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Alakai is still my favourite place to get a good bowl of Poke! I really like how the fish were fresh and that they were freshly seasoned and marinated only when an order was put in!

For the simple reason that ji xiang's Yam kueh wasn't pure silky yam, but had bits of salted bean in it 😐 (and I dislike salted bean) #angkukueh #burpple #burpplesg

This is gonna be my to-go place around SGH for some good Poke bowl now. Love the freshly marinated serving of poke, the potato-Mac salad and honey-vin carrots!

Had high expectations of this place with all the great reviews. We ordered the 7 course tasting menu ($45++ for one pax) and this was one of the starters. It was a cold dish, the truffle taste was way too strong while I felt that the fish roe was not very fresh. Read on for the other dishes.

Deviled eggs were little cones of egg mousse, which tasted like vanilla instead. The fish and chips were the saving grace. Great ideas but unfortunately the execution to us was really disappointing...

The pork jowl is sous vide for 6 hours before going on the pan - you might have already guessed, this results in a smokey and super tender piece of well marbled meat aka shiokness in every bite. The coriander and garlic gives a new dimension to the tanginess of BBQ sauce and compliments the rich tasting cut of meat. The puffed rice adds texture to the dish, but that, and the sweet potato seems out of place on the platter as it does not contribute much to the overall experience. Given how much I enjoyed the jowl, I will return to try more of the dishes. #burpple #marblebistro

Sadly that most of the flavour are sold out when i was there. Only managed to get the peanut and mung bean ones. Generous fillings with thin and chewy skin.

The spicy k-mayo is like super ayam penyet spicy! Too spicy that your tongue may get burnt. Nevertheless it's not too bad. On entertainer app too.

Hidden gem in Everton park - I think their main business is actually in catering of Korean rice cakes.

Simple menu but everything is heartily portioned, delicious and reasonably priced. The taste of moms' cooking. Especially recommend the kimchi fried rice (best in sg imo)

with Honey-vin carrots, potato-mac salad and garden greens

*On Entertainer*
💸: $15.50
👅💭: 😊 i liked the seasoning on the rice. The lady was really nice to change 2 scoops of white rice to a scoop of brown rice cause we were going for late exercise. Well, i wont be able yo finish 2 scoops of rice anyways 😅 the salmon was savoury and well seasoned. Some bits were a little fishy, maybe those are the bits closer to the belly, overall still pretty good!

With pineapple pacri, potato-mac salad, side salad greens

*its on entertainer 😛*
💸: $15.50
👅💭: 😊 refreshing to my taste buds!!! The coconut makes it a little sweet while the hint of lime balances taste.
The concept of alakai is to have the food arranged neatly for people who doesn’t like their food mixed up. Plus, the potato-mac salad was really smooth.

One of the best espresso shots I had in Singapore. Honestly it doesnt even taste like coffee. The strong aroma of the coffee will pull you in and once you drink it, the taste has slight acidity and taste of berries. Its a great coffee experience.