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The cabbage was very well cooked w a mild umami from some dried seafood, the curry veg was alright.

I don't particularly like mock meat, this looked like mushrooms so I was scammed

Beehoon was firm

The bitterguord was really well cooked, soft and hardly bitter

The French beans got this weird sauce tho, it's sweet and savoury and a bunch of other things at the same time. Seems quite oily too

this really satisfied my ebi burger cravings!! personaly prefer this patty to mos’👀 and the onion rings were really good too!!

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$3 CHICKEN RICE such a steal chicken is not dry at all, rice is super fragrant and the chilli has kick🔥

would recommend topping up $1.50 for the set coz the oyster sauce veg & egg were so good too.

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Surprisingly they do a decent one, this is quite acceptable even if not particularly strong

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Is damn lousy now. Each meat they give about 20-30g only it's absolutely pathetic

I don't think anyone can tell there's 5 meats in here, it's 11bucks

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jeez this almost $10 but portion is humongous and i guarantee you it’s p damn good

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price increased😭😭😭 but i’ll still willingly pay because it’s good🫠🤧🙃

Ckn drumstick was alright, the ckn cubes were really good, sauce was super complex and nice heat. The sliced beef was overcooked and tough

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fish & chips ($8.90) were really good!!! fish was fresh, crispy batter and fries were YUM

cappuccino ($4) was gd and rlly affordable too!!

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Lunchtime! 🍴⏰

It’s bonding time with my colleagues and ex-colleague over great food and good company during the school holi week.

This popular nasi lemak eatery [that’s near my workplace] serves a hearty, delicious and affordable meal that I thoroughly enjoy!!

❤️ the crunchy ikan bilis, bright orange runny yolk and slightly spicy warm-up otah [which is perfect for me since I’ve a low tolerance for spicy food].

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Quite a decent portion of meat as you can see, quite salty and flavour was avg, the floury nature of the sauce is abit unpleasant

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