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Handmade fishballs were bouncy + QQ noodles. Add extra chilli for that kick!

Came across the social media accounts of Gimee Face pretty recently, and found their menu items rather interesting hence the trip down to Hougang just to give their noodles a try.

Apart from serving up the usual renditions of the all-familiar minced meat noodles, Gimee Face offers quite a number of options that gives that local classic a modern twist — examples include the Spicy Volcano Mee Kia Soup, as well as the Mala Spicy Pork Noodles which I opted for here. On first look, the bowl of noodles look nowhere different from the usual Bak Chor Mee served elsewhere — the only difference lies with the dollop of Mala paste that is served atop that usual mix of Mee Pok, pork liver, minced pork, mushrooms and pork balls. Give the noodles a mix with the sauce and the various condiments, and the difference is evident in this bowl — it’s significantly more saltish, yet carries a slightly heavier hint of spiciness as compared even to their usual renditions, while also providing a slight numbness that tingles the tongue that is essentially what Mala is all about. The noodles here are a little softer than the texture I usually prefer, but it’s still of a consistency which I would think that some may love. When tossed, the Mala flavour does seem pretty consistent throughout the whole bowl, though my favourite element would be the pork ball — absolutely soft and springy, it is also not particularly porky in flavour; rather impressive on its own. Another rather peculiar addition of a condiment to the variant here would also be the canned mushrooms, which helps to provide a variance of texture against the usual shiitake mushrooms that are added to the standard bowl of Bak Chor Mee.

Really appreciate how these new hawkers are seeing standard hawker favourites in a very different light — such renditions of minced meat noodles would be rather unthinkable a couple of years back; all these being a by-product of how food trends have came over the years, and the innovative approach to introduce new flavours to old-time classics. The Mala Spicy Pork Noodles would work well for mala lovers; albeit more heavy-handed, but a great fusion that is worth a try!


Expected more from this place seeing the reviews online.
We order 1x beef, 1x pork small boat noodle and a bowl of tomyum boran noodle.
Beef is nicer than pork. Portions are really tiny even for $1.80.

I would have preferred getting a large bowl of beef boat noodle instead of the tomyum boran noodle which tasted rather sweet and watery. Nothing tomyum about it.

Curry chicken, pork chop, chap chye. I would say this is not strictly curry rice as we know it, but it's old-school and run by old folks. More like traditional Singaporean caifan. None of my dishes can really be described as outstanding.

Fishball Noodles (Dry) was quite dry and need to add more water before mixing up again. I like their fishball to be handmade but crunchy texture.

Lor Mee look usually normal to me tbh but a lot of ingredients inside lor mee but too bad I went to eat lor mee last week already 😅

Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Pearl (fixed sugar & ice) ($5.00) taste quite sweet 😳 but the brown sugar pearl was quite crunchy and sticky. Need to stir well before consuming the drink 😅. The brown sugar pearl didn't dissolved well 🥴.

I wanted to try their bubble milk tea series($5.50) for a long time but I felt that oolong ding dong was quite better than this. I felt the black tea was not that strong due to no sugar? and probably covered up brown sugar pearl 🖤. I went that timing around 5 to 6 p.m. and most of the drinks went out of stocks 😱

yummmz! Papa the charkwayteow fanatic gives his approval to the wokhei and generous serving of ingredients that goes into this plate of CKT. Oysters were plump and fresh (so so so fresh!) But instead adding oysters to your CKT, you should consider getting a plate of crispy fried oyster egg instead! So, incredibly yums! Love how there’s a generous serving of egg - it gets disappointing when CKT is all noodles with little egg. Every mouthful comes with egg bits - this is how eggy the dish is! Uncle has also added some greens and loadsa taugay- perfect to rub off some ‘sin’ ... if you choose to be delusional for a while. On a serious note tho, it’s not oily- totally no oily after taste!

The cheap and airy pastry common at cheap bakeries.

We had the bundle set.

Mee Pok came well cooked, springy and laden with chilli and lots of vinegar, the way I like it.
Bits of ikan bilis and slices of abalone mushroom gives this BCM a different punch from others.

Liver and minced pork soup was delicious with no hint of Msg, the highlight has to be the liver which was cooked to perfection.

The yuan yang bowl of mixed meatball and fishball was adorable and tasty, meatballs were definitely home made.

Worth the hype indeed!

Pricey but always worth the $ and the calories on a low mood day. 25% sugar is still a little too sweet because of the mango syrup flavours.