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Grew up eating this and its chaipo (fried radish) fragrance is simply irresistable. Now this is part of my bi/weekly sunday brunch. (4 for $1, 6 for $1.50)

Shiok! 👌🏻 (w/ @benneoooo)

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For homey fish soup, this is the spot

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From Nurul Sakinah Malay Food.
A awesome plate mixed rice only $5.50, including tasty sotong, savoury sambal goreng & lady finger.

Quite busy during lunchtime.
Located at 11 Clover Way.
A really classic eating house.


I thought the BCM was pretty good as it was well seasoned and really flavourful, but I found them cooked a tad too hard and dry.
However, Ding Ji might be soup savants masquerading as noodle sellers, as my focus was on the hearty fish maw soup ($8).
This was a treasure trove of ingredients, including goji berries, fish maw and sole fish. It was from here that the cloudy broth spectacularly derived its robust umami profile, which contained traces of sweetness and saltiness. Very shiok.

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This Tasty pork soup with Fish Maw, minced pork, meat balls, goji berry, eggs, dumplings, seaweed and chives from Ding Ji will be something affordable and comforting to the soul. 🥘

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Chewy waffle chunks with a generous scoop of Mao Shan Wang durian ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce. Perfect way to end the day!

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Very rich in taste, meat is soft and soaked in the curry. Comes with a lot of ladies fingers,brinjals and cabbage!

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Ding Ji had almost dominated the noodles business in the vicinity with their hot favourite Fish Maw Soup Bak Chor Mee at the other end of this stretch, the Bak Chor Mee in this coffee shop as well as this newest stall that sold Mee Hoon Kway and porridge.

Flavours of this Dry Mee Hoon Kway was well-mixed, with sufficient springiness of the handmade noodles. However, a “larger than others” price tag of S$4.00 made it quite unfavourable, for some items in this coffee shop would cost less than that, yet being more capable to make someone more satiated than by having this.