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Since I am around this area, pop-by to @samwitchsg (a place that I booked mark a while) to try their beef sandwich ($12.00 individual / $12.90 with a Drink & Coleslaw). Looks at the generosity of the beef and cheese 😍

Location: SAMWITCH, 806 Hougang Central, #01-152, Singapore 530806

Grapefruit Green Tea w Pomelo (Aloe Vera) (M - 0% Sugar) ($3.20)

I felt bloated after drinking Brown Sugar Cocoa Oatmilk Frappe finish. so I decided to order drink got something sour to reduce bloat. They told me that they don't have pomelo topping that time and in the end change to aloe vera instead. it just taste like sour (grapefruit) & sweet (green tea) aftertaste with aloe vera (chewy topping)

Waffle Set ($9.30) w Lemon Crumble ($3.70) & Hojicha

I don't like their waffles tbh as the waffles was quite hard to chew and overcrispy and also taste strong flour. I really like Lemon Crumble as it got that sour taste even though it's quite milky and creamy. Hojicha is meh (a bit roasted tea taste) like got quite milky and creamy aftertaste.


Teh C Frappe (S) ($4.70) (w/o whip cream)

taste like real tea c without whipping cream and quite fragrant taste with milky aftertaste.

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Genmaicha Yogurt ($6)

I choose 0 % sugar for drink but taste like less yogurt and plain tea. 😅 I left matcha yogurt to try and review 👌

1 veg + 1 meat + 1 egg @ $4.50

Came a bit late and there's no more curry chicken, so had the braised meat instead. Auntie was nice and generous with it, and it tastes good too! It was tasty and the meat was soft and tender.

Asked for curry sauce and it's good too. The veggie and egg are average. The chilli can be a bit sour, might not go well with some dishes.

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Classic Coconut Blend (M Size) ($4.30)

I felt that they added too much milk inside coconut blend tbh and they add some coconut bits inside drink. hence it's quite milky and not much coconut taste inside the drink.

Pulut Hitam Pie ($1.80) (pic 5 - 6)
Macs changed from National Day to Eevee on the display pic for pokemon trading card. So it taste like authentic pulut hitam dessert drink.

My Saturday Mee Pok. This is the basic Ba Chor Mee ($5), very saucy and I love the combination of minced meat, meat ball and braised mushrooms. Super shiok with kway tiao!


Sin Heng Kee consistently whips up excellent congee.

The porridge here is the thick type, it's flavourful and is my far my favourite porridge.

It not only smells good, but also has a shiok umami taste.

The signature porridge consist of Century egg, sliced pork, meat balls, liver, intestines, cuttlefish, sliced fish, minced chicken. So many stuff in one bowl of porridge.

All ingredients were fresh, fish was soft, sliced pork was soft and tender, liver was cooked to an excellent medium rare.

+50 cents for additional raw egg.

Overall 5/5 for me. Need to da pao additional packets back for the wife too.

Queue for ordering is quite fast. But need to wait around 40mins for your food to be ready during late dinner timing.

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Salted egg chicken @ $8.50

Can choose any two sides, had mine with garden salad and french fries.

It's not bad for coffee shop standard. The chicken is a bit tough but generally tastes ok. The salad had good amount of dressing and the fries are also nicely seasoned.

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