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The $1.30 boat noodles were mehhh to me. Portion small (as expected), and not very tasty too. The star of this meal was the flame grilled ayam legend ($8.90) for sure! I don't know how, but the skin was super crispy while the meat wasn't overly fried/dried. Went well with the spicy chilli dip! ⭐ The next star was the hot steamy sangkayaa (in other words bread toast with kaya dip). The bread was soooo fluffyyy, and the kaya dip had a rich coconuty like of flavour! 👍🏻 #burpple #burpplesg #originalboatnoodlesg #boatnoodlesg #changicitypoint

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Chilling with a tall cup of iced almond milk kopi.
Overall, sweet yet smooth and fragrant.
Quite nice.


Fried tapioca cake and fried 3-in-1 Nian Gao (Kuih Bakul) + taro + sweet potato.
Light crispy snack.

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I opted for the 2 fibre and 1 protein lunch meal. Had the chicken with truffle fries and sauteed broccoli. Fries were stale..probably leftovers from someone else's order. Lacked truffle taste and the broccoli was way too salty! Chicken was tender and nice.

This was the dessert of the day option after I opted for the $5 top up to make the meal a lunch set which came with a soup and a dessert. Nothing to rave about for this one. Simple fuss free dessert.

Came as part of the $5 top up for the lunch set. Creamy bowl of goodness with some chicken meat and carrots.

Fragrance but too oily, only a few shredded chickens found. Not worth the price.


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Laksa fragrance wasn’t too strong and it gets too surfeited after a few mouthfuls. However, the prawns are fresh.


The pasta is average as ingredients is limited, with only a few prawns. For the price of $19, I think it is not worth the money at all. The laksa pasta is creamy but not spicy. As for the truffle pasta, i personally don’t like it as the pasta is quite bland with only truffle smell. I wont be coming back again for their pasta as it is definitely overpriced for this standard.

P/S: Also available at Burpple Beyond