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Got the set using burpple 1 for 1 which came with salad, soup, 2 gyoza and drink

- generous serving of fish (fresh & yummy!!)

- The gyoza was meh

Rating: 8/10

Verdict: Not bad at all, quality and quantity of the fish is good. Good to try even without burpple because they have an ongoing promo for the same sets at 35.90++ (I think)

Got the mentaiyaki kaisendon using burpple 1 for 1

- Generous serving of mentaiko and fish!!!
- Even spotted abalone, scallop, and of course many cubes of tuna, salmon and cucumber :)
- Promo comes w green tea, miso soup, and salad

- The mentaiko serving was too generous for me. The mentaiko taste overpowered the fish taste hahaha so all I cld mostly taste was the sauce
- after awhile it gets too creamy and gelat for my liking

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: if you are a strong mentaiko lover, you would probably love this. Else, I'd recommend you to try the normal kaisendon.

Price: Paid ~ $32 in total for 2 sets (~ $16/set)

Ordered their pizzas too but didn’t manage to get a shot before we gobbled the food down! Chicken carbonara didn’t go wrong but might be gelat if it’s just for 1. I liked the BBQ chicken pizza while my friends enjoyed the four cheese tomatoes thin crust they are super generous with the cheese the pull was amazing!!. Really like it that yellow cab’s pizzas are generally thin crusts (even the regular doughs!) but other than that, didn’t find their pizzas exceptionally outstanding!

There are 6 hidden toppokki amongst the pieces of chicken, which were cooked a little under al dente. It is not to everyone's tastes but I liked the crisp outer layer and chewy inner layer of the toppokki. It can be a bit too tiring to eat more than 1 or 2, though, so I've never tried ordering the toppokki as a main. Anyway, the fried chicken pieces were very thoroughly fried, maintaining the crispy skin even after being drenched in a sweet-spicy sauce that tastes JUST a bit like sweet-and-sour pork sauce....

It is a really high price tag for a small portion of a dish that comprises relatively cheap ingredients, but somehow it is so tasty that I ordered it both times I patronised the restaurant. The stew is very thick, and some may find it too concentrated with the gochujang/gochugaru paste but I like it.

Perfect mix of salty veges, bulggogi beef and tightly-wrapped rice!

(+$1.50 for rice)
The soup broth was sooo earthy and tasted extremely nutritious, like a magic cordial of sorts. The chicken was also tear-apart tender, including the breast meat which usually tends to be tough and bland in soups. However, the chicken doesn't come stuffed with glutinous rice as other Korean restaurants do it -- this is more of a straight-up, no-frills samyetang. But it is super tasty.

I've tried this once before so I am glad to say that the stir-fried hot plate pork is not only delicious, but CONSISTENTLY delicious 😋 can be a bit too spicy for some, though.

- Served sizzling warm on a hotplate
- Strong aroma and taste of different types of garlic
- Lack of main ingredients except for a few bacon slices
- Overall flavourful but nothing unique

Final Verdict: 3/5

Found another favourite from Just Dough. Generous curry chicken fillings and it comes with a freaking egg too! Slightly spicy for me but the curry flavour is definitely a thumb up for me. Skin is fluffy as usual even after keeping in the fridge for a day.