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It’s been pretty much a thing that it is a must that the dining partner and I must have items from Wok With Man whenever we hit Culture Spoon during the weekend; the favourite dish usually being the Thai Crabmeat Fried Rice, if not the Tom Yum Seafood Soup. That being said, we found ourselves switching up to order the Truffle Ribeye Donburi during our latest visit there off Craft’B’s menu instead in a rare attempt to try something new — the menu only being available for lunch on Sundays, and for dinner from Thursday to Saturday.

Strange enough, the Truffle Ribeye Donburi comes served on a plate instead of being served in a bowl like how one would have expected of a typical Donburi — each order off Craft’B’s menu will also come with a small bowl of miso soup on the side. Looking past the aesthetics, the Donburi here does seem rather wholesome though nothing too unexpected; it comes with a good portion of beef and rice, whilst also served with a sous-vide egg and garden salad on the side — a pretty wholesome affair. Digging into the rice, the rice did seem more flavoursome than it actually tasted — the rice is actually pretty well-executed here where it was sufficiently moist, yet coming with Shimeiji Mushrooms for a bouncy bite; the wobbly sous-vide egg gives it a creamy texture when it is mixed in. That being said, I am guessing that the rice’s mellow savoury flavour is intentionally done here — was pretty surprised how well it tasted when one portions out some rice to be had with the ribeye; just savoury enough with a hint of truffle aroma that keeps one going. We especially loved how the beef is executed here — had one Donburi too many where there are often veiny or fatty parts that are difficult to chew but this didn’t require any effort to chew; pretty much needless to say that the dining partner, despite being one who doesn’t like red meat, actually found it pretty acceptable. The garden salad is nothing much to shout about; though provided a refreshing crunch from the carbs and the meat for a good balance.

Have always found Culture Spoon’s concept pretty exciting where different tenants operate out of their kitchen during different hours — there is always something different to experienced with every visit here. Also, do check out the bakes from Cultured Bakeyard whilst at it; well-executed bakes and cakes that is totally worth making the trip here for. There’s still quite a number of concepts that I have yet to try here — let’s just see when we get adventurous again when we head here the next time!

steak was not bad! but fries were like frozen fried ones probably

not good. dry patty not juicy, crumbly. burger bun was so factory mass produced and basic. only saving grace was the other components of the burger which were average at best

description : the American favourite with our signature 80% dark chocolate ice cream

can I say it’s a Singaporean favourite too? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Bangkok Jam x Gift of Giving
For every Mango Sticky Rice Soufflé sold from 1-30 Nov, Creative Eateries will be donating $5 to the Gift of Giving initiative

Portions are big, so it’s for sharing. Flavours were deep and tasty with umami for the Buah Keluak dish (Chicken). Curry vegetables had egg plants, lady fingers, carrots and cabbage. Would prefer to have potatoes and more spice. When you order the rice at additional $2.80, comes with free flow rice, achar and sambal chili! Also their durian chendol ($7) was fragrant. Would recommend to people who likes to try peranakan food.

Double-stuffed Deboned Roast Turkey ($298, approximately 3.5kg for 10-12 persons) from Da Paolo Gastronomia’s selection of festive favourites, that available for takeaway and delivery.
Beside turkey, Da Paolo Gastronomia also offer Deboned Roast Chicken ($118, approximately 2kg for 4-6 persons)

And for the sweets side, they have :
🎄Gingerbread House ($130, height 36cm)
🎄Stacked Gingerbread Christmas Tree ($79, height 28cm)
🎄Da Paolo Signature Tiramisu Party Bowl ($158, approximately 1.6kg for 10-14 persons)
🎄Italian Praline Wreath ($68, diameter 18cm | petite version at $19.90, diameter 10cm)
 🎄The Panettone (from $65) are exclusively made by Da Paolo’s artisanal bakers in Italy, using time-honoured techniques with the best all-natural ingredients and sourdough starter.

from 3 to 30 November 2021, customer can enjoy an early bird offer of 20% off Festive Roasts.

