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Value for money and the portion is reasonable. The chicken is not over fried and dry, sashimi are fresh. Overall is good, too bad there is a huge annoying fly that spoilt the dinning experience.

Breakfast Place with a view
Whisk And Paddle
Located in a corner of Singapore in Tebing area, one can relish in the tranquility that whisk and paddle can provide. Having the cafe situated next to a park connector, it is a great pit stop for any runners or cyclist passing by in the vicinity. Whisk And Paddle specializes in all day breakfast but not only that, one can enjoy a nice cold beer at the end of the day under the moonlight and the serenity of the surroundings. We tried the breakfast pan which was their signature dish. Unlike any other breakfast platter, they have a thick slab of bacon and I really like that they whipped their butter for the crispy toasted bread. Following which we went for the vongole which had a strong flavor of the sea accompanied with a distinct garlic-ky broth and generous servings of clams. Although I felt that the pasta could have been a little more, overall it’s a very well rounded dish. .
Overall: 8/10
Taste: 8/10
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How good can a simple white beehoon dish tastes? It looks rather lack in flavour when but you sink your teeth into these goodness.... oh boy. There’s no looking back, now I’m a full-fledged fan of these 百米粉. A good combination of a savoury and the sweetness from the seafood, these flavours also gives a feeling of 家 (homely taste) which I love. The chilli that comes with it is 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 too and do give the salted egg sotong a try, it’s one of my favourites sides.

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Delicious crispy 'Special Chicken'! One of the best out of Korea. However, do not recommend the jajamyeon, tasted like its out of the instant noodles packet and does not taste like the real thing at all!

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Hidden at the west end of Punggol, @marina country club

Great view 🌊 🚤

Quiet surrounding

Great food

Friendly staff

1) Hot Plate Tofu
2) Thai style fish head
3) sambal kangkong
4) sambal petai
5) salted egg prawns(u can request to de shell)
6) black pepper deer meet
7) Cai po omelette

We had the Dory Fish and Crisps ($8.90), and added on a set with a drink and garlic bread. This wasn’t our first time having Big Fish Small Fish, but it was our first time at this outlet. Given that it had rained earlier in the day, it was a perfect evening to have dinner there, it was cool and the view was lovely. The food was great too, we loved the fact that you could have as many different sauces as you want. We did find the Salted Egg sauce a little too sweet for our liking, so it was nice having a variety of sauces so you don’t get too jelat with any one sauce.

This came high recommended by a friend, who loves the chili. What she forgot to tell me was that it was extremely spicy. I mixed in less than 1/4 of it into my noodles and I needed water after the first mouthful. This was the watery type of prawn Mee, which was what I preferred. Nice.

From Mee Pok Master. There were minced meat, braised pork ribs, prawn, abalone slices, sliced mushrooms and fish ball. Quite a lot of ingredients. Soup was very flavorful.

There’s sashimi slices with spicy salted egg cream and aburi-ed AND

Sashimi chunks coated in some creamy sauce.

I must say for $13.90, this is really worthwhile. I definitely underestimated the portion— fish or sushi rice wise!

Loved the entire bowl with all the veggies,kelp, and ajitama egg too.
With the exception that maybe having 1 creamy sauce base and another non-creamy, might be less surfeiting on the palate. Especially with salmon sashimi being a creamy fatty fish on its own to begin with.


XXL basil pork rice is very unique for its massive size! I appreciated the long beans which they fried together with the basil pork, it gave a nice crunch. The pad thai was lacklustre. I would not recommend ordering that, tasted very (tomato ketchup-like) sweet and was soggy. Green curry was passable. Would recommend trying the basil pork if you’re in the area. Just take note the stall might have changed name? but as long as you follow the address you’d find the correct place (: