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Their meesiam paste is made of more than 10 different spices and slow cooked for more than 4 hours resulting in a Super rich and flavourful gravy. To be honest, the only meesiam that I ever liked was the one cooked by my mimi who makes the most legit meesiam after learning the ropes from her Peranakan Mother in law. However, I must say that this meesiam is definitely on par with hers! The gravy was definitely creamy and delicious, I would love to sneak in and steal their recipe so that I can make the dish at home myself 😛 this place also serves up delicious coffee and cakes!
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$5.50 Mixed Intestines Mee Sua Soup (Small)
$1 more to add more mee sua
+ 7% GST (What...?!)

6 minutes on a weekday night past 10PM

Probably not as often as we used to now that they charge GST. Drinks cost $3.60 for one barley and one sour plum juice.

The nature of this chillax spot...
1) Rosti with Smoked Salmon/Sausage - SGD$23 separately
2) Chicken & Waffles - SGD$26
Rosti was nicely done with the crusty outer layer and fully cooked potatoes inside... Comparable to Marche's plus point of having a good ambience... While the chicken was pretty dry although is super crispy, the waffle texture is something more towards danish, if you like croissant and other danish pastries you would love this... Service staff comes to top up water without asking... To me is also a plus point... How many of you still get automatic service nowadays despite paying gst? Love this place definitely going back again 🤗
📍The Costal Settlement
200 Netheravon Road
Singapore 508529
Operating Days and Hours:
Tue-Thur 10.30am to 11pm, Fri 10.30 to 12midnight, Sat 8.30am to 12midnight and Sun 8.30am to 11pm
Closed on Monday
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liked the flavour contrast of the sweet pineapple ring and the crunchy fresh vegetables that melded well tgt. however, i do think i’ve been spoilt by the impossible meat that the soy patty tasted a lil different now oops. nonetheless still a great meal ft seaweed fries too!!

Veganburg Singapore recently hopped onboard the Impossible train! For any burger that you order, you can opt to swap out the regular patty with Impossible for an extra $5. 🙃💸

For those wondering, the Impossible patty is another meat analogue product made with heme. It hails all the way from California, and it made its way to our shores back in March. It seems unthinkable, but there is absolutely no meat in this, which may be disconcerting to those who were born not eating the stuff and have never known how it tastes like. 🤔

Rest assured though - while it does a solid job at mimicking a beef patty, there are still notable differences in the texture as well as the taste. The one thing that definitely separates it from a beef patty is the absence of the beefy-umami flavour. The fact that it barely misses the mark of perfect imitation though, is undeniably a letdown and may make meat-lovers frown. 😪

In addition, the Smoky BBQ burger (with Impossible Patty) had an overwhelming amount of vegannise…what’s up with that?! More BBQ sauce would’ve been nicer, period. 😩 (6.9/10)


Comfort food on a rainy day. The herbal soup was rich and satisfying. The organs were sweet and fresh but the mee sua was a little too soft for me.

While their herbal mee sua takes the spotlight on your table, don’t forget to try their Fish Head Curry which is super tasty too! Love how the curry has the right amount of spicy kick and isn’t too jelat to have it on its own. 🙌🏻

Sunny side up, baked beans, rosemary chicken sausage, turkey bacon, salad. It’s a decent meal, although I would have loved it if there were more mushrooms and salad. The fried egg was slightly overcooked as I could taste some burnt bits. Do check out their Muddy Espresso ($5.50) as it’s pretty good.

Look at the serving of (salted caramel) ice cream!!!!
There was too much ice cream and too little waffle. But then again, waffle machines usually come in fixed sizes....

Overall a decent waffle, though pricey ($16 I think?)

Basically you will just have to pick 2 flavours from their menu. We had Wagyu Beef & Mushroom and Al Funghi. Nice seasoning of the wagyu beef, sweet and yet savoury at the same time. Tho the mushroom did overkill a little. Mushroom overloaded on this super duper thin crust pizza.

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For every big breakfast meal, my first line of business would be to attack the eggs as I feel that the quality of it would be a good gauge for the rest of the ingredients. Nestled on top of a sourdough bread, the scrambled eggs were pretty creamy, although it did lack the oomph factor. The bacon and sausages were slightly tough and dry, and I would have appreciated the sautéed mushrooms being more juicy!

For the burger set, we love the sweet potato fries which were thick and crisp to perfection. The meat patty in the burger was not as flavourful as we expected though. 😔

No doubt that the meal was hearty as it filled us up nicely, but we felt that the food was pretty mediocre for its price. 🤔 Location-wise, it is definitely more convenient as compared to other cafes, so it is a good place to catch up with your friends over a cup of cuppa!

The ANTicipated scale ⚖
👅Flavour: 7 ants
💰Value: 7 ants
📍Convenience: 8 ants

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