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Top 10 in Everton Park

Top 10 places in Everton Park, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Everton Park

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Everton Park, Singapore.

It satisfied me for the rest of the hour. Great coffee, great baristas, (thank you for encouraging me to not get a takeaway).

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Love this combi! Opted for a half version (normally two slices) cos I was greedy and wanted to try waffles too haha

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Heard that the leg of poulet was a dish pretty well done and so I had to try. Cooked sous vide for 5 hours gives a whole succulent chicken thigh, even beautifully colored on the inside with pinkish-white chicken meat. So tender that was easy to rip the meat off. The chicken rub was crucial in dedicating wholesome flavours to it, an intense spicy pepperiness. Served along was charred baby corn and French beans, as well as the king oyster mushroom that completes the dish’s umaminess.

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Imagine a “fried rice” that’s not a fried rice afterall. An explosion of umami as the bowl was filled with sea urchin and Sakura ebi. Honestly, it felt like the limelight was stolen by the Sakura ebi, because there wasn’t really much taste of the uni.

It’s unique how pearl barley was chosen as the carbs. They were so bouncy when bitten, like a play on texture. The texture was made especially interesting when there’s also the salted dace and black bean Panko. Savoury, umami and crispy, a combination that would leave you craving for more. Chinese sausage was also added.

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My favourite starter of all! Look at how thinly sliced the hasselback potatoes are, baked so wonderfully such that the exterior was really full of crisp while the inside was kept soft. Aptly named as potato boat, the potatoes were loaded with smoky tartar, fried bacon and lumpfish caviar. The smokiness and acidity of the tartar toned down the potato starch ones while the fried bacon helped with some savory note. I would think that the lumpfish caviar contributed in terms of texture rather than taste as it is subtle, and a clean oceanic finish.

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On first look, this Negitoro handroll reminded me of a childhood snack where you could squeeze some cream into a mini ice cream cone just like this. Especially love the creative presentation and how exquisite this handroll was made!

It’s a rather oceanic appetizer; not my type of food especially with the raw minced tuna. Was expecting the yolk mousse to be very sulphuric and eggy, but instead turned out to exhibit a light creaminess! Topping it off was the wasabi furikake, as though an umami finish. All contained in a seaweed cone, though the seaweed flavour was really subtle.


Presented like a dim sum item, but if looked carefully, the tacos are actually made of Parmesan cheese! Delicate yet not brittle, and strong enough to carry the fresh blue swimmer crabmeat and some oceanic Kaisho seaweed. Topping off with lemon jam completes the dish with complex flavours of sweet seafood, savoury cheese and citrusy lemon. Might get a little messy with this, but well you could always pop the entire taco in with a bigger mouth!

Recreated into a focaccia “Yan Yan” is the Olive & Cheese Breadsticks with balsamic butter and beetroot butter. Each diner gets one breadstick that was stronger on cheese than the olive, to dip in the vinegary balsamic butter and the earthy beetroot butter with a tinge of sweetness. Focaccia was fluffy but would have preferred if there was more to go with the butters.

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When I first saw this, I thought it was a mushroom-flavoured macchiato which made me went eww silently in my head. Never did I expect it was one of the most impressive dish served on the tasting menu and surely it got me all mind blown!

Looking like a macchiato without anything to do with caffeine, it’s brewed using portobello, shiitake and button mushrooms for that intense earthy umami-ness that hits right at the first sip! Topping up a layer of cold truffle foam on top completes the soup so delicately. Drink it as you would for a macchiato, I was craving for more at the end.

Have been wanting to try this place since they open and finally got to try it today. Went for the dinner tasting menu ($46++) which comes with 11 different items. Woah talk about value for money. Everything was amazing especially love the Mushroom Macchiato, Hokkaido Scallop Chwee kueh, Pork Jowl.... Hard to find such a lovely place w excellent service

I don’t eat the actual Chwee Kueh but yes, I am all for this. 😍😍 Recreating the dish with Hokkaido Scallop Sashimi makes it a really delicate one. Firm yet tender flesh, of a sweet finish. Drizzled over with ponzu that has a hint of citrus soy sauce, and sprinkled with salted kombu, spring onion and fried shallots. Don’t you think it resembles the real Chwee Kueh with such details, especially the brown paper that’s served on?
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