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Well-balanced coffee and milk ratio; not bitter or acidic..

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Prawn & crab meat patty with medley of spices, lightly breaded & deep-fried to crispy; with a slice of sourdough which is crispy outside & fluffy inside; topped with scrambled egg; love the yuzu infused hollandaise sauce which is creamy yet refreshing on tastebud; with fresh baby spinach at the side..


Japanese rice is crispy & dry but slightly tough; topped with sliced avocado; tuna is half-seared to perfection; love the pickled ginger which complement the tuna well; with siracha aioli & wasabi cream puree; love the wasabi cream puree which tasted light & not overpowering the tastes of other ingredients; sweet potatoes fries are crispy & not greasy; worth a try..

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U can only choose the price. We were lucky cos there's no normal 13nett prawns, so I actually got the 20nett deep sea prawns instead. The highest price is 28 which are the same prawns but larger

Pig skin has good texture but the braise is weak.

The dry one is not recommended, cos the sambal is v avg

Honestly the big prawns don't taste too much better than the smaller prawns. It just tastes different, so unless you're a prawn connoisseur it really is not too worth it


Gets you the most normal prawns, but still of reasonable size and quite generous.

No more pork ribs at night. The pork belly had a nice sticky skin but it was not brined and so really had no flavour.

Soup was insane tho. It's really briny, a proper prawn broth, the salty kind. One of the strongest versions I've had(maybe the strongest of this style), and an authentic one(not the reinterpreted kinds)

However I feel like it's not good for drinking, cos it's better if it were slightly less salty and more tempered with a bit of sweetness as well as more body. This would be good as a base for some other dish instead of being used directly


Bakery with atas-looking bread. This is essentially a brown sugar bun. Very cool. Tasted atas too.

The novelty you come here for. Lovely deep-fried bun and sesame seeds. The filling was more average.

I had thought the ubiquitous Henghua dish would be the most orthodox here, but no, it's red in colour. It came from its signature red mushroom, which is apparently native to mountains in Fujian. Overall a competent pot of lor mee.

A very small bowl, but interesting. Very thin dumpling skin and apparently the filling was pounded 12,000 times over 3 hours. Interesting lah but once is enough.

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