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Tomato Noodles Soup ($9.9)

A huge bowl loaded with loads of vege and 4 big meat balls.

This branch at Clementi road is always crowded on wkend (dinner time) and they have really good Taiwanese dishes too

Call it fast food but this burger was delicious. Why won't more places do burgers with real beef slices like this rather than minced patties? Only drawback were the fries which tasted like it came out of a packet. But I ain't complaining at a price like that.

The Parma chicken ($13) was definitely a highlight of the meal!! The thick battered chicken fillet was coated a layer of melted cheese, rich and salty. Was very impressed that the chicken remained tender and moist! And also liked the addition of olives, which balanced the heavy dish with its sharp tang.

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Charcoal roasted with spices and lemon, the quarter chicken ($13) was so good!! The meat was super tender and fell off the bone easily. Really enjoyed the inclusion of sour cream and the chilli, which were bright bursts of flavour when accompanied with the chicken.

Was in the mood for a burger, and I chose the chicken option ($13) since Fat Chook is known for chicken! Proved to be a good choice yum - the chicken patty was so tender and succulent and not at all fatty! The slather of avocado wasn’t very distinct, but I enjoyed the sriracha mayo. My favourite part of it was the tomato salsa - both roasted and fresh tomato slices hidden within, which lent a bit of sweetness and acidity 👍🏼🌟

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Decent pho but very generous portions (hand for evidence) Side bites like viet nachos highly reccomended!

Had a great Australian Vietnamese meal here! Love their big portions filled with tons of ingredients! Definitely worth the price, especially using burpple beyond. Will be back for sure!

Burger King at [email protected] Ridge has finally reopened after their renovation with a larger kitchen, but slightly less seating space.

This was my first time trying the Tendergrill Chicken from Burger King and I really liked it. The chicken was tender and moist, with a lovely chargrilled flavour. There wasn’t a skewed skin-meat ratio, so this would probably fall under the healthier choice category. I love the mushroom Swiss pairing with the Tendergrill Chicken, and this will be a combination I’m sure to order again.

Unfortunately, Burger King seems to have changed their onion rings. They seem thicker than before, but weren’t quite crisp when we received them. They went limp pretty quickly by the time we settled down to eat back in our office.

Complimentary Breakfast
La Kopi Breakfast
Limited to first 💯
Available at @365youreverydayfood
From 8.30am

Selected porridge which was packed with braised peanut, shredded chicken, fish cake, fried shallot, and egg.
With a choice of coffee or tea.

365 Food
Address 🏡 : #02-38 Teletech Park, 20 Science Park Road, Singapore 🇸🇬 117 674

MRT 🚇 : Haw Par Villa (CC25)

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Used Burpple 1-for-1 for the steak burger and pork belly vermicelli ($13 each). I clearly went for it before remembering to take a picture haha. Burger had several slices of beef, which wasn’t tough to chew! It came with a generous serving of fries, which weren’t oily but may be too salty over time. Friend’s pork belly vermicelli (dry) was tasty (meat to fat ratio was good), and filling.

The place itself is clean, and provides water. Staff were also friendly. Plus no service charge or GST! Super value-for-money, especially with 1-for-1.

Chicken was too salty.. but soft and tender :)

Do not get the chicken, in my opinion.

Food: 2/5
Price: 3/5
Place: 3/5