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Forget about your waistline, time to enjoy sweet treat during holiday season. This brownies has a middle layer of caramel sauce which will double your sugar intake. As long as you consume this a small portion a day, it should be fine.

Best to consume after 15 mins out from the fridge, when the brownie texture has been soften.

Totally fell in love with this bomb durian puff. It was well made with durian creme filling so creamy and delicious 😋

💕Matcha Yuzu Red Bean Milk Roll.
Matcha roll cake filled with azuki bean whipped cream and yuzu jam.
💕Mango Passionfruit Hokkaido Milk Roll.
Mango Sponge cake filled with mango Passionfruit cream, chunky mangoes.
💕Signature Fujisawa Garlic Bread.
Baguette Bun filled with japanese mayonnaise,japanese garlic and butter.

Which is my favourite? Hm... tough choices, all I like 😆.

For order can visit their website.

El Salvador Las Brumas
Variety: SL28
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Orange, Red Apple, Raisin, Caramel

Espresso + Tonic
(featuring Ethiopia Bekele Legie)

Uraga Bisrat
Region: Guji, Ethiopia
Variety: Wolisho
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Lemon Tea, Grapefruit, Jasmine

Small space, be prepared to wait or have their bakes to-go. Chai latte was good.

Quiet nook, if you are looking for a peaceful morning, this is the place. They also serve soft boiled eggs if you have a craving. Coffee was good, and chiffon cakes were beautifully done. Price wise, not too hard on the wallet. Would return again.

Didn't know Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh sells other Kueh items besides the angkukueh! This was bought at their atrium sales instead of at the original outlet. 3 boxes for $10 (the ondeh ondeh had 6 ondeh balls but I finished two of them already before the photo haha) or 1 box for $3.5. I didn't buy their angkukueh because I tried once before and still prefer poh cheu's😁 I quite like their lapis sagu though! Especially the purple yam flavoured one. But the coconut smell still isn't as strong as Bengawan Solo's! I ate the pengkueh panfried with crispy edges and enjoyed it!

A pop-up stall at Novena square which attracts many people to queue up got me curious to try it. Indeed is very good Ang Ku Kueh. First, I love the chewiness of the Kueh and also the nice peanuts' filling which is just sweet enough. Will recommend to try.

24 Jun’19, Mon⛅️⁣
📍Nylon Coffee Roasters ⁣
- Iced White🍼⁣
- White☕️⁣

Brought le mum go cafe lim angmo kopi~😬⁣

Like their beans and the cafe is legit filled with coffee aroma, loving it!!!

The coffee we had that day was medium-heavy bodied, fruity finish, bold statement~😋

P.S. Been to Nylon again recently (after their reno), quite nice seh, and like got some seats available...⁣

Damage: $9