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We thought we got the wrong dish after we heard the server's description, as the only gula Melaka element was a drizzle (we were hoping the brownie-like cakes were gula Melaka based, but were actually chocolatey and fudgey). Saw a post online with coconut gelato, so was surprised to find out this now comes with a dark chocolate gelato.

Ultimately, the hero element of this dessert was chocolate, while pandan played second fiddle (through the cream and powder sprinkled on the meringue sheet) instead of gula Melaka and coconut.

It was too similar to the lava cake profile wise, and had we known, we would have tried the panna cotta with granita instead.


This arrived with the show-stopping crab pasta, so it didn't look as impressive (portion wise), though we're back to the usual fancy schmancy territory.

While the lamb chops were nicely Frenched, I wish they trimmed a wee bit more excess fat or perhaps rendered more. We went with the recommended medium doneness and enjoyed the tender and minimally gamey meat. The slightly tangy tamarind jus might be polarising, but I liked it. If you're not a fan, smear some of the garlic cream instead, and try it with a dab of the curry leaf oil for a herbal tinge. The soft carrots discs, though well cooked, didn't do much for us (just like the carrot powder dusting).

With all the dainty playing and tweezer attention to detail of the previous dishes, our jaws dropped when this massive mound arrived on our table. While I'm glad that you can definitely see the whole crab that went into this dish, I wouldn't recommend getting this for a date night as you'll definitely need to get your hands dirty (tbh, we were expecting picked meat considering the setting).

Taste wise, imagine black pepper crab with al dente spaghetti slicked in the same sauce. Note that the default level of spice is quite fiery, so if you're wimpy (like me), do try to request for less red chillies.

While this was flavoursome, we probably should have opted for one of the steaks (even though this came highly recommended), on hindsight.

A very creamy and rich crab soup, with added shredded crab-like texture from the fried potato strands (initially they're crunchy but eventually softens). I would have preferred a bit more lime leaf strips added for freshness. The portion is pretty hearty, which may mean that it's hard to finish on your own. Glad my dining partner and I were sharing this and the tuna starter.


This tartare was my favourite dish here and I implore you to order it. With chef Haikal Johari (of one Michelin-starred Alma) at the helm, this was the standard I was hoping to see.

Fresh lean tuna and soft beetroot cubes come tossed in a punchy Thai dressing (think fish sauce, palm sugar, lime and chilli). I loved the smooth avocado purée that offered relief from the heat and the freshness from the crisp green apple slivers. The tomato water rounded up the umami nicely, while the edible yellow flowers had an unexpected anise-y bite.

Eat this on its own or use a saffron rice crisp as a vessel to transport all the goodness, for an added crispy element to tie it all in.

Warm, fluffy tomato focaccia slices, which tasted even better after a quick dip in the accompanying chilli oil. Don't underestimate the EVOO-tinted oil; it may look harmless, but it has an assertive kick.


Battered chicken skin "cracker" piped with passion fruit cream and toasted spiced coconut – the latter was sweet, savoury, and a little spicy, which somehow reminded me of hae bee hiam.


The lady at the counter told me the cold brew was brewed for 20 hours. And indeed, the coffee taste was deep and rich. Not too sweet. A lovely pick me up on a sleepy afternoon.

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Not sure who Buster is or why he bakes this cheesecake every week. But I hope he continues his weekly baking. This cheesecake was smooth and rich, with a layer of tangy fruity jelly on top that made the cake less jelat. The crispy biscuit base, creamy cheese and gelatinous jelly made this cheesecake a beauty to enjoy.

We ordered tissue prata, egg onion prata, cheese prata and paper prata. Pretty good but they cooked quite slow.

Packed with sore throat inducing intense durian goodness and best eaten slightly thawed.

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Tender pork ribs coated in dark soy sauce. It comes with dried chilli, thinly sliced cuttlefish, lady’s finger and pig stomach 》$7.50 / Small