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Was excited when I saw this on burpple as I'm a big fan of customized bowls but sadly, the ingredients were bland and dry.

I picked the Chicken Breast, Edamame, Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice and Sunflower seeds as well as a hot and spicy dressing (on the side)

The chicken breast is dry and tasteless, Edamame lacks salt, sweet potatoes are dry (but how?? I have no idea) and the brown rice and sunflower seeds taste as they should be, nothing special. Given, the sauce is supposed to help season the bowl but I guess after trying bowls from TDC, I expected the individual ingredients to be seasoned. I'm glad I requested for the dressing on the side because the hot and spicy dressing taste foul (to me, at least).

So what I got in the end was a dry, albeit super healthy (I think) bowl. Not recommend.

Price: 6/10 (with burpple deal, it's quite affordable)
Service: 5/10
Food: 2/10
Ambience: 7/10 (quiet evening with warm lights)
Overall: 3/10 (Good to try once maybe?)

Almost the local version of warabi mochi 😂
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I recall these were pretty much raved about when they first arrived on the shores a couple years back. Having it again this time, I’m happy the quality is still consistent - smooth, creamy and rich. However tho, it was a tad too sweet for my linking this time, somehow. I’d say go for the original, instead of the mango 🥭, cos there’s a slight hint of artificial mango flavouring... aw man, it just doesn’t go!

Food and service here is beautiful. Really enjoyed my dinner here.

The Don is really good but unfortunately I did find a full bowl too much to stomach. The sweetness of the sukiyaki got a bit much towards the end. The rice texture was perfect though and I loved that it took away some of the oiliness. I probably should not have chosen the foie gras top up given the portion size. But I would come back and share the bowl with someone else. It is still good after all..

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Considering these came with the set, def a good deal. Husband liked the sauce that came with it. Slightly sour, tangy, spicy and a nice contrast to the creamy nature of the oyster.

Good value as part of the 4 course.

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Fabulous food, awful pic. Well, what ya gonna do when the lights stubbornly refuse to switch on, just like my brain every morning.

Thankfully, the chef was fully switched on, and my Mentaiko Wagyu Beef Bowl, as well as my friend’s Wagyu Sukiyaki Don were both absolutely amazing. They taste a hell of a lot better than they look folks, believe me. Mentaiko is always satisfyingly savoury, and when jazzed up with a subtly spicy kick, it becomes undeniably, unctuously umami. Better yet are the chunks of flame torched wagyu beef, which are competently charred and adds a scintillating smokiness to the redolent richness & stellar savouriness of the fabulously fatty beef.

The wagyu sukiyaki don was no slouch either, with the savoury sauce that the appropriately sized sliced beef had been stewing in thoroughly flavouring the slices of sukiyaki to palatable perfection.

Also mucho grassy ass to #burpplebeyond for this awesome 1-for-1 three course set dinner at @waacowsg, I basically robbed a place and got away scot free!

This was the lower price item of the Burpple Beyond. The location is quite chill but seats are not easy during lunch hour.

Crowded during lunch hour. Bowl was $16.90; worthwhile after the 1-for-1. It was quite filling too. The rice was nice.

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Price is worth for 1 for 1. The place is nice and not very crowded at 12pm. Will be back to try other combinations!

Went there for my anniversary dinner and the spread was really good. For the burpple set, we get oysters, scallops, a don and drink. The owner was very flexible as well. We managed to change one of the oysters to the truffle fries as my bf is not a fan of it. Changed the sukiyaki don to wagyu beef don as well. We even added mentaiko and the foie gras. Will definitely be back to try the other dons!

Got the Angus Striploin ($48) in medium, texture is alright overall but there were a lot of ligaments, making it a bit difficult to chew. Mash potato was smooth, vegetables were okay. Would be better with more sauce!