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😍 Char Kway Teow cravings satisfied. First time trying this popular CKT.

Ordered their largest portion at S$6 which is suitable for 2 persons to share.

Taste was good, neither overly sweet or salty to me. The kway teow and noodles are fried in dark sauce with cockles, eggs, pork lard pieces, lup cheong, fishcake, beans sprout. Expect long queue for this.

[Temporary located at Chinatown Complex Food Centre as the Zion Riverside Food Centre is currently under renovation]

No.18 Zion Road Fried Kway Teow (02-25) - Temp location
Chinatown Complex Food Centre
335 Smith Street
Singapore 050335

Supposedly this is the Malaysian version which is on the spicier side, but to be honest I didn't notice much difference!!! It was very good thought and I loved the amount of egg given. The whole mini food court is not bad but feels a bit like a bougie food court...

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Steak had a nice char! Good value with Burpple Beyond!

One of the cafe’s popular items.
Very well priced at 5.20.

Could jolly be priced at 8 to 9 dollars in other atas cafes .

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Interesting shio pan texture here - a little more chewy than ordinary breads but tasted very organic ie no bread improvers etc .

Smooth and enjoyable cappuccino.

Can try their baked curry puffs and lemon tart - one of the more reasonably priced items here .

Service is a plus plus point - friendly and warm .

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Trying a yunnan blend for the first time and didn’t like the sourish tinge but top class service here from the accommodative staff whom changed my drink to a cappuccino- so much better .

The banana cake had a nice texture and good banana flavour - can do with much less sugar .

Quite a pretty cafe to sit and watch the world go by I say .

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Pretty decent ramen! Noodles sufficiently springy but flavour is ok only, tasted almost like those Chinese yellow noodles. My black garlic broth is oddly milder than the normal garlic broth, but I preferred mine because the garlic broth one got saltier towards the end. They even have fresh sliced garlic in the soup itself so if you don’t like garlic don’t get their Umami series 😂

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This place specialises in creative modern interpretations of Dim Sum . We tried the XLB, CCF , Dumplings .. everything is good . But it was cold and rainy that day and somehow the good old piping hot congee which had the sweetness of the pumpkin hit the right spot for me .

Was absolutely enamoured with this kokutou fig bun ($2.20) - fluffy and chewy, every morsel yields a mouthful of grainy sweetness!

The kouign amann ($2.20) is tinged with the saccharine sweetness of molasses. Perfectly crisp on reheating with layers of buttery pastry within. The almonds provide a lovely depth in flavour and texture!

This is from the Thai food purveyor and it's pretty good. Lots of crab. $9

Best muffins

Yakun serves up some of the bestest and fluffiest muffins I have tried so far - definitely better than those from 4 leaves ( reeks of artificial butter smell and too hard on the outside ) , BreadTalk ( don’t bother ) , marche ( too greasy ), MacDonalds (pretty ok too but relatively sweeter ) .

I have tried the banana walnut , orange chocolate and double chocolate - all good .

Paired Witt coffee or tea or your choice at 3.50 per set .

Ask for your muffin to be warmed up slightly - muffins are best when warm 🐹.

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