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came here on a friday afternoon for a casual lunch date! ordered the 8 piece yong tau foo which was a warm and delicious meal :) big portions and very reasonably priced too for the location. will definitely be back!

Purchase their popcorn combo (inclusive of fries) and it their mala & bbq flavour!

Portion was quite huge and the damage was $8.70 but my tummy’s definitely filled and satisfied! Would definitely head back there again to try their other seasonal flavours!

Oh yes, for those of you who wants to head down to their Suntec City outlet, so know that this is located at Tower 5, B1.

Very hungry? Get a side dish to share and their Takoyaki fared pretty well. Filled with minced octopus and covered with lots of bonito flakes and mayo, the tender morsels were served piping hot. A classic done right.

Thank you Kanada-Ya for the invite and the warm hospitality!

A surprisingly light blend, Kanada-ya’s Tonkotsu Mix Ramen ($17.90/ Regular) combines the familiar creamy pork bone base with a savoury chicken paitan broth. Not too thick and very palatable, the bowl was really decent and a relatively safe option. The belly chashu slices were sufficiently thin, a good ratio of fats to meat, and not too ‘pork-y’. Topped with wood ear fungus, spring onion, perfectly marinated hanjuku egg, and 2 pieces of nori; the ramen noodles were also pretty well-executed - slurpy and al dente.

Thank you Kanada-Ya for the invite and the warm hospitality!

If you only have space for one bowl, I would highly recommend their Spicy Yuzu Ramen ($19.90/ Regular). My favourite between the two, the splash of citrusy yuzu flavour and the mild heat from a dollop of chilli miso paste was super shiok. I really appreciate the refreshingly tart and spicy profile that gave the bowl that oomph. There was a good dose of savoury-sweetness as well, making it a well-rounded dish. As for the ingredients, expect tender leanness of the pork collar chashu paired with crunchy beansprout, spring onion, pickled onion, a beautiful hanjuku egg, and 2 pieces of nori.

Thank you Kanada-Ya for the invite and the warm hospitality!

pretty good actually i really liked the smoothness of the cream and the matcha taste wasn’t overpowered by sweetness

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pretty decent sized prawns and the cereal coating was so fragrant and crispy. but prawns after cooked were less juicy than i would like

everything was pretty good except portions slightly small. probs only worth w burpple 1 for 1

Gzoya cost $6.80 really nice to eat, the taste is delicious. Must try their Gzoya👍🏻

A very simple dish but super nice. It is come with a cup handmade lemon tea set cost $9.80
Topup another $1.00 for 3pcs Gyoza

pretty good and unique but way too expensive, maybe can try with burpple but i would not pay without. pumpkin could be sweeter, borderline tasteless. and slices were too thin

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no filing so quite plain but a nice slightly sweet mantou which is super fluffy and never dry. pretty enjoyable