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Surprise find at the teochew porridge stall. Looks like they are trying to introduce more penang dishes to their menu. The soup was really good and gao!

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It makes the soup tastier!! Love this bowl of comfort food from one of the stalls at ciyuan cc hawker. The fish was v tender and portion was generous. Unpopular opinion but I love it that they added coriander in which I LOVE hahaha.

Set 4 ($6.10) is one of my favourite, who can pass up porkfloss?? It is even more worth it because we redeemed a $5 Toast Box voucher from grab The coffee was “Gao”, porkfloss generous, toast crispy and eggs runny - I can’t ask for anything more!! (Except for inflation to rise slower??)

What interesting about this place is that you get to customise your curry rice. They have lots of items for you to add in to your plate. For me I got the pork cutlet, cream cheese mushroom and scramble egg. My first disappointment was that it was served cold. But I still want to compliment that the pork cutlet was crispy not so dry. The curry itself was more a sweet type instead of spicy. $15

If you crave and have a @foodyfetish for MEE siam! Drop by to have a try for My Childhood Taste of Mee Siam and let me know whether you love it too?? ❤️❤️❤️
401 美食,
401 Hougang Ave 10,
Singapore (530401)
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$6.50 for soft tofu stew is even cheaper than seoul prices can. SO GOOD. Very authentic with generous amount of meat and tofu. $14/ half Soy sauce chicken was also fried to perfection with the flavour permeating the tender meat.

This is similar to Strawberry Cream Foam Black Tea Latte with Taro Q but price is $2.6 difference.



Strawberry Cream Foam Green Tea with Taro Q $2.7

Strawberry Cream Foam Black Tea Latte with Taro Qと$2.6も違う。






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Creamy Herb Chicken Pie ($1.00) is back to MacDonald's Menu for limited time. I really like savoury and comfort pie that havimg creamy taste mixed of minced chicken and beans such as corn, carrots and green beans.

Chat siew is lean and flavourful
It’s roasted on site a must for me when patronizing roast meat food outlets
The rice is dry and good for soaking up the juices and the sauce.

Roast duck skin is crispy and meat is chewy with lots of flavour.

$4.80 for this plate
Very good value because the amount of protein they gave me is a lot more than what other places would provide for this price point!

If you are in Hougang drop by this place. Although got a lot of uncles and aunties here. So it is a very neighbourly kind of Coffeeshop.

A dependable chain where you can always get good ban mian. The seasoning of black sauce and chilli sauce lifted everything. The egg, dropped in the tasty soup, remained runny.

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