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Tried the Aburi Scallops salmon don, really good and worth it with 1-1! Would revisit to try other dishes next time :)

Amazing food, quaint ambience. My friend and I shared a Mezze Platter. The dips were so flavourful, my favourite was the one with the chickpeas. I ordered the Moussaka, tasted very similar to a lasagne. My friend ordered the Spanakopita, the pastry was flaky and flavour of the spinach was amazing.

Roast beef with mustard and cheese resting between two slices of their toasted homemade bread.

Mayo might have been a bit of an overkill but salmon given was v v generous and tasted really good! Unagi was not bad too :) Burpple 1f1 @15 for both dons!

Do you drink coffee?

I’m no coffee drinker.. not until until recently. I started feeling the need for coffee, special love cafe latte.

Happened to pass by ΔRΔBICΔ when the queue was short, so I had to get one for myself. It was nice & tasted really smooth, definitely would drink again.

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Cafe Latte $8

a simple don topped with a generous amount of salmon & scallops!

the star of the dish was no doubt the scallops, with a rich smoky flavour from the searing. the best part was definitely the small dollop of truffle on each piece, which added a fragrant aroma and a rich umami flavour to the pieces. honestly super duper yummy 😋

honestly the salmon was quite mediocre. it was slightly cooked on some sides but distinctly lacking the charred aburi flavour one would expect from the flame searing (though this was definitely present in the scallops!). i’m guessing they only torched the top of the bowl, such that mostly the scallops and very little salmon pieces were torched. what a shame :-(

would come back for the scallops 👍🏻

$17 (but 1 for 1 with burpple beyond!) | 7/10

fifth time eating at umi nami! got the 1 for 1 with my friend who had the unagi don. aburi salmon don is my favourite out of all the rice bowls here. salmon is lightly torched and served with their special soya sauce cubes! refreshing and good. was quite disappointed with the service this time though. but overall still a nice place to eat at

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From Monki Cafe
Sliced Handmade Sponge: Matcha & Original
Honey Ginger Tea in a pot.
Loved the friendly smiles and interior.


The lemon cream inside is similar to those in lemon biscuits! What a childhood flavour within an old school donut

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Love the proportion of clams to pasta