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Throwback post - Has been my family’s fav ang ku kueh ever since we discovered them via groupbuy

💜 Support Ji Xiang Confectionery at 235 Victoria Street, Singapore 188027 (Various Outlets)

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Featuring the signature Bag Me Up Bagel ($16.50), We Will Wagyu Bagel ($16.50) and Swee N Chic Bagel ($12.50). A unqiue combination, the Bag Me Up bagel is packed with unagi slices, ham, lettuce and house-made herb mayo. The unagi had a nice charred taste to it and was sweet and savoury with tangy creaminess from the sauce. The meat was a tad thin but considering its price point, it was acceptable.

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Chance upon this shop as I was walking around Everton Park, offering bagels in this little shop.

Very limited seats available here and it served much as a takeaway place. But if you manage to find a seat, then do take a sit and enjoy your bagel here.

Their signature bagel is also the reason I want to visit, as I love unagi a look. It stuffed with unagi, ham, lettuce and homemade sauce.

Really love the texture of everything stuffed together, especially the bagel which given a firmness of bites to it.

Also don’t forget to grab the drink as well. Their white peach fresh milk tea served cold and go well with the bagel.

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Got my 1-for-1 single scoop here. Basically it’s just subtracting $4.50 from the total amount. But worth it though! I really like the flavours Bonbon & Earl Grey Dark Chocolate. I enjoyed the tea as well (Singapore Tea, if I’m not wrong). Will definitely be back to get my cravings met!

The bread was really soft, but a little greasy from the melted butter in the bread, and the mentaiko flavour was sadly not strong. Maybe the other bread flavours would be better!

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Assorted Creampuff ($22)
Seems like they used @craftteafox for their Matcha & Hoijicha creampuff, and I liked that the 🍵 Matcha Creampuff had such thick matcha cream filling and flavour was also pretty strong!

Actly enjoyed the 🌟 Hoijicha one even more as it was even stronger in flavour - defo for hoijicha lovers!

🍫 Chocolate was kinda rich, but the kind that got a little jelak for me tho. 🍓 Strawberry and 🥭 Mango were decent - those who like fruit flavours may enjoy it!

NGL the cream was pretty good overall in terms of flavour but the creampuff pastry/ outer casing were sadly really soggy from being "soaked" in the cream filling for a long time. Prob would be better to have them when they're freshly baked, as these were snagged close to their closing hours.

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I’ve always loved bread& butter pudding so had to get this! Heated it up in the oven and the top was crisp while insides were soft and slightly custardy, and what a pleasant surprise that there was chocolate within! Forgot to take a photo before digging in but the actual size is double of this.


Our 5oz Flat White ($5) came filled to the brim with creamy goodness. As someone who is not a fan of dark, bitter coffee, this cup holds a good balance of velvety smoothness with just the right amount of milk - enough to taste the espresso, but creamy enough to not have an aftertaste.

Read more at: kopiwaffles.com/nylon-coffee-roasters-cafe-everton-park-hdb/

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The gelato flavours were extraordinary! We had the fortune of talking to the boss of O happi Place, who enthusiastically shared the stories behind the popular flavours. Sadly, the most popular flavour, Ju Pu was not available when we were there, but we had the Cereal Milk single scoop ($5.50) and Bon Bon with cone ($7). Both flavours were premium, and there was an additional $1 for the cone.

Read more at: kopiwaffles.com/o-happi-place-ice-cream/

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With limited seating indoors, we picked a romantic spot decorated with fairy lights and flowers just outside of the cafe. It had a good ambiance and with a rotating bakes menu, there is something new to try each time.

Read more at: kopiwaffles.com/the-better-half-cafe/

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I really wanted to see how this fared against PS.Cafe’s. I liked that this had almonds for added texture! But I prefer the latter’s ice cream and sauce, so my favourite remains unchanged🤭


a fragrant and light teacake that’s enjoyable after a heavy meal! the icing glaze was too sweet for my liking tho

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