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Top 10 places in Katong, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Katong

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Katong, Singapore.

I come here to one of my favorite haunts to savor a simple plate of roasted duck noodle. No fancy mancy plating. No fancy mancy name to the food. It is simple pleasure to be eating here in a old rundown charming shophouse where time stays still for alittle. Relaxing and stress free. To top it off, one of my best liked aunty who cant speak, always never fails to smile at me whenever I am there. Such hospitable warmth is indeed priceless.

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so please do not go to crane road.
first time eating from this brand. we just ordered a kosong each and shared a serving of coin prata. waiting time was around 15 minutes.
the kosong itself was indeed crispy and fluffy. but it was not that far off from springleaf. served with mutton curry.
the coin prata though was a winner for me. i think they added sugar inside the coin prata. after cutting open the prata, we saw a spiral pattern. the dough was chewy and the sugar was a nice touch. the exterior as expected was still crispy.
out of my way but if our timing allows, i do not mind coming back for breakfast again. i seldom order coin prata. so is the price here considered ex for the coin prata?
$1 for each kosong.
$5 for 6 pieces of coin prata. (83 cents per piece)
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[Available on Burpple Beyond] I really don’t see myself spending over $130 on two truffled lobster rolls under normal circumstances. But thanks to Burpple Beyond and a friend who had also been wanting to celebrate with a feast, I convinced myself to go Pince & Pints’ Truffled Lobster Roll. 🤧🙏🏼

Now if you’re wondering what makes this that pricey, it’s really none other than the stuff that goes into it - chunks and chunks of lobster meat, truffled caviar, black truffle shavings and truffle butter sauce. It’s kind of what you’d expect on the third option in every Worth It by Buzzfeed episode. 🤣

Admittedly, the flavour of the truffle shavings and caviar didn’t shine as brightly as I’d hoped for, but man oh man…the truffle butter made up for it. It dominated every component of the dish, unifying them and directing them to unleash a force of flavor. It was insane, for a lack of better description. 🙌🏼

And the bread was phenomenal! My friend shared his observation which was pretty insightful - he said that the bread is unique in the sense that it goes down the esophagus very easily, unlike regular bread which is coarse or hard, which meant some resistance when swallowing. And it’s carved deep inside, which housed a gobsmack of lobster chunks.

Overall, I’d say it’s worth the price on the 1-for-1 deal. if you have Burpple Beyond and are in the mood to treat yourself, really - dive in for this. (8/10)

This tastes so much better as compared to the chilli flavoured one.
Still, i wouldnt pay this much for it...

Reminds me of singapore's chilli crab! Sadly its not my fav!
I know they are popular for their lobsters but unfortunately, it's not at its freshest! Hence can't understand why it's soooooo pricey! ):

We were looking forward to having a nice meal but we were let down by the service. It started out nicely with the mussels and bread but the rest of our food (eggplant with hummus and roast chicken) just stopped coming after that. When we asked about the hummus, the service staff did not even bother to double check our order and just served the plain hummus, and they dared charge us for 2 orders of hummus. We waited some more and by then, it was already an hr plus and our chicken still had yet to arrive! We asked about it and the staff told us to “be patient” (his exact words) and that it is coming. So we patiently waited for another 30mins only to be told that they have forgotten our order and the staff was not even apologetic about that! By then 2hrs have already gone by and as we were rushing off, we had to change our choice of main course as the chicken would take some time. The food is nice but the service was an utter let down. They did not even bother to serve us water which we only realised that every other table had because we have finish our own drinks after waiting for so Long. All in all, the food is nice but not good enough to put up with the bad service.

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White chrysanthemum flavour was refreshing and unique! Earl grey lavender did not disappoint as well. 👍🏻 Tried a couple other flavours — strawberry basil was pretty refreshing as well, however a little sweet for my liking, sea salt hojicha was slightly disappointing as the flavours don’t really blend well together in my opinion. The thyme cone is a must try as well!!

Wasn’t particularly impressed with my previous visit but chanced upon this item when I was passing by and thought I would give it a go. The Kaya Toast junkie in me particularly liked the homemade Hainanese Kaya is here — it’s thick and gooey without a doubt, whilst perfuming of a coconut-y fragrance and decently sweet. The Sourdough Milk Roll was the catch though; soft bread that comes with that iconic hint of sourness typical of Sourdough from the fermentation process — something which was missing from their open face toast that I had some time back. Wouldn’t expect myself to say this, but its certainly something I would crave for!