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Chendol have different types of flavour that choose from original (green jelly add-on without ingredients) ($1.50), red bean ($2), corn ($2) and a scoop of durian ice cream ($2.50). I choose chendol with red bean for first time of trying. Its bit sweet for me because of brown sugar float below I didn’t stirred throughout with shaving ice.

It’s have been one year that I have not visited this stall. I have visited this stall on Marine Parade Central Market for many times before moving to current premise, Old Airport Road Food Centre. It was recommended this stall by old colleagues of mine. The taste of sliced fish ban mian soup ($4.50) was still remain the same and also freshness of sliced fish that made me want to go back for the sliced fish ban mian.

The queue never stops. We were there on Sunday around 2pm, waited about 20mins for our turn. It's not too bad. Some items were sold out. $13 for 2 pax, 4 items, quite reasonable. The highlight is the intestine, love it! Do popby if you are in old airport road hawker centre. Plenty of good food!

I saw someone else ahead of the line order this, thought it looked like a killer combination, and it turned out to be so. Give the well seasoned mee pok a good toss together with the minced pork, spring onion and smokey chilli paste before combining it with a mouthful of fatty, charred Brazilian pork belly. I guarantee it’ll make your day.

Taste: 3.5/5


Noodles in a thick savoury and gravy. Taste was very balanced, not overpowered by the beef stock or the Chinese spices. Options to add lime, cincalok, chilli and peanut so you can mix and match to suit your taste. Soup was beefy and flavourful, very delicious!

After seeing @veronicaphua wax lyrical about the seafood soup here I knew I had to make my way down to try it. The broth proved absolutely stunning. Rich, intense and suffused with umami, the liquid gold fairly swam with fresh, delicate pieces of fish, large succulent prawns and loosely ground clumps of fatty mince pork. I’m ordering the large bowl next time.

Taste: 4/5


Very generous portion when you add the foo chow fishball!

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First times here and I loved it.
So much variety and good quality food!
I’ll certainly be back.

Old Airport Road has no shortage of prawn mee, but then I heard about this stall tucked away in the middle that offers live prawns! Kallang Cantonese Live Prawn Noodles’ (#01-83) Tank-to-Table concept nets you one live prawn/$2 and obviously, it was suuuuper fresh. Easy to peel, firm and sweet flesh, and don’t even get me started on the juicy head... 👅 The rest of the bowl was good too, with an umami-sweet prawn broth, sprinkled with a generous topping of fried shallots and lard. Definitely a thumbs up for the uber fresh prawns!


Live Prawn Noodles ($8)
The definition of what “Live” is supposed to mean. Each bowl of prawn noodles at Kallang Cantonese Live Prawn Noodle (#01-83) located at old airport road food centre is made fresh to order as the smiley lady stall owner will fish out the live prawns (scroll right) and drop it in boiling water. Fret not though as the prawns are not cooked in the same broth as the soup. Any livelier and you’ll have to catch it yourself! This no frills prawn mee does not complicate with fish cake or pork slices though there are other options of adding pork ribs, pig tail or shrimp wontons. I especially love the texture of the prawns here.

Their innards are braised till tender, with no “porky” bad smell. Even their braised tau kwa are soft and not hard at the outer. Their “Kway” are thinly sliced and smooth. I personally love the soup of the “Kway” as it’s light flavored.

(2 pax - S$11.20)

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This plate here does not stir-fried with a lot of sweet black sauce but do have a slight wok-hei flavor. It has a more distinct eggy flavor and came with lots of fresh crunchy bean sprouts.


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