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Cooking: The cheapest deal I know for Peking duck other than Asia grand. Duck is well worth at this price, good enough for me to overlook that the 饼皮 was slightly too thick.

Service: All the staff were prompt with service, and refilling of our tea. However the manager was meh. We didn't opt for 2nd cooking method for our other half duck portion cause the manager who attended to us said there's only 2 methods to choose from - fry with rice or noodles which we weren't a fan of. But I overheard the other waitress offering the other table to fry salt pepper style or spring onion style as well. No idea why but the manager didn't seem friendly with our table. Probably not as high spender as the rest hahaha.

Overall, will go back!

For the uninitiated like me, heytea has a rather limited range of menu compared to other bubble tea chains out there. They’re famous for their cheese series and therefore, I’d reckon the cheezos will be a safe choice. Here’s one of their signatures, the grape cheezo, with thicccccc layer of ‘premium’ cheese foam. Priced at $9.50, it’a gotta be one of the most expensive bubble teas in town. But I told myself the ‘premium’ cheese is probably worth the price. Also, the aesthetic is rather pleasing isn’t it! As you sip past the layer of thicn cheese, the premium grape juice in the form of a slushie greets you! And if you suck hard enough; the last layer of grape jelly, slithers into your mouth. It has the texture of real grapes! Who knows, perhaps it’s indeed just pure grape flesh!

Vanilla frosted rim with cookie crumbs topped w a ‘cookiewich’, crumbles cookies, chocolate chips, whipped cream & chocolate drizzle. Yes, it sounds like a lot bc IT WAS ALOT 😲 the cookiewich & cookie crumbs were really good tho but the actual milkshake itself was just too sweet! Only order this if u have 3 pax or more bc you’ll get ‘jelat’ after a while & u gotta eat this FAST bc the whipped cream will just drop everywhere 😢 recommended to ask them to serve the milkshake later so u won’t have to worry about them melting all over the table while u enjoy ur burgers!

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All American burger w smoky pulled pork, buttermilk slaw & Carolina bbq. Was pleasantly surprised when the burger came w a beef patty tgt w the pulled pork bc we thought it was gonna be a pulled pork burger 🤤 The beef patty (which was cooked to a medium) tgt w the smoky pulled pork tasted fantastic! The cheese coated the patty & the buns were well-buttered & fluffy. The slaw added a nice crunch to the entire burger as well. Fries were okay, nothing to shout about. But out of the 3 burgers that we tried, we felt that this burger was the most worth, definitely recommended! 🙌🏼

Prime burger w aged cheddar, crispy onion ring, bacon, sweet baby rays bbq & mayo. Patty was cooked to a medium so it was soft & tender & slightly pink in the middle. Bacon & onion ring were nice & crisp & went well w the bbq sauce. Fries were mediocre. Pretty good burger but we feel like we could definitely find better burger places for the same price ☹️

Prime burger w house chilli, American cheese, zesty cheese sauce & frizzled onions. The beef patty was nicely cooked to a medium, was soft & tender but we couldn’t really taste the patty much bc the whole burger was just overwhelmed by the cheese & chilli. The house chilli tasted exactly like those meaty chilli sauce that u get on hotdogs. There was also a v rich American cheese flavour throughout the entire burger which was nice, but it was a shame that we couldn’t really taste much of the cheese sauce itself or the frizzled onions bc the whole burger just tasted like sliced cheese & chilli. Fries were mediocre as well 😟 it was okay overall, but we just wouldn’t pay $25++ for this!

@komasingapore BONSAI ($17.00++) Molten Dark Chocolate with Crunchy Parline
#komasingapore #marinabaysands #burpple #burpplesg #sgunited

Got their famous Chicken ‘n’ Watermelon ‘n’ Waffles 🐓🧇 🍉
Loved the bourbon maple syrup, it went super well with the waffles! Fried chicken wasn’t the crispiest — but was pretty tasty 😋

If you are out for sweet challenge, this is one for you. Expect a very strong taste of Milo powder on the sundae. $4.30

Black Knight is a hotpot restaurant started from Taipei, having their outpost here in Marina Bay Sands.

During lunch time, they have lunch set promotion that second set will get 50% off for now.

Ru Rou Fang is one of the selection on the promotion. It comes with a bowl of soup and baked peanut, other than those included in the set (the vegetables). The taste itself wasn’t strong enough as compared to their chicken essence soup. It consider affordable for a meal here in MBS.