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Yummy breakfast. Fried chicken wing, egg and beancurd flakes. $3.40 only. Hot coffee $1.10

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Always tried to visit this stall at Macpherson road, at finally on a Saturday it was open! Brought my brother along and he mentioned that the soup they provided had a strong peppery taste and it tasted like Bak Kit Teh somehow! Chili and the wontons were really good and sure to eat it again if I drop by!

A chilli crab meal is not complete without mantous that are fried to a crisp golden brown 鈽猴笍

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Black glutinous rice and mochi in charcoal bread. This was really yummy and chewy too!

The chicken drumsticks are cooked in a sous-vide style that results in a more 鈥榖loody鈥 appearance of meat that wasn鈥檛 really to my liking as it felt a tad undercooked IMO. Would personally prefer if the meat was fully cooked without the reddish blood-like appearance 馃槄. Nevertheless, the rendang sauce and house-made chips compensated for this disappointment, especially the chips that were well seasoned, crisp and so additive that I would gladly love to steal some of it and smuggle it into the cinema for a movie snack 馃槢馃槅. What鈥檚 more, it鈥檚 home made from scratch by the folks from @prodigalcafe ! 鉁 The rendang sauce was flavourful, aromatic and tangy with a pleasant tinge of spice that went as a great complement to the tender and juicy chicken drumsticks. On the other hand, broccoli 鈥榬ice鈥 was made by mashing and grinding broccoli to fine sand-like grains, which was a remarkable effort indeed! 馃憦 Perhaps a healthier element to alleviate the overall sinful-ness of this dish, it had a texture resembling that of quinoa as well! On a side note, the service here is really one that made my dining pleasant much more enjoyable 馃. Heard that the coffee here is good too, but unfortunately since I can鈥檛 drink coffee, I m not able to provide my verdict on it 馃槩. [PS: This dish is available only for a limited time in their current mains menu that undergoes a revamp every week. Do try it while it lasts or otherwise, look forward to the new surprises] .
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Very underrated cafe near MacPherson mrt station. Good coffee and they have cronut!

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Omg! One of the best pistachio gelato I ever had in Singapore, they have more selections and everything were so fresh! Will definitely keep coming back for more.



chocolatey hazelnut is a level of mamma Mia richness

But it鈥檚 really pricey + I thought the chocolate still didn鈥檛 quite hit bliss point in terms of depth (ie the quality of the cacao/ darkness of it used wasn鈥檛 quite there. Using dark gallery as a point of reference)


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Pagoda Steamboat Buffet 鈥 Supreme Package 鈥
Weekday Dinner $38.90 Weekend $40.90

It鈥檚 called the Pagoda Steamboat for a reason, there鈥檚 4 tiers, Soup Base 鈥 BBQ 鈥 Dipping Sauce 鈥 Steaming. Cheese dip is my personal favorite that will go well with most of the food. Buffet also consist of free flow of seafood, tender marinated meat, steamboat items, vegetables and drinks. With over 50 items for you to pick from, go ahead and indulge like a king, lobster could be included too! There aren鈥檛 a lot of places that offers Halal Steamboat, so it鈥檚 a great place to hang out with you friends and colleagues to chit chat over the meal. They offer D.I.Y Pizza too, go give it a try if you are feeling adventurous. Remember to end off the meal on a sweet note with a big scoop of ice cream

Thank you @burpple & @cafeflame for hosting

The Flame Caf茅


At $17.90++, this is a pretty puny portion. Taste-wise, not very impressive. But at least the food looks aesthetic af (and the decor of the cafe is awesome too it's like a mini garden). So yeah, go there to chill or take photos

Went to The Boiler knowing that people are excited by having their seafood on the table. But wow this basket of fish & chips was so good it totally hit the ball out of the park for me.

Extremely crispy on the outside and soft on the inside coupled with surprisingly flavourful ad well cooked fries. This was more mind blowing to me than the ritual of eating seafood from the table. Must order! 馃構

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