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Black Sesame Ang Ku Kueh (S$2)

Available at @jixiangconfectionery

Wish for a richer flavour

Common looking but tastes exceptionally good! Skin is not too thick, not too thin, not overly sticky and easy to chew.
Sweetness of peanut filling is just right! Love it!

Quiet afternoon with a slice of lemon drizzle Bundt and a cup of Earl grey tea in this Little Oasis 😌

Ang ku kueh @ $1 each

We wanted 4 but auntie says buy 5 put in the box looks nicer so we got (from left to right) 2 peanut, 1 sweet bean paste, 1 salty bean paste, 1 coconut. They all taste good and the skin-to-filling ratio is great! If only we had it fresh then would be even better.

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These shaped like tortoise shell kueh have emerged over the years from the traditional red one with peanut filling with now in various colours and fillings. The kuehs over here are hand-made freshly daily to maintain their freshness and texture. The ratio of skin to filling was good and I like how soft and chewy the skin was and it reminds me of mochi. Most of the fillings were moist without being too dry and sweet.

We ordered almost all the flavours except coconut which was sold out at the time of our visit. The flavours we tried were peanut, sweet bean, salted bean, corn and yam

Most of the flavours are priced at $1 each except for yam which cost $0.10 more than others.

Yam ang ku kueh ($1.10 each) from jixiang everton! Had initially wanted to get the coconut angkukueh as well but it was already sold out at 12noon! Heard that one can reserve the kuehs before going down, so do call ahead to reserve if you wish to get your desired akk/buying in bulk!

Between this and poh cheu, i still prefer poh cheu’s akk though for the simple reason that jixiang’s yam akk isnt pure yam but mixed with mung beans and i really dislike mungbeans haha!

But it still makes a good secondary substitute when im at outram park area and just craving some quality soft chewy angkukuehs

Opposite of yam, I liked this but my brother didn't. U can tell from the colour it's different from normal, somehow it's juicier but not as intense in flavour as normal gula melaka

The savouriness is not too strong but it's clearly savoury. Moreover there's a little bit of heat. I really liked this

I particularly liked this. The corn flavour is profound and the corn kernels added little bursts of sweetness

I found it lacking in yam taste but my brother loved it.

New flavour. It's abit weird that it's not actual cempedak flesh but the flavour was intense enough so no complaints