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Top 10 in Holland Village

Top 10 places in Holland Village, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Holland Village

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Holland Village, Singapore.

A quaint and rustic little Italian restaurant nestled in the quiet estate that is Chip Bee Gardens, Madrinaa Italiano presents classic Italian cuisine done nothing less than proper. Spanish for “god-mother”, Madrinaa provides a namesake dining experience with humble and pastoral dishes that are reminiscent of a home-cooked meal in Italy. Dinner was a lovely experience with its homely interior and a beautiful table setting, perfect if you are looking to impress. I had the Risotto Con Maiale ($28), a delightfully creamy risotto served with generous chunks of confit pork belly, sautéed forest mushrooms in a white wine cream sauce and parmesan with truffle oil. Earthy, rich and subtle, this dish was sophisticated in its charming presentation and a simply delicious plate of risotto. My partner had the Harsha’s Pasta ($28), with al dente linguine, chicken sausage and beef pepperoni coated in a beautifully tangy and spicy marinara sauce.


I had wanted to order this Yu sheng from Full Of Luck club ever since seeing how cute and colourful it was on their Instagram. We were intending to order this for pickup for CNY Day 1 dinner. Unfortunately, they weren’t open for CNY Day 1 so we had to give it a miss. I also visited with my parents on Day 6 and we did order the Yu sheng but we could only get the small portion as t was 3 of us sharing (pictured in another review). We were disappointed but of course the plate was too small to hold the deco.

After two bouts of disappointment, imagine my glee when I found out that I could order delivery for the Yu sheng via foodpanda so I did exactly that and ordered the large Yu sheng and some dishes for my office CNY lunch. Foodpanda actually sent two riders over, one with the foodstuffs we ordered, and another carrying only the Yu sheng. The pig did get jostled a little and it’s ears were moved out of place, but I think they did a pretty good job minimising bumps while delivering so yay!

Now looking at Yu sheng like this always makes me feel happy even though it’s gimmicky. In addition, the vibrant colours of the veg just make it oh so tantalising. We did our own addition of ingredients with our random rojak of well wishes and poured only one tub of oil instead of the two tubs provided. Also, we wanted to add extra Poh chai crackers of our own but couldn’t find it at ntuc by day 10 - thankfully the amount given by the restaurant was pretty decent and we didn’t need to add on more anyway. They also give a good amount of smoked salmon, and these come in large strips. Might be better for bigger groups if these had been cut into smaller slices else you’d end up fighting with your colleagues for the pieces of salmon or trying to pry the salmon apart with your chopsticks.

The Yu sheng tastes pretty good overall, but tends to get too sweet because of the copious amounts of boba. One of my colleagues mentioned that there was too much pickled veg but I didn’t find it overpowering. Word of caution though: make sure you toss the Yu sheng VERY thoroughly as we ended up with large clumps of pickled veg and boba about halfway through the Yu sheng which we had missed during the toss.

My personal must order as the noodles are chewy and very well made. The mala sauce went well with it and would have been perfect if not for the chicken which was a tad too dry.

Choice of vermicelli or flat noodles for pad thai. Simple traditional dish, can’t go wrong with pad Thai. Nothing special except the portion is huge — very worth for the low price of $6. Queues are insanely long during peak hours so best to go before dinner crowd.

Salmon poke bowl was very good! Loved the perfectly cooked half boiled egg and salmon was very fresh. The tofu zoodles were very light and “refreshing”, great vegetarian option. Very satisfied meal! Price range about $12-$20 here.

The sister of creamier, the one that's always featuring a group of people waiting outside the shop for seats! The crowd has never seemed to die at all.

First time trying their soft serve in a cone, instead of pairing it with their famed waffles. The cone is blackish and seems to be charcoal flavoured. My partner in crime found it to be slightly bitter and we ended up finishing all the ice cream, leaving behind an empty cone shell 😂😂 #PRIORITIES

The ice cream itself was pretty good! The nutty fragrance hits you on first lick. Slightly on the sweeter side, but what's dessert without that sugar punch right! Also another steal on Beyond, the signature ice cream with 2 toppings (as pictured) for $4.5 - no gst, no svc charge! Holla over if you're in the hood~

A scroll through Burpple reviews will let you know that their Aburi Scallops &Salmon bowl is a MUST-TRY.

It's a bowl of japanese white rice, topped with aburi salmon cubes in the center. Sliced cucumbers and aburi scallops line up around the bowl. Each shellfish is crowned with a little dollop of black truffle and finally, a sprinkle of tobiko completes this.

Do note that wasabi is available upon request! The scallops go really well with that salted truffle. The scent of the funghi doesn't come off too strongly and the saltiness complements the seafood perfectly. That balance of the sweetness, saltiness &fragrance is just right! The aburi salmon are not too bad either.

This bowl is priced at $17 nett (yesss no gst nor svc charge here!). But with Burpple Beyond, JUST $8.50. EVERY MEETUP I ALSO WANNA GO TO THIS PLACE PLS.


Aburi scallops with salmon don ($17) - This is the dish to order if you are unsure which of the many dons you should pick at this simple and honest eatery. The generous dollops of aburi scallops are smothered with the gentle fragrance of truffle and the salmon pieces are such a delight to sink your teeth into. Be warned though that the rice portion will not fill a hungry man but for most ladies like me, it is just right! This is one of the better burpple beyond deals that I will be sure to visit again. 👍🏼😋

Use my referral code for 20% off burpple beyond: YIJU007


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Made using fish paste, the noodles are al dente with a hint of fish flavour, yet not too fishy. Also served with fresh crabmeat, the noodles is cooked in X.O chilli to give it a subtle spice fragrance which elevates the whole enjoyment.

Find out more at https://www.sgfoodonfoot.com/2019/01/full-of-luck-restaurant-holland-village.html
Full Of Luck Restaurant
243 Holland Ave
Singapore 278977
Tel: +65 62086845
Nearest MRT: Holland Village (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 11pm


Came on our date night. Had the special off menu item: Arancini balls for $30, risotto ball w veges and grilled brinjal & mesclun salad. Delicious. Must have. Worth it w 1-for-1. 2nd dish was a make our own pizza, Sun dried tomatoes were too sour for our liking. We sat outdoors which is less noisy. All in all, great experience!

These were good for pre/post meal snacks. No carbo. Sambal chili went perfectly with both wing and egg.

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