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not bad, didn’t have to wait for long, yummy burger

Back once again and ordered the same thing 👅 huge portion!!!! And chicken was really flavourful!!! Will be back again 😍 V friendly staff too!

Enticed by the pastel blue sauce, we decided to be adventurous and try out this blue cheese fried rice. It comes with a paper plate with rice and sauce served in separate containers, so you can do the assembly yourself. Beautiful but taste fell flat like the tower of rice soon after this picture was taken. The cheese hardly tasted like anything, and the rice was bland. Fun experience but wouldn't have it again.

We ordered the duck burrito (side), the steak burger (main) and the dry beef vermicelli (main). The burrito is essentially a taco, but the overall texture of the dish was wonderful - the fried white noodle strands added a crunch that contrasted with the juicy duck and the guacamole added a refreshing taste. However, the highlight of the dish was the Asian duck sauce that was used to marinate the duck. This Mexican-Asian fusion was absolutely delightful. Our next favourite was the beef vermicelli. We read reviews that mentioned it was too dry but we found it sufficiently seasoned and tasty. Highly recommended! The steak burger was the most disappointing. The burger came cold; the buns were not even warm. The fries, although warm and crispy, were more like fried potato shells because there was no potato in it. It felt as if we were eating msg-laden fried potato peels. That being said, we would come back in a heartbeat for their vermicelli! Would also love to try their chicken dishes :)

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Went back again at noon, and it was crazy packed with office workers this time round. Staff had some difficulty coping with the crowd, but still had good service ☺️ The burger is filling, and the chicken was moist and tender :’) The sriracha aioli is strong, so if you don’t like sriracha like me..... skip it. I also couldn’t taste the spicy salsa and avo. Much prefer the steak burger or the dry vermicelli to this. But! Still very much worth it with Burpple.

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Ordered the kimchi seafood fried rice, Kpop chicken and kimchi cheese pancake. Really enjoyed the kimchi seafood fried rice. The flavours were robust and the dish was chock full of fresh seafood. The Kpop chicken was relatively good too with big juicy chicken chunks in a crispy savoury batter. The disappointment was the kimchi cheese pancake as it was completely burnt on the bottom and the overall taste was lacklustre. The irony was it was supposed to be one of their signature dishes. Don’t expect home cooked authentic korean dishes here. The flavours were obviously tweaked with a modern influence.

Kopitiams are really unassuming, and most serve the same selection. But this stall does a mean dry chilli noodles ($4.50) that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere!! The noodles are bouncy with a great bite. It’s heaped with toppings like minced meat, mushrooms and ikan bilis! Best of all is the chilli paste - spicy enough to prompt tears, but keeps you coming back every time.

I got this from the branch at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. The rice rolls are slightly springy and have a nice bounce when you bite into them. There was sufficient sweet sauce but not too much. There's self service spring onions and I sprinkled plenty on top of my bowl.

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the bun had a thin buttery crust on the top which gave a nice fragrant crunch when bitten into. its salted egg filling was warm and oozy, enough to last through the whole soft bun!

4/5 :D

Pretty yummy and cute little rice set that comes with ayam bumbu rujak (curry chicken that was really fragrant and rich in flavour), bergedil (delightful potato patty that was crisp on the outside and mushy soft on the inside), potato peanut, pickles (decent achar though could be better), kerupuk and sambal terasi (was truly very very spicy)! Comes with a small mountain of yellow turmeric rice that was cutely topped with a little pandan leaf cap 😂😂 Pretty satisfying set that is even more value with eatigo’s 50%! 👍🏻👍🏻

But sad to say, when we were there last weekend dinner, the truffle egg mayo that I so wanted to try was not available for sale. So we opted for the bacon and cheese instead. While the sausage roll was all juicy, I didn't quite like the cheese that came with it. Didn't fancy the MacDonald string cut kind of fries either. As for the fish and chips, the Dory fish crust was well marinated! We had much fun eating the seafood squid ink spaghetti! The squid ink sauce was at least flavourful. Although the prawns weren't fresh (the mushy kind), and there wasn't much clams in the dish. No squid rings either! Don't think we will dine here again unless there is special offers #burpple #burpplebeyond #burpplebeyondsg #befrank #befranksg #food #foodiesg #sgfoodie #whati8today #8dayseat #vscofoodie #iweeklyfood #foodporn #foodstagram #vscofood #foodphotography #sgmakan #sgmakandiary #sgfoodstagram #singaporeeats #exploresingaporeeats #exploresg #whatsgoodhere #sgfoodie

The food here was really delicious - the Mediterranean chicken was well marinated with a wide array of herbs while the noodles were yummy and authentic. Loved the strong flavour of the Vietnamese iced coffee ($3) as well!