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These were the ingredients chosen to make @TheBetterHalfSG’s Pumpkin Spiced Tea Cake! Initially I was worried both pumpkin and the spices would be overwhelming but it’s actually on the opposite. Semi warm, soft and moist cake along with sweet frosting and light spice fragrance is just perfect to kick start the festive vibes (when you’re feeling generous in calories & moolah)🎄

As for Hot Matcha, found the balance of sweetness and bitterness just right✨

1 Everton Park
Singapore 081001

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Nylon Coffee Roasters is this cozy little roastery cum coffee bar that is nestled in Everton Park. I ordered their filter brew ($5) to go and it was done in a pourover brewing method by the skilful barista.

I really liked how it tasted!! It had a very clean acidity due to the brewing method. There were very distinct fruity flavors (lime and peach) and apparently there's supposed to be an earl grey note in there too? I didn't taste it but there was a slight floral scent at the back so I suppose that's where the earl grey might have come from.

There were many friendly baristas milling around the tiny space and it was just a great environment to enjoy, appreciate and celebrate coffee.


“Not only Ang Ku Kueh but sesame ball” ・ 📌Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh ・ アンクークエと言えばJi Xiang Ang Ku Kueh。 でも実はここの名物がもう一つあるんです。 それがこの胡麻団子ーーー!!! ずっーと気になっていましたが、わたしが普段訪れる朝一の時間帯にはまだお店に並んでおらず、お昼前後から並び始めるという、幻の胡麻団子。 先日上海蟹を食べる前に少し時間があったので、息子を連れて11:45ころ寄ってみたんです。 ある!!ある!!!あるーーーー!!!!! 興奮しすぎて、呆然とする息子そっちのけでぴょんぴょん跳ねちゃいました(笑) 待ち焦がれていた胡麻団子1つ$1。 6個下さい!と言ったらなんとピーナッツとスイートビーンの2種類ありました。 3個ずつ買って、とりあえず1つは上海蟹前だけどパクリ。 ピーナッツ! ここのピーナッツは息子も大好きで、息子は上海蟹前にアンクークエのピーナッツとヤムの2つを買い食い(笑) 家に帰ってから気付いたけど、形が違うのね。 丸いのがピーナッツで長いのがスイートビーンでした。 中の餡が美味しいのはもちろんのこと、特出すべきは外はカリカリしているのに内側はもっちもち。 どたらももちろん美味しいけど、どちらかと言うとわたしはピーナッツ派。 これは見かけたら絶対買うべし。 ちなみにアンクークエは息子おすすめはピーナッツとヤム、わたしのおすすめはコーンです! #Angkukueh #jixiangangkukueh @jixiangconfectionery #sesameballs #アンクークエ #ニョニャ菓子 #ニョニャ #nyonya #胡麻団子 #シンガポールグルメ#シンガポール生活#シンガポールライフ#singaporelife#シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール旅行 #シンガポールおすすめ #シンガポール情報 #シンガポール暮らし #lovesg #singapura #singaporeinsta #igsg #sgfood#sgeats#sgfoodies#foodpics#burpple#sgfoodporn#eatoutsg#みど散歩

I wanted to try their Lor Mee but it was always sold out. Gotta go before 1pm I think. So I got my default fav and added Ngor Hiang to comfort myself. The Ngor Hiang was really good. Will always add this next time. Noodles were dried out by the time I got home, so the prawn soup was a life saver.

Great al dente and chew for the linguini. Not super huge prawns but big enough to taste and bite prawns. All 3 prawns were very fresh.
$12 for this dish in air conditioned, comfortable environment. Will highly recommend!!

I love it. Ordered this with the banana waffle and it’s just perfect for breakfast.

Moving into a brick-and-mortar shop space at Everton Park recently, The Better Half serves up specialty coffee and a wide variety of cakes and bakes in the quaint neighbourhood, though with limited seating both indoors and outdoors.

Being one of the items which had caught our attention while skimming through the variety of bakes and cakes on display at the counter, the Gula Melaka is double-layer cake that features Gula Melaka Sponge, Gula Melaka Avocado Buttercream and Toasted Almonds. Really liked how the cake was not overly sweet; the Gula Melaka Avocado Buttercream is the main driver for the flavours of the cake here — the mellow sweetness of the Gula Melaka with its deep, earthy undertones completely matched the buttery smoothness of the avocado-laden creamx while the Gula Melaka sponge was rather light and fluffy. Despite its height, the Gula Melaka Avocado Cake is pretty manageable; a cake that is not too dense nor sweet and comes even with a herb-y (rosemary?) note that helps to cut through the slight tinge of sweetness to keep things interesting and providing a harmonious contrast of flavours. A space we would most certainly step in again for a quaint setting with satisfying cakes and good coffee; that is also pretty much depending on luck hoping that there are empty seats while passing by the small space...


Cold Brew
Long Black ($3)
A small and cosy cafe under the HDB.
Good quality cuppa with reasonable price!


For coffee lovers only. 😍☕ A tiny standing room-only joint serving up amazing coffee at an affordable price, @nyloncoffee is well known for its roasted beans which are supplied to several cafes in Singapore.

I chose the 5 oz White Coffee ($4.00) and miraculously found myself a quiet spot in a corner with my book of the day. Sipping on that cuppa amidst the crowd, it put a little smile on my face just knowing that moments like these matter. ❤️

And that coffee. Brewed using Pacas beans from El Salvador, that perfect balance of comforting chocolate finish and creaminess of milk in each mouthful was heaven in itself. Only regret is that I didn't order the 7 oz instead. 😅😅😅

Super fantastic ang ku kueh, the skin was soft and chewy and the peanut filling was rich and moist without being overtly sweet. Even my brother who doesn’t usually eat ang ku kueh loved it! Super affordable at $0.90 each too, cheap and good 👍🏻

One of the few stalls opened at night. The chicken chop was really tender. Sauce was surprisingly on the sweet side.