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Cheap and delicious. The veggies were flavourful but not too salty, the herbal chicken was seasoned perfectly and was soft and tender and finally a cai fan stall that serves such a generous portion of rice!! Forever my favourite cai fan in the whole of Singapore.

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Really love their waffles. This one really is one of the unhealthier waffles, candied bacon, drenched in maple, sooo good 4.75/5

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The waffle came nice and hot, it was crispy just the way I liked it, it had some salty caramel sauce although I really appreciate it if I had more of it but it was sufficient, just not enough to make it decadent.

The vanilla ice cream was well paired with the waffle. To balance the sweetness if we had some diced fruit like strawberries would cut through and cleanse the palette. Overall great for my sweet tooth, not good for the waistline. But love it anyway.

Great place for a meeting on a weekday.

Seems like my third Croissant 🥐 post this year from @columbuscoffeeco - but finally found the best combination! Order their Mushroom on Sourdough ($14) but change the sourdough to their croissant and add on Scrambled eggs ($3)!


Fluffy oven pancake served with butterscotch banana, maple cornflakes and vanilla ice cream, this is one dish I tend to order whenever I visit.

Columbus Coffee Co
Address: 220 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Garden Estate, Singapore 574352

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The stew was delicious but to be honest, it was more like chicken soup than a stew. You get a chicken thigh with carrots and potatoes. It was oily, probably due to the roasted sous vide chicken thigh. The starter came after our mains. The truffle fries didn’t really have much truffle taste but it’s well done. The dill and garlic pasta was good but you must really love garlic to enjoy this dish!


From Maneko Japanese Restaurant, which takes over the location of what used to be Nunsongyee at Upper Thomson Road. Pretty decent; stir-fried beef slices that were not too gamey nor chewy, savoury from the Yakiniku sauce that it was cooked with while coming with just a slight hint of truffle running at the back of the tongue that perfumes the entire dish. Caramalised onions helped to add a bit of sweetness, while Sous vide Egg was wobbly, and oozes of liquid yolk when poked with chopsticks. Thought the dish could have done with a little more contrast especially with the truffle, considering how everything felt a tad flat and lacked impact.