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i honestly don't remember what i bought. i think it's bread??? do yall think it's bread? looks like bread to me 🧐

what i do remember though: it wasn't really worth it but vibes were good and i love bread so i'd go back

This Lechon here tasted more like sio bak than suckling pig.

I Have had the best experience eating Lechon at Grandlink Square previously, so I was expecting something similar.

Sadly, it was not as good. Although the skin was crispy, it wasn't as good as Don Lechon. Don lechon was like a suckling pig standard already. This was more like sio bak.

Meat wise, it was only ok. And I couldn't taste anything spicy of the lechon.

Overall I would rate this 2.5/5.

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Fairly affordable.

Wanted the Iskina Sisig(Hot Plate Pork) but sold out, thus decided to try their grilled chicken instead.

Chicken was soft and tender and was grilled very well. It wasn't dry or charred like many other grilled chicken I have eaten.

What is lacking here is a good sauce to drench the rice in.

Overall 3.5/5

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A great place to utilise your burrple 1for1.

Expectation was not very good to be honest, I wanted to have the 3 combination roasted meat, but they ran out of roasted duck.

But to my surprise, this was damn awesome, the pork meat was tender and the honey sauce just so compatible with the pork ribs.

5/5 for me.

Take note that the promo is only for items $28 and below only, and excluding appetisers etc. So please check with the waiters/waitress to confirm.

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A great place to utilise your burrple 1for1.

Portion for this Wagyu Beef was surprisingly small.

The Wagyu Beef cubes were cooked to perfect medium well as per my request, and sprinkled with sea salt and crispy garlic chips.

Overall felt the portion a little too small for $28. Taste wise, this was maybe slightly average if u compare to those mid range steakhouses. Which is not bad for a zhi char place.

Take note that the promo is only for items $28 and below only, and excluding appetisers etc. So please check with the waiters/waitress to confirm.

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Let me preface this by saying I drink a lot of coffee. Not a coffee connoisseur, just a coffee addict.

And this, my friends, is one of the better coffees I’ve ever drank in my life. Lol. Sounds so dramatic, but yes. It was strong and creamy. I was only introduced to it yesterday and I went out of my way to get it again today. 😋

The eggs were also good, yolks were orange instead of the usual yellow.

ALSO. Very affordable, compared to most other cafes/coffee places.

Rating: 4.4/5
$1.30 for a small kopi.
$1.60 for two eggs.

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Had the Samgepsal (pork + rice + soup + lettuce) set ($18++) for lunch and it was amazing 🤩 it’s super crowded during lunch but that kinda adds to the homely, hearty vibes of the restaurant and together with the flavours of the rice, soup and pork, it felt like I was having a warm, homecooked meal in the heart of an office area. Will be back to try other items on their menu 😍


Timbre+ One North is a great place to unwind with friends or colleagues after a hard day’s work. There are more than 30 stalls selling food and drinks, plus nightly live music featuring local musicians.


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Visited Daehwa on a Sunday afternoon and it was filled despite the mall being relatively empty as most stalls were closed.

One of the first dishes to arrive at our table was the Kimbap. While vegetarian, the dish was not inferior to the ones you get at Korean restaurants. Purple rice grains were used instead of sushi rice. With savory mock meat, avocado, cheese, lettuce, yellow daikon and egg omelette being wrapped by the chewy rice grains, the Kimbap was an umami bomb that kept you going for seconds. A highly recommended dish if you’re at Daehwa!

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Met a friend here for lunch & I had the signature beef pho (in photo) while she had the vege pho. We used the 30% off bill on burpple, which reduced the price of each bowl to about $10++, which is quite worth it for the quality and portion.


Went for the 3 course lunch set meal ($26.8++), which included a soup (tomato / chowder), main (pasta / pizza), dessert (chef’s recommendation) and drink (coke / sprite / soda). Had the chowder, seafood pasta, apple crumble w ice cream (topped up $5 to change the dessert) & sprite.

The service was really slow, and my group of 8 friends had to wait almost an hour for the food to arrive (they even forgot one of my friend’s orders), and the food is alright only. I wouldn’t pay so much for this quality next time. The only saving grace was the apple crumble which had a nice balance of sweet and savoury, and the fact that this restaurant is pet friendly, so my friend could bring his dog here.