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Apart from he broccoli seemingly a little out of place on the dish, an overall solid platter


Not sure why they called it a bento but I gotta say that look gooood😋 I liked everything about the dish but although nothing in particular stood out to me as particularly amazing.


On a side note, my friend did order some salmon pasta carbonara or something and it was extremely watery to the point where the pasta was drowning in "gravy" if you can call it that. It was also very bland to the point that they asked for some salt and pepper which, although fixed the dish, did leave a bad impression

Brown Sugar BB Milk with Creme Brulee (M) ($4.80) I didn't expected that it's turned out to be so good and delicious for creme brulee. It's just literally wow factor on the creme brulee and it's so gao (thick) texture. I didn't really like order cheese foam related drink because it's quite thick and don't really mixed well with the drink. But I realised that creme brulee didn't covered up mostly brown sugar milk. I didn't really like their topping (Brown Sugar Pearl) as hard texture (quite overcooked), hard to chew (nt crunchy) and strong taste for Brown Sugar Pearls.

The best way to taste the freshness of the prawns is to steam it. You can taste the sweetness of the prawn meat when you bite into it.

One of my favourite types of clams to eat is the bamboo clam. Freshly steamed and drizzled with that nice soy sauce garlic spring onion and chilli sauce. It is just perfecto.

With cactus pearls. Sweet, yummy and delicious. 50% sugar is just nice! Hearsay Punggol outlet is better... ;)

Price: $5
Rating: 9/10

Ah, the classic XLB! Delicious pork broth encased in tender skin. Skin doesn't break easily when picked up with chopsticks. Classic Din Tai Fung XLB, yummy!

Price: $10+ with GST
Rating: 8/10

This dish was the star of the meal, especially with most of them being just mediocre. Sauce was creamy, buttery, and tasty. Prawns were considerably big, coated with what is salted egg batter I believe. I wish they had put some chilli padi to add a kick of spiciness like what other places often do, but with their own style, this dish was still pretty spectacular in its own right. For the portion and price though, it is pretty expensive. Wished it was bigger😂

This dish was actually pretty delightful. Served first, the skin was crispy and not too thick, and the pork ribs were pretty meaty too. The skin had a subtle sweetness and great flavour, although I do not understand how it is Guinness pork ribs as there wasn’t much of a very stout/beer flavour. Nonetheless, the flavour still worked out pretty fine so no complaints!

I am pretty positive they gave us they entered the wrong dish in the system, but since they gave us the order list and we didn’t realise it, I Guess it was partially our fault too. We wanted to try the signature tofu which looked way better than this but.. the order list indicated claypot tofu and we did not realise they entered it wrongly anyway when they asked us to check so it was really a pity.

The tofu took a Long time to come, but was served bubbling hot. With plenty of ingredients like cauliflower, carrot, prawn, and mushroom, this dish seems great upon first sight. However, it is a pretty mediocre dish, and while the gravy was hot, it lacked flavour. Maybe I have high standard for my zichar but.. still wished we tried the signature tofu instead.

We opted for a small chilli crab, which weight was about 800g-1kg, costing us around more than $80. The portion, together with other dishes was sufficient for sharing with 4 pax. The crab wasn’t very fresh. It was difficult to get the meat out as it was stuck onto the shell, and there was a subtle bitterness in the meat (I have a knack for tasting the bitterness, while not obvious to many haha) - and these 2 are often how one can critique if a crab is fresh or not. Sadly, it wasn’t, and it was disappointing. While I did not enjoy the crab, I enjoyed the sauce though! This was because it was on the spicier side with a subtle tinge of sweetness. Some places might be overtly sweet and not spicy at all, but this place does chilli crab sauce justice, giving us a good, spicy punch in the flavour. However, the sauce is not enough to bring me back here for the crab, as I value freshness of my seafood as much as the flavour.