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#BurppleBeyond 1-1 Main dish

Aglio & Olio Prawn $17
Cipolla & Pancetta Pizza $19

Great place to chill after work here, staffs were efficient and friendly. Portion was big for both the pizza and pasta. The Aglio & Olio with Prawn was slightly oily but was well seasoned and penne was cooked to the right texture. Cipolla & Pancetta Pizza was simple yet hearty, crust was thin but filled with ingredients. Onions in the pizza really brought out the flavour of the mozzarella and bacon. Items on menu offered for 1-1 was extensive, and price after discount was really reasonable, forseeing a second visit soon!

Sorely disappointed with their ice cream cones. The ice cream was great, but the cones were dry and flat. Also, they placed cornflakes at the bottom of the cone to lower the quantity of ice cream placed in (?) I felt cheated hahaha! Meh, shall stick to their waffles next time!

Flank, balsamic caramelised onion, mint gremolata, charred broccolini stew, aioli in between a choco chip bagel.
The rendition went really well together.
The flank was juicy, tender and not dry. Every mouthful tasted so good as everything went really well. The short ribs had good proportion of lean to fatty meat. It was more tender than flank. Savoury and sweet combination due to the choco chip bagel and the bagel was crispy on the outside yet dense.
Price: average, 3/5
Taste: excellent, 5/5

💵: $13.50

🤔: First visit was bad, second was great, but this time wasn't that good either. Only recommend the sea salt gula melaka icecream.

💵: $4.80

🤔: One of my go-to flavours and the one here was pretty good! Single scoop wasn't really enough, so I'd recommend going for a double!

💵: $12

🤔: The perfect breakfast bagel. Might seem pricey but the taste definitely makes up for the price!

💵: $15

🤔: Roast pork was definitely comparable to Fook Kin's, fat, tasty and delicious, pairing well with the sour notes of the other toppings.

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Love their japanese food! big portion! nice ambience yummy! will be back to try again

2nd time at Umi Nami. V good value with Burpple Beyond 1 for 1. The rice bowls dont disappoint! Yummy

Probably inspired by its moniker, the restaurant’s interior sees glossy black marble counters and tabletops, giving off a sleek, classy vibe. We decided to order lightly, intending to do justice to the main event - the steak. Naturally, it arrives on a wooden board, sliced and grilled to a nice shade of rust and brown, with oil glistening off it. Accompanying it is a bulb of roasted garlic and some plump cherry tomatoes, which explodes juice on the first bite. The T-Bone was pretty quality beef, with tension and flavour which you could further amplify by adding salt in varying sodium levels on the side. Black Marble is a nice neighbourhood eatery, though without the pricing like one, and without the pedigree of a high class steakhouse. But hey, this makes for a decent meal nonetheless, and you could always head over to the nearby ice cream parlours for dessert too, if you’re on a date and would like to end the evening on a sweet note.

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Located along the stretch of restaurants & bars in Lorong Mambong, Più 39 is the latest addition to that stretch serving up hearty classic Italian items, with a few local twists.

If you're a fan of hand-stretched thin crust pizza, this is for you! Their Diavola ($19) is a simple one, that comes with a tomato base, mozzarella cheese & salami.

These 3 ingredients combined to create a savoury bomb of a pizza, and if you threw some Tabasco on, you'd got yourself a perfect slice!

Even back then we had taken precaution and took our drinks outside under the sun where there was no crowd. Most people avoid the hot sun in Singapore.

Today, let's continue to do social distancing, avoid going to crowded places and be socially responsible for our health and safety.

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