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This place was bomb. The prawn broth was full of flavour and their ngoh hiang was so damn good. I got the dry noodle with shabu shabu sliced pork prawn noodle and the broth was so good. The noodles were al dente and the sauce is bomb as well. Would go again with more company.

Their broth is light, really flavourful and addictive, would recommend to order noodles with soup so as to get more of the delicious broth😍tried their sharing platter too which had the usual favourite ngoh hiang which complemented the prawn soup πŸ‘

Best prawn noodles I have ever eaten! Prawn noodles were cooked well and the broth was amazing. The prawns were also huge and juicy.

This Bao (Bun) shop really amazed me with so many types of Baos & Siew Mais (Meat Dumplings). All look so fresh & yummy too πŸ˜‹

One of the best place to get affordable & quality Roasted Peking Duck & Crispy Suckling Pig! 😜

Big portion of good cuts! Muslim owned and very worth it! Please come over!

Fresh, healthy and economical steamed seafood set with no sugar, less salt, less oil and low in calories is the reason why there are so many old folks ordering from this stall.

They specialise in steamed fishes and prawns. I ordered the big steamed golden pomfret and fragrant spicy prawn set (signature dish) to try. The soy-based seasoning used here is milder compared to a Hong Kong soy dressing which feels healthier yet brings out the natural sweetness from the seafood. Simply homely and comforting.

Each set comes with free-flow rice and soup. The steamed pomfret is fresh, moist and delicate with natural sweetness while the butterflied prawns comes with fried garlic and chilli padi in soy sauce on a bed of glass noodles. I like how the glass noodles soak up the sauce so well.

Other set dishes available over here are steamed sea bass, steamed red grouper and spicy lala. The best thing is the price of set meals tagged so affordably between $5.00 to $6.50. They also have side dishes like preserved radish omelette, chicken mid wings and bitter gourds for add-ons to go along with their set meals.

Fresh Steamed Golden Pomfret Set 》$6.50 / Big
Fragrant Spicy Prawn Set 》$6.50

πŸ“ Hanjiang Seafood Square 韩江桷鲜坊
79A Circuit Rd, #01-63, Singapore 371079

Amazing prawn broth in a claypot that stays warm till the last bite.

Gor Heong was really tasty and had a good variety for sharing. Definitely recommended.

Prices were really reasonable too.

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Delicious bowl of prawn noodles w huge prawns and thick broth. Do order a cup of ice lemon tea to cool yourself down ! So surprised by d taste of it as it is my first time eating prawn noodles on claypot.

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The intestines are well cleaned and fried to a crispy outside and slightly chewy inside. Dip it with chilli and they are perfect. Best to consume it while it is hot. Although it does not look oily outside, the smell/taste of oil starts appearing upon chewing when it cools 》$12

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Our platter for two pax came with duck meat, small and large intestines, tau pok, fishcake and egg. The braised sauce is thick with herbal fragrance and taste. The kway is slightly thicker but it still comes with a smooth and good bite.

Overall, a place to visit if you are nearby the area and craving some kway chap (esp late at night). Price is on the high side as compared to other kway chap stalls.

2 Pax Meal with Duck 》$16

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It was my first time trying prawn noodles served in clay pot and it definitely was a pleasant experience! I tried the tobiko prawn ball and small prawns noodle soup and it was so delicious!! Sotong youtiao and ngoh hiang rolls are definitely must-try items too! The food was very worth for the affordable price!

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