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Fish Sando ($9; +$1 for Premium White Toast)
They grilled the fish (fillet?) on a pan, before placing it into the sandwich, and added loads of alfalfa - which tbh I didn't really enjoy because of that raw aftertaste from the alfafa. Would defo pick the chicken one over this, and I'd still love to try their beef sando someday!

Chicken Sando ($9; +$1 for Premium White Toast)
This sandwich came with Sous-vide Chicken Breast, which explained why it was pretty tender despite it being chicken breast! I was pretty skeptical when I read about jam in the sandwich, but I actually found myself enjoying it! The jam provided some sweetness and added good flavour overall. The sandwich layer that's opposite from the jam comes with torched cheese, which I tried by itself and you do get a strong smokey cheese flavour. Definitely a sandwich I wouldn't mind having esp since I stay pretty near the area!

I never go for the ‘plain’ options but having tried everything else on the menu I decided to give it a go and it was mind blowing! This green tea is so fragrant and fresh it’s indescribable 🤩 ChiCha is truly life changing :’)

i love that starbucks is starting to introduce more plant-based creations!🌿 this is not bad, quite chocolate-y. but i’m not a fair judge because i drank this diluted

Priced at $1.40 each
Filled with tropical flavours of mango and addictive bits of nata de coco within

There’s just something about this stall’s wanton mee (located at Hougang 401 KPT coffeeshop) that keeps me coming back for more! The combination of the springy noodles mixed with the sauce mix brings out a nostalgic old school taste that is just so appealing! They are open till late too, which makes it a good supper option!


chopedeal 1F1 chicken sando with drink $12. bread is very ordinary. chicken is well-flavoured and tender. the torched cheese 锦上添花. don't really like the jam even though can't taste it much.

Sorry only one popper left. If you're aware, this is a copycat of the Taiwanese snack. The difference KFC made is the sweet potato paste filling.

Bandito Pocketts rarely disappoint. The nachos that come with this were quite negligible. But the BBQ sauce lifted it. I enjoyed it.

My go-to old-school wanton mee. This wanton mee tastes like kindergarten lol. On some days it's very wet, this day it's this dry, but still good. Lard peppered throughout, passable char siew, and wantons with salted fish, which is how they should be. The comfort of their noodles also remind me of a bygone era where every stall cooks their noodles properly.

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One of the go-to comfort food. Because although you mian and la mian offer more bite, the slurpiness of instant noodles is different altogether. I just don't eat it often because instant noodles aren't filling.