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Second visit at Daehwa as I was craving for some vegetarian Korean food! You can trust Daehwa for yummy Korean food that taste just like the original non-vegetarian versions :)

Army stew was a bit costly as it was recommended for 2 pax ($42) but it came with a lot of ingredients! Instant noodles, enoki mushroom, Chinese mushroom, sweet potato noodles, vegetarian hotdogs and luncheon meat, tofu, kimchi, and a slice of cheese. Flavour was on point 💯 and we were definitely v full by the end! Our order also came with free flow banchan and 2 bowls of brown rice.

Super lovely bread that’s soft on the inside and crispy on the ends. Eggs were also cooked very well.

Very intrigued by the unique concept of this store and my gut's feeling great! Tried their sourdough kimchi burger and topped it up to a set meal to give me kombucha and broccoli and I must say I absolutely love the unique flavours and textures. Will be back for more.

I miss this so much. Used to eat this once a week 10 years ago.

Every bite is so nostalgic, bringing me back to memories from when botak jones was around.

• Beef Kofta Shakshuka ($16): 5.5/10
Similarly, the eggs were poached well and we enjoyed the bits of red pepper and tomato within. The sourdough was okay but we felt that the beef kofta was so negligible that we forgot that there was beef :,). I personally wouldn’t order this again.

Steak & Egg Bowl ($14): 6.5/10
The steak and sous vide egg were executed well that day, while the mushrooms, kale and bread stick complemented the entire dish amazingly. One thing though, the rice beneath was slightly over cooked and mushy. 💦

• Rustic Meatball Linguine ($14): 2/10
Okie I’ve been wanting to try the pastas so I finally did and oh boy...... I was so disappointed. The linguine was really mushy, the tomato sauce wasn’t well-seasoned and the beef meatballs were tough as heck. I barely managed to finish half of the pasta and I cannot imagine paying for this at full price. 🥺 Sadly, my dining companion felt the same way too so this is a major no go.
** not sure if I should’ve ordered the bacon & prawn Aglio Olio instead but oh wells major regrets

Pulled Pork Eggs Ben ($14): 7.5/10
Tried this a few months back and I was happy that the eggs were poached well + the brioche was crisp yet fluffy 👌👌

Forget about diet if u want to eat this delicious and tasty pizza. (Fat die you) Generous portion of cheese..
Taste good when hot. Must try and good deal with burpple 1 for 1.

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Steak in baguette.. Nice and crisp.
Good deal with burpple.

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It was really rare to find a Vegetarian Korean shop that sells a wide range of dishes and I am honestly impressed. Tried the kimchi pancake and bibimbap. Really love how the dishes are packed with alternative forms of protein!

1 of the 5 rice bowls on Bread Yard’s menu - Norwegian Salmon Bowl that came with a bed of brown rice, creamy smashed avocado, broccoli, pramesan, garlic bread stick, cherry tomatoes, baked salmon and a side dip of basil pesto. This was our way of making our brunch a tad bit healthier amongst the cruffins and french toast 😂 Was a decent healthy bowl, though the garlic bread stick wasn’t as crunchy as we thought it would be and didn’t seem to go with the dish as a whole. Salmon was tender. Had this 1 for 1 with Burpple Beyond, and they’ve changed the deal to 20% off mains now.