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Thank you, waitstaff at La Nonna, for your attentiveness and professionalism. You guys really made our day 👍!
Food wise, the famous La Nonna $24.50++ lived up to its name, very delish indeed.
Risotto allo zafferano $28++ was so comfortable to my stomach. I'd definitely come back for this dish.
Crab linguine $26++ pleased my palate at first few bites with its strong creamy taste. But half way through eating it, I felt jelak. To me, this dish is meant to be shared among few people.
Agnello $36++ was too gamy for me but my family found it to be of right texture and taste.
Overall we had an awesome dining experience at La Nonna... and with Eatigo 50% discount, it was simply incredible!

Can't really go wrong with truffles paste and a runny egg on thin crust pizza, especially if they name the restaurant after it (or the pizza after the restaurant). Still one of the better options for food in holland village.

Described as a risotto with asparagus, fava beans and parmesan cheese, it sounds and look puzzling, like a porridge grandma would make a sick grandchild. This risotto had a cheesy savoury undertone which made it overall pretty enjoyable, although go for the saffron with scallops risotto anytime.

These sinful Mediterranean-fusion dishes are so tasty you may not realise they are meat-free. Highly recommended by Burppler Jasmine Lim is the decadent Masala Eggplant ($29) stuffed with chickpeas, capsicum, ricotta and spices, baked with mozeralla cheese and served with a generous dollop of yoghurt sauce. Pasta lovers, get drunk on the intoxicating Absolut ($28) that features creamy penne pasta flamed with Absolut vodka. Alternatively, go for the Magic Mushroom ($20) — baked portobello mushroom with ricotta cheese and spinach topped with cheese and zesty tomato basil sauce.
Photo by Burppler Rachel 🐰

Eggplant was stuffed with chickpeas, capsicum, ricotta and spices. It was baked together with mozeralla cheese on the top and served it with yoghurt sauce. It also comes with a side salad. Not spicy at all and the dish is full of the masala flavour!

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Vegan restaurant serving up a wide selection of mediterranean and greek dishes. First up, the platter comes with 3 selection of middle eastern dips such as hummus, pumpkin and carrot, beetroot and almond. It comes with falafel and cheese cube to pair it with the white yoghurt sauce. Pita bread was served at the side to pair it along with the various dips.

Love the spag with generous serving of burrata. Also got the bosca as per recommended which was a little rich so not completely to my liking. As if the cheese was not enough, we got a bowl of fried feta which was amazing!

Linguine pasta served with crab meat in tomato cream sauce ($26) This is one of my favourite pastas on the menu, having been here several times. Real crab meat is used, portions are generous and the tomato cream sauce is so tasty that you’ll be using your bread to mop it up at the end of the meal. Highly recommended! Service is usually great too! 1 for 1 available with Entertainer 2019.

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La Nonna Pizza ($24.50) is the signature pizza at La Nonna’s and a staple order every time I visit. A generous amount of black truffle paste is used on a cheese and tomato pizza base, completed with asparagus and a delightful runny egg in the centre. Service is fantastic too! 1 for 1 available on Entertainer 2019.

Back at Da Paolo for pow wow pizza!!! Just 3 main ingredients (truffled mascarpone, mushrooms and truffle oil) to create this simple but well-executed pizza! There was just the right amount of truffle flavour to get us all sniffing the air and salivating when it arrived on our table 😋 I liked the mascarpone cheese which provided a smooth creamy base to the pizza with a tinge of sweetness

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The la nonna (~$24.50) had a strong truffle taste and smell!! Combined with the egg and the cheese, this was just goodness 😍 Egg was flowy and cheese was amazingly chewy ! A must to get whenever I’m back here !!

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We love how it's extremely well-marinated with a smoky fire grilled taste! The succulent chargrilled meat coupled with the melt-in-your-mouth fatty parts were just simply divine 😍 We relished every single rib - probably one of the best we have tried.

There's also an accompanying side of mashed soft warm mashed potatoes and seasonal greens to go along with the meat! What a heavenly combination ☺️

The ANTicipated scale ⚖
👅Flavour: 9.5 ants
💰Value: 8 ants
📍Convenience: 8 ants