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(牛肋條 + 牛筋 + 牛肚 + 腱子心)

Premium Braised Combination Beef Noodles
boneless rib cut, tendon, tripe, golden coin

Pizza toppings were very generous and the wood fire dough pizzas had a nice char, texture & taste to it! Service was impeccable as well, staff were very friendly and kept topping up our water whenever they pass by.

Newly opened Niu Dian 牛店 at Holland Village is their second outlet in Singapore. With Show Luo as their brand ambassador, I would see many swarming to try out this store.

Their menu is simple - different cuts of beef with noodles, with either soup or dry options. They do have a premium version as well which has the meats in a braised option.

I went for the simplest option to taste the broth at its origin. Having recently been to Taiwan, I had pretty high expectations as the ones in Taiwan were pretty unbeatable.

Noodle texture wise, you could choose between soft, medium & hard. Went for the medium and it was q and chewy, perfect with the thick broth.

Still feeling peckish after my bowl of fishball noodles, I ordered a plate of Chee cheong fun from this stall. At $2.00, it is again under sized in my opinion.

Quite normal taste, nothing to get excited about. Perhaps the taste would be better if I had asked for chilli sauce to be added.

Arrived at 6.50am and already there was a queue even though they were supposed to open at 7am. They have two stalls here, one selling fishball noodles and the other selling Bak Chor Mee. The latter was not open yet at the time of my visit.

Ordered Fishball Mee Kia dry, $5.00 for extra ingredients. The noodles were Al dente and chilli sauce goes well with the noodles. Piquant and packing quite a bit of heat, although a bit greasy.

The fishballs were of uneven shapes, given that they were hand made. Very bouncy and tasty, definitely beats the factory types you get from most noodle stalls.

The portion was small though, even at $5.00 a bowl so can’t really claim value for money.

Overall one of the better fishball noodles in Singapore.

Each roll for $20 before GST
*Burpple have a different menu for these rolls*

4⭐️/5 Deep Fried Roll
Cripsy outer layer with deep fried ebi. Lots of elements and flavours in this maki roll. People who don’t eat raw fish, can definitely try this.

4⭐️/5 Salmon Teriyaki Roll
Very saucy, very nice. Main highlight is the collaboration of the avocado, aburi salmon and the spicy mayo that elevates the maki roll.

The best bagel I've tried at Keong Saik is the Salmon bagel which has a hint of spicy, savory and just melts in your mouth as it is made on the spot

My go-to Italian restaurant for affordable and good food! First time trying the Calzone Pizza here and it didn’t disappoint. The pizza crust was almost like a pastry crust, crispy and not dense. It was stuffed with lots of cheese, ham and mushrooms, which was creamy and flavourful, served with a portion of tomato sauce for you to dip the pizza in, that provided a tangy contrast to the pizza. Food came quickly and portion was huge as well!

Banana cake, pineapple, cream cheese

It's pretty good, the flavours come tgt well and clearly a lot of effort was required to balance each component. Not quite like most hummingbirds I've had

Overall this place is how cafes should be. Renditions that are hearty and satisfying, even if it doesn't have the full punch of spices of authentic recipes. A shining example and their popularity reflects the good work they're doing

It works better than I expected, but it's earthy so still a bit weird

This is a very good stew. The seafood were generous and fresh, and the cream based soup was excellent, it's not too heavy at all and it's full of seafood umami. The 3 pieces of sourdough were crispy and reasonably soft at the same time


A very good rendition, pasta was perfect, filling was nice, and there's some truffle aroma. Portion was very generous too