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Delicious beef sukiyaki with perfectly cooked onsen egg and free flow of rice... the set is quite worth it for $22.. will come again!

Pretty expensive chicken rice but I prefer my usual hawker style

Cafe food that is actually good! The Mac and cheese is creamy and cheesy, fries are chunky and crispy!

An absolutely fabulous bowl. The soup was robust and rich, so spicy and sour. Got all the Assam notes right. Lovely chewy thick fat noodles. Abundance of sardines but got bones. I still loved it.

Genki Sushi 🍣 for lunch

Lots of mentaiko and salmon 😋

$29.20 for all these

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PlayMade’s Chrysanthemum Milk Tea is so good on its own 👍🏻 doesn’t need any pearls

$4.20 (L)

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Carr0t Pearls kinda sweet als0
glad it was f0r a ltd peri0d 0nly 😜
they didn't give é sh0pee sleeve t00! haha
cann0t be t00 adventur0us s0metimes 😅
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Damage: $19++ w/o gst

Nicely fried fish with chilli crab sauce 🦀 and sweet potato fries for sides. Was initially contemplating on getting this because usually cafes serve chilli crab sauces that taste more like tomato than chilli 🙅🏻‍♀️ - and later decided to have the sauce on the side. Surprisingly the sauce was not tomato-ey and actually has a tinge of spiciness with shreds of egg. I also appreciate how the sweet potato fries are not heavily salted and not overdone.

Overall it was a satisfying meal. 🐟

Expensive, cramped, taste worse than food court. Enough said

Promotion ramen for a limited time only. Abundant amt of pork slices and cabbage. Very worth the price. I only got the single portion of noodles, which I slightly regretted. Not that I was very hungry, but this ramen was so good I wanted more. Soup was fabulous. Each mouthful was truffle goodness. Not overpowering but definitely there. A bit salty since it was a tsukemen but I drank it anyway.

Could choose from white, black and red. The black one was garlic oil. Not oily despite the name. Soup was flavorful and delicious. Not too salty. Loved the thick chewy noodles.

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