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Ever since I’d been converted to an acai addict, I’ve found myself going back for a bowl once every week. It’s just so good in taste and it makes me feel better especially with the amount of fruits and health benefits that I’m gaining. 😅

Haakon’s Cacao Bliss Bowl was pretty alright - it got a little strange texturally when I was close to finishing it due to the chia seeds (correct me if I misidentified). I have nothing against them, I just feel that the combination of cocoa and chia seeds didn’t really gel well for me.

Still, you can bet I downed this whole thing unabashedly, especially since I had it on one of those Friday night-ins! 🤣


When dim sum cravings hit, round up the fam for a feast at this Hong Kong restaurant housed in KINEX. Go for the bang for buck Dum Sum in the Cage ($28.80) – a dim sum platter including classic dishes like Steamed Shrimp and Pork Dumpling with Fish Roe and Steamed Prawn Dumpling. On mains, hit up the plump and bouncy Fresh Shrimp Wanton Noodles ($9.80) and the aromatic Fried Rice with Diced Scallop, Conpoy and Egg White ($18).
Photo by Burppler Kimberly Tan

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Comes with a base (vegetables), 2 sauces, main (meat) and 5 toppings - they do have seasonal toppings for daily bowl that changes every quarter》$8.50

Base - Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber
Sauces - Sweet Thai Sauce & Mayo
Main - Chicken
Toppings - Soba, Edamame, Adobo Black Beans, Glazed Carrots and Broccoli

The portion is huge and filling - food coma kicks in almost right after my meal. I usually get sweet thai sauce and mayo in my kebab but the mayo doesn't seem to fit into my daily bowl. I should have gotten a different sauce instead. Chicken was as usual yummy and all went well except for the broccoli and carrots which I supposed were frozen vegs coz it has that chewy and elastic texture that I did not like. 

Bread lovers alert 🚨

I call these my green babies 👶 because they look so “poofy “ - my term for spongy and puffy 🥳. Every time I was pass them , I can’t help but feel like giving them a good squeeze 😬.

Intrigued by what sweet potato leaves taste like in a bread - that was the beginning of my experience with this bread.

Weird but this bread actually tastes like a matcha red bean and can easily pass off as one. The sweet potato flavour has this earthy and green flavour like a palate cleanser while the red bean provides a luxurious creaminess and imparts some “ sinfulness” to the otherwise pretty heathy bread .

Unlike other varieties of swee Heng’s bread , this bread as well as the similarly shaped taro 5 grain bread as well as the sweet potato bread have a spongy and more chewy texture - possibly from a higher quality Japanese flour used .

My first encounter with this red bean bread was the best because the red bean was less sweet with a more pronounced red bean flavour . These days , the red bean twirled into the bread is somewhat sweeter 🥴.

Nevertheless - these are still yummy and I urge you to try one soon 😋 especially when they are warm and fresh . Available only at selected swee Heng outlets .

From Kacang Pool Mustafa.

Double Egg + Bread $3.50
Savoury indeed.


** Not too bad - the dumpling skin was quite thin and the meat wrapped within were fresh, flavorful and tender. Overall, no complains on the dumpling but I’d say the broth could be improved as it doesn’t have much flavor as I’d have expected.
📍Delibowl Dumplings
Daily 10:00 - 21:30
Eunos Rd 8, 10, SingPost Centre, 408600
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5/5 (rlly couldn’t find fault)
Located at Platform M, a food hall at Paya Lebar. Left with a mind BLOWINGGG experience. I ordered the beef slices ($8.80) that comes with 3 choices of noodles (glass noodles, egg noodles & mama noodles) & a HUGE piece of radish & coriander which zh’ng the whole dish. Added fried garlic to my soup & just A LIL chilli (was informed that their chilli is VERY spicy & it truly was, DO NOT add their chilli like your typical wanton mee chilli 🤣). The soup was so so so good that I managed to convince my table of 6 to order it. It has that umami in it & will DEFINITELY go back for more (this means a lot considering I stay in the FARRR west & am an adventurous person who almost doesn’t try the same thing twice)

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** Decided to drop by for quick dinner before movie. The salmon was pretty fresh but there were only about 5 - 6 thin slices. Would only recommend if you are in a rush and don’t have other food options in mind.
📍Kaisen Tei Platform M SingPost Centre
Daily 11:00 - 22:00
#02-138/139/140/141/142, SingPost Centre, 10 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408600
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Ordered 5 types of grilled fish

1)Grilled Teriyaki Black Cod ($21.90)
2)Grilled Miso Marinated Black Cod($21.90+)
3)Grilled Dried Atka Mackerel ($14.90++)
4)Grilled Mackerel ($11.90++)
5)Grilled Salmon Belly ($16.90++)

Each set comes with an onsen egg, japanese steamed rice & free flow salad bar. All the grilled fish are with amazing quality and taste. I enjoyed the cod fish & Atka Mackerel the most. It has a buttery taste, crisp on the outside while the flesh are sweet & soft.
The downside will be the extremely long queue. Queued 2 hours on the Friday night!

Total bill: $104

My family and I queued up for 2 hours for our dinner!! Yes - 2 whole hours!! When we got to the restaurant - they had just opened for business and I believe the first group of customers may have just gone in and took up every available seats in this not-too-big restaurant. I did a rough count - there were about 30+ seats? Took about 1 hours before we started to inch forward in the queue - some people got tired and left the queue. That helped! You should have seen the look on my wife’s face - she was obviously not happy being there and having to wait this long. Lol. .
By the time we got ushered in - at 8:30pm - we were all so hungry that we didn’t care if we were given the counter seats - which wasn’t that bad cos I had a good view of the kitchens and could watch how they grilled their fish. Anyway, soon after we were seated - we zeroed in on to the salad bar. Not as wide a range as the other Keisuke place - like Hamburg Steak Keisuke - but it was still decent - fresh vegetables, tofu, potato and soba salad, Japanese pickles, etc.
I had the Charcoal Grilled Miso Marinated Halibut - the texture of the fish was smooth, tender and soft - and the miso marinate was flavourful - and had a good savoury-sweet balance. I enjoyed it!
“How was it..?”, I asked my wife. “Not bad” - came the reply - “but not worth the wait...!!” Well, I’d have to agree with her...!!
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