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Love my steaks done rare. Although the kitchen didn’t quite do it right the first time, they succeeded the second time - still red on the inside! 👍🏼


Medium-rare steak with poached eggs. Nutritious and filling meal. I hope they’ll put this on their HV outlet menu soon!

This stall is next to the famous char kuay teow.
Good price fruit juice. This is celery with papaya. $2.50

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$4 for 8 pieces of dumpling. Quite filling and tasty. The stall serves ban mian and fish soup

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Even has photo of PM Lee.

This plate is $6 although you can order the $4 ones. We felt it's quite normal only, not worth the long wait.

The cockles are very little for this larger plate and there is no lard edible by us. The black sauce was not too sweet.

Overall we rate this only 7/10. There are better ones like the soft mushy type at Marine Parade and the popular one at Hong Lim.

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Lol. We r used to breadsticks and butter as pre-order extras. This was different :D

Very thick soup, delicious and went very well with the bland chicken too. Can be tried.

Roasted chicken piece with rice, part of the total meal we took. Quick service, but, seemed chicken was pre-prepared and kept. Ideally, should have been roasted fresh. Juicy nevertheless.

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Chunks of roast chicken breast with mayo, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and avocado was sandwiched between the freshly baked panini 🤤 Pair it with a coffee or tea, or even some of their smoothies and juices🥤#artisanboulangerieco #greatworldcity #cafe #cafehopping #cafehoppingsg

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Rice Cake with Vegetables Soup. The rice cake is thick, sticky and bouncy, generously bask in rich vegetable soup.
Full review of IndoChili is up on
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Bangkok Jam is a chain of family Thai dining restaurants in Singapore. We like it's grilled chicken thus one is around $25++. If you don't want spicy Tomyam soup you can ask for non spicy version.

One area we don't like is they do not serve ice water even if we are willing to pay and we have to cough up $4.90 for a bottle of Evian water. Please remember not everyone wants to drink your ice tea or other drinks. Serving 50cents tap water goes far to win more customer.

Rating 6/10. Food is good but spoilt by the need to buy Evian water.


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The Superfood Kale Salad ($12) was not only vegetarian but also a gluten-free option 🥗
The first thing I loved about the salad was the lemon dressing which was so light and perfect for the lettuce and kale. The apple, cherry tomatoes, edamame and pecans added a crunch to every bite and tbh I’m a little biased because I love cranberries and pecans. Together with feta cheese, this salad was too enjoyable. If I could change one thing, was that they should put more of that lemon dressing 🍋
Feel free to add on meat options like Salmon Fillet ($6), Grilled Chicken ($4), or Half Avocado ($4) too 🥑 #artisanboulangerie #artisanboulangerieco #greatworldcity

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