To place an order, can visit this link https://gastronomia-foodtoorder.dapaolo.com.sg/ from 3 November to 26 December 2021 or while stocks last (whichever is earlier).
for self pick-up from any Da Paolo Gastronomia outlet and delivery from 6 November to 31 December 2021. Orders must be made three days in advance, before 12pm.
📍Da Paolo Gastronomia outlet.

The queue is moving slow, as if uncle cook per plate. The char kway teow have mild wok hei, and lesser sweet compare to my previous visit. Served with cockles, lup Cheong and sliced fish cake.
📍No 18 Zion Road Fried Kway Teow.
Stall 17 at Zion Riverside Food Centre.

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Previously located at Great World City, House on the Moon is back at it after taking a short hiatus ever since they had moved out of their former premises — they have since moved to GR.iD along Selegie Road, which houses other F&B establishments such as Isshin Machi, OOTB, Shinsho Ramen and Chops! Grills and Sides amongst others. Still being the open kitchen concept where patrons sit around the counter that surrounds all the action happening in the kitchen, House on the Moon has extended their menu to include sous vide meats and pastas, alongside their signature plated desserts with tea pairings and tarts that were previously available at their Great World City location.

The Moon Walk was a dessert which we had tried during our visit to their Great World City outlet when they had first opened their doors back then — this is essentially the same as what it was; features elements such as Yogurt, Nut Butter and Coconut. A dessert that is conceptualised by Chef Juan Amandor of Alma by Juan Amandor and Hüseyin Turan of House on the Moon, this is a dessert that was easy to have; one that combines the use of more neutral flavour profiles such as coconut and vanilla alongside crumbles, white chocolate bits and nut butter, as well as yogurt that provides for tang that gives a contrast of flavours to the dessert — one that is rather soothing without any heavier elements such as chocolate or berries, yet being sufficiently rich and creamy. Those smooth textures are complimented with the crunch from the crumbles, and some fluffy elements such as the yogurt-infused bits of cake included — all that pairing well with the tea that accompanied the dessert which carries notes of coconut and cream within.

It is pretty interesting how House on the Moon has settled themselves in this corner of the island — somewhat of a gem in the area considering how most of the eateries around this area doesn’t have quite the focus that they share; more catered towards the mass market than gourmands. That being said, I really like how they are able to show adaptability in the presentation of their plated desserts in tart form — allowing patrons to have the experience of the plated dessert that is usually suited for dine-in in a takeaway-friendly format. House on the Moon is a spot that is worth making the trip for those who are looking for plated desserts — there aren’t many places around that serves desserts this way, and this makes them pretty unique as an F&B establishment that revolves themselves around such a theme.

Many might vote the stall at Zion Road to be the best while there are some that will dispute that. Nonetheless, that is good competition so that we can inspire the next generation of hawkers to continue the legacy of this iconic stir fry noodle and not land this dish into the history books. To me, my votes still go to both Hill Street Fried Kway Teow and Outram Park Fried Kway Teow.
✨ No.18 Zion Road Fried Kway Teow
📍 70 Zion Road, Zion Riverside Food Centre, 01-17, Singapore 247792
🍴 [Self Funded]

Ordered the dessert pairing set (pic missing Brownie). Superbly good if you are a fan of chocolate & best for sharing 🥰

[✨PROMO✨] I have a TEA-rific deal to share 🍵

𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗕𝗹𝗮𝗰𝗸 𝗥𝗼𝘀𝗲
Well-balanced with the natural sweetness from the rose, this cold brew had almost a smokey taste to it. Aromatic aside, this is also a sugar-free, high antioxidant and low caffeine option 🖤🌹

Apart from this, there are also 𝗣𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗵 𝗕𝗹𝗼𝘀𝘀𝗼𝗺 and 𝗖𝗹𝗼𝘂𝗱 𝟵 𝗗𝗿𝗮𝗴𝗼𝗻 cold brew options.

Limited quantities available each day. Do check with their staff for the Cold Brew of the Day.

Receieve FREE tea leaves sample for every purchase of cold brew at $3 (usual price $3.80). Complimentary tea leaves can brew 2-3 cups. Valid from now till 5 Dec, applicable for onsite, delivery or takeaway.

IG: @myfoodframes