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Ordered the Pad Thai ($6), Prawn Tofu Omelette ($12), Red Seafood Tom Yum ($7.50) and plain white rice ($1).

The pad thai was very well-seasoned with their mix; you can taste a tinge of spice in the noodles. Noodles were cooked perfectly. Served with fresh, springy prawns (but I think there were about 2-3 only).

Omelette was oily and fluffy throughout! The tofu did little for the egg though, and I feel that you could just order a plain omelette the next time round.

Tom yum was okay, very mediocre. The first spoonful was fishy and the seafood used didn’t taste very fresh.

Space was very private; we were the only diners at 8:30pm on a weekday night. Staff were friendly!

My go to comfort food at this place. Creamy and wonderful. And great price.

Chocolatey Sundae ($2.40) is more richer and refined chocolate taste than normal chocolate ice cream. I found its not that sweet but quite milky for ice cream but its not really suitable for chocolate sundae sauce. The chocolate sundae sauce is too thick and creamy to dip with Hershey Chocolate Ice Cream.

Lunch time with ❤️❤️❤️ @otoko_midtown
Mix and Match my own
Japanese Curry Rice🍛🍛🍛
- Japanese Pearl Rice
- Fried Potato Salad w/ Ham
- Cheesy Scrambled Egg
- Tonkatsu
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Perhaps the photogenic appearance of this burger — fluffy buns, thick egg stack, gooey melted cheese — raised my hopes and anticipation for this breakfast release. I was adamant on getting up before 12pm to finally take a bite of this instagrammable sandwich.

The burger was mediocre to say the least. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was pretty okay (considering how it IS big breakfast, except with a different bun and cheese). Still a good breakfast treat for the weekends!

The highlight of this mala store is the addition of you tiao (fried dough fritter) to the food selection. When served, the fritter is deep fried to a perfect crisp, picking up the chili oil and spices well.

Their mix is fragrant, but the entire dish lacks the numbing punch I so love from typical mala eateries. It’s also slightly sweet which was strange. I ordered medium spice (中辣), but it was so mild I might have ordered small spice (小辣) instead.

The both of us paid a total of $20.70 for the pictured portion. We ordered a big bowl with one serving of instant noodles, and didn’t get rice.

I’d definitely be back for the you tiao, and perhaps try ordering the highest spice level next time. Overall an okay place.

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This roasted meat place serves roasted chicken, duck, pork belly and char siew. Their menu include soya sauce chicken as well as dry noodles topped with any selection of their meats.

Originated in Chinatown years ago but have since moved to Hougang more than 10yrs ago, truly a blessing to the residents nearby.

Famous for their Roast Duck and Char Siew, be sure to try it out. However, would prefer their noodles over the rice as they do not serve "chicken rice" the oily rice version.

Food 8/10
Location 6/10
Ambience NA (it's a coffeeshop)
Price 8/10
Service 6/10
Overall 7/10

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So we actually don't need to chase after the new Michelin stars restaurants, nor queue at the restaurants that bloggers (or myself) were raving about.
I had an exhilarating night watching the Michelin awards announcement. Of course, many celebrations, and some controversies.
I started reflecting about the meals I had over the past few years. Eventually, I thought about the food I really liked to eat. And there's this curry rice that I grew up eating, at Hougang. No stars (of course), no bib gourmand, no awards by television or bloggers. It's hardly covered by any social media, or any media.
Milky, tasty curry, and very unlike the starchy curry that's more famous at stalls such as Loo's, Scissors Cut, and other Hainanese curry rice.
It's my best :)
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