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Needed a refreshing drink on a really hot day and this definitely hit the spot. I usually do milk teas at chicha but decided to give this a go and I would order it again, on the few days I'm tired of milk teas.

Loved the rosti, it was crisp and served hot. The chicken though, was a tad dry and probably needed a little more seasoning. ($19.40)

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Legit Buah Keluak here, and I loved the chap chye too. ($15)

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Ordered one chicken and one steak rosti. Able to choose 2 sides along with the mains as well. The steak was pretty over cooked though (didn’t have the option to choose how it should be done) however the chicken taste better. The rosti could have been more fried instead to have the crispy texture. Overall taste is good, will visit again. 🙂

Used 2 sets of burpple beyond mains, which cannot exceed $25. Ordered the eefu noodles, horfun w/ pork ribs, homemade squid paste and beancurd, spinach w/ century egg. The items on the menu were priced at the small portion (for 4 pax) and we ended up getting everything at medium sized except the horfun (due to the burrple beyond deal). Everything was pretty good and the service was good too! A lil pricey without burpple beyond but would still recommend 😊

Think crispy rosti, tender steak and moreish roasted potatoes. 🤤 How I wish I was working near this Swiss restaurant! With a long list of mains and sides (adding up to 18) to choose from, can you imagine/calculate how many permutations of Swiss meal (1main + 2sides + 1sauce) I can create?! 😚

Download the Burpple app and subscribe to Burpple Beyond's membership, you can enjoy an awesome meal at Wursthans Switzerland with the 1-for-1 deal! 😉 Don't say bojio hor~~


Count on the Japanese to deliver innovative dining concepts, as Singapore brought in Yakiniku Like to our dining scene. Supposedly, they pitched the restaurant as fast food because the raw meats were quickly served upon order, and you would have solo or shared grill to dine at your own pace.

I tried their Like Set, which comprised 150g of meat (beef tongue, skirt steak, beef short plate), rice, soup and a side dish, for a good price of S$15.80. On top of that, diners were free to order ala carte meat items from S$2.50 to experience a variety of additional meat, from chicken to pork to even Wagyu beef!

To customise the flavours based on your palates, the restaurant also offered 8 kinds of condiments for that tasty grilled meats. And while one had to also moderate his expectation that the cuts were not at the best grade, the quality of the meal was much justified by the wallet-friendly prices.

On the other hand, I was quite sure that not many people would wait for almost an hour to get a seat. I could only hope that their diners would abide by their philosophy to make it a fast food and learn from the Japanese to make it a quick meal for others to like the Like too.


Lanzhou style beef noodles to end off the wfh week. It has slightly saltier broth and with the beef having a stronger taste. I like the radish in the soup and how we can customise the noodles size. Thicc noodles ftw (About $14 for 2 with burrple one for one)

Truffle La Mian ($8.80) with a local drink of choice. I was pleasantly surprised by the strong aroma of truffle that wafted from this bowl of noodles below $10... much less the (albeit minuscule) specks of truffle bits 😮. Much like #greendot , the la mian was cooked to a perfect texture. Each strand of noodle was luxuriously coated in the mouth-watering gravy that captured the natural umami from the mushrooms 🍄 The deep undertones are complemented well with a refreshing crunch from the Nai Bai. I tried my best not to finish all the #carbs but it was just irresistible...

Clearly a 10/10 and defo a must try if you’re ever at Grove (SMU)