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The manager poured a dash of orange liqueur inside and flambed the cake tableside! It was the most over the top presentation but it worked so well taste-wise; it melted the cake into a perfect gooey center and left that tiny tinge of orange flavor lingering at that back of your palate. It went really well with the incredibly rich, decadent chocolatey flavor of the cake.

I think what was lacking the most was temperature contrast; it would have been elevated to a 9 or 9.5 served with a scoop of ice cream or some flavored whipped cream.


An absolute classic pizza ($18.50) and my favorite flavor of pizza. Fired to order using fresh dough made with Italian flours by chef Mimmo (you can see him working and sipping wine in the kitchen 😂), the pizza was perfection and worth the wait.

A crispy hot base acted as the perfect vessel for the tomato sauce which was tangy and not too sweet (obviously house-made) and the cheese which is in the right amount; not too overwhelming and oily. I was telling my dining partner repeatedly this is the best pizza I've ever had and making noises of satisfaction in between bites. It stayed warm for ages as my dining partner and I nibbled on it, wanting to prolong the experience. It's really really good.


A special main course off the Valentine's Day💕 menu, this 250gm, perfectly marbled wagyu steak came resting on a bed of leaves with rosemary potatoes and a sauce made from the beef juices.

It was done medium which was surprisingly just nice. While it was beautifully seasoned (drizzle of vinaigrette, salt and the beef jus sauce) and really tender, I felt that it definitely wasn't the best steak I've had in my life and didn't justify the $82 price tag. Perhaps it just wasn't fatty enough, or I just prefer the grilled smokey taste for my meat which wasn't present here. The potatoes were really good though; fork tender and super flavorful with rosemary.


This is a special off their Valentine's Day💕 menu; freshly made ravioli is stuffed with lobster and paired with a creamy sea urchin brandy sauce.

The plump pillows were full of the mild tasting crustacean, while the sauce was resplendent with the creamy umami of sea urchin. Topped with a little bit of caviar for that salty pop. The other members of the party in the mouth experience included some string beans and cherry tomatoes.

The pasta itself was al dente and unbelievably satisfying with a good stuffing to pasta ratio. Might I also add that it was really aesthetically appealing; that bright red ravioli against the pale creamy sauce. It was the most perfect appetite-whetter to start off a delicious meal.


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Looked forward to try out this quaint little cafe based on the other reviews but I was disappointed.

I found a piece of hair embedded in my mango ice cream. Lost my appetite after that. There was nothing spectacular or terrific about the waffles and ice cream. Limited selection of flavours. Location is also not accessible by public transport. Wld not return.

Love it.

Location : Chindamani Indian.
Tampines Street 21, Block 201C.
Singapore, 523201.

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Kway chap isn’t commonly a dish that’s eaten at supper. But this stall at Bishan does a version good for night owls. It opens from 8.30pm in the evening all the way to 4am the following morning. In fact queues start to form at 8pm and this continues through the evening.

We ordered kway ($1 each) and it was smooth and silky, but didn’t had a lasting impression of the broth. For $16 (for four), there was braised belly pork, small intestine, large intestine, pig skin, fish cake, tau kwa, tau pok and boiled egg. The innards here were cleaned thoroughly and doesn’t have a bitter, gamey smell - the most important factor in determining if it’s a good rendition. Chilli sauce here is worth a mention where it’s sourish spicy. The type of sauce that complements the braised delights well.

I would say this is a decent bowl of kway chap for those who want to fulfil their late night cravings.

An unexpected find in this neighbourhood. Their price range vary from standard jap food pricing to slightly more expensive dishes. Thoroughly enjoyed the salmon sushi roll! The service was good and flexible (they served us the salmon sushi roll in 2 portions - half cooked & well done upon our request). Wouldn't mind going back again.

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My favourite was pairing the tender braised pig intestines with the sourish chilli sauce. #happybelly #fatdieme #burpple (S$12 for 2 pax)

The sambal had a strong ikan bilis taste and the Noodles can get dry so ask for more chili sauce(it isnt too spicy anyway)

Obv ppl are here for the soup tho and despite the generous amount and variety of ingredients, it's on the light Side. The umami still comes thru but with much less impact than i imagined looking at the soup. For 3nett more compared to their signature, the Fish Maw comes in extremely generous portions(6 or 7 good chunks) and they were cooked well. Worth a try if you're in the area, and evidently popular(i was lucky there wasnt a queue when i ordered but soon a few people were in the line, at 3pm in the afternoon)