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Very thick and matcha taste quite rich. But super duper sweet. I had to ask for ice twice after the first round melted. Still I couldn’t finish it. Really enjoyed chilling at the cafe thou. So pretty.

Wanted to try their durian cake but it was no longer available. A very pretty cake but much too sweet for me.

I call this the old man’s tea set because typically you see how the elderly love sipping their hot teh / Kopi with a pau in hand.

I’d always return to valley point’s nam kee for my pau fix because the paus here are freshly made on site .

Seemingly more fluffy pau skin a quieter and enjoyable environment for an inexpensive tea set .

The coffee and teas here are also well made - some say better (and definitely cheaper ) than Toast Box .

The char siew pao was slightly on the salty side today but still enjoyable - as the flavour was eased off by the tea . The saving grace is that the meat is pretty lean.

Get as set of 2 char siew paos and a tea / Kopi for only 3 dollars - extremely affordable .

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You can read my previous review for the other Elemen outlets.

Elemen [email protected] city offers a different menu from other Elemen outlets~ with more truffle based dishes and also their popular selections from past menu with a more enhanced classic plating.
1) Appetiser
-Pickled cherry tomato in plum sauce, pickled cucumber and jelly 3.75/5

2) Truffle bread sticks with blueberry yogurt sauce.
-The bread sticks were served warm and it was so chewy and fluffy with prominent truffle aroma🤤😍 The blueberry sauce was flavourful with a slight sweet-sour tinge 4.75/5

3) Salad: Winged bean with honey yuzu sauce
-The sauce was a little too sweet for my liking.

4) Soup: Double-boiled Cordyceps Flower with Peach Gum in Superior Soup
-This is by far the best soup that i had from elemen in all these years. The soup had a robust flavour of cordyceps from the hours of double-boiling 4.5/5

5) Pink Salt tofu with purple roll
-The pink salt tofu had a nicely crisp savoury exterior that perfectly harmonised with the soft silky interior.
-For the purple rice roll, the cucumber inside elevated the whole texture of the sushi, giving it a very nice crunch. Topped with cereal oats, curry leaf and chilli padi, it gave us the feeling of eating cereal prawns. Love that spicy kick from that chilli padi 4.75/5

6) Stir-fried angel hair pasta in black truffle sauce
-The black truffle taste was very distinct and flavourful complementing well with the angel hair pasta. This dish feels very similar to cold capellini pasta with truffle oil and caviar with the exception that it is served warm and the pasta was slightly too overcooked for my liking. 4/5

7) Pink salt coffee 5/5

8) Iced lychee rose
-Light and refreshing with fizziness from the soda

9) Purple rice porridge with coconut ice-cream
-The porridge was a little too sweet for my liking. Luckily the fragrant coconut icecream was less sweet, reducing the overall sweetness of this dish. 4.25/5

10) Chocolate lava cake
-Moist and gooey 4.5/5

Can go
No go
MUST GO😊 as previously reviewed


Their dining concept is focused on a modern interpretation of natural and meatless cuisine with the use of natural ingredients. Their food never disappoints.👍🏻
🎄This Christmas, they are having an 8 course Set Menu ($38.80 per pax) till the 31 Dec. Swipe Left to check out some of the dishes:
▪️Elemen Xmas Appetiser (Mozzarella Cheese balls on pesto, Asparagus w pink salt, Watermelon and balsamic)
▪️Classic Caesar Salad- what look like “Bacon bits” are actually made out of croutons and taste so similar
▪️King Oyster Shroom Chowder
▪️Crispy Portobello Mushroom w asparagus - This is one of my fav!
▪️Cranberry and Strawberry Sorbet
▪️Christmas Cream Pasta- with unique fresh sea grapes
▪️Raspberry Red Velvet Logcake- with a tinge of sourness, this cake is certainly a delight to eat. It’s so moist too!
▪️Santa’s Secret Fruit Tea- so refreshing!! I wouldn’t mind a second cup
⭐️Come celebrate Christmas at Great World City from now till 25 Dec with a fun-filled line-up of activities, exciting promotions and offers just for you! Check out new surprises coming up in mid-December, providing all shoppers with extended choices. More details are available on greatworldcity.com.sg or check our their Facebook Page and Instagram page.⭐️
Thank you @elemensg @greatworldcitysg for hosting and @singaporefoodlisting for the invite 🥰
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You mian ($3)

No frills. Ingredients not much but for the price the taste is okay.

Xiao wan mian ($4.50)

Noodles needed more chilli sauce, otherwise tasted bland. Soup wise and ingredients were good.

红油抄手 ($4.50)

Wantons and the filling inside is nice. Soft but does not disintegrate. The sauce is not spicy and sour enough, added more vinegar on my own but still tasted a little sweet.

Mixed veg rice ($2.90)

Ordered less rice, curry chicken, braised egg and long beans. Braised egg quite tasteless inside.

Beef pepper rice ($6.90)

Tasty! Beef was not alot but the rice and butter with rice and pepper was nice. Goes well with the honey sesame sauce.

This plate of CKT was lacking the sinful taste it should have. Wished it was a little saltier, oilier with more egg and more flavours. More on the healthier side, it was lacking the Wok Hei.
On the other hand, the Ngor Hiang was what we would return for. Each order was based on number of pax and they didn’t allow choosing. But every item on our plate tasted great.

It was pretty flavorful & sweet, but I preferred my CKT to have some chilli in it. 🔥🔥 ⁣

Plates were priced $4/$5/$6/$8 and I ordered $5. ⁣
Uncle was v generous w his ingredients and cooked each plate individually. 🥰 Wah, when you bite into the cockles, you can literally taste the sea. 😂😂😂 ⁣

🍽 is 70 Zion Rd, #01-17, Zion Riverside Food Centre, Singapore 247792 ⁣

🕰 Opens daily ⁣
12.30pm-10.00pm ⁣