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Top 10 in Geylang Bahru

Top 10 places in Geylang Bahru, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Geylang Bahru

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Geylang Bahru, Singapore.

Sit down and relax to enjoy the best of both worlds.
Typical boiled stuffed tofu, stuffed red chilli with fish paste in a bowl of clear broth.
Handmade stuffed tofu, stuffed bittergourd and fried minced ball, consistently daily, definitely satisfying.
Self help boiled soya bean scooped into bowl of yellow noodle and added some sweet dark sauce.
Yummy indeed!

From 玲记 Handmade YTF, minimum of 5 pieces, or each piece at 50cents, closed on Sunday, opens 0830am 730pm.


The noodles possessed a quiet, firm confidence, whilst elsewhere the hairline sweat-inducing and unforgettably vengeful chilli played it all rectum-scorching Firaja spell-casting. 4/5


The edges of the radish cake cubes possessed an incisively crisp exterior, whilst elsewhere the portion of egg was happily generous and the chilli a shrimp-fuelled spitfire. 3.8/5


From Hong Mei stall, brisk queue.
Decent portion of tasty fried beehoon with 2 deep fried crispy wings $3.60 only.

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$4.20 for stacked golden toast (thin egg coated white bread), grilled sliced premium ham and fried egg.

Nearby stall, a glass of soya bean drink $1.


From Ma Bo Lor Mee stall, another option in the morning, hot comforting porridge.
$2.50 a bowl, thick rice porridge with lean pork.
Garnished with fried youtiao.

Teh C $1.10 from nearby stall.


Boneless braised duck drumstick, so tender.
Duck skin’s fat was just nice.
Interesting dark sauce fluffy rice.
$4.50 with bowl of soup.

Kopi O 90 cents.


I really really enjoyed the chewiness of the handmade ban mian noodles! Don’t think I’ve tasted such a great texture in ban mian before. Also, beware! Their chilli is very very potent. Ask for less chilli because it turned out to be so spicy that my brother couldn’t even finish it. Thankfully, I ate it before my brother stirred it since I can’t take very spicy food.


One of the best carrot cakes I’ve eaten of late!! I love how generous they are with the egg and the kueh just melts in your mouth. The white carrot cake was very tasty, but I surprisingly liked the black carrot cake more, even though I typically don’t prefer it! The black sauce wasn’t overly sweet and it was so delicious. This is at Geylang Bahru market (which is quite newly renovated still), stall 01-52. It’s also very convenient to get there now, because it’s just opposite the DTL mrt station!


These crispy pork skins made my day as they were absolutely yummy. Soaked in the Loh Mee gravy, they were tasty and added a great crunch. Different but memorable compared to the usual crispy fish that others would use.