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Finally visited the second branch of Lola’s cafe at Holland Village, with its quaint two-storey unit nestled at the corner of Lorong Mambong. The minimalistic vibes with its simple, aesthetic decor gives the cafe a warm, cosy ambience for an afternoon coffee or fun brunch with friends. Went for the spicy crab rigatoni that was choke full of blue swimmer crab and lathered with a delicate balance of tomato, white wine and cream sauce. The flavours went well together, and the texture of the rigatoni soaked up the sauce perfectly. Not forgetting that tinge of parmesan cheesiness which gave that added goodness to it. Highly recommend!


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Chicken wings fried to a nice crispy texture. The batter was slightly sweet yet spiced at the same time, which was quite delightful on the palate.


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we tried the sweet spicy rendition ($14). coated with sweet spicy sauce, the crispy juicy chicken is not as spicy as I expected 🔥 we ordered the half portion (7pc), which comes with a variety of wing, drumstick and other parts.

overall, value for money and enough to satisfy our cravings 🥺 I’d be back to try their honey butter and soy sauce flavours!

❗️Some branches only accept cash. We visited the Holland Drive branch, which only accepts cash though we’ve seen reviews of other branches accepting other modes of payment 🤑

📸 Instagram/Tiktok: @myfoodframes

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Pizza Lo Hei ? Yes, we can lo hei on pizza.
Da Paolo Pizza bar launch Lo Hei Pizza, An Italian twist to the traditional yu sheng.
The Lo Hei Pizza features a julienned vegetables with house-pickled red cabbage, raw Hokkaido scallops and citrus house-cured Atlantic salmon slices. Finished with an homemade plum sauce, chopped spring onions, white sesame seeds, crushed peanuts, and crispy rice paper.

The Lo Hei Pizza is available all day, from now till 31 Jan 2023 for dine-in only.


📍Da Paolo Pizza Bar.
44 Jalan Merah Saga, #01-46.
Singapore 278116

This rendition of the traditional yu sheng with an Italian twist is a unique interpretation and a refreshing one as well as a medley of julienned vegetables such as carrot, daikon, celery and house pickled cabbage is topped onto a freshly baked mozzarella cheese pizza base. Completed with raw Hokkaido scallops, house-cured Atlantic salmon slices, a house made plum sauce and textural garnishes that include crispy rice paper, toss to a prosperous year and share the joy with 8 slices of this Lo Hei Pizza.

After more than 4 months, finally back here to try the Chimicanga and I ordered the chicken nachos ($16) which has mixed of lots of ingredients and sauces

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Nice and fresh jap food that comes with a Burpple steal! There’s happy hour drinks and plenty of small bites/platter options too. Good to come with friends / family imo 😀


Coupling pandan mochi waffles with Burpple 1for1 scoop was the highlight of the night! Will be coming back for more.

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$45/set, medium rare - well served in herb butter so you can taste the tenderness and juicyness of the beef. Could request for more rare option as personally found that medium rare was more on a well done side but still pleasant nonetheless

H20 dessert was rly great! Decadent dark chocolate coupled with yuzu sorbet and chocolate mouse. Was a rly layered & complex flavour that I enjoyed

Sat lunch using chopedeal (1 for 1 mains)

generous amount of meat
pasta a little oily though

would return for this