. The restaurant was around half full. Excellent service and everything was perfect. I came in a group of 4 and we tried almost everything on the menu. This is the best out of the 3 mains that we tried but it might not be that filling for a big eater.

Ambience 10/10
Taste 9/10


Love the concept of customizing my bibimbap - tastes so great as well. Would recommend the soybean paste soup over the kimchi as the latter seems to be lacking in flavour (mainly tastes sour). Would say that it’s q healthy in general and includes options like brown rice!

⭐️ 4/5