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For some reason this bun was more dense than the coco one. The red bean was pure paste (no skin) and was quite hearty, very dense and not too sweet. In comparison mama's red bean bun feels much sweeter. It’s pretty decent but I prefer the coco bun as the bread tasted better!

The bun was v soft and floofy, coco filling was joosy and sweet, I enjoyed it! Might be on par with oishi's coco bun which is one of my fav places for coco buns. Also, it’s great that they didn't use orange sugar. I’m more partial to brown coco filling over orange ones, bc I prefer the gula melaka taste over orange sugar.

WAH guys the sourdough was v nice. It had a very nice soft & pliable quality to it, texture is rly quite good! The olives were dispersed evenly and gave a tangy briny flavour, went well with the rosemary fragrance. I toasted one side to get one side soft and one side cronchy. I liked that the crust wasn't super hard so it was v easy to eat. Now I want to go back and try all their diff sourdoughs :'D

Escargot was v crisp after toasting! The adzuki was nice, there’s a light sweetness and I quite liked the idea of red bean in viennoiseries - I haven't seen that before. Just that it could have been cooked down a bit more. The matcha wasn’t very pronounced. Croissant was crisp upon toasting, it's decent but I felt that it was kinda greasy. Had it a few hours after purchasing, the humidity rly gets to it and it was v soggy, I couldn't not toast it. It’s ok lah it was still nice bc buttery stuff r yummy but I'll still stick to petit pain for plain croissants!

Their olive sourdough usually comes out after 2.30pm and I was there too early at 12ish, but the kind auntie was like wait wait let me go check the kitchen! When she returned she told me that it'll be about 7 mins so I waited for it. Thank you!! The staff are nice and it really adds to the experience - I'll be back even tho it's q far from my place :)

Charsiew was nicely caramelised! It’s lean (I like!) but still pretty tender, with a few pieces having some fatty bits. The ratio of lean to fat was to my preference :) Roasted duck was also rather juicy with a herbal flavour, not bad but I found it quite salty so eat it with the rice. Rice is just white rice but was of a pretty decent quality. The additional sauce given was average, lacks a depth of flavour. Wouldn’t mind having this again, but it’s quite out of the way so probably only if I find myself around the area again. Service is not bad, they were quite friendly :)

Feature :
Chocolate Papamint.
Chocolate chiffon cake,pair with dark chocolate with refreshing peppermint mousse, crowned with chocolate whipped cream,moustache chocolate décor, Andes peppermint chocolate and an exquisite edible gold leaf.

From now till 6 June 2021, customers can enjoy 10% OFF BreadTalk’s Father’s Day cakes
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This Father's day cake available from 14 May to 20 June 2021.



There is an ongoing promotion at the moment whereby there is a discount for these cakes and they are priced now at $34.92 if you purchase them from the online store. The Chocolate Papamint is a combination of chocolate and peppermint with waffle white chocolate paste while the Super Dad (pictured) is designed in a dapper outfit of a charming suit and bow tie, the latter an Oreo black sesame cheesecake made with black sesame paste, New York cheesecake and a soft vanilla chiffon.
✨ BreadTalk
📍 Available at all retail outlets islandwide
🌐 https://www.breadtalk.com.sg/shop
🍴 [Media Delivery]

With each skewer priced at SGD $1, it's easy to just grab a whole bunch at a go.
The ingredients are of decent quality, some are fresh while others are frozen. Premium ingredients have 2 skewers so those are SGD $2 instead.
The casual atmosphere here lends well to having a mountain of skewers with drinks, and just chilling through the night.

Of the 23 skewer varieties I tried, my 10 personal favourites include: Bean Skin, Broccoli, Chicken Cheese Balls, Chicken, Fish Balls, Oyster Mushroom, Scallop, Squid Balls, Squid, and Taiwanese Pork Sausage. Would get more of these next time!.
Fei Zhu Lok Lok
More details in profile & blog

Unlike the usual lor mee’s stock, this one is not too thick or starchy like glue. This is the first time I can still drink the soup from a bowl of lor mee. I like the slight hint of herbal taste and sweetness from the soup.

By the time I’ve reached home, the noodles have already soaked up the richness of the stock. It’s not the best Hokkien mee I’ve tried but it’s not bad. It does contain a very subtle hint of wok hei with generous egg bits. The prawns are a bit overcooked though. And unlike the usual Hokkien mee, this one doesn’t have any pork meat. Overall, it’s still a decent plate of noodles.

Milk taste > green tea taste; slight sweet; personally prefer a stronger green tea taste..

Good cup of strong brew coffee that is not acidic or bitter..

The muffin are very soft and moist; generous portion of blueberries/chocolate; personally prefer the banana chocolate muffin to the blueberries muffin as taste is stronger and rich..