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Was disappointed I couldn’t try their signature hotdog bun bc they ran out of bun. However their beef burger with homemade patty tasted pretty delicious. A classic burger that can’t go wrong. Also saddened that there were no options to upgrade the fries to truffle fries. :(

1-for-1 Classic Mayo sandwich (S$7.80) at
Although not stated on the poster, I was told it’s one baguette and the other croissant for the bread choice.
Cannot select both croissants.
Selected Chicken D’light and Tuna D’licious.

Conveniently located just outside of Kent Ridge MRT station, this small eatery serves authentic and healthy teochew porridge that contains many ingredients such as dried seafood, peanuts, youtiao(fried dough fritters), and uses a mix of brown and red(?) rice. Every table has bottles of soy sauce, fish sauce, and pepper for customers to further customise their porridge experience.

Pictured is the value set ($8.50) which includes the signature Empress Porridge, Prawn Paste Chicken (there are other options for sides), and an Iced Kopi. Taste wise, the coffee was lacklustre but the rest were savoury and up to standard.

The small premises mean that it is hard to get a seat during peak hours, so consider ordering take-out if you are heading there around weekday lunch hours. NUS/NUH students/staff can present their pass for a discount.

What a satisying $2 pancake. The portion is just right, not too much and not too little. Order this with the soy ice cream $1.6. Perfect combo

Lovvvve yolé!!! Got the medium tub ($12) to share with a friend, and in my opinion it’s more worth it than getting a large each!!

First time trying this dish. I was initially impressed that Empress Porridge uses brown rice by default, but I quickly realised that this supposed claypot chicken rice was more like sesame chicken over rice. The rice isn’t stewed in enough sauce, and I doubt it’s actually cooked in a claypot. Maybe the chicken is, but everything else probably isn’t.

I did enjoy the vegetables because they were well seasoned and crisp, but they were a tad too oily. Overall I wouldn’t order this again, as I’d rather go for their signature porridge or the pork trotter bee hoon.

1-for-1 Main at The Fat Chook Co
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Pork Belly Burger (S$13)
With bacon, slaw, jalapeño, crackle
Like the chunky piece of meat but kind of dry.


Actually pretty expensive side dish for the portion as well as for the location as a near-campus eatery. Nonetheless, I still order this from time to time because it’s tasty! Not such a fan of the chilli they provide here, so we added our own sambal from the pantry.

Empress Porridge is very generous with the amount of chye poh toppings. It seems like each component is fried separately - the carrot cake, the eggs and the chye poh as they aren’t mixed together but end up in layers. The star of this dish is the fried egg, which is just salty enough, with a little bit of sweetness while retaining its fluffiness. The chye poh does tend to be salty on its own, so it goes very well with the slightly bland carrot cake. Well actually I think I order this primarily for the egg, the chye poh is just a bonus. If they had a pure fried egg omelette dish, that would be heavenly. Till then, I’m still satisfied with the carrot cake although the price point could be lowered for affordability!

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I can always count on Li Ji for a decently strong cup of caffeine while still indulging my love for HK Yuan Yang. The ratio of milk tea to coffee is well balanced, and it’s also not too sweet. Much more affordable than a cup at Starbucks, Jewel Coffee or CBTL, and also arguably more effective.

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From the Korean food stall:

Haven’t ordered bibimbap for a long while, but I’m under the distinct impression that they now provide a lot more meat than they used to (it’s hidden under the egg). The version here comes with white rice, julienned cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, bean sprouts (not the fat Korean kind), bulgogi chicken/beef/pork, gochujang sauce and the regular banchan of anchovies and kimchi.

It’s a simple but healthy and satisfying lunch option. There was a little too much rice to ingredient and sauce ratio for me, plus I would’ve liked more heat in the sauce, but I can’t fault this for convenient and affordable campus food. Also, even though I took out some white rice, I was still super full! It is a little hard to mix everything together with the sauce in the rectangular takeaway container, but I would definitely order this again especially since the Korean stall queue is consistently one of the fastest-moving during lunch time.

Laksa (S$6.50)
Wednesday special at @empressporridge
Packed with chunks of chicken, prawns, slices of fish cake, bean curd puff, and hard boiled egg.
Very filling.

1-for-1 Main at The Fat Chook Co
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The Cheesey Chicken Parma (S$13)
Crumbed Chicken + bacon + olives
Looked not bad but the meat was kind of bland for me.