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Wa this was good leh! The shokupan bread was soft and pillowy, the dough was q enriched so it was pretty tasty! I liked that the pork katsu wasn’t fatty but still was thicc and tender and very easy to eat, the tonkatsu sauce spread on the pork katsu made it soggy, but the side parts that were untouched weren’t very crisp, it could afford more crunch. The duck fat confit onions were nice! We preferred this Sando :)

Chashu Sando came with quite a generous amount of marinated cha shu, the slightly crisp edges were especially nice! I like the mild heat that the kimchi provides. They listed “nuts” as a component but there wasn’t any. We both felt that the chashu was a bit salty tho.

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@burgerlabo’s latest creation goes by the name of #BagaSando. Christened by @foodiebouba, it’s a hybrid of the Wasei-eigo (which means "Japanese-made English") version of the words: “burger”and “sandwich”. And the product is exactly that, on top of being buttery soft madness.
A construct of genuine cleverness, it has A5 Toriyama Wagyu Tenderloin cut into slices of even thickness, so there’s more surface area that gets to hit the grill, which translates to multi-fold oomph between those pillowy soft buns by @bakerybrera. This also gives Chef @markerpenn plenty of space to slather on his 3-month-old housemade beef garum with vinegar and fermented mustard seeds, and red wine jus. Interspersing the perfectly-cooked Wagyu with all these is brilliant because although the cut of beef isn’t the fatty sort, the tang and crunch from the additions create more excitement on the palate.
At $88 before tax, the Bagasando is not exactly cheap but you do get what you pay for.

Note: I wolfed this down in the car right outside Naked Finn, immediately after picking it up because I believe that is when it tastes the best.


@peonyjade has launched the Father’s Day Chilli Crab D.I.Y Set Menu ($158.00+) for you to celebrate with your Papa at home. What I love about this D.I.Y Set Menu is you are allowed to choose 1 item from each of below categories:
▪️Appertizer (Choose 2 items)
▪️Chilli Crab with Fried Buns (4pcs)
▪️Complimentary: Steamed "Longevity" Molten Lava Custard Salted Egg Yolk Baos
1 day advance order required.
Visit https://peonyjade.oddle.me/en_SG for more info.
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Its main difference from normal 肉夹馍 was the bun. It's usually like bread, but here it's a flaky biscuit. Although the meat filling was chunkier, it's less than normal 肉夹馍.

A good rendition at a fast casual. The beehoon was unique and the soup was sharp. The fish came in big slices, although I'd appreciate more.

staCey: 7.68/11 ~ for me!!! we ordered takeaway for special bday celeb~ the loBster was jUicyyyy n meats were flavourful!! food need to be heated uP for maxiMUM YUMMMinest!!! excellent serviCe bY deliVery people too :~)

ethEL: 8.2/12 ! thnx 2 stacey’s fam 4 providing me dinner <3 variety of meat was plentiful and lobster meat was sooo sweet n juicY ! rly efficient and meticulous delivery service ! overall was suuuper y0ms hope 2 try d restaurant irl soon ~~

@peonyjadesg is still open for pick up and islandwide delivery with minimum order of $50.00.
Enjoy FREE Island-wide delivery with orders above $200 & Discount of Up to 20%
Visit https://peonyjade.oddle.me/en_SG/ for more info
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Had the steak and lobster linguine! Both were a good balance of flavours

Ordered the Nasi Lemak, apparently it’s by curry times. Very average and will not order again.

Expect a bowl of prawn noodle soup brimming with a rich crustacean umami flavour but what’s really delightful was the perfection of umami without addition of sugar and MSG. That, to me, is a whole new level of utilising ingredients in its purest form.

Using Wild-caught gamba listada, blue swimming crab and dried sakura shrimp that are firstly fried in grapeseed oil, then blended as a whole and left to simmer with the pork stock for 7 hours, giving rise to such a robust soup stock. Served with 3 pieces of salt- grilled, wild-caught green tiger prawns and a slice of flame-seared Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork which was really tender. Choose between Japanese somen or vermicelli (bee hoon), or a mix of both. Also given a set of condiments that comprises chili oil, fried lard and sambal chili.

How rare it is to see ice plant being served in restaurant s locally! The crystalline ice plant is easily recognised by the tiny droplets on its stems and sides of the leaves. Unlike some other greens used in salads that have strong taste, ice plant has only a slight natural saltiness and is very much crunchy. Tossed in kalamansi juice, dried shrimp & shallot grapeseed oil, the ice plant here makes the perfect appetiser with a citrusy freshness and a fragrant aroma from the shallots.

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You would realise that the dishes here are at The Naked Finn are premiumly priced although they seem to be the usual hawker fare. But if you have also read about how founder Chef Ken Loon is so passionate about sourcing the world’s best quality seafood, and give it a try yourself, I am sure you will find every cent worthwhile.

Just like what goes into this bowl of Teochew-style fish soup; line-caught blue cod from New Zealand, known to be the most environmentally sensitive fishing method as the fishes are brought to the surface alive, which means extreme freshness. What was mind-blowing was the rich milky fish stock, that appeared as though milk has been added. But guess what, the richness is a painstaking result of five-hour brewing. Imagine the sweetness in there, that’s also finished with tomato, Chinese cabbage, tofu and deep-fried yam chunks. Served with rice on the side but you could always throw some in to make it a pao fan.