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i had a lovely and comforting meal at empress porridge a few days ago!

service was quick and staff was lovely.

the meal was fulfilling, warm and heartening.

we would love to be back here again! what are you waiting for? come soon with your loved ones to empress porridge @ Fusionopolis

had a lovely meal at empress porridge a few days ago!
hearty and warm dinner
- empress porridge
- white bee hoon with seafood
- hainanese curry rice
- green bean sweet potato
- soup
- prawn paste chicken

truly, as their slogan goes, good food comes from the heart!!!!

the meal was fulfilling, warm and heartening!

thank you for having us. till next time!

Nasi Ayam Penyat (S$3.50)
Available at Hainanese Chicken 🐓 Rice stall in The Terrace canteen in @nus_singapore
It’s served with chicken 🐓 flavoured rice 🍚 and sambal.

Kid didn’t want to leave church with us, so we went for spicy satisfying Indian food. Since kid didn’t follow us, she got naan of this delicious food.

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Do note that the double cheeseburger is not part of the 1 for 1 deal. You aren’t allowed to add fries to your burger as well.

Nevertheless, still a decent burger for the deal.

slightly pricey for school food but i guess cause salmon is ex!!! am sad engine canteen is closing but this is one of the yum jap food in school!

Wonderful and homely delicacy, really inexpensive fare and quite filling portions!
Ate the empress signature porridge and pear soup. Really enjoyed the ambiance and cute desserts that were absolutely wonderful!! Only thing is that the dessert menu is split for specific weekdays..... Can't wait to go back again and grab my favourite dessert!

Burgers slightly on the dry side, but not much of an issue. What I had an issue with was the poor service received there. Staff was cold and ordered an extra item that we had to pay for.

Would not bother to rate/10

Seaweed Pork Rib Soup 海带排骨汤
It’s kelp not seaweed as written 🧐.
The meat was very tender.
Available at the Chinese Mixed Vegetable stall in The Terrace Canteen in @nus_singapore

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This one's a hidden find lucky NUS students get to have for breakfast lunch and dinner. Silky sheets of handmade chee cheong fun in a variety of fun flavours. Pun intended. The oozing liu sha bao was pretty awesome too.

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