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The chicken was really nicely cooked such that even the beast meat was nice and tender. The marinade was slightly sweeter but still really tasty. While the skin wasn’t perfectly crisp, it was alright. The chicken was also cut to make it convenient to eat.

Why we say scary: when we asked how Long more the chicken would take because we had been waiting for quite a while, this bald guy manning the stall shouted back at us, and asked us why we were being rude. When we came back to collect the chicken, he said in Chinese: “if you think you can be mean, I’ll teach you what mean means”. And we just walked away. But we might still return for the food haha but just be careful when you order!

Can Order👍

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Boy was this spicy, even though we requested for it to be less spicy. But don’t let the description mislead you, this was tasty as hell! The minced meat was really flavourful and the noodles were perfectly cooked. The egg was also poached perfectly, and better than some cafes in fact. Only advice: don’t mix all the chili in if you can’t take spicy!


From Victory Hainanese Curry Rice #01-40.
Chosen the big brown deep fried minced pork ball (soft tender inside), deep fried 5 spices seasoned pork chop, tasty curry vegetables and of course fluffy rice.
Wallet friendly $3.50 only.
Definitely will go back again, also other ingredients looking delicious.

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From Shi De Fu, $3.50 a plate of jade green springy noodle with char siew and wanton in savoury soup.
Not bad.

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Chilli is really spicy, even for a chilli lover like me. Apart from that, it's quite a normal bowl of noodle. So I guess the kick here is in the chilli.

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Hui Wei Chilli Pan Mee is not for the faint hearted or weak stomached, the auntie puts a small dollop of her dark chilly which seems unintimidating at first but proceeds to sear your tastebuds off. The $6 portion comes with minced meat, meatball, fuzhou fishballs and an egg with a pool of dark sweet sauce below.

From HuaXing, $3 for this classic set of toast bun with kaya & margarine, two soft boiled eggs & cup of Kopi.
Wallet friendly!


From Everyone Prawn Noodle (#01-08), $3 + short queue, 2 prawns, sliced lean pork, sliced fish cake, sweet soup, added few small red chilli and slurp up!
Really good! Surely will return for it and other variations.


My all-time favourite YTF (Hwa Kee Yong Tau Foo) - the ingredients are very fresh and I will always add vinegar to the chili for an extra kick😍 Sadly, the stall is no longer found after Kallang Bahru hawker centre undergone major upgrading - does anyone know where did they shifted to😢?

Let me be very frank. This looks better than it taste! It was an occasion cake.

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Nasi lemak $3 consist of fried egg, crispy fried chicken wing & ikan bilis, slightly sweet red chilli sauce and fluffy coconut infused rice from Ah Yong Cooked Food.
Kopi O 90 cents from Dong Shan, fresh brewed. ❤️ Better Health.


$3 a plate of soya sauce chicken with springy noodles, brisk queue, stall is at the corner of food centre.
For braised chicken feet lovers, $2 per addition for the tasty slow-cooked chicken feet. Total sum up $5 for the soya sauce chicken noodles with chicken feet, superb value!
$3 for the medium sized hand made savoury dumpling soup, approx 7 pieces inside.