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Top 10 places in Paya Lebar, Singapore.
Explore Macpherson, Old Airport Road in Paya Lebar

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Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Paya Lebar, Singapore.

Venue: Kinex (Last time One KM mall)
Cost: $16
Description: Is wasabi portion is just right with for the sauce cooked together with the pasta 🍝
Salmon is well cooked with the seaweed nicely place on top

Had their traditional ones with gula melaka. Not too sweet and the powdered skin is super fine and soft! Totally a convert from the love of tutu kueh! Paired it with the shredded coconut on the side to give another texture to your tastebud.

Traditionally putu puring only has gula melaka flavour filling but now, this traditional old stall has given a modern twist and give a choice of durian!

Can’t believe it’s taken us this long to try this amazing braised duck! We got half a duck and added on the works; liver, gizzards, eggs and a whole slew of other goodies. Everything was super yummeh drenched in the dark, aromatic gravy. The duck was tender and tasty, the liver was soft, fresh and had an amazing bite to it. There was even this curious flat “jellyfish” like item that had a springy bite that we enjoyed – turned out to be duck’s intestines!

All this for $38, we’ll certainly be back. Friendly, affable service too though the midday Geylang sun is no joke, this was well worth a little discomfort.

After the lunch at two-months-old “Banh Mi Thit” left us feeling rather underwhelmed, Burppler Dex Neo suggested we visit “Sia Kee Duck Rice”, a stall he has had on his Burpple wishlist, for lunch part two. So we walked less than half a kilometre down Geylang Road to the corner Sin Huat Eating House where the stall is located and in the spirit of true foodies everywhere, over-ordered.
That’s how we ended up with a platter piled with half a duck (very tender of flesh), duck liver (superbly creamy), braised eggs, “tau kwa” (this was the best!) and fish cake topped with sweet, soft peanuts, cuttlefish and blanched bean sprouts. Over it all went the distinctive aromatic and tasty thick braising sauce.
Tucking into this goopy-licious heap of protein lifted up our spirits. Coupled with the extremely cheery service from the Oh brothers - Ron, Laurence and Albert, who co-own and operate “Sia Kee Duck Rice”, we couldn’t help but be all smiles by the time we left.

Below is the list of food tasted.

⌯ P1 Feesh and Chips with Curry TarTar Sauce [S$9.90]
⌯ P5 Spicy Sawadee Baked Fish [S$10.90]
⌯ P6 Mala Popcorn Chicken Rice [S$8.90]
⌯ P9 Clementi Roasted Chicken Rice [S$7.90]

Fish and Chips is pure yummy-licious and is certainly one of the better ones in Singapore. Crispy and thinly coated fresh fish paired with curry tar tar sauce just couldn’t get any better😍

Thanks @HawkerManSG for hosting and @SingaporeFoodListing @Kenpgl for the invite!

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They had spent the last 3 months trying out ideas with their menu to finally craft out 10 exciting selection for everyone!

Tasted the following:
▪️Feesh & Chips with Curry Tartar ($9.90) 👍🏻
▪️Spicy Sawadee Baked Fish ($10.90)
▪️Mala Popcorn Chicken Rice ($8.90)
▪️Clementi Roasted Chicken ($7.90)

Out of the 10 new selections, I have tried 4 of which I would recommend my favourite: Feesh & Chips with Curry Tartar. It comes with hinge of sweet yet appetising curry tar tar sauce which goes well on the crispy battered fish, there is also salad and fries.
What are you waiting for? 🤤
Singpost Centre
10 Eunos Rd 8
Singapore 408600

Opening hours 🕚
Daily 1100 - 2230

Thank you @singaporefoodlisting for the invite and Aric @tenderfreshsg @hawkermansg for hosting 🙆🏻‍♂️
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Traditional snack transformed into a sweet delight
Coconut ice-cream and durian puree wrapped in delicate popiah skin, topped with strips of jackfruit and crushed peanuts
The light and refreshing coconut ice-cream compliments the strong flavour of the durian. And surprisingly, they goes well together with the popiah skin
Lastly, the jackfruit strips and peanut bits give a nice chewiness bite and crunchiness to the overall dessert
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One of the must try dishes is Charcoal Grilled Honey Chicken. We love the idea of smoky tender chicken 😋 The cafe is located near Paya Lebar MRT station. However it may be a bit challenging as this cafe is tugged in the industrial area. .
Where to dine?
Nuevo Café
115 Eunos Ave 3, Singapore 409839

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The fragrance from the onion oil, the supple noodles, savoury minced meat and punch from the chili paste gives this entire bowl of awesomeness its satisfaction.

林玉梅 Sarawak Laksa & Kolo Mee
Add: #01-33 Haig Road Hawker Centre

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It’s the perfect brunch kind of pasta and they’re located not too far from Paya Lebar! 🍝🧀

Available during Weekend Lunch and Dinner 1130am-9pm
Mushroom Truffle SGD11.00


Blown away by this table of food served in the VIP room with individual hot pot!

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