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When you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover....
This visually unappetizing pasta turned out to be one of the best squid ink pasta I’ve ever had!

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Sea bass too, because they use local fish from their kelong. You can taste the freshness. Love this concept, where the zichar kitchen serves a la carte fusion food for lunch. The owner gave us free truffle fries too!

Love this concept, where the zichar kitchen serves a la carte fusion food for lunch. Inside this big pastry is a big seabass with baby spinach and shimeji mushrooms. It's almost like Teochew steamed fish baked in pastry. All this for $18.90 only. And the owner gave us free truffle fries!

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Of course it has to be seafood Wellington when at Ah Hua Kelong. Not a fan but portion was so big. Recommended for sharing.

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Eat until belly explode again. Fish was fresh and tartar sauce was good too.

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I never enjoyed non tater tots hash browns but the ones here are good and honestly doesn’t seem like frozen food. I hope I’m right about that. Added 50 cents for the extra cheese.

Whoever came up with this root beer cake is a genius because the flavour really goes so well with ice cream. Simple dessert that brings great satisfaction. The root beer cake is always consistent, it is my must eat whenever I go to sernagoon.

Flower crabs were actually quite a good alternative to the bigger mud crabs, with meat so sweet and easy to eat from thin shells. The seabass was fresh and best enjoyed steamed, although the Thai chilli was really kickass spicy. The prawns was big and good, but we would just simply have them steamed next time to taste them in their original freshness.

Service was impeccable, waffles were alright. Wanted the salted caramel one but it was apparently melt-y and the server recommended a change for me. Ice cream wasn’t that good tbh, wasn’t the creamiest I’ve had, kinda lacked in flavour. Waffles are waffles & I’ve no complaints haha. Cost around $12.50(?)ish, the usual price for ice cream and waffles I guess.

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The bar was already high since this is one of their signatures.

My table loved this dish so much we nearly ordered another! 😅 I never had gnocchi before this, and really liked the chewy and smooth texture of the potato dumplings. The creaminess might be a bit too much for some, so I'd recommend ordering this to share in addition the great pizzas they've got.

I cant recall the exact price but this was average. Get the beef cottage pie if u want a more filling meal. Service staff were friendly and nice 😊