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Not too bad, but rather expensive. One small piece of curry ckn with 2 veg costs 4.2nett. choices are also very limited, most of the meats are deep fried

This was simply sad. Noodles were average but everything else was subpar. Surprisingly the intestines were pretty well cleaned. Only noteworthy point was the extremely generous portion of noodles

Havent had the best experience w them lately and now I understand why some ppl have an opinion towards them, I've just been really lucky on my first few tries w the dish choices

The seafood stir fry was very bland, the beef w french beans had decent spice but needs more heat. Tomato beef was delicious though, the sauce was v sumptuous

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The ckn thigh was fine, their veggies doesn't taste superb but it's passable, but the pork ribs though. While it's well marinated, it's very very dry and tough

Fish for 1nett, veg for 0.5nett

Fish was excellent with a complex gravy that had a tinge of tanginess, heat as well as sweetness. The veg was fine but as usual their texture is off, and saved by the sauce haha

The food really balances out the service. She insist on not giving me a small bowl of clear soup for my laksa broth YTF, she doesn't even allow me to pay for it. Only can clear soup YTF add on a small bowl of laksa broth. What a joke

The clear soup was decent, and the laksa broth is an excellent rendition of the ytf kind of Laksa broth. It's smooth and sweet, with enough of a punch.

Bittergourd really goes well with clear soup(only) as it's very bitter. The fried tofu stuffed with fishpaste goes well with laksa broth.

Their sambal is pretty decent too, again quite sweet but punchy as well

-15% for NUS students(they give it to everyone who looks like a uni student tho)

Pretty decent, just a tad ex

One of the rare occasions when the actual dish turns out better than the photo. This humongous bowl contains lots and lots of chunks of tender beef and tendon, smooth slippery la mian noodles, some xiao bai cai, baby carrots and radish slices, immersed in a large amount of tasty beef soup.

U can see the beef add on is really generous, pretty worth. But taste wise it's v bad. Dry and bland. Saba was fine though, quite meaty though no crisp. The best item was the soup which had the clear umami of anchovies

The beaten egg was not bad but I felt the previous runny egg was better. Surprisingly the veggies were not bad, but slightly more shiok when it's less healthy I guess.

Ayam merah was not bad, the sauce was good but the ckn was slightly dry

Curry vegetables were pretty decent too

Mutton curry was amazing, tender mutton and well-spiced curry

Squid was fine if just a tad chewy

Really affordable and look at the ratio. This is nothing like normal Kueh salat though, it's more like mooncake filling texture but less sticky and more bounce. Very filling too