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waited one hour for this cup (they were very fast in taking the order but slower in preparing the drinks).. overall disappointed, as the taste of brown sugar wasn’t strong and the cup was really expensive for its size...

Over 20 different flavours to choose from gummies 🍬 , flavoured nuts 🥜 and chocolates 🍫 , sourced from all over the world 🌍 . All housed in a magical book-inspired packing with line drawings of the Signature architecture of three major cities like La Mansarde. What I got in my 3-pack Bon Bons combo: Sesame, Cognac Orange Liqueur Chocolate and Gin Tonic Casino. They’re delicate and so addictive, my mum loves it too. 😋
3-pack Bon Bons priced at about S$30++.
Available at Jewel until Q3 only!
Where to buy?
Lady M
Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Boulevard 02-253, Singapore 819666

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The steak was cooked via charcoal hence there was a good smoky taste to it, however the cooking consistency was not good... order medium rare and half my steak was med to med well, the other half medium rare... read other reviews and realised its a norm here so didn’t bother asking the staff to change. only worth it with burrple beyond, then again they said that since we using beyond, we can’t pay with credit card and didn’t explain why 🤷🏻‍♀️ i would rather go to isteak if i ever crave for fuss free steak...

Hailing from Norway, Norwegian salmon chain store Pink Fish sets ashore and opened their first stall outside of their home country in Jewel Changi. My American Hawaiian Poke bowl comes with delicious and fresh salmon cubes and chili marinated Crispy Greens layered up with a satisfying serving of rice. Aside from Poke bowls, they also have burgers, salads, soups, and wraps.

A Jewel exclusive creation. This seemingly small bowl sure packed a real punch of flavour. The beef shortrib slices were tender-grilled and each piece was nicely marinated that I could smell and taste hints of the truffle. Drizzled with their house-blend sauce, the rice tasted so good with the onsen egg that I could just eat the rice with the egg alone. Definitely a must-try! 😋

Intrigued by the idea of a "beef" substitute made from plant protein, we ordered this instead of the truffle fries. First impression was that it definitely looked as good as real ground beef. The "meat" had the texture of real beef meat, but I could not taste the flavour and beefiness as the cream sesame dressing overwhelmed any taste of it. And if there was supposed to be a kick to it, I sure did not taste any chilli in it. Overall a good plate of loaded fries but could be better.

Savoury Menu Items:
1) Crab Salad: A crisp toast is topped with sweet and tender crab meat, crème fraiche, pickled Japanese cucumber and a sprig of dill.

2) Creamy Cauliflower Soup: A rich soup served with a helping of roasted almonds, cheesy croutons and herb oil.

3) Hearty Tomato Soup with Basil: A tangy tomato-based soup served with a dollop of crème fraiche.

4) Grilled Fresh Mushroom Sandwich: Grilled fresh mushrooms are marinated in balsamic vinegar, cream cheese and pickled red onions and sandwiched between a grilled ciabatta bread.

5) Chicken and Herby Pesto Sandwich: Lightly grilled chicken breast marinated in a homemade fresh green pesto and served in a grilled ciabatta bread.

6) Ham and Aged Cheddar Cheese Sandwich: Thin slices of smoked ham are layered with shaved aged cheddar cheese and garnished with pickled red onions.

Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds of sweet and savoury at Lady M!

The savoury menu is currently available at the following Lady M outlets: Jewel Changi Airport, Orchard Central, Scotts Square and South Beach. Please note that the photos above depict tasting portions.

Lady M
📍Jewel Changi Airport Unit No.: 02-25
📍Orchard Central Unit Nos.: 01-27 & 02-07
📍Scotts Square Unit Nos.: 01-06/07
📍South Beach Unit No.: 01-17
📍Westgate Unit Nos.: 02-25/26




Zesty Spanish Salmon Burger with Smoked Bell Peppers & Aioli

Finally docked at the shores of our little red dot, @pinkfishsg is a new fast-casual seafood concept with Norwegian salmon being the star of the show. The one at @jewelchangiairport is actually their first branch out of Norway, offering a menu that includes burgers, wraps, poké bowls, salads and soups with a choice of 3 different international flavours (Asian, European, American).

At $9.90 for just the burger 🍔 itself, it can be slightly on the pricey side. However, I must say the salmon patty was really fresh and flaky on the inside. Thanks to the aioli sauce, every bite was much more enjoyable.

P.S. One of the service staff (probably the manager of the outlet) wasn’t friendly and even GLARED at me when I approached him about the wrongly charged amount on the receipt 😡.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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People would like the potato roll (aka burger bun) having a pillowy softness and chew that went really well together.

The star is typically the sauce as it would add the extra dimension to the overall taste.

Given the choice, I would recommend to go for the double as the patties are indeed moist and juicy, much better than the ones you get from the average fast-food joint.

However, I did find the burger overall on the saltier side, and distracts from the juices of the meat.

The Pandan Shake, was well like liquid Ondeh Ondeh and thus too, too sweet.

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💸 $7.80

All vegetables
Smoked salmon
Habanero chilli 🌶
Black beans
Broccoli 🥦
Butter corn 🌽

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💸 $7.80

All vegetables
Smoked salmon
Sweet Thai chilli sauce
2 x black beans
2 x edamame
Broccoli 🥦

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