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To my disappointment after all the effort of getting there -
a little tough and dry .

Even when eaten fresh on the same day .

Beside selling soft baked cookies, they also have sablé cookies that come in box of 3 or 18.

The Zen Master is made of black sesame and white chocolate, only available as seasonal item on the menu. $5.80 (box of 3)

Was searching to grab some cookies in the city area and found this place. Folks and Stories occupied a small shop under block 3 of Everton Park.

You could walk in or pre-order on their website, with same day collection if you order before 2pm.

Gotten their popular cookies which made from roasted pistachio & brown butter. It definitely a sinful cookies with generous amount of pistachios stuffed under the brown butter cookie. $5.50

Forever glad for The Better Half’s existence at the Everton Park neighbourhood — the place being almost a default spot for me to chill out at whenever I am meeting friends around the area and ending up being late; a cosy nook that I could get to do my own stuff whilst sipping on a cup of coffee and have a cake without stuffing myself before having lunch.

I have attempted to bake Black Sesame Loaf Cakes with Kinako frosting before, and its just something I just can’t seem to get right considering the recipe I have obtained — so I knew that it was the Black Sesame Cake that I wanted to go for after seeing the it being available on the counter on the day of my visit. Featuring elements such as black sesame sponge, black sesame spread and butter cream, and coffee crumble, the Black Sesame Cake is one that I wished I could have baked all by myself for how good it was. The cake wasn’t too crumbly nor dry; sufficiently moist, light yet spongey, whilst hinting of a roasty, earthy flavour from the black sesame — the black sesame spread and buttercream further enhancing the texture and flavours with its creaminess and punchy notes of black sesame that perfumes throughout the smooth buttercream that also reminds us of the classic buttercream cakes from old-school bakeries. The coffee crumble on the top provides a crunch for a contrast of textures for the entire cake.

The Better Half is probably a spot that I would drop by for cakes at the Everton Park area — especially so considering how I do love the simple cakes that they have that aren’t quite as over the top as some mousse cakes/entremet can be; it’s that sheer simplicity that makes their cakes so appealing and comforting, yet are also especially well-made — somewhere I am always looking forward to return to again.

Ethiopia Hambela Wamena
Region: Gedeb, Gedeo, Ethiopia
Variety: Dega
Process: Natural
Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Cranberry, Lavender

This is their signature but I feel that the hae bi hiam was more impressive. Not to say this wasn't good, but it's less impactful. Esp having just had gin khao's rather decent tom yum 2 days ago

Despite it being tom yum this was actually quite a safe option and quite satisfying nonetheless, u get hints of sourness, sweetness, and the teeniest bit of heat. Spice lovers should definitely request for extra chili padi

I forgot the price breakdown(it's electronically ordered and paid, no physical receipt)

This place's naming is confusing as heck. Apparently they're actually called Myo everywhere but the restaurant itself everywhere has at the Myo. Doesn't help that there's a Myo restobar which is much more famous and pops up when you search Myo

Nonetheless this plate was very good. The hae bee hiam garlic sauce?(is it called a sauce if it's this thin?) was packed full of flavours and it's pretty hot too(do ask for less spicy if you can't take heat). Very satisfying and worth the travel to this ulu place

Although I do like bread, I never would have walked into a bakery like this myself so I’m glad my friends recommended this and brought me along! Heard that this is new addition to the Everton Park area which happen to house a lot of other good cafes (The Better Half, Nylon Coffee, etc.)

• Plaint Croissant: $4.50, which I thought was so-so like nothing special)
• Parma Ham & Burrata: $14+, nice flavours but I rmb we had a hard time chewing which probably was because the bread were all q cold.. don’t think they offer reheating services even though we dined in. The breads would have been so much nicer if they were served fresh/warm.
• Kinako Snails: which is essential a croissant sprinkled with roasted soybean powered, also known as injeolmi in Korean! The nutty-flavoured powder made the croissant a lot yummier :)

Do take note that the cafe has vvv limited seats. There were 4 of us and I think that’s all the cafe can accommodate? Do consider taking away if you can. Overall it was a good experience! However I wouldn’t travel all the way there for this 😅 would probably get 1-2 if I’m passing by.

My friends and I stumbled upon this rly quaint-looking and cozy cafe while in the area! The cafe is quite small but you get such good vibes from the friendly staff and the smells of coffee and cake :)

We tried the Vanilla Salted Caramel ($6.50), Chocolate ($6.50) and I had a hot mocha ($6). The cakes were so good. Sponge cake was simple but done really well – not too sweet either even though we went for the chocolatey flavours. The salted caramel buttercream went really well with the vanilla sponge, and the dark chocolate ganache was v shiok! Coffee was great too, esp when we ordered our hot cups on a rainy afternoon.

Would totally go back for their other pretty-looking tea cakes. Eyeing the earl grey lemon/lavender which looks so pretty!!

What a pleasant hidden find in this beautiful neighbourhood with all the wholesome vibes from this cafe! The cakes were yummy - I’m a sucker for salted caramel and this salted caramel drizzle was right up my alley!! Sponge cake itself was a simple nice butter cake, nothing spectacular! Chocolate cake wasn’t sweet at all - dark chocolate ganache was rich 😋 latte was smooth too, belly-warming!

Was a wholesome afternoon chill experience :-) sadly the cafe itself is small and there could be a long waiting time before you get seats on weekends!!

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I will stick to the sweet bean filling one as the peanut filling is a bit too dense, like a dry-ish paste. The skin is nice as usual but it would help if their peanut filling is more flowy. That said, flavour-wise it was not bad, a good balance of sweet & savoury.