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I was curious to try out this famous lor mee although I’m not a fan of lor mee. Came to visit Old Airport at Saturday morning 10.30am, queue for 1 hour until I get to enjoy my bowl.

To be honest, the most stand out from this dish is the gravy. They did a good job in making the gravy tasty. So everything it covers become good.
The meat topping was shredded fish meat & thin tiny pork belly.

In my opinions nothing specials other than their gravy. The pork belly was too tiny, you can’t even feel you bite a pork belly. The staff recommend me to order yellow noodle mixed with thin bee hoon. Which I did, but seems yellow noodle alone will do just good. 3 options for the carbo: yellow noodle/bee hoon/kway tiao.

The verdict: although the gravy was tasty I don’t think it worth the queue for 1 hour.

📍Ru Ji Kitchen

They have 4 outlets in Singapore and the one I tried is from Old Airport Road Food Centre. Expect a queue during lunch time, I waited around 20 minutes.

I ordered the standard meepok dry with chili. The chili has hints of sambal and hae bee hiam, which makes the meepok really fragrant, with a slight sweetness.

Fishballs and fishcake feels handmade, bouncy and juicy. Super decent bowl of fishball noodles considering it is $3 only. Portion might be a bit smaller for bigger-eaters though

Was craving for kaya toast and found Toast Hut at Old Airport. Added an extra giant bun ($1.40) and it was decently fluffy, though a tiny bit sweeter than we would have liked. Toast had a good crunch, but our favourite was the super fragrant teh!

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New Eastern Kim Tee’s Deep Fried Pig Intestines. So addictive.
Location: Old Airport Road Food Centre, 51 Old Airport Road, #01-112, Singapore 390051
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While sauntering towards a noodle stall, we did a double take when passing “Golden Scissors Curry Rice” (#01-40) because their display was just too enticing. @Huatkaliao and I immediately decided to get a plate each. While he picked their Set A which consists of a piece of tender, properly braised pork belly, a fried egg (if only the yolk was runny!) and soft stewed cabbage with rice, I decided to go the a la carte route. That’s how my order ended up being the bigger of the two because besides the fried egg and cabbage, what I really wanted to try were the Pork Chop (it‘s thin, very crunchy and well marinated) and Stirfried Brinjal (enjoyed this a lot as it had a tasty and mildly spicy sauce). I found the stall’s #curry gravy more fragrant than most, and it possessed a consistency that suited my tastebuds - not too thick nor starchy. Plus it paired deliciously with the “zhup” (dark sauce from the braised pork belly).

Bottomline: I would definitely return when the urge for “Curry Png” hits, especially since it is located close to home. As their meats fall on the small / thin side, I plan to add on an extra piece the next time.

Sometimes what you need is just a simple bowl of fish ball mee pok after all the rich festive food. If you’d like something old school, try Ze Ji Fishball Noodles at the rustic Choon Guan Coffee Shop at Block 21 Old Airport Road. Popular with local residents, the owners start work in the dead of the night to make their fish balls by hand.

A generous serving of noodles sets you back $3/4. Choose a noodle of your choice, soup or dry. Then you’ll get a clear, savoury soup of fish ball, fish cake, fish dumpling (her keow) and sliced pork.

The highlight here is the fresh, bouncy, soft handmade fish balls that give a nice bite. Somehow handmade fish balls taste better, don’t y’all agree?

Since the fish balls are handmade, I’m assuming the fish dumplings and fish cake are too. The fish cake was sliced thickly that helps me to appreciate the springy, bouncy and slightly uneven texture. Enjoyed the fish dumplings too which are made from fish skin and contained a good amount of minced pork filling.

I went with my usual choice of dry mee pok with chilli. I noticed that beansprouts are added to the noodle which isn’t very common. Noodles were springy as they were cooked al dente (a must), while the chilli mixture was tasty in its own right.

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Used to come all the way here just for this plate of Chicken Chop ($6.50). Their chicken chop are very well marinated, char and boost with flavours. Paired with fries, salad and old school butter bread. 😋
Location: Western Barbeque, 51 Old Airport Rd, #01-53, Singapore 390051
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Chop chop chicken chop. Western Barbecue at Old Airport Road FC attracts a loyal following for its signature chicken chop.

Unlike other stalls, they give you the chicken drumstick meat. They are not shy telling you this as each plate comes with a little knob of drumstick bone (which annoys me tbh).

Needless to say, the chicken is tender and juicy. Their chicken chop is good but it's their special garlic sauce that elevates the dish to the next level. You gotta ask for it because it is kinda an "off the menu" thing which everyone seems to know about!

If you love pork satay, you will definitely love Chuan Kee's pork satay.

Their pork satay is well marinated with a strong hint of lemongrass and coriander. The outside is nicely caramelised and the meat juicy and tender. Those who are health conscious can look away now because I love that small rectangular crunchy piece of fat in the middle joint. @jooeunchung loves that they serve their peanut sauce with a nice dollop of pineapple puree.

The wait is usually 45 minutes long. There is no queue number or buzzer system but the auntie there can remember her customer so don't worry!

Decided to try after seeing long queue and read good reviews about the stall. Curious to know how good it is until people so kiasu to queue 😂

It’s a very fatty char siew meat slices, the meat to fat ratio is heavier on the fat side. Personally I’m quite ok with it. The roasted pork also quite crunchy, accompanied with the sauce.

Overall, it’s good but not spectacular roasted meat rice.

Their gula melaka syrup taste is very special, not a typical gula melaka that you normally bought from wet market or supermarket. It has old-school taste. I ordered durian chendol with add on corns for $3.50. One bowl is best for two person sharing.

Handmade Fishballs with noodles for breakfast. Personally, I only order mee kia instead of mee pok but no choice since they said no mee kia available.
Location: Ru Ji Kitchen, Old Airport Rd, #01-37 Food Centre, 51, Singapore 390051
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