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For only $3.50, this is very cheap and affordable.

Generous amount of thick, fat braised pork belly.

Canton Delicacies have plenty of cheap and affordable food on their menu


Traditional Cantonese style fish slices with crunchy black fungus, at only $6

Cheap and affordable. Steady queue during lunch time.

Fish was fresh. This dish tasted a little light though.

Canton Delicacies have plenty of cheap and affordable food on their menu.


$3.50 for 2 Veg 1 Meat + curry is really delicious!
Whole dish tasted reealllly fresh!

Highly recommend the pork cutlet.
EXtremely crispy yet juicy and tender.
Unlike most fried meat you get outside, the pork cutlet had more meat than flour! ~~85% meat.
Auntie was very generous with the portion of meat too!

An under-the-radar stall for barbecue chicken wings, there's a buzz of activity here as the uniform-clad staff quickly take and fulfill orders.
Well roasted, the chicken wings have a crispy juicy tender texture, with bold meaty savoury salty sweet flavour.
The dipping sauce of chili and lime juice is bright with tangy zesty sour spicy notes, pairing well with the succulent chicken wings.
Chicken Wings
Geylang Bahru BBQ
@ Geylang Bahru Market And Food Centre, 69 Geylang Bahru #01-62
More details:

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Why choose one when you can have the best of both worlds🌗? The Mixed Carrot Cake ($5) from Hua Ji Carrot Cake (华记菜头糕) at Geylang Bahru Market & Food Centre (#01-52) consists of both black and white carrot cake. The white carrot cake is soft, thoroughly coated in egg and fried till fragrant. The black carrot cake is a tad sweet for me, but nonetheless still tasty. Not bad!

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Simple yet delicious! Very wallet friendly too
Portion is bigger than it looks in photo. Took this photo halfway through eating 😂

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NGL the first time I had this it was pretty amazing! Noodles v springy and very flavourful. Never in my life had I thought BCM could taste this good. Bought the $3.50 one and regretted as it tasted so good that I wanted more. Portion felt a little smaller than usual.

Second time I went… ordered the $4 portion and was very excited. However, the dish turned out to be very disappointing… maybe also because I had my expectations up after the first time I had it. It felt like a normal BCM.

Would nevertheless try again when I have feels for BCM. Second try wasn’t bad, unless compared to the first time I had it

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Surprisingly good.

The White carrot cake had a certain crisp to it.

The Black was sweet and flavourful.

Black is better.

Good Secondary dish to have if your lunch not filling.


Would eat this everyday if only I were staying around that area. Very generous portion of chicken. Chicken is v soft and tender. Not loaded with msg - didnt feel thirsty at all after. Auntie even gave me the drumstick even though no request was made 😭
Different sizes available. Would pay $4 for this over any wanton mee anytime. Cheers to the aunties for working hard and providing such tasty meal options

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3rd time here at nineties, my weekly lunch affair.

Value for money as u can choose many combinations of side dishes.

Fried rice was quite good and portion is huge. Almost zhi char level already.

Spring chicken was evenly Fried and the skin was crispy, well marinated and flavourful. Chicken meat tasted fresh as well, as it was soft and tender.

For-see myself coming back here for lunch very oftenly.

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From Suhaime’s
Authentic flavour & tasty gravy that stick to each strand of noodles.
Squeeze the lime, each mouthful is an enjoyment.
Highly recommended!

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