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We had the prawn and asparagus pasta, the burger and the baby back ribs. Nothing much to complain about for all the dishes, but nothing special as well. A place to consider if you’re in the east and not sure what to eat as they have quite a wide-ranging menu.

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A cheap basic burger with no frills, or so I thot. The cheese was melted nicely onto the beef patty and there were pickle n tomato slice. To my delight, I found caramelized onions inside too. That really made the burger level up from a simple basic burger to a great burger. The only thing I didn’t like was that there were bits of tough beef in the patty that I couldn’t chew.


Lemony Garlic Prawn ($14.90) was spectacular. They are very generous with the prawns which is rare for many restaurants and delectable. [8/10]

Teriyaki Chix Spaghettini ($12.90) is a unique fusion dish but Lemony Garlic Prawn wins. [6.5/10]

It may seem like the portion is small because it’s in a jar but it’s just right!

If you’re looking for unconventional pastas, you can add this place to your list! It may be a bit of the pricier side but you can book a table through the ‘eatigo’ app and get a discount!

Hot and bitter cup of black coffee. Nice quiet place to sit and chill. Good place to hibernate to digest after stuffing my face at the food fair in Expo.


Tung Lok Promotional Signature Set Menu (available at Changi City Point on weekdays) presents the following scrumptious items:

1. Deep Fried Soft Shell Prawn Coated with Salted Egg Yolk- the salted egg yolk sauce really packs a punch!

2. Braised Fish Maw with Millet in Pumpkin Broth

3. Traditional Steamed Soon Hock Fillet- incredibly fresh!

4. Sauteed Fresh Scallops and Broccoli in XO sauce

5. Deep Fried Rice Dumpling- one of the highlights of the meal! The outer parts are fried to provide a crunch- an interesting twist to traditional rice dumplings

6. Dessert of the day, served with test tube drinks- a refreshing cocktail mix of coconut water, lemon and blended chye sim.

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Brought mum to try Akimitsu’s tendon and she gave positive feedback for their tendon. She commented that it is not as oily/ greasy as she has expected and the tempura is rather tasty. Moreover, they have multigrain rice option for healthier choice. The tendon comes with a chawamushi. Gonna revisit the outlet at Changi City Point to try their other items in the menu since its just 5 minutes mrt ride from home, though personally Kohaku Tendon still remains as my top choice. 😊

Ps: Mum gave a rating of 3/5 stars. 📍 Akimitsu, Changi City Point

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Tried out @heylongchasg at the newly revamped Century Square cos the flavours seemed like everything I love! ❤️Brown sugar, oolong tea etc... What could go wrong?

Unfortunately, was sorely disappointed with the diluted "Signature" milk tea and the tiny amount of brown sugar pearls given. (Refer to pic) Minus points for the overcooked pearls.

Was so excited to try ALL the flavours, but it looks like I won't be returning again after this disappointing concoction. 😔

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Came here to try after reading ladyironchef post. Looking at his photos, my friend and I both though that the bowl noodle would be normal size but we were surprised when we received a really small bowl of noodle. It's $1.30 per bowl. Can order more bowls of course. We ordered the Pathumthani and Ayutthaya. We asked for both without chili. Both are quite nice. My friend ordered one of their ice blended beverage. It is a really large size beverage. We have not try out the other dishes yet but we both think that we won't come all the way here again just to try the rest of the dishes again as there are nothing much to do in Changi City Point too. Maybe this place would be better for those who are living nearby to visit.

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Comfort food for the heart and stomach 😋 It’s my first time trying Ohana Poke Bowl through Grabfood. It’s so convenient for people staying in the east and personally I like their mentaiko salmon and avocado ❤️ Gonna frequent their store in the future to try their other options.

Date visited: 9/6/2018 (Sat, 9pm)

Managed to reach in time to place our order for the grilled set meals before the kitchen closes.

If you come in slightly after 9pm, there's only soup left.

The grilled sets come with two sides; chose buttered corn and potato salad.

The grilled salmon was fresh. Accompanying sauce was alright. Couldn't really tell what type of sauce it was though.

Buttered corn was very oily and rather salty for some parts. I gave up trying to finish the corn after a while.

Potato salad was ok. Potatoes soft, but not mushy. Creamy, savoury but not overly rich. Nice in an average way.

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My most anticipated dish has got to be the Lechon de Caraway ($12), which is a Filipino delicacy of fried pork belly with their homemade sauce. I have tried Lechon Cebu before and I absolutely love it for its thin crispy grilled skin, a layer of fat beneath it followed by the meat itself. However, this Lechon de Caraway is more towards a German pork knuckle kind of cooking style as the pork belly is deep-fried till crispy. The meat can be a bit tough and dry at times but overall, it’s a very decent piece of meat that you should try. Other dishes that you can order here would be their Tapsilog ($9), which is a traditional garlic rice dish served with marinated beef, sunny side-up egg and pickled vegetables or the minced pork version that’s the Sisiglog ($9)
Comida Fiesta
Address: 1, Expo Drive, Unit 01-41, Singapore 486150