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Traditional comfort food. Nice and savoury. You have the option of adding an egg into it.

A more uncommon side as compared to the usual french fries or sweet potato fries, these polenta fries consisted of deep fried strips of boiled cornmeal loaves that were coated in breadcrumbs. The inside of the polenta fries tasted similar to chunky mashed potatoes, but had a coarser grind and was more gritty. A sprinkling of parmesan cheese on top added more flavour, as did the tangy tomato salsa the polenta fries were served with.

Who knew that smoked duck and lychee would be an even better sweet-savoury combination than ham and pineapple? The folks at Whisk & Paddle did! The saltiness of the smoked duck went wonderfully with the sweet pieces of lychee on a soft thin-crust pizza. The pizza was topped with little bits of mango salsa that was sweet and provided a little kick of spice. The pizza itself is pretty big too, and good for sharing.

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Whisk & Paddle is known for their waffles, and for good reason. This waffle was soft and fluffy and had just a hint of sweetness.

This is a unique take on chicken and waffles as there is no maple syrup in the dish, but instead the waffle is served alongside nanban sauce and egg tartar (think atas creamy egg mayo). There were five boneless chicken chunks on top which were tender with just a slight crispy skin. Overall, the different components of the dish complemented one another and made for a satisfying meal.

Consisting of 4 layers of moist chocolate cake and chocolate ganache, the cake was sweet but not overwhelmingly so. True to its name, the cake was served warm and definitely fudgey - although I personally feel that the cake could use just a little bit more of that delicious chocolate ganache.

My heart still belongs to PS Cafe’s Double Blackout Chocolate Cake, but this is a solid alternative that is worth a try.

Pretty good, definitely get the spicy version instead

Very affordable but unfortunately it's not that good, stir fried would be better

Consisting of fish paste wrapped in beancurd skin and deep-fried, Lao Jiang’s fried fish sticks were flavourful and crispy. The beancurd skin on the outside was nice and flakey, while the fish paste itself had a bouncy texture. Served with a dip similar to chicken rice chili sauce but with a hint of lime. A great side to go alongside your mains!

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The soup was filled with a variety of ingredients including sliced and minced pork, a fish ball, a meat ball, a slice of abalone, a prawn, and two of their signature fried fish sticks. The broth itself had a rich umami flavour that was rather addictive.

With each bowl of soup, you get the option of choosing rice/ porridge or a variety of dry/ soup noodles. We got the dry hor fun which consisted of silky smooth rice noodles served with a generous amount of sweet black sauce. It could however, have been spicier, so my advice to fans of spicy food would be to request for them to add more chili sauce, or to use the sliced red chilies they provide. Overall, a comforting bowl of soup that is sure to hit the spot.

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@whiskandpaddlesg is a little idyllic riverside cafe along Punggol Waterway. @jooeunchung and I love how their alfresco veranda overlooks the "river" and greenery. It does however always seem to rain cats and dogs whenever we visit 😂😂😂

I usually have their breakfast pan which gives you a little bit of everything --- 2 eggs cooked in your style, a smoked pork sausage, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, corn on the cob, green salad, sourdough bread and sea salt butter. The food is decent and satisfying.

Sambal seafood on a pizza may sound weird but it somehow works. We love the fiery spicy punch of the homemade nonya sambal on the thin crust pizza and it surprisingly works well with cheese.