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Pretty eye opening experience - Have never eaten anything like these before! A feast for the eyes and tastebuds 😍😋

This cafe sells not only healthy fruit/acai smoothie bowls, but also juices with superfood as well as hearty grain bowls that you can fully self-customise.

We tried their super bowls $12 each (smoothie bowls):
1. Crimson Lush 3.75/5
-Base contains beetroot, raspberries and banana
-Topped with toasted granola, seed mix, toasted coconut shavings, cranberries, kiwi, banana (which i swapped for strawberries) & blueberries.
-I prefer this base over the acai as it was less sweet and more sour-ish😋

2. Acai Bowl 3/5
-Base contains acai, banana and mixed berries.
-Topped with toasted granola, seed mix, toasted coconut shavings, goji berries, blueberries, strawberries and banana
-This base was much sweeter.

-We appreciated that the smoothie bowl bases were very smooth and finely blended but we would have preferred it to be more icy🤣. We loved how the crunchy nuts and granola gave the smoothie bowls a nice texture and dimension. We also loved that the fruits were tangy and hence its acidity really balanced out the sweetness of the smoothie bases.
-Glad that the portions were big and filling.
-I really love their innovations on the various unconventional bases such as fruity matcha, acai, going nuts (with peanut butter) etc ▪️Taste: 3.5/5
▪️Ambience: 3/5 (a little cramp for a cafe and it doesnt really have those instagramable ambience)
▪️Service: 4/5 (Friendly staff who patiently answered my inquiries about the sweetness of the smoothie bowls THANK YOU)
▪️Worth it: 3.25/5 Big portion but i would think twice before buying if i do not have the 1for1 burpplebeyond. Especially since i prefer tangy and icy smoothie bases but TGB's bases are a little too sweet for my tastebuds.
Overall 6.75/10

No go
Can go😋

#burpple #burpplebeyond

Location: Quan Lai Kway Chap, 560 McPherson Road, Singapore 368233
#quanlaikwaychap #burpplesg #burpple #sghawker #sghawkerfood #kwaychap

Average food, loaded with MSG, unattentive service staff, no air-con.

In case you’re wondering, we got the laksa and mala broth 😄 And probably my first and last time here

Cafe Latte ($4.60)
Chocolate Reese Cheesecake ($7.50)

This garden-themed cafe makes me feel like I'm out of the bustling SG with its harmonious mix of floral, food and earthy interior furnishing. Coupled with a good cup of joe and a slice for my sweet tooth, it was simply relaxing and comfortable.

From the Taiwan Food stall at Koufu Enterprise One, which is a short walk away from Ubi MRT Station. Having opened for two months, the stall is run by a couple; the husband being in the F&B industry for 31 years, coming from Kaoshiung, Taiwan, having his experience working in various kitchens of multiple restaurants before opening his own stall here. Whilst offering quite a variety of bento options alongside a good selection of sides that are all freshly-prepared upon order (yes, sweet potato fries being fried only when one orders them).

The Braised Pork Rice is the most affordable item here at $3.50, and is one that I absolutely enjoyed being one of the better (if not the best) that I have ever come across. Claimed to be one of their best sellers, the portions are generous here; quite a fair bit of rice for the price, considering how Braised Pork Rice often come in smaller portions at the same price elsewhere. Coming with minced meat that comes with the braised sauce, the flavours are savoury, yet comes with a distinct note of spices such as cinnamon and a lingering hint of slight sweetness — very subtle, yet comforting without being too faint to detect, which works great with short grain rice that it comes with. The minced meat was delicious; a good balance of lean and fatty bits that created a meaty bite, yet carried some chewy bits that melts in the mouth. Simple as it sounds, but this is a bowl of finesse for a dish that many places tend to mess up. Really impressed with how the stall also keeps a secret menu, where regulars can quote them the names of various Taiwanese dishes and they may be able to whip up those items if the ingredients are available (the Sakura Ebi Fried Rice is actually pretty delicious too). A place I am likely to return to for more delicious Braised Pork Rice, and also to try more Taiwanese delicacies that may be a rare find elsewhere!

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With black rice 黑米饭 & sashimi salad.
Highly recommended!

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Went on a Sunday afternoon for tea break. Had their teh si + kopi and their kuehs. Their teh si was excellent, creamier and much cheaper than Toastbox or Ah Kun. I would totally go back for their teh si. Kuehs were good too and not too sweet

The place is rather small and cosy.. they serve mains too such as hainanese pork chop and beef stew. I guess i will be going back soon!

I was drawn to this eatery by the article on CNA. I have to admit that I am not always a fan of pork or chicken chop because of huge size, oily batter and dry meat. However, I really enjoyed the pork chop meat at Chuan Ji. The highlight of the dish was the chop itself: 2 pieces of thin battered pork that was deep fried to crunchy texture and golden colour. Other components were rice and lettuce, and the french fries were a bit strange for me.
The gentleman owner was very welcoming and courteous. He was talking to customers regardless new or frequent patron.
I hope to come back to try the beef stew.
Pork chop is $6.50.

Easties, pop by Macpherson Community Club for a relaxing afternoon brunch at this bistro-cum-bakery. Come here for the rice bowls – we recommend the Yakiniku Beef Bowl ($11.90) for thin slices of tender beef sautéed in an umami yakiniku sauce, or the Chicken Katsu Bowl ($10.90) – juicy, deep-fried chicken slathered in a delicious mayo and katsu sauce. P.s. All rice bowls come with seasonal veggies and a runny, sous vide egg.
Photo by Burppler Jade W

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Enjoyed a local comfort soup with free refills sgigfoodies #sgfood #sgfoodies #sgfoodie #Burpple #BurppleSG #OldStreetBakKutTeh

I totally agree with their name, it was so crispy and good. Mix well with their curry gravy.