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For a sum of its counterpart, this is pretty good value.

But it’s a mix of more misses than hits.

The plum syrup watermelon :) sweetly refreshing. Can get cloyingly sweet however so have it between bites of the more hearty and savoury

The XO sambal was pretty piquant. Although lacking a punch.

Tender fresh chicken is as usual, averagely tasting.

My dinner date did think the salted egg and egg sauce chicken was pretty okay. I thought the fried popcorn chicken was cold, hard and not crispy.. having salted egg and egg sauce is also.. kinda a lumpy weird. Cannot understand haha.

The hokkien Mee was.. lacklustre and one dimensionally PRAWNY BRINY. On an intense level.. no wok hei, no aroma. Just prawny briny :/

Really briny

The carrot cake too just a flat tasting bland cake of flour/kueh

Pretty much average tasting popiah and kimchi slaw. Kimchi was not so accented.


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tried my first ever nasi padang from STREAT, one of the events under the Singapore Food Festival! priced at $9 (pretty sure the original price at the stall is waaaaay cheaper), the chicken rendang set came with chicken rendang (of course), bergedil, fried anchovies with peanut and lontong. I was slightly doubtful that this would taste great, since everything was precooked and thus likely to be soggy, but wow I was so wrong. the chicken rendang was so tender and the meat came off so easily. the outside of the bergedil was crispy and the inside was mushy, the way I like it. the fried anchovies with peanuts were so crispy; I'm so thankful for the generous amount of it. and the lontong!!!! wow!!!! the first time I tried lontong, it was so hard and tasteless. it being my first time, I thought lontong always tasted like this and I didn't want to waste my calories on it so I actually asked the stall if I could have less lontong and they kindly gave me one more bergedil instead. the second I tried the lontong, I regretted my request because this one piece of lontong was soft and went so well with all the dishes, making me wish I had more. the chilli that came with it was so sweet and spicy!!! even though the afternoon sun was shining down on me, all I wanted to do was to devour the chilli. am definitely going to visit one of their stalls soon!!!!

The double cheese burger is very nice and the onion rings very crispy! My type of fast food! 👍

A small Japanese eatery inside Paya Lebar Square selling different types of Kaisen Don. No GST or service charge here and friendly staff. $15.90 (add $3 for hot drink, salad and soup)


Midweek Berries! 🍓🍓🍓

This combination of blended fruit tea (with real strawberry chunks!) goes soooo well with the creamy and slightly savoury cheese foam! 😍🧀🍓

I love that the drinks by @heeteasg aren’t overly sweet or syrupy, but at $6.90 per cuppa, this is slightly on the higher end scale. Yummy as an occasional treat though! 🙆🏻‍♀️🌈💕💕

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KFC Goldspice Chicken is marinated in signature KFC Hot & Crispy marinade, breaded and fried, then coated with salted egg, chilli, curry leaves and sweet basil. Wow I love!


The noodles might look plain and simple but I can assure you that it is flavorful from end to end! And as for the texture, nothing beats the springyness of these style of noodles. For those of you who have ever eaten @qqnoodlehousesg, this taste almost identical! Anyway, being a fan of Kolo Mee, I can only be glad that these Sarawak style noodles are springing out in our shores!
‘No geo tag so proceed to Aljunied block 119 and look for the stall ‘Q GEN’

Most sinful yet delicious supper you can get your hands on - love how perfectly crispy the exterior is while inside stay moist and soft! Dip it into their homemade Chili and sweet sauce, you would want to have the whole portion (or two) all to yourself!