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Fish & Chips

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/5-star-corner-western-food/

Find affordable Nyonya food at Brosis Eatery located in Hougang for a sumptous lunch with your family on the weekend. Try the signature Babi Pongteh ($8.50), Assam Fish ($8.50) and Curry Chicken ($8.50) served with a side of rice. End the meal on a sweet note with their Cendol Dessert ($2.20) and more!
Photo by Burppler Fann Chong

The dishes are well loved by my mum who has tried many peranankan food before. For a wholesome and nofrills Nonya Food, this place is highly recommended! Will definitely be back!


Upsized. More shiok when I ask for runny egg.

Lemon fish, braised pork belly with preserved vegetable, pork slices with black fungus. The last item was super salty, I don't know why. Not surprisingly, the fish was great. Still an expensive caifan stall - this is $6.

Century egg congee and pork egg congee. It’s delicious and cheap!! Recommend

A pretty standard burger. It’s a little too salty for my liking. But if you’re a huge burger fan, go ahead. You’ll enjoy it. 7/10!

This is a dish for all you truffle fans. You can smell the truffle in the distance and I promise you it’s pretty good. 8.5/10!!

Chocolate Pie ($1.50) is back to MacDonald's Seasonal Menu for limited time. taste not sweet but a bit of bitter due to different types of chocolate. The filling for Chocolate was quite thick, also smooth texture and similar concept to the molten lava cake.

⁣[Halal] Posting about hidden gems always makes me semi-nervous because I’m oddly territorial about them…like I want them all to myself for as long as possible. Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way though - otherwise, I’ll edit this caption at once, and we’ll never have to talk about it again! 💀😂⠀

Okay, but jokes aside, I was fated to find love in this stall’s Maggi Goreng. The first time that me and my friend paid it a visit, it honestly left us feeling far from impressed. It was average fare at best. But by an arrow of chance, we both decided on a whim to come back here and hoooooooo boy. The subsequent visits have just been back-to-back greatness. 🤤⠀

What I loved about this? Let’s see…first of all, they’re generous with the fried chicken - they don’t overdo it with the bones. Then their noodles – springy, not soggy, and got a good bite (literally bite) to them. Thirdly, I have my Maggi Goreng less spicy; they really nail it everytime…God bless them. Above all though, this HITS with the dish’s signature salty flavour. 👏🏽⠀

I just have one gripe - they tend to be inconsistent with the eggs…2 out of 5 times, it won’t come looking picture-perfect like this. 😂 But I can live with that!⠀

Takeaway of this story: It sometimes pays to give things another shot. ❤ (8.7/10)


Toppings are quite nice, chewy pearls and pudding that isn’t too sweet. Earl grey taste is pretty strong too.