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My table loved this dish so much we nearly ordered another! 😅 I never had gnocchi before this, and really liked the chewy and smooth texture of the potato dumplings. The creaminess might be a bit too much for some, so I'd recommend ordering this to share in addition the great pizzas they've got.

I cant recall the exact price but this was average. Get the beef cottage pie if u want a more filling meal. Service staff were friendly and nice 😊

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Had the "saliva" chicken in broth ($16+), signature tofu with crispy kailan floss ($12.90+) and claypot lala beehoon with flower crab broth ($28.90+). Seafood was fresh and the the dishes were pretty flavourful (props for the generous use of lard in the 🦀 broth and interesting use of kailan floss - thought it was crispy seaweed at first). Although it's probably quite a bit pricier than the usual zichar stall, fortunately they did not stinge on the portion. No free water though.

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Best waffles in my opinion. Right amount of sweetness, fluffiness, crispness. The batter is soooo good - unlike any other waffles that I have tried!! The salted caramel ice cream isn’t as amazing as the waffles, but it goes well with the waffles, alongside the drizzle of honey. THE WAFFLES ARE SO GOOD.


desserts are always a must here at wimbly bc it’s THAT good!!!

the fragrance of the earl grey was very distinct which i rly appreciate!! most of the time it’s v muted :( it complemented the creaminess and sweetness of the white choc mousse + the soft yet moist sponge gave a v light and airy contrast!! loved it basically 👅


thin and chewy crepe filled with fragrant mushrooms and melty cheese :~) love how filling and satisfying this is!! one of my fav comfort food

JK’s carbonara was rly well executed too w just the right consistency of creaminess (not jelat at all!!) + poached egg was cooked to perfection👌🏼

pluspoint: both were rly affordable for cafe food w good standard!! $10 per main??? YES PLS


🍋Lemon Meringue Pie
Rosi's Salted Caramel Brownie🍫
🍪🧀Cookie Dough Cheesecake
$6-$8 each

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We were told it was a special dish for the day! Price is $24.90! Worth a try but doubt I’ll try it again!

Service : 3/5
Food : 3.5/5
Price : $$
Ambience : 3/5
Location : 3.5/5

Place isn’t suitable for a quiet date as it is quite noisy inside when they’re having a full house and its hard to hear one another! Location was pretty easy to find but requires a bit of walking!

At $7 a slice, the sweetness from the meringue was a good neutralizer to the zesty lemon filling. All in, it is a delicious pie worth eating again.

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Squid Ink Linguine w Prawns in White Wine - $18
Slightly oily but the paste have a nice texture, chewy just how I like it. Didn’t taste the prawn due to personal diet
La Pizzaiola