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I tried Hollin upon my friend’s recommendation, and the lychee oolong tea blew me away! ✨ While the lychee taste reminded me of the lychee flavored packet drink which was my favourite back when I was younger, the distinct oolong taste sets it apart.
I am now a Hollin convert and I have tried the lychee oolong tea with honey, black sesame and lychee pearls. My verdict: Honey pearls, 0% sugar is my favourite combination.

The tofu is really different and good !!!! Ordered pork and beef tofu stew, seafood pancake, unagi rice and all of them are very nice. Will be back for the tofu !

I think I might have just found my new favourite bun 😍 Soft, warm and fluffy, each bite of this bao was comforting. The sweet potato filling was generous and not too sweet! It tasted healthy as I couldn’t taste any added sugar. Plain mantous are affordable at $1.20 each too.

Affordably priced and pretty huge portion! Interesting store concept that is newly opened in suntec. Seats are rather limited tho so try to avoid peak hours!

Medium size beehoon at $12, paired with meat seafood roll and chicken wings though eaten by itself is already satisfying. Queue was empty in the weekend but turned out they use online queue system but worth the wait

Honestly think that the crab and lobster pasta is overpriced for the amount of crab and lobster they add in. Red devil pasta didn’t expect it to taste more asian fusion soup pasta. The seafood broth is very flavourful and there are a lot of seafood in it which makes it super worth the price. Both of the pasta are $28 each. I think overall it is worth for the 1 for 1 burpple beyond deal.

Went during Sunday lunch hour, was told that tables will only be ready in 30 minutes but got a call around 15-20 minutes.

Ordered Spicy Crab Pasta ($26) and Fish Tacos ($25). Serving for the tacos are huge but the pasta was a little je-lat to finish.

We’re also seated under the air-condition so pasta was cooled fast.

Not only pretty, it's also refreshing, not too sweet, with a lot of texture.
May we all blessed with abundance of health, happiness and good fortune.

📍Summer Pavilion.
Marina Bay 7, Raffles Avenue.
The Ritz Carlton.

Sizzling hot tofu rice set was really homely on a cold day. Found this vegetarian place at suntec. What a hidden gem! Will be back for more

The bestseller that comes with not just all the matcha essentials but also red bean and different mochi and jelly. If I knew their matcha is so matcha (ie bitter) I'd have chosen brown sugar syrup instead of matcha syrup. Anyway my expectations were very high and it's quite underwhelming.