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Been passing by this place for a long while but only got to try it recently, and wow, no wonder they are always a full-house

Opted for their assorted soontofu (beef, clam, crab, shrimp, and squid) served with rice in hot stone, as well as sides. Hearty dish - good spice level (can be customised), really soft homemade tofu, piping hot rice

Sides are refillable, except for the fried yellowfish (this is good also)

Enjoyed my meal, filling and really comforting


📍 SBCD Korean Tofu House - Alexandra Retail Centre
460 Alexandra Rd, 02-21 Alexandra Retail Centre, Singapore 119963

#burpplesg #sbcdkoreantofuhouse

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Came here for the feb fish sando special but unfortunately we were a few minutes too late - it had sold out :( We tried the tonkatsu and chashu ones before and were satisfied, happy to know that these two items were great too! The portobello was joosy and had a nice bite, and I also liked the balsamic capsicum which was sour and naturally sweet. The Camembert went well with the portobello. There was no arugula in the sandwich tho, unlike what the menu wrote. Instead there was lettuce. Bun was soft and fluffy and held the ingredients well without getting too soggy.

Tori karaage was delish too! Chicken was tender with a crunchy outer coating, went well with the hot honey and other sauces for a sweet and savoury bite. The slaw helped cut through the heaviness of the sandwich, but I wish there was more, for a more refreshing flavour.

TLDR: sando’s sandos are great! Big fan

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They reheated it for us but I think it could be more crisp! The outer part is laminated and buttery while the interior is bready-ish and filled with custard and choc. Was decent but I don’t think I’ll reorder, would rather go for their tarts / other pastries.


This was really good. It’s pricier and smaller than average but I think this was well worth. It was fragrant and had a strong coffee taste, and finished very smoothly. The beans are from Milton Coffee Roastery in Japan, according to the display. One of the better iced whites I’ve had in a long time!

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I found a small piece of broken plastic in my dish towards the end of my meal. Not sure if I just ingested a bowl of melted plastic. It’s a safety issue, so I just wanted to put it out here.

I nicely told the staff about it - and they told me that I didn’t need to use the Burpple 1-for-1 deal as compensation, since this dish would be free. Don’t really understand how that’s a compensation since the dish was going to be free anyway with the deal. 😅 I verbalised that there was no difference, but no alternatives were offered. Didn’t want to kick up a big fuss since there was a family with children beside our table, so I left it, and here I am writing a negative review.

I thought the situation could’ve been handled better - it was slightly unpleasant that they spoke as if their compensation was great, when it didn’t make a difference to me at all. Food was actually okay if not on the pricier side, but I guess after this experience I don’t have the best impression of how this restaurant is ran.

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Our weekend breakfast staple! Found this gem while looking for a stall with a long queue 😂 (good sign)

Their prata is fluffy (swipe to see how they make it fluff lol), hot, and served with a generous amount of curry sauce. And tbh, with something worth ~$1 now, this is such a good and rare deal 👌🏻

Been ordering their kosong prata, but they have egg/onion/cheese as well


📍 Sabeen Sara Prata And Briyani Stall
Stall 01-07, 100079, 79 Telok Blangah Dr, 100079
Located in: Telok Blangah Food Centre


the chicken sando had yuzu marinated grilled chiken, smashed avocado, overeasy egg, furikake garlic aioli, cheddar and tomato relish. i couldn’t really taste the yuzu taste as the tomato relish kind of overpowered it but overall still enjoyed this combo. chicken was rather substantial and tender.

the tamagoyaki sando consisted of tamogoyaki, truffle sauce, egg salad and kombu mayo. truffle taste not super distinct.

The Basic Burger from BurgerLabo was voted as one of the best burger in Singapore, so we came to try for ourselves.

Got the Basic Burger Single Patty for $19.50 and Wagyu Burger Single Patty for $29.50. True enough, the Basic Burger did not disappoint. In our opinion, it actually tasted better than the Wagyu Burger.

Fries are not part of the burgers and has to be bought separately, so we opted for the Sweet Potato Fries. The cuts are quite thick. Personally I prefer thinner cuts, but taste wise it was ok.

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the baby back ribs, i have to say, were yummy. The flavour was great and the meat was so soft that it practically slid off the bones. It also went perfectly with the achaar and crackers on the side. The lobster chilli pasta we tried was nothing to write home about, but it was satisfactory. On a side note, the service at the restaurant was great. However, we did get startled a couple of times when bugs from the nearby fields flew in and landed on us. worth a try!

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Great place for groups! The outdoor seating can accommodate for groups 8-12 with reservations made. Food is good, and happy hour is even better! Great that it's about 5mins walk from Alexander Retail center.

A promo item by KFC that actually works. The two ingredients are rich, perhaps that's why it's satisfying enough.