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Salted Egg Chicken ($5), Cereal Chicken ($5), Vegetarian Bento ($6)

Good portion size, quite delicious but nothing mind-blowing so it’s good for typical work lunch.

Got some Poofy Pancakes (among many other great foods available) with my bf on a double date, the pancakes do feel like sweet clouds in your mouth as you eat them + the berries and fruits are very complementary to the main dish of pancakes. Travelled far to finally try this but worth the effort :)

💸 $3.80 (+$1 for premium)

Love this peanut butter jelly!! Well combination of flavours 😋

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Good O’ Chocolate 🍫 and Cookies Cream ice cream in stacked waffles

💸 $9.30 + $3.30 (premium +$1)

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Roasted pistachio and Thai milk tea ice cream on stacked waffles

Pistachio is my go-to flavour!! And I love Creamier’s

💸 $9.30 + $3.30 (premium +$1)

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portion was pretty decent considering the place; looks good but tastewise...... lets just say wldnt get it again. was dry n flavourless n cold to say the least :”)

also got a side of battered prawns to go with it. one thing for sure, the portion is hugeeee and they taste fresh n crisp!! did get a lil too oily n overwhelming at the end but for slightly over $20 i think it’s pretty worth

Ah, cakes. Ever since I was a bovine, juvenile synthesis of a mortal known as a child, I’ve always had a sweet tooth and enjoyed tearing at the purity of my cavities with the innocent likes of chocolates, candies and other devilish confectionaries. The end result was a series of fortnightly trips to the dentist over the course of two years in my youth. Now, only perfection remains as the very teeth that I possessed to destroy have become polished tools of mastication that glisten with glorious lustre. As to whether I remain to write on psychedelics synthetic and organic, the answer still remains a mystery to my being. Now where was I? Oh yes, cakes.
Situated in a lovely little concrete neighbourhood at Telok Blangah, Out Of The Cake Box is a quaint little bakery that prides itself on its unique desserts that interprets local flavours, with pleasantly surprising results. The destination is a simple stone’s throw away from the station, making it the perfect pit-stop to indulge in some delightfully playful creations that remind us of a time that was.
Their Carrot Cake ($6.50++) is a perfect example of their efforts to incorporate traditional Singaporean flavours with classic dessert-making techniques. Every bite of the curious creation featured a spiced moist carrot sponge layered with hazelnuts and salted caramel cream cheese frosting, resulting in a sweet and savoury spoonful that is reminiscent of a traditional carrot cake serving. -
Next up was the Rose Lychee ($5.50++), a light and effervescent cake with an ethereal texture that played beautifully well with its subtle floral qualities. With rosewater sponge, fresh lychee cream, juicy lychee bits and strawberry jelly, this cake hit all the right spots for dessert on a warm summer afternoon.
The Millionaire Tart ($6++) was aptly named, for it was rich. Pure decadence arrived in the form of a slow-baked chocolate custard made from a blend of Belgium chocolate and dark chocolate on short crust pastry, with a savoury counterbalance lent by a topping of sea-salt caramel.

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1 base, 2 cold, 2 hot and 1 protein for just 12.90sgd is really worth it for grain bowls!! I feel its really cheaper than outside and also the portion is really HUGE

Cold: Highly recommend the grilled baby corn with miso sauce! Avoid the mushrooms one because it tasted sourish and the mushroom taste is really very strong so i guess if you arent a BIG FAN of mushrooms, you wouldnt really enjoy it.

Protein: Topped up 1.80sgd for seabass instead of chicken/beancurd (which doesnt require additional top up). Damn worth!! The spring onion sauce at the side for the fish is really yummyyy!! The spring onion fragrant was distinct and there was a subtle creamy cheesy taste😊

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this is honestly so flipping good. i love the crisp sourdough that has a nice chewy bite. it comes w a generous heap of fresh avocado that’s well seasoned. the candies bacon pieces n promagranate seeds add a nice varying burst of flavours n textures as well. +++ the egg yolk is perfectly runny omg.... there’s nothing to complain abt this n i literally get it all the time when i’m here at @habitat_sg

Squared waffles were nicely crisp on the outside, and warm and soft on the inside. Top that off with duo scoops of my favourite ice cream flavours namely the Earl Grey Lavender and the Richest Dark Choc Ferraro, it was a much needed perk me up from a tiring week. Not forgetting the drizzle of chocolate sauce and maple syrup around the delightful stack. 100% happiness! 😍

A handcrafted favourite with a delightful balance of sweet and savoury. 😘