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Lemon meringue tart (~$7): meringue overpowered the lemon taste at times, but it wasn’t very obvious. Sweetness from the meringue went very well with the slight soury lemon, and tart wasn’t Super crumbly which was good! Meringue was a lil too sweet to finish tho

Waffles with cookies and cream ice cream (~$8.50) ice cream was too little for waffle, recommended to get double scoops to be enough to accompany the waffle! Waffle was crispy at the sides, not the style I prefer but was good nonetheless.
Cookies and cream ice cream had a strong cookie taste which I really liked


Crispy and fluffy waffle with a scoop of ice cream of your choice. I chose rum and raisin, while the portion was rather generous, the taste was quite mild..

Taste pretty much like ferraro rocher, rich chocolate with a layer of crunch in the middle. decent but not wow..

Prior to this, I’ve heard many good things about the lunch menu here but was left disappointed. There has been a revamp in their lunch menu, which coincidentally I have also overheard many of the diners questioning the change as well. This time round, they have introduced ricebowls ranging from the price point of $10.90-$15.90, which to me was pretty affordable as each bowl comes with sautéed Thai asparagus and a fried egg. We both shared the Nyonya Salmon ($15.90) and Salted Egg Squid ($14.90), which to my amazement the salmon was under-seasoned and lacking in flavours while the salted egg squid probably fared slightly better. We were told that the Norweigan filleted salmon has been roasted with a traditional nyonya spices but we found no traces of it, except probably for a few specks of chillis. The squid, on the other hand, has been battered and stir-fried in a salted egg sauce but I would probably be better off getting it from a zhi char stall. The additional orders of cheese fries ($6.50) and buttered sweetcorn ($5) did little to save the meal.
Ah Hua Kelong
Address: 15-9, Jalan Riang, Singapore 358987
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never really heard of cinnamon ice cream until i came here to try it and it was pretty interesting

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Ordered pan seared sea bass ($15.90) and top up a coleslaw (+$3). Was looking forward to something more fulfilling but ended up getting a portion so little I was still hungry after finishing every bit of food on the plate. The sea bass is fresh, not portion can be more. The coleslaw is even more disappointing.

This seafood stew is loaded with all the right ingredients like fresh mussels, flower clams, cherry tomatoes..! The stew is indeed fresh and had a good balance of sweet and savory! It really had the taste of the sea which I think only the freshest of ingredients can produce! Together with its super soft yet crispy toasted bread, it makes the perfect dipping partner with the stew! Use the #burpplebeyond to enjoy one for one on main dish!

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I have a love-hate relationship with clams. I hate to find empty shells among the piles.

Thats why I felt like I hit a jackpot with this dish. All the tiny meat remain intact in every shell!

Advice: if you are ordering baby kailan, order the clams in a sauce other than garlic/garlic chili. I ordered both dishes and they tasted about the same.


I asked for the recommendation from the Meat section and the manager recommended the Honey glazed chicken wings. Not a bad choice at all.

Probably one of the juciest wings I've tried so far. And it is not as sweet as it sound. In fact, it tasted more peppery with a hinge of honey sweetness. Interesting combination.

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The manager informed that the chef just came up with this recipe the day before. I gusss I was lucky

The sauce is not those creamy style, but rather you get a sense of authenticity from its grainy texture, coupled with some real bites of the salted egg yolk. It is careful enough to not steal the show from the main star of the dish: the fresh prawns

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