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Top 10 in Old Airport Road

Top 10 places in Old Airport Road, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Old Airport Road

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Old Airport Road, Singapore.

What's better than having Western Barbeque Filled With Nostalgic Flavours!❤️.

Accredited by Numerous Media Features and Awards, I guess Western Barbeque #01-53 at Old Airport Road is a Must Try!.

And Since we're here, How Can we not grab a Coffee From Toast Hut (#01-52) Right?🍽

Had this a really long time ago. 🙊 Wasn’t too oily but it was more on the sweeter end.

📍幸运炒粿条 Lucky Char Kuey Tiao
Old Airport Road Food Centre #01-30


Topped with Spanish Mackerel, braised meat and egg, this Lor Mee, however is definitely worth the wait. Their gravy is never too starchy or watery but just the right consistency to easily coat every strand of the flat yellow noodz. Ask for their homemade chilli to complete the meal but be forewarned they can be a bit heavy-handed on the vinegar.

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The chendol here was relatively ok! Loved the gula Melaka that was sweet, sticky and gooey. The chendol (green jelly strips) were also flavoured well with pandan. Overall a decent bowl of chendol!

i love the food here but sadly i still haven’t get to try the famous Lor Mee and Roast paradise. they close very early😭 what is the must try local dish that you will recommend to tourist? #jxeatsrecommend

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The other $10 bowl consists of prawns and intestines. Yumz..
Can't finish the kway tiao because I finish all the soup from all the bowls. Haha

Generous amounts of thick coconut milk and gula melaka + the right texture jelly noodles. There was a subtle tinge of pandan fragrance from the jelly noodles. Cools the heat, melts my heart, great way to end my meal!
Dessert: ❤❤❤❤❤

In this famous hawker center, there are so many good food attracting people from all parts of the island to fill their tummies. Located at one corner of the food centre, Fu Cheng Steamboat (#01-148) did not only sell fish head steamboat, but also other seafood dishes.

I was not expecting a lot from this Steamed Red Snapper, but that was probably where the goodness of the dish caught me by surprise. For just S$25.00, half the snapper was steamed together with Chinese wine, plum, tomatoes, ginger shreds and some chilli padi. The garnishes not only helped to remove all fishy smell from the dish, but also emphasised the freshness of the seafood. I was savouring the freshness of every bite, plus the clear “sauce” was sweet and sour with a tinge of spice, making the fish more delightful.

The fish was sufficient for about 3-4 persons, but if you were a fish lover, just share this with one more person to maximise satisfaction.