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The minute the truffle aroma fills the room, I knew the dish we’ve ordered is coming. if you love truffle, this is a must have. It’s creamy and really satisfies your truffle addiction. If you want to go all out?? pair it with their truffle fries 😝

I've been eating a little too much fried chicken during the pandemic. Maybe it's comfort food.

$2 for beehoon (albeit with ample egg). That can't be economical.

Lunch hahaha. I love going through the different dough items a stall offers.

At just $14.90, you could do a lot worse than @otoko_midtown umami unagi don. A sizeable slice of eel is slathered in a sweet, sapid teriyaki sauce and grilled just right before it takes a lie down on a bed of rice garnished by shredded omelette. That’s it, that’s the dish.⠀

If you’re thinking that it sounds real simple, that’s because you’re right. I understand that at the price point of fifteen bucks you can’t do much, but there could be improvements made to the dish. The rice was a bit hard and lumpy, and the omelette failed to impress. A soft boiled egg would’ve been a much better idea, and an option to jazz up the ricebowl for a little extra outlay with some tempura vegetables would be nice.⠀

Not gonna lie, I’m being a little harsh for a passably decent unagi ricebowl that’s priced at under twenty bucks. Still, I would like to see some improvement on the dish, as I do think that there’s potential for it.⠀

Had pizza delivered to my place. Ordered the sharing bundle which consist of 3 Classic slices + 4 pcs Wings + 1 Popcorn Chicken + 2 Drinks(Coke or Sprite). Chose Firery Hot Chick, Pepperoni Party and Hola Hawaiian.

Firery Hot Chick consist of chicken, extra spicy chili sauce, red chillies, green & red peppers, mozzarella and crispy fish chilli. It was really good and quite spicy. The chillies gave the pizza a good crunch, especially the crispy fish chilli. It was my favourite among the three.

Pepperoni Party is mainly beef pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. I like how the pizza is just covered with pepperoni. It was not bad, quite good.

Hola Hawaiian consist of Turkey ham, bacon, sweet pineapples, cheddar and mozzarella. It was quite disappointing out of the three flavours that I chose. The cheese was kind of separated from the crust, like the cheese did not gel with the crust. Pineapple aren't as sweet or watery which is to my preference. But overall wasn't as good the the previous two flavours.

The wings were not bad, it was flavourful but just not as good as pizza hut. Popcorn chicken on the other hand was kind of disappointing as it was lacking in flavour.

(P.s. The three pizza slices were cut into half as I was sharing with my bro. So one slice is actually the size of two slices base of my picture)

The only time I’ll ever eat an eggplant is when it’s been tempura’d and deep fried well. The sweet potato tempura ain’t no slouch either.

@otoko_midtown tempura is decent enough as it was moderate on the oil and the batter is pretty well put together. 3.6 outta 5, not great, not terrible. It’s serviceable, but they really need to start giving out tempura sauce with every order of tempura as they forgot to season their fried foods.

I found Chocolate Granola Banana Yogurt Frappuccino turned out to be sweet towards the end of drink. The banana sauce was quite strong sweet taste. Quite crunchy due to the granola while sipping the drink. Need to stir before drinking frappuccino bc the chocolate milk foam was at bottom of the drink. Acai inspired dessert went out of usual frappuccino drink.

@wildbloomssg Rose Apple Pie is quite the looker, but it has quite a bit of improvement to make when it comes to the execution.⠀

Don’t get me wrong, the taste is delicious, but due to the complexity of the multiple layers to create the rose pattern, some of the dough is undercooked and wet. The apples were all beautifully caramelised with a subtly spicy and moderately sweet flavour, and other than the undercooked pastry, it’s a delightful dessert.⠀

I am not quite sure how to cook the pastry in the middle without burning the rest of the pie, but the effort to perfect this dessert will most definitely be worth it.

Not the first time my neighbourhood prata shop has dabao for me like I'm a labourer! I've only seen such portions for them. I always stare at it shell-shocked and then start on it like war. And you might not even be able to tell the depth of the rice. The side dish I ordered is battered cauliflower, which is rare outside restaurants!

Pork chop, hairy gourd, deep-fried chicken. There are days when I not only hate this stall but hate myself for buying. One of the reasons: bloodsuckers. On this day, that pork chop was $2.50. And it's not even special.

The chai latte and rose latte was quite sweet, which was exactly what I wanted. Not that inspiring, though.