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This was free, thanks to their 1 for 1 deal. The pork Katsu was juicy, with a bit of fat on 1 side. I dunno what burnt miso was supposed to taste like, but this was just salty. Noodles were springy thou, and I liked the seaweed.

They were having 1 for 1! What a great deal! The soup was fabulous. Creamy and flavorful. One of the best tonkotsu soup I’ve ever tasted. Slightly spicy with the chili flakes. Ribs were good. Well marinated and not dry. This one was a bit on the fatty side. One of my favorite ramen

2.5⭐ Since there's 1 for 1 promotion, we ordered the most expensive Top Grade BP Tonkatsu Set. However it was so disappointing, the tonkatsu just can't match Ma Maison Tonkstsu and Hajime Tonkatsu standard. Definitely not worth paying full price.
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mala chicken set & herbal chicken soup set - enough to fill 3-4 ppl
mala had the ma & la but didnt have the mala taste; herbal chicken soup helped to balance out the spiciness hhaha and was naturally sweet

errrrr service not the best?? i knw the servers wanna clear our plates and stuff as soon as we finish but maybe they can do it more discreetly....?? hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa stop staring so intensely my head is gna hv a hole

This set consisted of wonton Mee, fried beancurd skin roll and home made barley. The gravy for the noodles was very good. Savory and tasty. Wontons were their usual famous ones of cos. Beancurd skin roll was good too. Barley tasted very home made and not too sweet. I enjoyed this much more than the curry Mee.

They changed menu! This looked really alluring on the menu, and indeed it was a huge bowl filled with ingredients. I got chicken thigh pcs (with bones) in my bowl. Got eggplant slices, beancurd skin, ngoh Hiang etc. The one thing I didn’t like was that there were cockles inside, which I would have requested to be removed if I had known. The curry gravy was on the salty side.

Today’s Kopi was great. Smoky and aromatic but not bitter or acidic. Sweetness level just right too.

Great portion for the salmon! we also had the NZ steak which came with fries and garden salad. the seasoning that came with the fries was quite nice too! very worth it with the ShopBack Go 1-for-1 deal

This was my first time trying the famous white bee hoon at @whitebeehoonrestaurant. It definitely delivered on the taste.

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