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The ckn chop was abit thin but for 3bucks a piece it's actl fine, it's slightly crispy and quite tender

Everything else was decent. I think it's quite impressive a piece this thin isn't overcooked

Their system is abit weird, you Queu to order first then you queue for your food then finally you pay at the cashier which is where u ordered at the first place. Luckily there isn't a long queue normally cos there's many ppl confused by the system

Roar in the new year with good luck at @diamondkitchensg, a Chinese seafood restaurant whereby they pride themselves on their mouth-watering array of home-cooked dishes for the entire family, in a cosy comfortable ambience.😌

Featured is their Prosperous Set (迎春接福宴) at SGD368++ which serves 5-6 pax…🤤

Diamond Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng

Everlasting Beauty Premium Collagen Soup

Stewed Teochew Style Corvina

Delectable Sautéed Pork Belly

Sautéed Broccoli with Juicy Prawn Balls

Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken & Mushroom

Sweet Red Bean Soup with Prosperity Rice Balls

❗️Click the link in @diamondkitchensg bio to check out their LNY🧧2022 SET MENUS
‼️For reservations, please PM or email at [email protected]

💌Thank you @laoniangagency for the kind invite and @diamondkitchensg for the great hospitality!😊

📍Diamond Kitchen (Buona Vista)
87 Science Park Drive 01-01, S118260
📍Diamond Kitchen (Marine Parade)
Laguna Park Condominium
5000F Marine Parade Road 01-22/23, S449289
🚇#widKentRidge #widMarineParade

Pleasantly surprised by how decent this was. Fried rice was more towards coconut rice steamed with a bit of vegetables. Not the most fragrant and texture was a bit off, but nothing too horrible. The fried egg had a slightly flowy yolk, not bad. The different sauces on each ingredient — belachan on the prawns, sambal on the chicken drumstick, and rendang on the beef were strong in flavour. My serving of beef rendang sadly did not have much meat, most of it was just skin and fat, but the gravy was nutty and decent. Although they claim to be ‘tiger prawns’, prawns were small and not the freshest. They were dry and not juicy, and there was a sweet belachan looking chilli on it. Not my favorite on the plate. The winner was definitely the sambal chicken drumstick. The sambal had an aroma to it, and really gave a spicy kick. The chicken drumstick was decently huge, and was a juicy companion to the rice. Pair a mouthful of chicken and rice with the achar at the side and you get a pretty decent chicken drumstick Nasi goreng hitting all the right flavours!

P.S. You need to be with at least one NUSS Guild member to dine here!


Serves 4

Excellent rendition. I love yam paste so I enjoyed this so very much, I can't recall the last time I've had a better one(must have been 3 years at least, east side got one institution)

The coconut milk was not v sweet at all, and the yam paste was more like puree, intense, sweet, and exceptionally smooth. The pumpkin didn't help at all tho, it wasnt sweet enough

I believe this is the smaller serving. Textbook. That's all that needs to be said.

Rmb to ladle extra sauce else it's not salty enough cos the buns are somewhat thick

The crunch was there but not optimal, there's a sandines and emptiness to the shell.

The sauce is quite unique tho, it's not those golden gravy sweet kind, it really is just broken up salted egg chunks so it's very savoury.

It's fine, the mushrooms were quite unique but still nothing wow. Portion was v small too, it's just one tiny bowl per person(3pax)

The soup was thin in flavour but thickened with starch?

The egginess was decent, overall it's a fine option

As expected of an elite zichar place with bib gourmand, the seafood was done impeccably. Props esp to the squid with minimal bite and very tender

I'll admit I'm not quite sure what gan Xiang is, but probably there's no standard answer either. However the version here makes me think of dry mee Siam actually, with a lot of similar spices but distinct at the same time. It's got a decent heat, one of us couldn't handle it. A solid option for mains I'd say, but not special enough to be a must try

The brownie was very average but the ice cream was not bad at all. It had a slightly chewy sticky texture and the flavour was decent too

The pink pasta has a unique tang. Ckn chop kinda juicy but not crispy, not v satisfying.

Overally it's a decent neighbourhood style of pasta, with a price to match

The pie was super cheesy and creamy with lots of cheese, some mushroom and bacon. The pie crust was buttery and crispy when warmed up. The pie crust and the fillings went really well together and the ratio was good too. The chocolate cake was rich of chocolate and hazelnut flavour and was all mousse which I loved.