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Came here with the burrple beyond coupon and as usual, super worth it. The waffles here are nicer than at Sunday folk. I had mine with lemon blueberry yogurt ice cream which was really nice. The gryphon tea (osmanthus sencha) was on point as usual. Definitely coming back!

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$8.30 a la carte


Nyonya style bibimbap hahaha. Cos there’s omelette, sliced mango, rectangular tauhu, prawns and garnish. Just about enough nutrition and carbs.

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Another Burpple 1 for 1!

We got the roasted pistachio, strawberry and green tea flavoured ice cream. The roasted pistachio was sensational! Absolutely love the pistachio bits in it too. Strawberry was not bad. The green tea flavour was pretty substantial ~

Creamier is very consistent in making their waffles and ice cream. One will.never be disappointed.

1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

I have always enjoyed Creamier’s ice cream especially at Gillman Barracks because of its ambience but it does get crowded after meal timings! Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we enjoyed 2 x double scoops at just the price of 1! But one thing for sure, I wouldn’t get the ice cream in cones anymore. Appreciate the giant scoops of ice cream, but not the disaster that accompanied. The ice cream melted so quickly all over my hand that it ended up as though we were racing to finish it, instead of truly enjoying.

Repeated flavour choices were the roasted pistachio and plain ole chocolate, both the rich and creamy type. This time we paired them together and found that they actually complemented each other pretty well, as if eating chocolate with pistachio hidden within.

Inspired by the famous Thai beverage, the Thai Milk Tea flavour had close resemblance in terms of its fragrance from the Ceylon Tea brew. But what was even more amazing was the Popping Root Beer Float flavour, created as a tribute to Creamier Toa Payoh that will be closing at the end of the month. Made using A&W root beer with French cream, sprinkled with popping candy. It’s a flavour done well; you get a sweet, minty, licorice-like flavour with creaminess and some tingling sensation.

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That cauliflower mash is smooth as hell, and the coriander cress provides a fresh, intense burst of coriander that cuts the richness of the meat. While the secreto iberico pork has great flavor, it was also drier and tougher than its previous iteration using mangalica pork which was fattier, but moist and tender when served. Hopefully we’ll see the mangalica pork back on the menu soon! #burpple #burgerlabo


But no to the chewy garlic which sticks to your teeth! 7.5/10

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Every component combined together for an elegant concerto on the tongue. The sauce was creamy and savoury, the buns pillowy, and the cheese an umami delight.
And the patty - it was a dream. The meticulous mix of different beef types cumulated in this flavourful and succulent patty. Then it was cooked to a perfect medium, with a good mix of a firm bite, tenderness and a smoky char.
Alas, being a basic burger, there's sadly a certain pizzazz absent. Still, this is as high quality as you get for a basic burger... Though also at a premium.

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Round up the gang for a splurge-worthy meal at Gillman Barracks. Must-tries include their comforting Hae Mee Tng ($25) where slices of pork and fresh prawns swim in a sweet broth. Also good is the Locally-farmed barramundi and the super popular Chilled Piquant Rice Vermicelli ($8) topped with a mountain of Sakura Ebi, both of which can also be found in their Dinner Menu (from $68). End the night on a high by hopping over to the bar next door, Nekkid, for a night cap or two.
Photo by Burppler Vanessa Kou


Toppings like strawberries, blueberries, light whipped cream and the maple syrup make it even more satisfying. Just wished that it can be hotter! 🥞💖 #fluffy #pancake #desserts #yums #burpplesg #burpple

Incredibly light and fluffy pancakes. Went on a Sunday night and only waited 10 minutes for this. Fresh fruits, very light and fresh cream, that pairs soooOOoo well with the pancakes. Some soufflé pancakes go flat the moment they are served, but these pancakes are still Super light and fluffy after 20 minutes on the table. Highly recommended 5/5!

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