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Ordered roti john mutton and it tasted like a healthier version of the dish and I assume it’s a similar amount of calories so it’s a loss for me. The milo peng was waaaaay too sweet, felt like instant diabetes.

Closed liao. Went past 2 times lights are on but no staff. Now no staff no lights. Sign board covered.

White 3/5 Gutemala, Columbia
Piccolo 4/5 Ethiopia, Brazil

Have a colourful cheerful start to a new work week!

I tried out the new chrysanthemum aiyu jelly bowl ($3.60) but it was not really to my liking as i didnt like having chrysanthemum flower petals all over in the dessert bowl. The chrysanthemum jelly was also less sweet, more bitter than the normal aiyu jelly.

Gona stick to my favourite aww in one cup from now on!

The bowl featured behind is the free grass jelly bowl we got (worth $2.80) for making 5 purchases using their loyalty card stamp!

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steamed tapioca kueh with gula melaka tossed in grated coconut, with a melt-in-your-mouth mochi texture

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From Kacang Pool Mustafa.
Satisfying portion
Added spices powder
Squeezed the lime
Tear the roti & dip
Yummy 👍👍👍


From Fruits and Juice counter
Freshly crushed watermelon juice
Refreshing indeed


This place doesnt fail to impress us. Ordered a few skewers and our standard baon aglio olio (super delicious btw) and added on this OMG Burger to try. The portion was so generous for the price, definitely worth every cent your pay. Although we felt that the beef patty can be thinner. Anyway, highly recommend to try this place (Y)

Seems like a popular stall. I found it okay, but then I'm not a fan of this dish, so it's not easy to impress me.

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Quick and easy redemption at PLQ! Got 2 yoghurts and tried both the original and the dragonfruit. Dragonfruit version somehow tasted more like blueberry as it was slightly sour. Overall both tasted great but I still prefer the original. Staff here were also quite generous with the sauces. Would return to use the other deals but wished there were more deals that are just for 1 Classic (1+1) instead of two cups (2+2).

Al dente slurpy noodles coated with creamilicious tomato marinara sauce topped with a fatty melt in the mouth foie gras. Love the amount of sauce given.😂 Tangy, creamy and savoury all at once. My belly is satisfied.
🚩COLLIN'S®, 10 Paya Lebar Rd, B1-01 PLQ Mall, Singapore 409057
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