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Wild Blooms’ Charcoal Chicken Waffle ($14.90 nett) features a thick, joocy chicken thigh that’s deep fried and thoroughly glazed with a sweet & spicy squid ink sauce.

If you’re a fellow man of culture who prefers thighs to breasts, this is a delicious delight. It’s subtly spicy, and the sweetness and crunch on the excellent batter encasing the chicken evokes pleasant memories of superbly sapid Korean Fried Chicken as you chomp on the chicken.

Unfortunately, the waffles betrayed the entire team, as they were nowhere near as crispy as they should’ve been, and weren’t really that fluffy either. Plus, the shredded lettuce is neither aesthetic nor tasty, but it’s healthy...sorta. They would’ve done much better to slap some multi coloured coleslaw in between the chicken & waffle instead.

Stick to the chicken, kids.

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Day 12: Alternate to try Kueh from this ‘Hougang Nonya Kueh’. They sell in a set of 3 ( one Kueh is already in our stomach 😆). The coconut milk nicely enveloped glutinous rice although we are not sure whether the color is from blue pea flower as it should look purple rather than bright blue. Would prefer traditional way of serving Pulut inti in the banana leaf wrap rather than plastic wrap.
The sweet grated coconut topping is not overly sweet. We are quite impressed and if possible, we definitely will come back to grab Kuehs here 🤘😊

Second time here, and the noodles doesn’t disappoint. Can’t have a Wanton Mee meal without additional dose of Fried Wanton as well, happy Sunday!

Theres a long queue for this.

The cod fish meat was damn soft and very compatible to the sauce.

Anyone who’s known me for a while will know of my predilection for orh luak (fried eggs, starch & oyster). Sadly, other than Ah Chuan who’s currently playing ‘Where’s Waldo’ with his ever changing hours, I haven’t really found any other orh luak that’s been stunningly stellar. That is until I stumbled upon Hougang Fried Oyster.

That gooey, greatly gratifying starch mixture is fried fantastically till it’s half gooey, half crispy before the egg goes in and is fried till slightly crispy and plenty fluffy. And that, ladies & gentlemen, is where the fresh, fat oysters come in. About ten of those briny, plumptious beauties are briefly fried before the whole hot mess is carelessly plated up, ready for a torrent of sharp, sourish chili sauce to drench it.

It does get too oily at the end, but there’s no denying the bountiful amounts of enjoyment derived from this ugly delicious plated for fried fabulousness. Besides, if it does get too rich at the end, just splash on more of that sapid, spicy and slightly sour chili sauce! For only five bucks, this is damn good eatin’.


Taste like how I imagine healthy carrot cake would taste like. It’s not bad, but not satisfying as I was looking for the usual oily & messy carrot cake that I am used to.

My to go place for 蚝煎 located at the backyard of My hood😍
Blk 435A Hougang Ave 8
[Hougang Oyster Omelette & Fried Kway Teow]
See you there 11.11
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For those staying at the northeast side, Tiew Mai makes you feel like you are back in Thailand. Tuck into a savoury bowl of Thai Boat Beef Noodles on a rainy day (mini bowl at $1.80 while regular at $6), comforts the stomach. With added chili flakes, it brings out the flavour of the beef broth.The spicy and sour Tom Yum Boran ($6.50) filled with pork, minced pork, tender squid and prawns was addictive too. However, we find the fish sauce chicken wings and grilled pork ball ($4 each) quite normal. Satisfying lunch!

Thick chicken cutlet, well marinated and deep fried until crispy. Served with generous portion of fries, baked beans, coleslaw and half slice of bread.
All ingredients works harmoniously and the huge portion definitely worth the money. Yummy 🐨🐨
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📌Personally not the biggest fan of porridge but this is the 0nLY porridge place I’ll keep returning to.

🍲My go to order is the meatball porridge w an additional egg ($4.50) & bUBz would normally get the signature bowl ($6).

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Hershey Chocolatey Mix Cone ($1.40) is more richer and refined chocolate taste than normal chocolate ice cream. I found its mix well with vanilla flavour but quite milky for ice cream.