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It is great to see so many people came here to support the hawker, even though we still can’t dine in for now.

Lot of people here on Saturday lunch time for takeaway. And among so many stalls here, there’s this Thai food stall called the Cool Cool Thai; that got my attention for their crispy fried pork belly rice.

Topped with lots of fried garlic and fried egg on their super juicy fried pork belly. It could get pretty dry, so I would recommend you to get some soup as well. $5

A Blasta best seller. Masses of stone fruit and tropical aromas - particularly passionfruit that is supported by potent grapefruit and candied orange flavours, balanced by some sweet caramel malts before wrapping up with a reasonably biting bitterness 》$13 / Pint

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Chong pang huat the grilled chicken wings (4 for $5.20) Seen a long queue for their chicken wings.Nicely charred chicken wings very juicy and flavourful with the smoky scent to it..
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There are several famous stalls selling Braised Noodles in Old Airport Food Center. Prices start from $3 (no fish meat) to $5 (additional ingredients). Ordered the $5 version and I have to say the serving is huge. Lots of braised pork belly, ngoh hiang, large chunks of mackerel fish meat and a whole braised egg cut into two. Above average as the “Lor” was not as flavourful as others. The fish meat did compensate somewhat as they were huge pieces cut and scrapped off a large piece of fried mackerel.

But the queue and waiting time was a bummer. 35 mins in a moderate queue. And mine was the last bowl with braised pork belly at 12.30pm.

Saw a few recommendations of this stall in Old Airport Food Center. Stall owner fries each order one by one. For 4 dollars you get a small plate of Kway Teow with lots of fish cakes, Chinese sausages and two large prawns. The Kway Teow is drier than normal, for wok heat, the prawns are very fresh. But overall nothing to shout about. For those who like their CKT less sweet, more savoury and drier.

📍Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee, Old Airport Road Food Centre📍
💸 Lor Mee: $5
Woke up super early to try this highly raved lor mee at old airport road hawker centre which always has long, snaking queues.😵 To us, having deep fried items like ngoh hiang or yam roll in lor mee are a must so this bowl of lor mee which includes mainly flakes fish and braised meat was something really different.😬 The flaked fish added a really nice savoury touch, and the gravy really blew us away. Flavourful but not too starchy and just the right consistency, which made the gravy super palatable.🤤 Also, definitely get the bigger bowl of lor mee as it's more worth it with the humongous pile of flaked fish on the noodles!🐟 Overall, a good bowl of lor mee and especially if you haven't had this variation with the flaked fish, definitely worth a try!👍

You will definitely go holy when you see the size of the meat given. Definitely a huge portion that you would enjoy much for only $7.

It also comes with 2 side dishes that you can choose.

Chendol (Red Bean) ($2.50) was quite sweet due to red bean topping. My mum decided to try it out for another topping (🌽) instead as it's quite salty 😲.

Simply Grilled Chicken ($7) I felt that it was bland taste for sauce, noticed that grilled chicken got a bit "char" and not that overcooked and average taste. They served a variety of side dishes such as coleslaw, baked beans, etc. You need to fill up the order form before paying for food. You need to stay the area near the stall as the buzzer cannot detect. 🥲

Kim’s satay

What ?!! Muah Chee in a satay shop ? yes ! You heard right.

Fresh, tender , moist and coated with not too sweet peanuts 🥜 .

Sharing the same stall with Kim’s satay - one of the best kept secrets of the old airport hawker.

A very average plate of wanton mee. Noodles were alright for me, but my bf found it too soft/soggy. They coat it in a dark sweet sauce, kinda like Pontian! Charsiew was the super lean kind, I’m okay with it but I can’t go as far as to say I like it.

Didn’t like the wantons at all, filling was kinda mushy, skin was also mushy :( The soup was meh as well, had the alkaline water taste. It did have a constant short-ish queue tho. Maybe if you try the chilli version it’ll be better, but I don’t rly enjoy spicy food so I don’t think I’ll give it a second try - there’s much better food at old airport hawker!

💸: $6

💬: Doused in a thick starchy gravy, the biggest portion came with a whole lot of noodles and a generous sprinkle of fish and other ingredients. Would have been better if there was just a tad more vinegar but otherwise, this was okay, wouldn't travel to the East for it 😖