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They do not list their prices, neither do they have any menu over here. All we have to do is to inform them how many pax we have and they will serve up a platter that is sufficient for everyone with rice/porridge.

We ordered a platter for 2 pax that comes with braised duck meat, tofu, peanuts, fish cake, eggs and bean sprouts together with 2 bowls of soup and rice. The duck meat was well braised and tender without the gamey taste. I liked the braised sauce that is thick and savoury and it is the reason why I'm coming back here again for more duck rice 》$18

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🇯🇵 JAPANESE CLAYPOT 🍙 swipe to end of the best part😉❤️ @donabe.sg took over the space of makino at @payalebarquarter serving quality claypot Japanese nights rice cooked with premium dashi made with aged katsuobushi (tuna bonito) and hidaka kombu 💕 I recommend their KINOKO which is vegetarian 💯👍

100g potion was quite small even for a small eater but they gave salad and rice on the side. tastes not bad quite nice

not bad! portion is q small though. juicy and tender but tad too salty. no worries about not being filled because your solution lies in the free flow salad bar, fruits and coffee jelly 😘

too salty but q standard for saba. super meaty and substantial with easy to pick out bones and no fishy flavour! rice was very good free flow salad bar was just as good

Tried the seafood aglio olio, it was a decent meal with fresh prawns and clams, only the squid was a tad bit rubbery. The duck aglio olio was not bad too. 1 for 1 mains only applicable for dishes over $12, and there were quite a number of $12.25 dishes. Would come back if I were in the area again. :)

Feature ( photo is not showing actual portion) :
💕Saba Age
Crispy Mackerel Fish w/ Spicy Sesame Sauce
💕Iberiko Buta Donabe.
Grilled Iberico Pork Jowl, Smoked Sausage Tare, Crispy Pork, Umami Sauce
💕Kinoko Donabe
Konbu Dashi, Oriental Mushrom, Onsen Egg, Mushroom Floss, Crispy Seasoned Seaweed
💕Kaki Donabe
Sous Vide Hiroshima Oyster, Pacific Clams, Dried Shrimp Roe, Shio Konbu

To place an order can visit this link :

10 Paya Lebar road, #04-28/29.
PLQ mall.


We frequent Smooy quite a bit and was very disappointed with this order. Served by unfamiliar staff, requested for 2 servings of blueberries and there was only 6 blueberries???

Got this for 1 for 1 from Chope. Don’t really have tea taste, just soy milk. I think it’s ok only, not really worth the price. Mochi is not bad though

Got the atka mackerel ($17.90++) and regular mackerel ($14.90++). Both fish were fresh and tasty! Comes with rice, miso soup as well as free flow salad bar (coffee jelly was YUM). Will return again but would recommend to go earlier. Queued for approx an hour before I got a table and food.

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From 美美沙爹菜头粿
Mei Mei Satay Carrot Cake
Taste as good as it looked a plate of black fried carrot cake, $3.
The carrot cake was cut by a very interesting looking steel cutter.


Mee Siam with begedil. Comfort food