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A combination of pandan, gula melaka and coconut in a delectable cheesecake

Available till 14 July
Topped with egg, cucumber, ikan bilis, and spicy chicken chunks, then finished with Pizza Hut’s house-made sambal sauce

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This has really grown on me, with the beaten egg lending a wispy texture and eggy sweet flavour, complementing the bold savoury sweet salty spicy flavour of the mala peppercorn and spices.
The warm soup / broth really entices, and the fresh ingredients make this a bowl of happiness.
This visit, I chose broccoli, nai bai / milk cabbage, sliced pork, sliced beef, original tofu beancurd, tofu beancurd strips, fish balls, squid balls, and crab stick.
The ingredients are tender crisp bouncy soft in texture, with vegetal meaty sweet savoury grainy spice flavour.
Gong Yuan Ma La Tang
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suuuuper worth ! thai cream sauce pasta was super yum - had a clean n not gelat taste even tho it was creamy && pizza’s liao was not bad ! only sad thing was egg was well done which was kinda weird.. but it was fluffy so i ain’t mad : D paid only $22 for everything including the matcha latte and vanilla latte dAMN WORTH HOR (my big brain drank vanilla latte at 930pm... rip i ain’t sleepin tonight) ANW BRING UR BBG & BBBS don’t say bojio !!!!!

From Toast Box
Comfort portion of Kaya Thick Toast.
Consistently smooth robust hot brewed coffee.
Nice beginning for the day.


Chirashi Don was not the best but the mentaiko scallops tho…. FIRE!

Having BBQ Chicken pizza , cheap and taste 👍👍 I love their pizza, whole pan for $11 only. Pizza crust is cruchy not too thin with lots of ingredient sweet pineapple, grilled oregano chicken with authentic smoked bbq sauce , include topping of capsicum and onion😋😋👍Will be back to try the other flavours @prooferboulangerie

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I bought lotus biscuit shake and Melaka latte (iced). The lotus biscuit shake is a definitely must-try! I love how the drink isn’t too sweet. However, I wasn’t a fan of the Melaka latte as it tasted like roasted coffee. But it does have a taste of the Melaka beans.

The usual price of the lotus biscuit drink is $6.60 and the Melaka latter is $6. The price came up to $6.30 for both drinks! I’m so happy I got it on burpple!

Ratings for drink: 4/5
Ratings for price: 5/5 (it’s more worth it using the burpple app)

Honestly a pretty decent price for coffee. Something I really love about Flash Coffee is how it isn’t overly sweet like other coffee shops. You might not like it if you’re wholly a coffee connoisseur as it does still have a significant amount of flavour from the nutella and lotus biscuit. All in all, I would totally get this again because of how well balanced and not overly sweet this coffee place is

Hidden in the Changi Business Park district, this North Indian fine dining restaurant offers a variety of authentic dishes such as the Prawn Mirch Masala ($17.90) — think juicy tiger prawns off the shell, cooked in an aromatic blend of onions, tomatoes and chilli flakes to a creamy texture. Their Fish Head Curry ($29.90) and Mutton Vindaloo ($18.90) will be the highlight of the meal, with succulent lamb cooked with potatoes in a tangy sauce.

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.