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Look nice doesn鈥檛 mean taste nice.
A good shop for deserts but as for mains... perhaps nay.

After tasting the 鍗よ倝楗 at Expo by 8搴︾┖闂 a few days back, i had cravings for that these few days. After church service today, i decided to try it out at @toastboxsg. However it was a far cry to the one i had in Expo. What followed after a bit of the meat was pure saltiness. Well, i thought i had not stir well with the rice, but it is still very salty. The braised egg was the same. What's worse is the egg might have been over cooked or over night egg that was very hard in texture. I believe you would be able to see the water droplets and small air holes on the surface of the egg which shows that it is either refrigerated over night or over cooked.

Quite a dissapointment.

Toast box:2/5

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The lady at the counter told me the cold brew was brewed for 20 hours. And indeed, the coffee taste was deep and rich. Not too sweet. A lovely pick me up on a sleepy afternoon.

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Not sure who Buster is or why he bakes this cheesecake every week. But I hope he continues his weekly baking. This cheesecake was smooth and rich, with a layer of tangy fruity jelly on top that made the cake less jelat. The crispy biscuit base, creamy cheese and gelatinous jelly made this cheesecake a beauty to enjoy.

Special flavor & indeed it flowsssss 馃槃 Too bad this was too 鈥榮lummy鈥 馃槒 Think the original Chocolate Lava Cake still the best
Hotplate Marble Beef (210g) ($30.80) . This steak was superbly soft! Love the mushroom flavored rice too
Seafood Alfredo Linguine ($14.80) . The cream sauce was not too 鈥榡erlut鈥 but quite a number of 鈥榚mpty鈥 clams 馃槙
Buffalo Wings ($10.80) . So so only. Not crispy & not really fantastic
It was a rather 鈥榳arm鈥 dining experience due to air-con breakdown 馃槗 But the service staff was friendly 馃檪


馃槏馃尀 #MsJaniceEats_Hans


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My friend said the prata is usually flakier so we were quite disappointed that today's was quite cold and limp. It may have been because we were sitting under the aircon but oh well, I choose to believe that the steady stream of customers is proof of its popularity and that this may just have been a one-off incident. The good thing is, while it arrived glistening with oil, it didn't feel greasy at all.


Traditional Toast Set (Usual S$5.40)
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There is a rustic charm about Jalan Kayu, with its narrow streets flanked by shophouses that looked like they hadn't been refreshed for decades.. and Thohirah has replaced the once-so-famous Thasevi as the more reliable prata place, although neither is now living up to their name of being a "Jalan Kayu prata".
You might have seen my IG story of me having the nasi lemak here regularly. The basmati rice used was loose and fluffy, mixed with sweet, savoury, mildly spicy chilli with really crispy ikan bilis and very crispy chicken wings (some may however find it over fried). Coconut milk lovers may find it lacking in its fragrance, but for me the fluffy rice made up for it.
Jalan Kayu will become my new playground. So expect me to post more food in this area :)

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