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Little Vietnam:
1) Spring Rolls($5.50) - 8.25/10 Umami burst of flavor, crunchy. Shiok with sweet chili oil is good with the spring rolls. Reminds me Abit of yam rings.
2) Pho Dac Biet ($8.80) - 7.75/10 Beef fats is shiok,chewy. Beef ball is handmade,tender. Noodles are chewy, soft enuf. Macam eating a full beef. Got one part of the beef which is tough tho.
3) Soupsop drink($4.30) - I think I figured that I can't appreciate the flesh of soursop. The drink was ok.

they came out freshly fried so they were piping hot! the sweet potato balls were chewy with a crisp exterior and encassed a creamy sweet potato filling! the batter part could be less dry though. these were $3.90 for 10 so itโ€™s really worth it get it before itโ€™s gone!!

It seems like they have been expanding their outlets across the city now, after opening their first outlet here in PLQ Mall.

This was my first try and surprisingly love it. The chicken patty was crunchy and mix well with all the ingredients coming together.

The incredible burger come in with additional ham and egg, on top of their famous thigh burger.

Even the fries given wasnโ€™t too soggy.

No number of adjectives could do justice to these crackin' crackling beauties. The fatty, tender hunks of tasty pork are good enough on their own, but more importantly are capped with an incredibly crunchy layer of shatteringly crisp skin. What's even more surprising was the pig liver sauce, with a flavour that reminded me immediately of pork floss. Genius.

Taste: 4.5/5


Chopped pork and chicken liver with onions and pepper topped with a raw egg on a hotplate. Simple and rustic, especially so when there's bits of crunchy cartilage nestled within, but still enjoyable when seasoned with vinegar and a squeeze of fresh calamansi.

Taste: 3/5


The combination of sweet Taiwanese orange juice and delicate green tea gives a vibrant and ultra-refreshing taste. Leaning towards more orangey,ย it has a good balance of sweet and zestiness ใ€‹$4.20

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Tried the salmon gnocchi and pizza, pasta sauce was flavourful and gnocchi was soft and pillowy, though they can be more generous with the salmon chunks! Pizza was great and the entire combination was executed well.

Quaint Italian restaurant nestled in Kinex Mall. The food was awesome! Personal favourite was the Tortellini Di Manzo! Food portion was really great and ended off the meal with Tortino which capped off our meal perfectly. Def visit again!

Absolutely enjoyed my dinner at the cozy Kucina - had Caprese Salad, Tortino and Truffle Gnocchi! The Truffle Gnocchi was AMAZING - easily one of the best I've had in Singapore! Overall great experience!

@hungrybearcafesg Signature Bear Burger features double beef patty and brioche buns topped with cheddar, mixed mushrooms and steaky bacon.
Location: Hungry Bear Cafe, 11 Tanjong Katong Road, Kinex, #02-K5, Singapore 437157
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Visited the outlet on a Thursday evening. Had the Papardella Pasta and Burger. Both were decent for their price point.

Was disappointed that there was no selection of meats and cheeses to customise a platter from. This was even though it was stated on their menu that this was possible.