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This is a picture of my empty table and receipt. Used Burpple 1-1 set and have been waiting for 32 minutes to be exact. Nothing served yet except drinks. Ice already almost fully melted. Have been supporting this outlet before Burpple came out with 1-1 set and never had this experience. Looks like they give more priority to customers which do not use Burpple. Very disappointed.

Best part is that all items of any sizes are sold at S$4.00🤩

83 Punggol Central
Singapore 828761

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Ordered the burpple set via burpple beyond and other ala carte dishes (ngoh hiang,Chap Chye and sambal seafood) to add on. The Mala and herbal chicken are both nice. The set is very worth with the generous portions. Ngoh Hiang and chap Chye are good to have too. However,the orders are messed up on the day (Sunday evening) and constant clarifications on the order required. Not a very good experience with the staff but the food is nice.

The crab was really sweet and fresh!! Chose thin bee Hoon which soaked up the soup really well. Overall a very flavourful dish, albeit a bit too rich for me.

Not sure why it was purple and where the chia seeds were, but the walnuts were really nice. Not the mini tiny bits, big enough that I could actually chew on them and feel the crunch. Nice to use for sandwich or just nibble on its own.

My whole kitchen smelled of durian after I reheated it. The amt of durian cream was not bad. Mixed with the melted mochi, it was really nice. A bit too sweet but durian was very fragrant. The polo top was a nice touch.

Ordered 13 plates n 2 drinks for 1 adult, 2 kids and paid $54.95.

This cake was special dunno why, so gotta add $0.80 to their cake set which was $10. I changed their long black to flat white so add another $0.50. This cake was so good. In fact, it was the deciding factor that made me sign up for Cedele membership online. The matcha was slightly bitter and so yummy with the choc mousse/cream. There was a generous scattering of sliced almonds at the back, which I loved. I wanted another slice as soon as I finished this.

Smaller than the other cakes but cheaper also. Soft and fluffy texture with sesame cream/paste. A bit sweet. Like that the green tea and sesame flavors were distinct.

2 thin slices of salmon steaks grilled till a nice char. Teriyaki sauce provided. Bean sprouts and long beans gotta DIY a bit.

Reminded me of the Siu Bao I used to eat when I went to Malaysia as a kid. Char Siew inside not very sweet and not the saucy kind. I liked this.

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1 for $0.60, 10 for $5. Quite flaky and tasty. Good for a snack. Green bean paste not very sweet.

681 Punggol Drive
Oasis Terraces B1-05/05A

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