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Fuzhou fishball skin was too floury, avg

Minced meat was avg, chili was very spicy and jammy sweet. I don't like the noodles at all, it's almost like pasta really in terms of the bite? Very ribbony and smooth and heavy instead of chewy and springy as it should be for chili ban mee

Overall its decent, don't make a special trip

Was so excited to try Hui Wei Chilli Ban Mian with my recent obsession and after finding out that they were listed in the Michelin Bib Gourmand. There was decent queue on a weekend afternoon but nothing too frustrating, especially since the stall owners were very amicable. It seems like many went for the soup option, but since this was deemed their signature and I love dry pan mee, I went along with this. The chilli was superb, packing a punch even though I went for medium level. Yes, the boss will ask you to choose xiao, zhong, or da la - and she recommends zhong as the normal level of spiciness! Chilli aside, the meatballs, a unique addition, was soft and nice, and not too gamey. Personally thought the ban Mian could be bouncier and not just soft, as it gave a very flat texture to it. That being said, I would return to try their soup noodles!


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Value for money Cantonese-style steamed dishes in a hawker centre.

Fresh prawns are butterflied and steamed on a bed of glass noodles in HK-style sauce of Shaoxing wine, light soy and minced garlic, topped with fried garlic and coriander. I like to leave the vermicelli till the last to let it soak up the sauce for more flavour.

The sliced fish steamed egg was a dish I noticed many people order while waiting in the queue. The custard turned out silky smooth and the fish slices were fresh. I was also recommended the salted egg pork patties steamed rice to go along with my order. It came with a juicy and tender 80:20 meat-to-fat ratio pork patty, salted egg and leafy greens on a bed of fluffy rice drizzled with dark soya sauce. Simple and flavourful.

Steamed Garlic Prawn with Vermicelli 》$9
Sliced Fish Steamed Egg 》$6.50
Salted Egg Pork Patties Steamed Rice 》$3.50

Want to build your own Mala Bowl? If so, Liang Zai Mala is the place to be! Take your pick from a variety of fresh ingredients and customise your very own bowl to your heart’s content.

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After few months, they still mention burpple deals is not available to redeem. If not available then remove from Burpple la !!!!


Staff told me Burpple was’nt ready at this outlet but still gave me the discount anw! Mentai chicken is nice. Pork belly meat is tough, taste like smoked duck. Lok lok broccoli is nice w the seasoning!

From Hajjah Sadiah
Definitely return to get this again.
Simply tasty bowl of Mee Rebus


wow it was spicy. the chilli packs a punch. the minced meat seemed to be fried (can taste a bit of the fried taste) and the ikan bilis was crunchy enough. texture of ban mian was just alright, neither too hard or soft. the sauce was alright, expect a sweet and savoury dark soy sauce. I would like it better if they give more vegetables and ikan bilis though. but the star (irony as the dry chilli ban mee is the star) was the soup. I would come back one day just to try the soup noodles but will not go for the dry chilli ban mee again.

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During this rainy season, one dish I crave is fish head steamboat, and the one from this zi char stall really doesn't disappoint. Their cook is good, making other zi char dishes really good as well!

The Fish Head Steamboat ($35) came in a big pot with numerous vegetable ingredients and fish head slices. There may be quite some bones in each of the pieces, but they do have quite some meat as well. The fish head meat had a wonderful bite, with fresh sweet fish flavours coming in. Their soup is really the highlight, with rich robust flavours coming from the anchovies, vegetables and fish head. Its super addictive!

Their BBQ Sotong Squid ($36 for 3, seasonal price) is another of their speciality and I highly recommend getting them. Each squid slice is tender yet chewy and they were packed with so much seafood sweetness and smokiness from the grill. Pair them with their homemade green chilli sauce and it's really perfect.

Even their vegetable dish is worth a mention. Their Stir Fried Potato Leaves ($18 for medium) is fresh and all generously drenched in a robust sauce and the fried preserved vegetables on top made the dish so much more complex with its contrasting crispy texture and the smoky savoury flavours.

Definitely be back again!

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Hakka Abacus Seeds 客家算盘子 (S$3.30)

Soon Kueh 笋粿 (S$5.50/ 5 pieces)

大 巴 窑 93 筍 粿 Toa Payoh 93 Soon Kueh
Address 🛖 : 69 Geylang Bahru, # 01-68 Geylang Bahru Market and Food Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 330 069
Website 🕸️ : https://93-hawker-stall.business.site

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Bomb's Kitchen is a western food store located in a coffee shop of an ordinary looking coffee shop, and serving an ordinary looking chicken cutlet.

So I was rather surprise, that the chicken cutlet was rather good, portion was rather big, and the chicken was so tender, juicy and the batter was crispy.

For $7.30, will come back anytime

Geylang Bahru has 2 stalls selling Carrot cakes, and both of which are rather good.

Small portion is just right as a top up if u still feel hungry after a meal. It taste good and there's a small $3 portion to order from.

Will definitely return to have more again.


Rating: 4.5/5