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Top 10 in Marymount

Top 10 places in Marymount, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Marymount

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Marymount, Singapore.

Sister cafe of atlas coffeehouse and the culinary genes certainly run in the family. Generous cheese savings served on top of meatballs in mushroom soup - love that the mushroom soup is the right amount of thickness that you will not hesitate to down.

Another plus point: it’s a much bigger and quieter space than atlas coffeehouse so it’s a good place for groups!

Rating: 4.5/5

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Had their waffles here after dinner and I’d say they’re pretty decent, but not the best! Earl grey flavour wasn’t very strong in the ice cream so that was a big no for me, as I’m a fan of rich and strong ice cream flavours, especially for earl grey and other tea flavours. I’d still pick Creamier’s waffles over those here anyday. Portions here are good and pastas here are worth mentioning. Will be back to try some of their brunch offerings as well.

This Tasty pork soup with Fish Maw, minced pork, meat balls, goji berry, eggs, dumplings, seaweed and chives from Ding Ji will be something affordable and comforting to the soul. 🥘

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Whenever I’m craving a creamy pasta, this is my go to dish in the Thomson area because it’s really rich and creamy, and I love the mushrooms in the pasta because they’re really juicy and the portion is generous. I would recommend this dish! And also get the truffle fries, the portion is huge for $7.

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I really like this pasta! The pasta has quite some semblance to aglio olio, with the addition of some extra spices. The serving of cereal prawn was really generous, with five large prawns that were superbly fresh. Would recommend! There isn’t service charge or GST here, if I’m not wrong.


Christmas may be over, but I'm glad Columbus has this on their menu for days I crave a good peppermint hot chocolate. Their version is one of my current favourites - the peppermint and chocolate balance was great and the little marshmallows make the experience so much more enjoyable 😋

Grilled to juiciness and full of flavour, plus those curly fries can’t go wrong.
This is just like the ‘prosperity’ burger but, leveled up. Back to work 初三, so hoping everyone has got your cuppa sorted for a straight flush to the weekend.
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waffles were soft and fluffy with crisp edges, definitely one of the better waffles I’ve had. berries and peanut butter provided a nice contrast of sweet and salty. portion of berries was pretty generous and biscuit crumbs added a nice crunch to the dish.

ice cream was decent, couldn’t really tell what flavour it was but was pretty pleasant.

overall a dish with rather strong sweet and salty flavors, so good for those who enjoy heavy flavors!

$14 | 3.5/5 🤩

the waffle was really nice, thick and fluffy with crisp edges; this place does their waffles really well! ice cream was decent, early grey flavour was not very pronounced but otherwise all’s fine. a generous portion of strawberries and caramel sauce drizzled across. try to eat the ice cream quickly or else it will melt onto the waffle and make it soggy 🙁

worth an order. share this with a friend!

4/5 🤩

I’ve got a weakness for many things, one of them being soft shell crabs. Don’t matter what kind of cuisine or if the restaurant’s established or not — if I see anything “Soft Shell Crab XYZ” on the menu, you can be sure it’ll end up in my tummy. More often than not it turns out to be a meh decision; but I’m glad to say it’s an absolute hit this time, with Columbus Coffee Co.’s Soft Shell Crab Burger ticking all the right boxes in my book. Fluffy (and I do mean flu-fucking-ffy as hell) brioche buns, garlic aioli, caramelised onions, sunny side egg, furikake, and 2 cutesy fried soft shell crab. The soft shell crab’s fine no odd taste and all, but what I’m superbly impressed with is how well-thought out this is, all the flavours tying in and balancing off one another. I don’t know if it’s intentional, but the caramelised onions has this slightly burnt and bitter aftertaste that I absolutely adore for how it adds another dimension to an otherwise ordinary condiment.


Flat white was decent, beef brisket was good and filling. Toffeenut latte on the other hand was a bit overwhelming, tasted more like hot chocolate.