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I know of two chee cheong fun places in Singapore that serves these rice flours freshly made on premises - one at Cambridge Food Center, and this one at Old Airport Road. Do you know of any others?
I like both stalls as the chee cheong fun are thin, smooth and slippery. Compared to other stall at Cambridge (Pek Kio), this one came with a savory sauce that's like the ones served a dim sum restaurant. It also came with very unique fillings, such as these century eggs pictured, on top of the usual such as char siew and prawns.

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You can't visit old airport road food center and not have this

Super value for money. Much better than the big name outlets.

The fish tasted fresh and the bun was simple and nice. All for $3.

Combine it with the sugarcane juice $2 and you got yourself a great meal

Both with the digital calling number, with the same signs (which I later discovered that the only difference is the Chinese character Yi), same colour plate, same spicy chilli. Since I couldn't remember which stall i bought from the last time, we went with the stall on the left. It was only when the plate was served did I suspect something. This was served with crabmeats and chicken, in addition to the prawns (small portion for $4). While you will normally expect squid and prawns in your dish instead! But after having tried both, I must say the noodles and spicy chilli sauce are on par! So the only difference to me is the ingredients. If you want squid, go to the stall on the right! 😃 #burpple #burpplesg #oldairport oldairportroadhawker #hokkienprawnmee #friedhokkienmee #food #foodiesg #sgfoodie #whati8today #8dayseat #vscofoodie #iweeklyfood #foodporn #foodstagram #vscofood #foodphotography #sgmakan #sgmakandiary #sgfoodstagram #singaporeeats #exploresingaporeeats #exploresg #whatsgoodhere #sgfoodie


Seafood soup ($8)

Stall is no longer Yanji which we only realised after we bought it. The soup is little and salty and no more Umami taste.. meatball as well.. lacklustre. The 3 prawns were big and fresh though. Dory is okay. Quite little for the amount. Will Give this a miss in future and go to yanji at other branches.

Char Siew rice ($5.50)

Char Siew rice (added charsiew)

Substantial amount of meat after adding meat. Charsiew is charred nicely and goes very well with the honey and chilli sauce. There is good fat-meat ratio too. Super sinful and yummy. The rice is not just white rice, it's chicken rice! You can help yourself to the cabbage soup at the side too - but think there's msg in the soup. Overall great consistency and will def be back for more! Be prepared to queue for 10-15mins during lunch peak.

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PRICE: $5 for the small portion (used to be $4 in 2018)

WAIT TIME: 18 min during weekday lunchtime
(Had no idea it'd be that long a wait cos there wasn't a queue.)

WOK HEI: Not really


PRAWNS: 2 + lots of squid

TYPE OF NOODLES: Yellow mee and thin beehoon

TYPE OF CHILLI: Chilli in soy sauce. Not the belachan kind I like.



Wanton soup ($4)

Price comes in $3.50, $4, $5. Ordered the $4 one.. there were about 8 wantons in the soup. Soup nothing special.. wanton meat filling is not stingy but nothing to rave about as well.

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Chicken feet noodles ($4)

Price starts at $3.50, $4, $5. Ordered the $4 one. Came with 3 plump chicken feet which were nicely braised! Noodles were springy and nicely cooked. Overall a good dish!

Added additional dumpling soup for $3.50. Don’t understand the hype about this stall that has an electronic queue number system. It’s a pretty normal wtm with nothing really standing out.

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PRICE: $4.50

WAITING TIME: 4 min on a weekday lunchtime
(Beeper provided so need not stand in queue)



NOODLES TYPE: Many to choose from. Their thin beehoon is unlike the usual thin beehoon. Very nice!

- Soup is nice but the amount is not a lot
- lots of fried shallots in the noodles, yaaaay


Do I prefer this to its strongest competitor (Albert Street Prawn Noodles) in the adjacent row? I don't know yet. Prices there begin from $5.50 though.

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The distinctive smell of innards was present, but surprisingly wasn’t off-putting. They did a good job in cleaning the parts.

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🍤🍜 This is the famous Albert Street Prawn Noodles. I got the basic prawn noodles (S$5.50) with bee hoon mee. The broth is sweetish and very flavourful. It should be a bit spicy to balance out the flavours. I should have added in more chili powder😑.

The prawns are fresh and the noodles taste normal. However i feel its a forgettable bowl of prawn noodles🙄. Overall its nice and alot of people queue for it, but i don't know if i will eat it again.

Try it and let me know what you think.