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Guess what is my favourite mooncake? Teochew flaky yam mooncake! Yep, I don't really fancy snowskin mooncakes and baked skin mooncakes. Besides baked walnut mooncake, this is my favourite! But usually I don't buy them because they are soooo expensive. If you are looking around for a cheaper alternative, do check this out! Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff stall at old airport road sells teochew flaky yam mooncake during midautumn festival! During these few weeks, they only sell pre-order yam mooncakes (call 9090 7009).The normal chicken curry puff/ yam puff aren't sold now! These teochew flaky yam mooncake are sold at $8/ piece for without yolk $8.5 for with yolk. I must say this is one of the most value for money option I have seen in the market! (Although I was thinking how the flaky skin and its yam filling are actually quite similar to their normal yam puff which is sold for only $1.4! Lol with the addition of salted egg yolk and a bit more yam, it is $8+ now! But if you are looking to buy some mooncakes as gifts and do not want to break a huge hole in the wallet plus get decent tasting mooncakes, you should check this place out!)

Fragrant plate of fried Hokkien noodles with lots of thin white bee hoon and some yellow noodles infused in a unami broth. Their sambal belachan is super spicy and numb yet shiok at the same time 》$5

Freshly made and reasonably priced chee cheong fun with flavours such as the usual with chicken, mushroom, BBQ pork (char siew) and prawn. There were also other options like turnip, egg, century egg, otah, scallop and pig liver. Each flavour was affordably priced between $2.50 - $3.50 for 2 rolls.

We ordered the prawn chee cheong fun and it came doused in light and savoury sauce, topped with fried shallots and sambal chilli by the side. It was delicate, silky soft and smooth. I can't wait to go back and try other flavours such as their char siew and otah chee cheong fun 》$2.50

For me, the exceedingly fresh tasting minced pork and dumplings are what sets Old Airport Road Food Centre’s “Bedok North Minced Pork Noodles” apart.
Manned by two ladies, one does the cooking while the other who deftly uses a single chopstick to push lumps of pork from a bowl onto wanton skins to form the dumplings, takes orders and collects payment. She seems to do all of that rather effortlessly.
I am partial to the dumplings here because they add quite a lot of “ti poh” (dried sole fish) to the minced pork which gives a tasty umami-salty kick.
Located at #01-25, this stall does both dry and soup versions of the popular #noodles but I have only ever had the latter here. Can’t seem to break the habit but it’s not like I want to either.
Do drop by early if you wish to give their food a try because they start in the morning and usually sell out by around lunchtime.

📍: Mountbatten
Hickory BBQ Chicken (~SGD7): Yes this is on the high-ish side for hawker food, but the portions are HUMONGOUS and very tasty. The food was nothing to scream about but to me, this is like upsized Astons for a cheaper price, and its super worth. Do give this place a try when you pop by old airport road hawker center. The uncle and auntie running the stall are really nice as well :’)

Have long heard of this Hougang Otah but never found myself anywhere near the vicinity to pay them a visit. Hence, I was more than happy when I had the chance to order them online via @sengkanggroupbuy (still so happy I chanced upon this group ☺️)⁣

Got the assorted Seafood Otah Bun (5 pieces), comprising of lala, crabmeat, scallop, sotong and prawns and well, I can see the appeal. You get the drill - pillowy soft buns enveloping freshly made seafood otah. There was nothing fancy about it, but having it reminds one of home for some reason - perfectly simple and comforting.

The egg noodle is exceptional n i really recommend to anyone ! Although i had again jus wanton n fried instead n w/o the char siew, the noodle was jus so savoury tat i believed i made the perfect decision to patronise for a great meal tat day... :-)

They can be quite inconsistent these days especially if the grumpy old man is not the one cooking.

This time the old man was in good mood! Although slightly wetter than his usual, the plate of CKT was nicely fried with huge prawns and lots of other ingredients! I like! 😋

Read more: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEG-2ndDcJq/?igshid=193iwa7p066un

This is one that I am willing to queue for an hour for it. I always opt for $6.00 for the generosity of the fish meat!
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Apparently, this is one of the most talk about satay in town. Hainease style satay that was grilled over low fire for a longer time. Dipping sauce did not taste like the usual peanut sauce and it was given to us cold. Definitely a turn-off for me. Missy here prefer those good-old satay grilled over blazing fire with super “gao” peanuty sauce.


Priced at $2.50 per roll for their char siew and prawn flavour, this stall has one of the silk-est and soft CCF i ever eaten other than the one at Pek Kio FC. Highly recommended 👍🏼


Reached there at 6pm and managed to snip off their curry puff. Mega love for their pastry skin that is so so crispy and flaky, just like how i love it! It is still piping hot when i bite into the puff, the generous fillings has got visible chicken meat and potato chunks. Definitely recommended and will be back for their taro puff next time!