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Croissant with ham & cheese.
This is my second time coming to eat again, guess what I found out? If you have account of shop back, you will able to get 5% when you activate it from the app which I did it for this meal. :)
One Man Coffee is a small cozy cafe serving All Day Brunch, Pizzas, Bakes and Coffee. While I wouldn't make a special trip down for their food, I wouldn't mind dropping in when I am in the area. Personally, I find the ambience here one of the nicest among all the eateries situated within the vicinity.
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The dumplings were plump and juicy, but contained many fillers like carrots and chives. Personally I enjoy the flavour from the vegetables, but I felt that there could be more meat (or egg even). Soup was missing the typical meaty flavour you find in ban mian. For the price ($3.70) its not too shabby!

Picture in menu is different from what we have. Rosemary bread is nice, would be better if they can add veggies inside. Not worth going back even for their 1-for-1. Once is more than enough.

but guess who stole half a bagel from the goat-keeper hehe. this glorious looking bagel was filled with yummy spread and all other goodness like the avo and bacon. how to resist! 🤤

Simple fuss free acai with muesli and fruits. Nothing much to rave about tbh.

Food portions here are pretty small but taste wise decent. The creamy pesto sauce was lovely and chicken chunks were tender and nice. Pasta slightly overcooked.

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This was really overpriced but it tasted pretty decent. Buttery scrambled eggs, spinach and smoked salmon (wish they were more generous with this!).

Simple not overly rich cheesecake although I kinda wished it was more creamy. Still worth a try though!

Looks good, tasted even better. Fruity pancakes with a scoop of acai ice cream..mmm..

Behold the aftermath of toasting and tearing apart the Houjicha Cruffin from Bread Yard. There’s probably no way to eat this without getting down and dirty as the lava filling oozes out.

This is basically a croissant made into a muffin with a molten Houjicha interior, and a Houjicha bo lo bao-esque crust. It’s been dipped into caster sugar too.

I guess the way to eat it is to heat it up first, so that the interior gets all gooey. While we were super hyped up after smelling the Houjicha and seeing all the lava ooze out, we were disappointed with the taste. The croissant texture is on point, but the Houjicha filling was bland despite its lovely olive green colour and specks of Houjicha tea leaves. The star of the cruffin was he Houjicha crust, which really smells and tastes of Houjicha.

Would not order this again!

Before toasting and breaking it apart to reveal all the lava ooze.

Picked this up for tea time while we were having lunch at Bread Yard.

Since we’ve had chocolate tarts from Lemuel and Cake Spade the last few weeks, I’ll be using them as benchmarks. I thought this was the most balanced tart of the three, with a great tart crust and quite yummy chocolate filling.

The tart crust was thick enough, and held up well without crumbling into tons of pieces when we cut through it. The chocolate filling was a little too soft and melty (maybe we should’ve refrigerated it), but it wasn’t too sweet and went well with the tart crust. It’s worth noting that this was the cheapest out of the three at $4, and of course it’s unfair to compare their chocolate to Lemuel which is a chocolate specialist. I didn’t feel that the pistachio added much taste to it, so perhaps a stronger tasting and crunchier nut like almond might’ve been a better option?

Despite that, apart from their breads, it’s definitely worth picking up at chocolate tart from Bread Yard! Affordable and good for a dessert or tea time snack :)