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Added scrambled eggs (+$3)

A really savoury dish with diced tomatoes mixed into the creamy mushroom goodness. The lightly shaved Parmesan elevated the flavour of the dish. The scrambled eggs were alright. Just make sure you coat the sourdough with that creamy cheesy sauce 😊

Hmm coffee was a wee tad acidic for my liking, pancakes were mediocre but the almond croissant was the only saving grace!

buttermilk fried chicken was really tender and flavorful without being too greasy. this was really juicy; probably one of the better wings around.

$14.50 | 8/10 🌟

mushroom bacon carbonara was decent, fairly standard but nonetheless enjoyable. cream wasn’t too heavy and portion of bacon was substantial. egg yolk was a welcome addition to the dish.

$19 | 7/10 🌟

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Crispy edges, fluffy waffles topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and slightly sour strawberries drizzled with caramel sauce. Thumbs-up!

A comfort food to have during a cold rainy day! Keep you warm with the warm rich stew and tender chicken. Yummyyy~

While it doesn't look like a Krabby Patty, but it certainly tasted as good as one! The sunny side egg was also a nice touch.
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I thought the BCM was pretty good as it was well seasoned and really flavourful, but I found them cooked a tad too hard and dry.
However, Ding Ji might be soup savants masquerading as noodle sellers, as my focus was on the hearty fish maw soup ($8).
This was a treasure trove of ingredients, including goji berries, fish maw and sole fish. It was from here that the cloudy broth spectacularly derived its robust umami profile, which contained traces of sweetness and saltiness. Very shiok.

🍴Creamy Mushrooms on Sourdough
🍴Smoked Salmon Benny
🍴Low & Slow Beef Brisket
🍴Good Old Chicken Basket
🍴The Super Nutty
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They are definitely not stingy with their scallops, prawns and of course garlic. A very well balanced plate of pasta