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Welcome to Everton Park.

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Not wow but certainly could tell it's the work of a master. Skin was delicate with ample filling.

Soft moist Lavender Earl Grey Chiffon is definitely worth coming back for. Coffee is smooth and rice but little on the acidic side.

This time going for the healthy regular version that comes with Greek yoghurt, fruits and maple syrup. It’s pretty filling!

One of the slice cakes on rotation. Something unusual to try out if you see it on the display! The black sesame taste isn’t too overpowering and white peach gives it a refreshing compliment. Cream is also just nice and not too much so it’s something light to enjoy and not too jelak. ❤️

They used to be a small stall in one of the coffee shop nearby. Since then they have moved to a bigger space in their own restaurant within the same area.

Came during dinner time and order their curry rice which was not bad. Portion was huge and the curry was tasty.

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Decent coffee, decent baked salmon, decent soba, with decent settings that remind me of Ch5’s Tanglin. A quiet place to chill especially if you are living in Everton/ Spottiswoode!

In return for a kind gesture of giving up my table to a family with 2 babies who needed it for parking their pram, I was given a little cake 🤗 I would say this place sells decent cakes! Have a bite and it brings all your worries out of the window; just enjoy your little afternoon me-time here, the little oasis!


When out in town, escape into quiet Everton Park for winning drinks at this standing coffee bar. Sporting the smell of freshly roasted coffee and a communal bar table to huddle around for coffee and conversations, it's no wonder Nylon is so well-loved. Come for an Iced Black ($4) — a cool, bright cuppa to fuel you on your day.
Photo by Burppler Eleanor Tay


Tasty smashed avocado and poached egg sits on a warm toasted bagel. Initially thought that the avocado wouldn’t have much taste but it is well seasoned and the texture blends well with the crunch of the bagel.

Tucked in a corner of Everton Park, a nice cosy place to slowly savour a hot cuppa ☕️

It satisfied me for the rest of the hour. Great coffee, great baristas, (thank you for encouraging me to not get a takeaway).

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