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The menu was launched recently to include crowd favorites from the original outlet and new dishes for diners to enjoy. With a bigger kitchen, the team can experiment with different ingredients and flavours of the Isan cuisine, and you will be spoilt with choice for quality Thai food at affordable prices.

Start off with the Soi Aroy Signature Mixed Platter ($15/$28) which comes with Moo Ping pork skewers, Grilled Pork Cheeks that are marinated for 24 hours and Lemongrass Chicken before you dive straight into one of the new dishes, a unique rendition of the familiar papaya salad but this time round, Super Thai has battered and deep fried the papaya strips till crispy ($10/$16), served with a tangy and nutty dipping sauce.

A popular soup for many, the Tom Yum Creamy Seafood ($10) comes with an assortment of seafood or the Thai Steamed Seabass with Lime & Chilli ($15/28), which diners can opt for fish fillets or the entire seabass that is locally farmed, steamed and topped with the Super Thai special sauce. Finally, to fill your tummies, there is the Drunken Noodle with Seafood ($9/$15), which has the Thai flavour profiles of spicy, tangy and sweet, all in a single plate of stir-fried flat rice noodles with seafood and Thai basil.
✨ Super Thai by Soi Aroy
📍 379 Upper Aljunied Road, Singapore 367864
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TEMPURA was prepared nice and hot.
Not much presentation. home cook feel n taste. Average and not bad for the 1 for 1 deal. Without 1 for 1, may not visit again.

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Food was prepared nice and hot.
Not much presentation. Taste home cook. Average tasting and not bad for the 1 for 1 deal. Without 1 for 1, may not visit again.

Damn good. Chocolate cream instead of cream. Aka eclair hahaha.

Hit up this hidden gem located along Tai Seng Street for local Japanese cuisine in a family-friendly atmosphere. Enjoy a decent bowl of Soft Shell Crab Curry ($14.80), Gyuniku Ramen ($14.80) and Chirashi Don ($16.80), which had "a nice variety of fish and the portions were good." according to Burppler Grace L.
Photo by Burppler Grace L

Came across the existence of Le Cafe Vie5 on social media — felt that their concept was kinda interesting considering how they seem to be an establishment with a focus on specialty coffee, but serving up Vietnamese fare.

Felt that Le Cafe Vie5 seems to knows their stuff when it comes to coffee — it was fairly interesting to even see how they do serve up Vietnamese Egg Coffee (a rather rare find to-date), and the Vietnamese Drip Coffee in both “Traditional” and “Trendy” formats — the latter being a light version using a blend of beans rather than that of a single-origin as it is in the former. That being said, the food item that left the strongest impression for us would be the Prawn Noodle Soup — unlike local renditions of the Prawn Noodle where it an emphasises on a thick, umami flavour, this version carries the clean, light broth that is typical to that of Pho whilst carrying a slight sweetness of the crustacean; works very well for those who dislike the strong flavour profile of local prawn noodles like me. The noodles are closer to that of thick rice noodles; round, rather than being flat as per the typical Pho, and the noodle soup also comes with elements such as wood-eat mushroom, spring onion with lemon and chili sauce available on the side; both of which adds an interesting note to the soup, though we would prefer the soup as-is to retain the sweetness of the prawns. The prawns included here are also plump, sweet and fresh, whilst also coming with sliced pork for a slight meatiness.

Given its location at Upper Paya Lebar Road, the cafe does seem like an idyllic spot to spend the afternoons away especially with a cup of coffee; be it Vietnamese-style or espresso-based. The vibes strangely reminds us of Yahaya Koffeeworks when they were situated at Sembawang Hills; perhaps it is something about the interior decor of the place. Still, if there is one item we would consider ordering again if here, it will be this — simple, comforting and satisfying indeed.


💕 DIY Deck the Tree ($39).
2 chocolate chiffon cake, red bean with a churchy Hazelnut base,and crowned with swirl matcha white chocolate cream. It's comes with DIY Kit too (additional $4.5).
💕Merry Gingerbread Set ($12.8 each).
6 different design cookies to choose, or customer decided to DIY the cookies , by purchasing DIY gingerbread cookies gift set ($10 each).
💕 Donuts and festive buns ($1.80-1.90/ each)  

Available for sale on www.breadtalk.com.sg/shop as well as at BreadTalk outlets islandwide.
📍Breadtalk outlets.

White ($5) 🌟🌟🌟🌟
- There were 2 choices of beans and I went with the one with chocolate undernotes. Its a real good cup of coffee with nice flavours.

Almond Chocolate Danish ($5)🌟🌟🌟🌟
- Crisp and hot, chocolate was not too sweet. Nothing more to ask for in a danish

- Seating spaces were really awkward with lounge chairs and low tables, making it really hard to eat and seats were quite limited as well.
- Service staff could be better as well, didn’t allow me and my friend to sit at the counter bar as it is for a crowd of 3 pax but allowed another couple to sit there ...

Overall: Would go back for the coffee if I am around the area, if not it is a little out of the way [4.5/5.0]


Ranked as one of the Top 10 Mee Siam in Singapore, Hup Hup (合合) has been around to delight Singaporean tastebuds for over 50 years.

The gravy here is on a sweeter note and although it does come with the familiar twang of sour and spicy too, it is light enough to be slurped up on its own.

Apart from their signature Mee Siam, they do serve up delectable bowls of Laksa and Lor Mee too!

To encourage meaningful connections and bonding, these treats such as the Deck the Tree, DIY gingerbread cookies’ gift set, donuts and festive buns are great for family gatherings and gifting. The Deck the Tree ($39) is a Mont Blanc-inspired cake with a hazelnut royaltine base, built up with chocolate chiffon, red beans and meringue before getting a swirl of matcha white chocolate cream and dusted with matcha powder. You can also get the DIY kit ($4.50) which you can jazz up your Christmas tree with coloured chocolate and sprinkles. To continue with the DIY, the DIY Gingerbread Cookies Gift Set ($10) comes with two cookies and a set of kit of chocolate piping and festive sprinkles. The seasonal bread creations comprise of the croissant towers filled with chocolate, apple or strawberry custard ($1.90 each), and an assortment of decorated donuts.
✨ BreadTalk
📍 https://www.breadtalk.com.sg/shop
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Great interior for photo taking.
Highly recommend the Knots Waffle Brekkie, the portion is pretty big and filling.
The carbonara is creamy and delicious.
The Shroom and bacon pasta is nice as well.

Highly recommended to take some nice photos.