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$13++ for 2 person not bad deal they do not weight separately for meat ingredients

($36 if i recall, $9/100g & a min. order of 400g) the main star of the entire meal !!! the prawns were incredibly fresh & the sauce was yummy, more sweet than spicy

($18) interesting texture of noodles — personally, i prefer ee-fu noodles from canton paradise

($1 each) a crispy texture on the outside but soft on the inside, very lovely when paired together with chili sauce!

• Iced Matcha Latte (S$5.90, large)

• Hot Nutella Latte (S$5.90, small)


Enjoyed the good serving size and different types of dips / sauces provided. Fresh taste of vegetables. Meats were nicely grilled, tender and with a slight char. Overall experience is pleasant.

The restaurant also has a nice ambience, large spacious tables with comfortable lighting, suitable for gatherings.

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Ordered level 1 Mala, spicy pork base soup with a little 麻.



The sauce of the vegetarian version of this Claypot Hokkien Noodles ($8.80) was even saltier than the original, though kudos to them for offering that option too.
But if you still want to try this, I would only recommend the non-vegetarian one.

While the broth was a little too watered down & noodles could have been firmer, there was still some wok hei present!

Crispy chicken thigh in sweet nanban sauce, perfected with shredded cabbage, Japanese tartar sauce and crunchy cucumber