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Last time I didn’t add the egg and regretted till now. Indeed must add egg. The white was fully cooked but the yolk was creamy and runny. Mixing the lava yolk with the fried noodles was amazing.

However, i still enjoyed it nonetheless as a standalone dessert. .

I appreciated the red wine fig layer sandwiched between the base and the matcha cheese and thought the flavours were quite interesting. The subtle alcohol and fig welded seamlessly with the other flavours.

However, the textures of this was a little off for me. Much can be done to improve the matcha cheese, which albeit rich and dense as I like it, was lacking in moisture. In fact, the whole dessert on its own was quite dry. I would've also liked if the base was more crumbly and buttery, but it was just bland and starchy😅

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There's a reversal with Matcha paste piped around chestnut paste instead. Not too sweet with the matcha balancing everything out.
BTW JW360° is a one-stop japan concept stall with a cafe, restaurant, and retail all in one.

The raspberry taste as being too artificial and sakura flavor is more subtle. There’s also a surprise thin layer of matcha in it however, the matcha taste is not apparent at all. Crust is no surprise - unbelievably hard and dry too. What a disappointment! 😞

Awful quality, for the price-ratio, I wouldn’t recommend! 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️


Memorable experience at Shiki. The Autumn Ramen and a chef-recommended Smokey Peppery Tonkotsu Ramen. Both soup bases were distinct and flavourful - Autumn with a strong hint of truffle alongside a generous serving of mushrooms, and the latter a unique concoction that tasted true to its name. Their Michelin star is well-deserved.

Muji has always been japanese paradise - love the matcha and sesame spread here! Plus we found ourselves in the zen japanese corner. Would have been a perfect chill afternoon, but its slightly too near to the kitchen area - and we hear the clanging sounds of plates and pans.

Nevertheless, it drew us here because theres a 50% promo off cakes with the purchase of a drink (matcha latte!) during weekdays 2-5pm, and its easy to fall in love with its matcha cheese cake.

The taste of matcha was almost negligible, filled with sweet chestnut cream, which i felt it was a tad too sweet for my liking. And lastly, the pastry crust base was unbelievably hard and dry. (use knife to cut also got difficulties 😅) I wonder if it’s because I had it in the late afternoon and, maybe not fresh, but in fact when I saw them on display in the chiller, I suspected that it’s gonna be dry and just by looking at them, it doesn’t look appetising at all. I was just telling my friends the other day, seriously what’s the hype about this? 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s a shame ; overrated. Trying it once is enough 🍃🍵
Insider tips✏️: It’s a spot on sweetness, definitely not for the hardcore matchaholics🍃🙅🏻‍♀️

Location: 📌
JW360° (Japan Way Three Sixty)
78 Airport Boulevard, #01-223/224/225,
Jewel Changi Airport

$6.50 | Love how moist and soft the sponge cake is and how it has a strong matcha taste! Cream texture is very smooth and red bean paste is pretty sweet!

If you are at Jewel and looking for a place to chill or relax, do head over here! Get yourself a seat right at the back and you will be able to see the fountain.

This was unexpectedly not sweet, thou the hazelnut flavor was on point. Smooth milky mousse had a light caramel taste very yummy. I loved the hazelnut praline at the base. Very nutty and crispy. Raspberry marmalade had no seeds but reminded me slightly of cough syrup.

The first thing that hit my tongue was the matcha powder, so it was really bitter. But the sweetness of the cake quickly neutralized it. The cake itself had a thick, slightly dry texture. But the dry part was mostly confined to the edges.

Despite my last feedback, nothing was done abt labeling their alcoholic dessert on the menu. Knowing it would be pointless to approach the staff again, I asked for the manager. They didn’t have one here. But they did have an in-charge in the kitchen. I spoke to him and he said he would feedback to his boss. Hope they would really do sthg abt it this time.