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Opened by Ex-St Regis Chef, the one I tried was nothing really spectacular and slightly on the bland side. On the flip side, their minced pork balls and fried dumpling were yummy.😋👍

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Had a chance to go for the distillery tour and it was such an interesting experience learning about the roots of this distillery and how gin is made.

The tour comes with a welcome drink, that is mainly using calamansi juice and their very own dry gin. Absolutely loved the flavours coming from this cup, as it is tangy, refreshing and beautiful herbal taste of the gin makes this very pleasant.

The tour also comes with a tasting flight, with 3 of their gins. With the Singapore dry gin being herbally, butterfly pea being florally and the pahit pink being spicy and smoky, we loved butterfly pea the best. Paired with just tonic, it's extremely smooth and pleasant, with the floral flavours coming through strong.

With such beautiful vibes and service, I can really see myself coming back to have good gins and fun times with friends and loved ones. Will be back again!

Butter fish, bean sauce minced meat, curry vegetable. All easy to like!

Cabbage, curry pork, sweet and sour pork. Competitive standard.

Leek, napa cabbage, fried pork belly. The leek had tiny bits of pork. I wonder if I was charged meat price. This stall seems to do this malevolently.

Located among the Colonial building set amidst greenery, back to one of my favourite places for Ice cream with my family.

This time, we decided to try something new.

▪️Donut Sandwich with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream & choice of Strawberry Jam or Salted Caramel Sauce, a collaboration between Creamier x Able Bagel (home-based bagel) available for a limited time.

▪️Was recommended to try their bakes-inspired Cinnamon Raisin Cream Cheese Bagel Ice Cream and Golden Waffles with Maple Syrup Ice Cream to go along with freshly baked Belgian Golden Waffles. Why not? These 2 ice cream flavours goes so well with their waffles. The kids love it.

Location: Creamier @creamier_sg Gillman Barracks, 5A Lock Rd, Singapore 108927

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Curry vegetables, honey chicken, hairy gourd. Not bad.

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From economical rice stall. No rice today! But it turned out super boring.

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From economical rice stall. No rice today!

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Greatest selection of food at The three peacocks 🤩🤩The biggest outdoor BBQ buffet where you can choose your ingredient and cook yourself! From prawns, raw oyster, grilled lobster ,bamboo clam, crayfish , sashimi and cooked food 😊😋🥩🥓🍗🦪🦪Nice ambience at night where you can enjoy the view and food! They also have wide selection for their meat and also skewers!

For my followers just use promo code "SGMOGUU" to enjoy 10% OFF for weekdays only The Three Peacocks At Labrador Park

📍The Three Peacocks @ Labrador Park
8 Port Road
Singapore 117540

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I have always believed that only Mee Hoon Kway that is hand torn, comes with Sayur Manis and chilli sauce can pass muster. Today I was proven there are exceptions.

This stall is located in Telok Blangah Drive market, an old HDB town. I ordered their basic Mee Hoon Kway in soup and added an egg ($4.10). I got a bowl of mee hoon kway cut in squares. But yet the dough did not clump together in an indistinguishable mass. The dough was a little chewy which is nice when consumed hot. The soup was light and clear with the hint of pepper added at the end, coming through. Instead of sayur manis, the thin strips of cabbage added sweetness to the broth.

Inside were three things that went well. The meat balls (about 4 pieces) were elliptical rather than round. They were well marinated and you could eat them without condiments like chilli sauce. The ikan bilis was crispy and fresh. And the shallot and garlic oil added to the bowl just before serving, gave extra dimensions in flavours of the sweet umami broth.

So for the first time I am finding myself gravitating to a second visit to this stall, one that does not conform to my norms of a good mee hoon kway, in order to try their dry version. By the way they also serve dumplings, fried and blanched versions, with different fillings. So yes, a second and maybe even third visit is required.

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Domino’s Pizza offers great value for all pizza lovers! Their signature pizza flavours are always served piping hot and are great for a hearty meal with family or friends. If you’ve got a gathering coming up, why not order their Extravaganza pizza? You can’t go wrong with this classic flavour!

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