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Top 10 in One North

Top 10 places in One North, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in One North

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in One North, Singapore.

Definitely go for the large as it’s a lot more worth it. This drink surprised me and it was really the perfect drink on a hot singapore afternoon. I ordered 25% sugar as i’m not fond of drinks being overly sweet and it was just right, balanced with the citrusy and tangy kick from the passionfruit.

The toppings were great too and they make their pearls in house and the flavors change. Highly recommend getting the nata de coco and pearls mixture as the topping.


Yang Tau Foo Hawker in the North (Next to @fishballstory @timbreplus ) Very generous portion with plenty of ingredients (min 7 pcs) $5.86 👌 Thanks for serving us this delicious bowl 🍲 🙏😊
📍Timbre + (Unit 14B)

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The Rong Ma curry rice at Timbre + stall is next to the tray return. We normally go there for quick vegetarian fixed. We skip curry gravy and opt for tofu, chilli egg and stir fried beans. Good value & simple lunch

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If picking chicken, these 2 sets would have cost slightly lower $8.90 but anyhow, we go lush early this week. 👌The ingredients are great (both Duck & Prawn go well with Feta 🧀) but the sauce is slightly too sweet for us.

Except creamy garlic sauce, we’d rather skip the sauce (Thai Lemongrass & honey mustard are way too sweet) 😬

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Tip: you can combine Special of the day with a side dish to create your own set. We pay the same as we would with their signature porridge set. However, we choose different side dish (carrot cake) as our main already have prawn paste chicken.

Are you a fan of crispy fried fish skin? If so, this is your dish (plenty of fish skin) served with fish ball & fish pancake. We wish they would put less lard & more chilli but overall, this is a stall we go for if eating at Timbre+

For all those whom cant take spicy..this Tomato version is goodddd; $28.80

For $12 nett it’s not that good, the prawns weren’t fresh and the whole dish was salty but at least water is self service. The sandwiches is much better. Try those instead


A tad leaner than I would have preferred, YEAH 爺 -Taiwanese Modern Street Food’s rendition of the Taiwanese staple boast a generous topping of minced pork belly, along with stewed cabbage, and a braised egg. Well-braised and nicely seasoned, the standard elements worked harmoniously together. Not forgetting the bed of white rice which managed to soak up the heady and herby aroma of the braising sauce. A more than decent and safe lunch option if you are at Timbre+.


Ordered Delivery from food anatomy using GrabFood.
Heard about the food a lot and it’s really living up to the reviews.
Brown rice was nice and flavourful, and went great with the toppings.
Almonds were nice and crunchy, and accompanied the rice, duck and prawns well.
Duck 9/10, tasted like your normal smoked duck but it had a great pepper crust which balanced out the greasiness
Prawns 9/10, were frozen prawns, but there was a nice tinge if spice with a garlic taste. Went great with the honey mustard sauce
Rest of the vegetables were average, such as the tomato and pineapple.
The roast vegetables are my only complaint because they were cold. While I understand the ingredients are supposed to be cold, I would have preferred a warmer serving of zucchini and potatoes.
Overall, great value for money and great taste!

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The only Thai food stall there (the receipt shows as S2Thai) that doesn’t let us down much. The cashew nut chicken rice set $7.50 delivers what is said in the name. It comes with mango salad & Tom Yum soup (found 1 crab stick & some prawn, squid there) with green seafood sauce. Go for it if you want the safe choice.

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