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Visited Tendon Go’s latest branch at Oasis Terrace at Punggol — the new branch is a self-service concept in a space that is entirely their own, with self-service kiosks available for patrons to make their orders from.

While the sushi is nothing to shout about and could have been fresher, the Tendon was amazing — think well-executed pieces of Tempura that is crisp, light and airy without becoming particularly limp even when left at the side for a while; the Tempura pieces were also surprisingly not overly greasy for how it doesn’t leave the lips smacking with oil. The variant that comes with the Tendon and Sushi Set comes with individual pieces of Tempura fish, prawn, lotus root, pumpkin, lady’s finger, egg and sweet potato; all satisfying with consistent standard — the egg being the highlight with an oozy, flowy yolk within. All sets come standard with Chawanmushi, Miso Soup and refillable drinks (Houjicha, White 3-in-1 Kopi or Soft Drinks) as part of the package. A value-for-money find, and a very well-executed bowl of Tendon in the heartlands!


Given the quality, felt it’s severely overpriced here. Meh ✋🏼

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Bee Hoon and Pork are nice, but tofu is over fried

Probably came from a ready-made frozen pack, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad! I liked how the icy vanilla ice cream felt against the firmer and denser swirls of azuki. Furthermore, the thin layer of chocolate separating filling from wafer was a nice touch!


The last time I had this was at some hot spring village in Japan, where exactly I’ve forgotten. The sauce wasn’t as authentic as I’d have liked, but the egg itself was certainly well done. Whites were soft and quivery, encapsulating a gelatinous yolk that oozed out slowly upon it being popped. Worth it for the price!


Pardon my unculturedness, but there are days where I particularly enjoy elaborate, generously topped, western-style maki that come with an inner deep-fried tempura filling. The ingredients certainly aren’t top quality, but I would liken this to fast food; a form of guilty indulgence that is both sufficiently savoury and filling. Sure, one may scoff at these low brow offerings, but I’ll definitely be back for my nacho cheese fix! 😂


Just the sight of this mess is enough to put me off! Greyish tuna came in odd shapes (arousing suspicion that unwanted cuts were used), strewn haphazardly across the plate. A feeble attempt at plating can be detected from the strip of ikura and green onions. Anyway, the tuna bits were served at room temperature, with a grainy disintegrated texture that made me barf. Blargh!