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I think I’ve eaten this at least ten times over the past three years, no kidding. Anything at La Pizzaiola is great, but I especially love the carbonara- there is a bite that comes with fettuccine and the rich creamy sauce is offset by pancetta. You’ll be scraping the plate.

A slice of bliss...make that double then! The S'mores Pie was light and fluffy with a combination of toasted marshmallow and chocolate ganache, coupled with a tart crust. The flavours of the Yuzu Lemon Cheesecake were in contrast. It was a cheesecake classic with a Japanese twist that was light and creamy with a vibrant and citrusy tang of yuzu and lemon.

If you’re looking for a rich and decadent chocolate tart, this is it!! This has a dense layer of chocolate, topped with light and fluffy marshmallow. It’s one of my must orders at Wimbly Lu! If you want something in addition to their famous ice cream and waffles, do get this 👍🏼😋

A treasure bag packed with the ocean's bounty - seabass (not shown in photo), a large hairy crab (upgraded from flower crabs), mussels, clams, cockles and prawns. Steaming the seafood retained its natural sweetness and flavour, and making it a healthier dish. The highlight was the Harvested XL Clams that were astonishingly large and it was such a delight to eat in one mouthful. They were more chewy than normal-sized calms, and filled with juiciness and a stronger taste of the ocean.

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Ooh La La...a large comforting soupy bowl of beehoon filled with generous amount of lala. The seafood broth was light yet very flavourful with added aroma from the bits of pork lard; and the bee hoon were simmered nicely and soaked up the richness of the broth. Deliciously slurping up every goodness the bowl has to offer.

The best thing to get at Wimbly Lu is the waffles. The staff kindly let us pick both sauces, chocolate and maple syrup! You get the best of both worlds~

hands down one of my go to places for waffles
being a waffle addict, trust me i know my waffles! 🌞

Nice and crispy on the outside yet fluffy on the inside, Wimbly Lu has perfected the waffle.
Accompanied with butter and maple syrup (you can also add ice cream) the waffle is absolutely delicious.
I could inhale it all!

With a long black coffee on the side, this pairing is my go-to when i’m peckish, when i’m hungry or even as a dessert!

Ashamed to say that despite the numerous visits to Wimbly Lu at Jalan Riang, I’ve never tried any of their cooked meals as I have always radiated to my go-to pairing.

Although it may be a little inaccessible I think it is worth the little trouble. Nice ambience and great place to chill. ⛄️ The cool decor definitely added to the overall experience.

The array of desserts that are available are mouth watering but my personal favourite would always be the waffle!

Ah Hua Kelong at Riang seems to have a different menu from the one at Haji Lane. We had the wings, salmon with nonya spices and salted egg calamari rice bowl for lunch. There was nothing to shout about for the food - nonya spices (spices taste not super obvious) and salted egg calamari felt that the dough was a little too much. An okay rice bowl but I liked that they used the thin asparagus which added nice texture.

However, service could really be more attentive. Asked for sharing plates, asked for water and the waiter could conveniently forget right after we asked about it (there was only one other customer in the restaurant) and we had to ask again. When we wanted to redeem the Burpple beyond deal, waiter seemed very uncertain and sulky about it as well. I will come go to the Haji Lane branch which seems much more promising with a more interesting menu.

Waffles was buttery but needed more fluffiness. Chocolate truffle ice cream on the other hand, was amazing. Absolutely love the intensity of the cocoa flavour - tends towards dark chocolate flavour, more bittersweet than cloyingly sweet. Love it!

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$7. Lemon zestyness was just right - wasn’t too sour and it was just that right bout of refreshing sour that you’d need after a heavy meal. 😘