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The calamari rings were alright, nothing too ordinary or fancy. The beef carpaccio was salty. Pricy dishes for a restaurant, so best if you use the 1 for 1.

Had the Aburi Salmon roll - it was infuriatingly disappointing. In my opinion Japanese food should be simple, well executed and fresh. For starters, the rice in this roll was BROKEN and CLUMPY. As it is an aburi dish, we will overlook the observation that it was warm.This should never be the case as Japanese pay close attention to the quality and texture of their grain especially sushi chefs. The cream topping placed above the roll tasted like canned tuna with excessive onion and mayo. Needless to say my date and I were let down this trip to Takeshi

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got the bara chirashi for only $10, and the rest were 1 for 1 with burpple beyond! spent about $30 for 5 people! and the dons were also of good quality, being served with large chunks of sashimi atop sticky sushi rice with a distinct vinegar taste

ig | @hooyeats

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One of the better claypot rice in Singapore.

Was previously located at clementi, a long time ago. Where I used to frequently eat.

Still taste as good.

No need worry if not enough seats, dinner time, all other shops in the hawker centre are closed.

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Hoping for fireworks ... the smokes duck and hard boiled eggs is a great match but smoked duck seems so Cold Storage 🧐 the ceviche of sorts with a capsicum sauce and lastly burrata and Parma ham...

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This is not the fluffy, airy, jiggly, for-the-'gram Japanese pancake (soufflé) that people may expect or are more familiar with. Their dense, Macs' hotcake-style pancake is made of wheat and other grains from various prefectures in Kyushu, an island in the south of Japan. It felt less egg-y and not jelak even after the third piece! It might feel bland as compared to the the usual buttery soufflé, however I could taste some hints of barley and grains. It complements the toppings really well and let the toppings shine alongside the pancakes. The cream and ice cream taste so commercial, but still alright nonetheless. Will come back to try their savoury waffles next!
in frame: berrylicious pancake [$16.9]

Made using real Mao Shan Wang durian plup flesh and cream cheese encased in buttery crust

Made using egg custard filling spiked with Taiwan-imported black sugar, but the usual tapioca pearls are replaced with chewy black sugar muah chee cubes

Truly one experience I would never want to have again. Sat at the counter seats and the ants swarmed within a minute. Asked for a table change but was left hanging. Do not sit outdoors.

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This is one of the dessert places that I would queue for. Their waffles are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Their soft serve is separated from the waffle using a biscuit. I think it’s brilliant as it doesn’t melt the waffles that quickly. The earl grey lavender is fragrant and not too sweet. I would definitely come again!
Taste: 4.5/5⭐️
Value: 4/5⭐️

my regular when i come here!! so good the pepper is shiok and the fried crispy onion bits + blue cheese sauce elevates this burger! the cheese sauce is not too pungent and everything went well tgt 😋 the portion is HUGE i always cant finish the fries 😅