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Possibly my favourite cake but theirs was quite ordinary.

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I'm not usually a fan of this dessert but I ordered it for its reputation.

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I preferred this to Punch’s version bc they used buttery brioche toast instead of white bread. Sinfully good with the 4 cheeses (overflowing as pictured) + hearty tomato soup in a very cute cuppa

Since they source their seafood from their own farm, lala is definitely something you should get as well.

The soup was very creamy, comes with generous amount of bee hoon for medium size. There’s also lots of lala but sadly you could find some empty shells within. $19.90+

It seems like many people ordering this so decided to give it a try also.

I totally like how soft it was and blend together with the spinach, with fried egg at the bottom. $14.90+

I have always wanted to try their fresh seafood and finally found the chance to visit their outlet in Serangoon.

They prepare their seabass in a few way including the nyonya assam style, which add some spicy taste to it. The fish was fresh and soft, with lots of meat. $29.90+

One of the smallest portions I've encountered and airy and little truffle. Cmi.

Went to high steaks but got chicken instead.

The chicken chop is huge, very tender on the itself but a tiny part was a little undercooked. Skin was crispy 🤤.

Overall, good quality food at its price point!