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Order half portion. Generous portion of chasiu. It is so good. Price is $6.5.

This was a limited time item. Not too bad. The robust creamy soup had a beefy taste to it. Beef was ok, very thinly sliced and a bit fatty. Egg was good. But the noodles were definitely not ok. Limp and soggy.

Creamy garlic sauce on fried chicken! Even had chunks of fried garlic inside. Loved this bowl ❤️

Wonderfully creamy inside and not too sweet. The roasted hazelnuts on top were absolutely delicious. Pity this cake was almost room temperature despite being housed in the display fridge. Would have been even tastier if colder.

Good strong coffee in a lovely cafe. Huge glass windows showing the view of the fountain give this place a bright airy feel.

and on a bed of wine butter sauce and crisp crusts, I recall it tastes like creamy carbonara too. we're more of a fan of their pizzas here (ofc, with it being a Pizza Co). Worth the carbs load.

Honestly this place is perfect for gatherings, and it's tough indeed with crowds dwindling in these few months.

The Raspberry Lemon Cake (S$6.90) was a limited-time offer in conjunction with the cherry blossom season. I liked the lemon zest that was sprinkled on the top of the cake, giving it that citric flavour with a bit of texture to every bite.

However, I realised from previous visits and this one that the cakes at Starbucks were starting to have sponge cake layers that were on the dry and hard side. I thought that the cake could have given a better experience if the sponge layers were more fluffy and light.

I love Ondeh Ondeh...
So will I love Ondeh Ondeh Soufflé Pancake?
Ans:.... Y. E. S😌
Try it from @antoinette_sg

Their signature dish. Very fragrant. Be prepared to fart alot later if you are easily flatulent ahhahah

The seafood aglio oglio ($21.90+) is probably my favourite of all their pastas! I didn’t find this as flavourful as that in other outlets, but the seafood is fresh and succulent. Love the generous hand of chilli and garlic!

The pasta with mushrooms in cream sauce ($20.90+) is nothing to shout about. While of a good consistency, we found the sauce a little lacking in flavour - perhaps from the lack of meat components? Sprinkled a good portion of cheese on to boost its flavour! Fusilli was al dente and and there was a variety of mushrooms. Probably wouldn’t return for this specifically or pay full price - we scored this with Shopback’s 1 for 1!