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Nasi lemak $3 consist of fried egg, crispy fried chicken wing & ikan bilis, slightly sweet red chilli sauce and fluffy coconut infused rice from Ah Yong Cooked Food.
Kopi O 90 cents from Dong Shan, fresh brewed. ❤️ Better Health.


$3 a plate of soya sauce chicken with springy noodles, brisk queue, stall is at the corner of food centre.
For braised chicken feet lovers, $2 per addition for the tasty slow-cooked chicken feet. Total sum up $5 for the soya sauce chicken noodles with chicken feet, superb value!
$3 for the medium sized hand made savoury dumpling soup, approx 7 pieces inside.


Stall #01-04 莆田亚珠家乡小食
Putian Lor Mee - $4

Heart warming bowl of soup with a moreish quality. Well balanced with prawns, lala, vegetables and a little pork. Excellent.

Noodles are reminescent of a thinner version of la mian, with a heavy weight and slight bite and chew to it.

For $4, I can't spend my money any better. The stall also makes for a very good cheaper alternative to eating at Putien, as I do not think the food is inferior.

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First time having the kuehs here, and the thing that really stands out would be the very QQ skins for soon kueh but also the peng kueh! I just wish there were more fillings then this would definitely be the best kuehs around!

Homemade ban mian with spicy chilli and generous serving of mince meat ingredients! Love it

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Tasty tender chicken that’s not too spicy but just enough 麻 to keep your saliva continuously coming. Literally 口水鸡 😂. And this huge a plate for just $8! Definitely worth it!


We were there just before 6pm and 6 people were queuing. After going one round around the hawker and back at this stall, there were another 6 people queuing and their faces look so eager 😂 So we joined in. The curry seems to have way more coconut milk than Loo's curry if that's what you are used too. But for its light color it is far from bland. All the flavours are well balanced and the ko lei chai just disappear in your mouth 😍😍 and it's bursting with flavour too!

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Since we were there earlier than the dinner crowd, we decided to get this. Mom keep peering in to see if the mee is the wet kind😂 Anyway, to us it doesn't have the strong broth flavour and the mee hasn't soaked much flavour in too :( The one in Bukit Batok still holds the best Hokkien mee in my heart but they closed... (Where are they now? 😢)

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Finally came back to this hawker centre after closed for months due to renovation.

Red Stove’s fried prawn mee definitely one of the must try in this hawker centre. $3

Really reasonable price and it's everything you'd ask for in a carrot cake. The carrot cake bits were so soft and fluffy!! The elderly uncle steams it fresh every morning, so that you can taste that light bouncy texture in every bite! The large pieces are unevenly chopped up and doused with a generous amount of flavourful eggs, before being heated and then fried on a large sizzling hot plate.
We got both the white and black mixed version ($4), and this dish totally hits the spot! It has a slight spicy heat with just the right amount of chye poh! We like the white version, with the fragrant flavours of the egg and kueh coming through, while the black would be a favourite if you enjoy a sweet touch!
Guan Hin Homemade Carrot Cake
Geylang Bahru Food Centre
69 Geylang Bahru
Singapore 330069 .
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Extra chilli tossed vigorously into my noodles making sure the seasonings blend in. The fishballs were pretty much ordinary. The fish dumplings was more tasty. My advice is to ask for more chilli as it adds more flavors to the noodles.
Some say this is a must try. So I tried. It is not bad. It is not "wow". Stall : Mei Ji Fishball
Geylang Bahru Hawker Centre

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