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An understated but soul-satisfying set lunch of soft chicken thigh and egg simmered in dashi and soya sauce, over a bed of quality short grain rice. Each set lunch comes with pickles, salad and miso soup. What’s even better is you can top-up $5 for a glass of decent red or white wine to complete your power lunch experience.

Taste: 3.5/5


$14.90 for this if I’m not wrong (correct me if I am I can’t rly rmb), which is way cheaper than other Jap restaurants which sell unagi Don!! And the eel was good too, rather meaty n flavourful!! It’s the jap restaurant beside Aston’s


Generous amount of filling. The egg is so yummy 😋 crusty warm toast and melty cheese

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Tried both their signature pork patty and spicy pork. My vote goes to their signature pork patty. The bread itself is fragrant and sweet. Worth trying.

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Seemed a little pricey for a small cup, but it came fully filled without any ice. A pretty nice cup that was smooth and not too sweet.

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First time trying mazesoba and was pleasantly surprised at how tasty and flavorful the ramen was. The onsen egg also mixed well into the ramen and gave it a creamy and umami taste.

Mystery Xiao Long Bao ($1)
From now till 13 Oct, get this basket of xiao long bao for $1 (u.p. $7.80) when dining @paradisegrpsg ’s Paradise Dynasty (PLQ mall branch only). To enjoy the offer, they require diners to do a food post for them on either instagram or facebook. So glad to know from the staff that I am one of the 3 to-date who guessed it right! Shan’t spoil the fun except I’d say my favourite is still the black truffle flavour.

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Saba Teriyaki Don ($12.9) comes with salad and miso.
Taste wise not that bad at all and their Wasabi was really good.

Cant say that it was worth the queue, or that it was even the top 3 fried chicken fast food here. The original was super crispy, but lacked flavour or seasoning in its batter/coating. Perhaps it was teething issues, we will tell in time.

Mad mad mad complexity. The meat was rlly tender w a lovable bitterness from the dark sauce. Not v crispy though.

Sambal was v fine grain, full of shrimp paste and had a strong kick

Rlly Small space so it's gonna be awkward finding a seat, but the service will "ensure" there's one before u order.

I can see why this is popular since the texture of the lu Rou is really close to the authentic one(with enough fats). The taste is q mild though so that's unfortunate, could have been very good if it was stronger. The pickled veggies lacked sweetness but had a sharp taste, not sth i could get used to.

First bite wasnt impressive but wow the centre was really oily and flavourful. Well crisped up on the skin side and blackened mostly(slightly bitter). Pretty good but the oil pools at the bottom SO FLIP IT OVER Asap once u received the Fish so that the skin doesnt get soggy from the oil.

For the Small bites that comes along w this, im really glad they adjusted the umeboshi(pickled Plums) so that it's less intense and more herbal+sweet, which is more suited to our palate. The Grilled cheese was intense and that's right up my alley. Luckily it's a two biter so even those who dont like cheese wouldnt have to endure too much of it. The sweet sauce potatoes were rlly good right out of the wok, as the sesame seeds would have been super fragrant(courtesy of the nice rice-cooking lady) but it's nowhere near as good when cold