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One of the really stand out and recommended dishes here. The pappardelle was well cooked (a bit thicker than you get at fine dining restaurants but had a good bite) and the sauce was flavorful and rich.

I had this with the complimentary bread given. A great appetizer that is sweet and sour, whetting my appetite for the main courses to come.

Zhichar dishes. Promo With Drinks, Minced Meat Homemade TOFU, Tasty Soft & PrawnPaste Chicken Wings with Rice

Tasted a little bland despite squeezing the lime over it,. The chicken slices were abundant and big. Depending on your preference, you might enjoy it. To me, I felt that the large chicken slices overpowered the main dish.

There was just a little spice lingering in the after taste. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed as I expected the basil to be stronger😞All I tasted was the tofu (which is normal) and the oil.

It sounded interesting. The differences from a normal chendol were more coconut and the addition of jackfruit. Once is enough.

Interesting. Their omelette was deep-fried, not pan-fried. Also a lot prawns.

I love Thai green curry and what's better than that? Green curry with noodles! You instantly don't need rice. They use the rice noodle used for pad Thai.

Finally! So difficult to either encounter or afford this in Singapore. It's fine, although being freshly fried elevated it.

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This stall opens really late and is popular among hungry ghosts. But that's about it. I've come here a few times and anyone who tells you it's a top kway chap is lying. Both the kway and the braised foods are average. Lor bak was enjoyable enough, but the tau pok especially was lousy.

The shirataki noodles have a gelatinous nature, making it chewy and a little rubbery. The truffle and cream goes very well with the small duck slices, making this to die-for!

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