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Perfect combination

Grilled pork
Kimchi rice rice
Overflow of eggs

Each mouth so flavourful


not bad! but the sour cream was super watery with a pungent smell and taste. ate this with the chilli sauce they provided instead - much better

We ordered the ginger chicken ($5, left) and pork belly nasi lemak ($5, right). It was a surprise that it was so good and well prepared. Rice was flavourful and not oily. Pork belly was crispy and came with good sambal. Ginger chicken was tender, came with drumstick, and the sauce was flavourful. Came with side of achar and boiled egg, which made it refreshing. Not your usual neighbourhood nasi lemak. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

we tried their drinks (m size & 0% sugar)

> shake signature (coconut) ($4.40)
> fresh milk series (coconut fresh flavour) ($4.40)
> coconut latte series (gula melaka latte) ($5.80)

I just gonna be a clown for myself again :))) because I order latte during evening time and you know my sister gonna asking I am serious to order latte at this timing :") I thought it's just latte (adding milk with coconut only) *face palm mood * As you all know that fun or weird expectation from me, I just sipped few tries and got that strong caffeine kick. good thing I managed to sleep thru without drink finish :) I really like this drink even though it give brown sugar drink vibes :") not that milky and quite sweet tbh but it's worth it instead of getting brown sugar drinks

Buttermilk Fried Chikin' Thigh, Spicy GOCHUSOY Glaze, Homemade Kimchi-Slaw, Pickled Rad

The burger was more expensive than fast food burgers but it was huge with thick fried chicken. Even though it was a saucy burger, the buns held up well and was not soggy after delivery. Really enjoyed the flavour combination and it was pretty filling even without the sides.

I had their cheeseburger which was quite good (at this price point) but I prefer their gochujang fried chicken burger.

Add-on at only $5 for fries and ade. Fries came with skin and it was quite generous in portion. Much better than McDonald fries. I liked the Hanrabong Ade too.

It may be 50% more expensive than other fastfood burgers but I’d rather get this.

The portion may look small but it is definitely filling.

The bowl consists of a combination of beef and teriyaki chicken on top of a bed of fluffy japanese rice. The beef slices were tender and had a sweet-savoury flavour. The chicken was an interesting version of teriyaki chicken as it appeared to be deep-fried rather than grilled. It was equally tender as the beef and tasted similar to charsiew as it had a slight char. The accompanying mushrooms were cooked in a sweet vinegary sauce that added a nice tang to the rest of the dish. The bowl was completed with half a boiled egg and a side of miso soup. Overall, a delicious dish that is value-for-money.

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For sharing for 2pax

Hard to share with more then 2pax, only 2 prawns

Nothing fantastic, but very filling.

Nothing fantastic.

Very filing despite the portion looking very small.

Doesn't feel very value for money

Surprisingly big portion.

Was expecting a small bowl.

The duck wasn't too salty.


Everything was executed decently and q flavourful even tho it's not v oily. Ckn drumstick was just a tad dry but still nubbad

Ordered the Yellow Ginger Chicken Nasi Lemak and the Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak.
The rice has a mild coconut milk fragrance, the ikan bilis are crispy and the sambal chilli is of the right amount of spiciness for me, slightly less sweet than usual nasi lemak chilli. For the chicken, both flavours are good but my fav will have to be the Yellow Ginger Chicken!

Tried the yellow ginger chicken nasi lemak. This serving of nasi lemak does not gives a 'Jelak' feeling. The owner is friendly, stall beside a park connector route and will recommend as a cycling pit stop.