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5 Star Corner is an institution in Hougang for its reasonably priced and good western fare.

I revisited them recently after a long hiatus and the food remains of a high standard. The chicken chop is well marinated, tender and juicy and I love the brown sauce that accompanies it.

If you like KFC's coleslaw and fries, you will definitely love 5 Star Corner's which taste pretty similar!

shopee earl grey milk tea with pearl ($2.49) (0% sugar) so I just want to grab drink and earl grey milk tea just taste quite more strong taste but the pearl just don't suitable for tastebub (chewy and a bit hard texture)

The original grab price is almost 50% markup

Waited almost an hour for this DUE TO MY OWN MISTAKE. This branch isn't available for self pickup, so take note

Nonetheless, I think it might actually be worth the wait. I had this philosophy that good food is good regardless of proportion. If every element is good then even if they could have been more generous, it doesn't change the fact that it tastes good. My simple philosophy was blown out of the water by this bowl

Ridiculously flavourful bowl simply due to the generosity of ingredients. The signature has almost everything, except salted egg I think. The ingredients were probably 40% by weight, making for a very filling bowl despite the normal looking size.

Special props to the tender af meatballs and the best cuttlefish I've had. Those were truly of another class. The cuttlefish was so light and barely had any chew. You wouldn't imagine a could-like cuttlefish. The rest of the ingredients were more than competent too.

I always wanted to believe I'm some purist with an elevated appreciation of food, focusing on the mastery and techniques. But nah, just give me this bowl because of how insanely generous they are with their ingredients. It's almost unfair how they accumulate flavour through throwing a mad amount of stuff in the porridge.

Must try. And value for money too

I recall being puzzled why coconut shake joints add sugar. Later I noticed there's really a difference between brands. So I went hard this time on sugar haha. 75% is really a lot and it jolted my taste buds. I'd recommend less.

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Not the best, but still blessed to have this a walking distance away, avoiding the queues elsewhere.

Recently people have been analysing whether upsizing drinks is worth it. Apparently although the volume-to-price ratio seems good value, it's an illusion due to the ice?

Strawberry Choux Cream Frap (Grande - $9.10)

Tasted quite strawberry feel (berry vibes) for the drink. Just want to be trying all their drinks ~ but just going to be realistic about their taste most time. But just similar review for chocolate without coffee choux cream frap.

Tiramisu Coffee Cake hmmm πŸ€” (a birthday treat) so I just to be honest a bit but I barely taste wine 🍷 so they alter the recipe to coffee instead. its quite sweet taste for me (so if you are okay with sweet taste for cake and it’s just for u)

Chocolate Choux Coffee Frap (Grande - $9.10) so the taste really like chocolate with custard sauce tbh and i just simply remove coffee bc cannot sleep well with strong caffeine dose. just gonna to post with strawberry πŸ“ version soon.

Didn’t expected that I will be posting starbucks drink after that πŸ˜… Cocoa Golden Monkey 🐡 (Grande - $8.
80) was quite taste like atas milo mood tbh but the chocolate 🍫 taste was quite strong than mocha β˜•οΈ.

Sous vide chicken breast, jam, spinach, carrot, torched cheese. This new sandwich joint only has chicken and beef. Strangely, all the side ingredients worked, but the breast meat was unexciting. But hey heads up, the portion is huge.