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Understand that the coffee beans used are roasted by Double Up Coffee. The coffee was smooth and slightly acidic with a nutty undertone. Definitely adding this to my list of go-to places for iced coffee (which I'm very selective of as I prefer them hot).

Thick, flavourful and ingredient-packed sandwiches (or more like burgers) are what you can expect here. And as you wait, you have a view of the chefs at work in their "open kitchen". As the popular Korean-inspired Fired Chicken was sold out, I decided to try something that is unusual and unique...and I absolutely did not regret my choice.Β  The Catfish was bursting with flavours and texture from the fresh tuna, tangy papaya salad and fried wanton skin for the crunch. The brioche bun deserves a special mention. It was toasty while maintaining fluffy and airy, and complemented the savoury fillings very well. Super delicious with very bite that I wanted more. Will be back to try the rest! πŸ˜‹πŸ‘

he chose B.E.C (Bacon Egg Cheese). It’s a legit sandwich, brioche bun wrapped the bacon that thick, juicy and tender, with creamy egg and cheese.
πŸ“46 Mittsu.
2 Everton Park, #01-61.

The waffle is crispy on the outside yet fluffy inside. Love the strawberry and banana ice cream (in pink). The Dark Chocolate Earl Gray ice cream is also a good choice for tea lovers.

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The waffle is crispy on the outside yet fluffy inside. Love the strawberry and banana ice cream (in pink). The Dark Chocolate Earl Gray ice cream is also a good choice for tea lovers.

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Not your usual Japanese Sando but this BEC blew my mind. Thick cut bacon cooked perfectly with soft fluffy scrambled egg and melted cheese. They probably used a special baked bread but it’s delicious and binds the ingredients well together. Highly recommended!

Expected Damage: $15~

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Situated at Everton Park, next to a great Sando place. Barista is very passionate in his coffee, shared great insights. Coffee is very well balanced in terms of richness and acidity. Highly recommend!

Expected damage: $4-$6

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𝙏𝙂𝙄𝙁!!! And TGFN (Thank God for @nyloncoffee πŸ˜†πŸƒβ˜•β˜•)

Finally made it here again after a few failed attempts (Covid, renovation works etc...) and I'm truly thankful for the chance to savour a simple cuppa coffee that goes straight to the heart. β™₯️β™₯️

Definitely one of my go-to coffee places whenever I'm in the Duxton area~~

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Tried the firebird, BEC sandwiches β€” best in SG!!!! Super friendly staff, chill vibes. Go there, have a good sandwich and coffee, and let go of all the stress~~~

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Come by for great grubs and good coffee from @doubleup.coffee! Do come early as they sell out pretty fast - was only left with the Firebird, Piggyback and the BEC when we reach at 12.

Just look at that THICCCCC bacon from my BEC (bacon, egg and cheese) πŸ₯“


46 Mittsu should be no stranger to folks whom are familiar with the local F&B sceneβ€” the sando specialty store had first been established themselves sometime last year within The Herencia at Kim Yan Road where they had risen to popularity; they have since moved out of their former premises and are now located at Blk 2 Everton Park, taking over the former premises of the now-defunct Pickle Bakery (i.e. the unit which is next to Handcraft Coffee) which is also a short walk away from Outram Park MRT Station. Still serving up Sandos as their main focus, 46 Mittsu’s menu is segregated into sections such as All-Day Brekkie and Lunch Munch; patrons can opt for add-ons to their Sandos, or go for one of the two sides available (one being the Brussel Sprouts, the other being Poppy Chicken). The list of beverages served at 46 Mittsu includes specialty coffee, as well as Kombucha, sparkling water and Gorilla Press juices. Seating for the cafe is generally located on the outside of the stall using foldable camping chairs with low outdoor tables; there are also seats within the premises though for those whom are not so particular about the exhaust fumes considering the open-concept kitchen here.

The B.E.C Sando is one of the Sandos being listed on their Lunch Munch section of the menu; the Sando being the acronym for Bacon, Egg, Cheese. The friendly folks at the counter did enquire if we would like to add-on avocado for our order, though we skipped on the add-on. Arriving the table piping hot, the Sando features elements that are pretty conventional in a sandwich, what makes the B.E.C Sando here so good is the way that it is being made β€” sinking our teeth into the sandwich, we already liked how the bread gave a good, firm bite; the bread being appropriately dense and had a good chew without being too heavy. Sandwiched in between would be the thick-cut bacon which has apparently been sous-vide, along with the oozy melted cheese and runny scrambled eggs with a sprinkle of cracked pepper. Given how many wet elements are there, the B.E.C Sando can be a real mess to eat where the scrambled eggs and the juices of the meat just drips all over; there again, that is probably part of the fun that one would be signing up for when ordering this. There isn’t anything too game-changing with the elements at play here; just purely good execution where the scrambled eggs are fluffy and still runny as it should, and the cheese being all gooey and stringy that is all great for the β€˜gram. It was however interesting to know that they have actually sous-vide the thick-cut bacon instead of grilling it as how most other establishments would do it though β€” this seem to have removed much of that saltish flavour that is typical of cured meat; great for those whom often find thick-cut bacon a little bit too savoury for the liking (though we would still prefer the heavier flavours in the Sando for that American breakfast-y affair). The sous-vide method also makes the thick-cut bacon easier to have in Sando form too, being more tender and easier to chew.

Have pretty much heard of the hype behind 46 Mittsu ever since their days being located at The Herencia along Kim Yan Road β€” whilst we did not manage to try them out back then, we were definitely glad to have made a visit to their newest digs at Everton Park. What does seem to be generally the theme here at 46 Mittsu is the way they have made Sandos really fun to have here β€” not exactly what one would expect from a Japanese-inspired rendition that is all the rage these days; something that is more American deli-like with their own unique brand of spunkiness for a difference which we find it rather reminiscent to Park Bench Deli and Two Men Bagel House. The result is a stuffed Sando that is well-designed packed with all that sinful goodness; messy to eat but fun to have β€” goes in tune with their friendly counter staff that is eager to serve and to let patrons know more of their concept and Sandos available. With such popularity, do note that 46 Mittsu does get sold out of the Sandos really quickly on weekends β€” whilst the listed closing time on their social media pages is stated to be at 5pm, the Sandos typically are sold out closer to noon; do head down early should one be keen in giving their Sandos a go. Would like to head down some other time to give their other Sandos a try; but probably only going to do so once this initial hype starts to fade away to avoid the crowds …

𝐇𝐨π₯𝐲 𝐜𝐨𝐰 ($18) was generously loaded with beef slices, combined with garlic butter, chimchurri, sunny egg, and cheddar. Personally found the juicy beef to be chewy and under-seasoned, especially when eaten all together in a big sandwich bite. More of the savory garlic butter and refreshing herbaceous sauce would have certainly elevated this, and found eating the sandwich with one instead of two layers of bread to better allow the flavours through.

Insta: cafehoppingkids