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Top 10 in Gardens by the Bay

Top 10 places in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Gardens by the Bay

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

At Wednesday’s dinner with our friends, Chef de Cuisine Greg Bess decided to surprise us with a little something from Spago’s bar and lounge food menu. Not that the shellfish used in their “Crispy Oyster Royal” was little in any way, mind you. Each of the fresh and plump oysters was large, and had been battered then deepfried to a perfect golden brown. It was smothered in a tasty and spicy housemade sambal remoulade, Korean chilli and decorated with tiny flowers and strands of saffron. We were instructed to squeeze the calamansi lime just before popping them in our mouths. Our reaction was priceless. You could tell in an instant how much we loved this dish from the surprise and delight written all over our faces.


Can’t get enough of this mac&cheese man it’s SUPERB 👌🏼 The fried chicken was okay, portion was HUGE my tummy is so full yay 😋

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This was recommended but I don’t really appreciate stewed fruits/warm desserts so it wasn’t much of a highlight for me. Nonetheless it was sweet and still pretty good!

A lobster on top the mac&cheese I’ll never get sick of. I preferred the herb roasted chicken to the fried one we had previously. FULL. 🥘🧀 FOR REAL.

Huge portions, good burgers and CRAZY shakes. 😋 it’s a happy place!!! Perfect for groups!!!

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Ordered the Brooklyn Blackout b/c we wanted brownie toppings and changed the shake base to strawberry! THESE SHAKES ARE SWEET, RICH AND RLY SATISFYING! Perfect for the sweet tooth. The peanut butter one legit lived up to its name. Strawberry one was less sweet.

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This is not the FULL version. It's a snack to pair with drinks. Very nice, generous portion that came with Tiptree ketchup. Perhaps the best ketchup I've ever had. Service was superbly attentive. Will be back surely.

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✔Brooklyn Blackout
Chocolate frosted rim, thick chocolate brownie, chocolate drizzle and.... LOADS of whipped cream 😂

Yes, super chocolatety and sinful but the milkshake is good. The brownie kinda resembles P.osh's chewy brownie: Sticky + Chewy. Tho this seems to be a little more on the sweeter side.
Delight your date with this sweetie? Maybe?
Milkshake: ❤❤❤(❤)

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If only they had taken much care when they fry the sweet potato fries; slightly burnt/overfried!
✔Korean chicken wings which was pretty good!
Overall: ❤❤❤❤