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Build your own Poke Plate
Salmon Poke - $15.50
House Seasoning - pairs well with salmon
Sides: Alakai's potato-mac salad, Carrot meli-meli, Cucumber Kimchi. Comes with 2 scoops of japanese style white rice

The concept of this cafe is a lifestyle area where you could easily chat with your friends and strangers. The coffee tastes pretty decent where I ordered the white. The white is quite heavy on the milk, but still pretty smooth. Try their cold brew instead, as everyone seems to order that.

Tasted this cuppa coffee made by the roasters and service crew at $4.00! Not every expensive, indeed quite afforfable for such quality coffee beans and brew! Takes a while for them to create! It was creamy, milky! Scent of coffee was strong and there! No artifical sweetener but taste the hint of sweetness from the coffee was there! Natural sense of sweetness with the orginal bit of bitter! Perfect blend that fix my coffee addiction! Love it

$4 for white coffee is pretty good value. They have one of the best beans in Singapore. The white was a bit too milky though.

I went to alakai and tried their Moku Poke plate which comes with 2 scoops of rice topped with some furikake, mashed potato, carrots and salmon which is quite well marinated. You're also allowed to customize your own plate but the guy there recommend i try their poke plate as it was my first visit. :)

[Kueh Appreciation Day 2017]
Look at these BIG and FAT Ang Ku Kuehs that cost only $1 each! These are painstakingly made with an elegant thin coating, which means that the skin-to-filling ratio is ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ considering how huge these are. Fillings range from the traditional flavours to modern renditions such as durian, but my boyfriend likes the yam best!

Yeahhhhh!! Some ang ku kueh for tea break today!! This has got to be the BEST ang ku kueh I have tasted in Singapore!! The owner is really generous with the fillings and I like how the skin is not too thick so I don't feel like just eating the flour only!! The ang ku kueh that I just ate still feels warm which means it's freshly made!! YAYY!!

If you are looking for a great place with good coffee to spend with your good friends, look no further - @nyloncoffee at Everton Park is where you want to be. From milk based coffee in 3 sizes to black coffee brewed with different methods to extract the best of the beans, there is never a bad cup of joe here.
As I was walking towards @nyloncoffee, what I found interesting was that when you looked at the people around you, and they, at you, we knew instantly who were heading to the same place, as though there was an instant connection between good coffee and the people who drank it.
#burpple #nyloncoffeeroasters

These ang ku kueh come in many flavours and they are very generous with the fillings! The skin isn't too thick and I love the peanut one the most.

Today nostalgia day so must eat these nice local snacks!! $0.80 for 1 piece for sweet bean / peanut flavours. I bought for my colleagues to share. This brightens the work day..