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Really great food. Especially loved the tuna crudo and beef cheeks. Everything was splendid, I want to try other menu items!

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Reservist. At least I got this, not KFC, which is just oily and messy. The garlic bread and wings were more satisfying than the pizza.

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Part of their Strawberry Special! The matcha is not very obvious and taste just like normal french toasts haha! Loved the strawberry tho!

Do grab some of their pastries as well. The pear crumble danish filled with sweet pear crumble at the center.

This is definitely a great coffee place to grab some drink and pastries, whether you are waiting for someone, in between activities, chilling with friends or just finding a place to do your work.

They have a very nice and bright looking space here, and some seats comes with plug as well.

You can order from their website to earn reward points.

Singapore Latte is their take on the Nanyang style coffee, espresso added with fresh milk, condensed milk, salt and pepper. Every sips you could really taste the peppery, it is also very creamy and strong.

beef cheek was tender and the pea mash was soft and nice. we also ordered fruit juice which was cool and refreshing! nice ambience and good service.

Feature :
💕Steamed Prawn Dumpling, Crab Roe, Sweet Corn, Carrot, Chinese Parsley
My fav, a lot of texture in this dumpling, combination between prawn, crab roe, corn and carrot.
💰$9 for 3 pcs
💕Deep-fried Beancurd Skin Roll, Prawn, Chicken, Water Chestnut, Mushroom,Bamboo Shoot, Carrot, Oyster Sauce.
💰$9 for 3 pcs
💕Pan-fried Shredded Yam, Pumpkin.
💰$9 for 3 pcs
💕Steamed Barbecue Pork Bun, Onion, Preserved Vegetable
💰$9 for 3 pcs

📍Summer Pavilion.
Ritz-Carlton. 7 Raffles ave

Decently priced Hokkaido scallops that were juicy and fresh. Really love the atmosphere at this place too, great for unwinding and relaxing after a busy working day. Drinks were good and very affordable as well :)

Like that there is plenty and different seafood in the chirashi don.
Honestly the burpple deal is not cheap but good lunch option if you want some Japanese dons.

Decent pork ribs, worth it when there is one for one burpple. Nice live music too!

Ordered the mango purple rice and watermelon yo-tea. Both were really yummy! My favourite was definitely the mango purple rice. The purple rice was nice and chewy and complimented the yogurt well. The watermelon yo-tea was refreshing! Tasted good and wasn’t too sweet. Would definitely buy again!

Tried their Angus ribeye for my main course, which was succulent and tender. The fats were perfectly rendered and melt in your mouth with every bite. Paired it with a glass of red wine which is reasonably priced compared to many other restaurants/cafes. Good place to unwind!