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How good can a simple white beehoon dish tastes? It looks rather lack in flavour when but you sink your teeth into these goodness.... oh boy. There’s no looking back, now I’m a full-fledged fan of these 百米粉. A good combination of a savoury and the sweetness from the seafood, these flavours also gives a feeling of 家 (homely taste) which I love. The chilli that comes with it is 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 too and do give the salted egg sotong a try, it’s one of my favourites sides.

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Hidden at the west end of Punggol, @marina country club

Great view 🌊 🚤

Quiet surrounding

Great food

Friendly staff

1) Hot Plate Tofu
2) Thai style fish head
3) sambal kangkong
4) sambal petai
5) salted egg prawns(u can request to de shell)
6) black pepper deer meet
7) Cai po omelette

XXL basil pork rice is very unique for its massive size! I appreciated the long beans which they fried together with the basil pork, it gave a nice crunch. The pad thai was lacklustre. I would not recommend ordering that, tasted very (tomato ketchup-like) sweet and was soggy. Green curry was passable. Would recommend trying the basil pork if you’re in the area. Just take note the stall might have changed name? but as long as you follow the address you’d find the correct place (:

Slightly bitter, with a strong Kopi taste that was tempered by the crisp clean taste of teh. Very nice.

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I absolutely loved this. The ingredients were fresh and so value for money. Look at the size of that prawn! Almost like a mini lobster. Of cos they were not always that big, I was especially blessed that day. Compared to the $6 version, this was much more worth it. Soup was also sweeter cos more seafood inside. They used a soup base and used that to boil the ingredients upon receiving the order.

This was perfect for trying to lose weight and when feeling under the weather. Steaming hot soup helped clear the nostrils and soothe the throat. Many ingredients inside to whet the appetite. Utterly delicious.

Used to be that I could only get the dry noodles at no extra charge when I buy the superior soup. Now they have extended that privilege to Lao Jiang soup as well. So instead of having to pay extra $2, now the dry noodles are free.

I much prefer this Lao Jiang soup to the fish slice soup. So many delicious ingredients inside. Abalone slice, prawn, fried fish sticks, fishball and meatball. Got minced meat and sliced pork too.

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This was really savory and carried a strong fermented beany taste. Veges were fresh.

This could be either spicy or non spicy. A big portion that was very value for money. Well seasoned and gravy was fantastic with rice. Bubbling hot and very savory. Yummy.

Damage: $21-ish
Ordered a non-spicy Sesame Oil Chicken(small: $5.50) to balance out the Kang Kong($5.50), which was the purrrrrrfect combination in my opinion!
2 rolls of Ngoh Hiang for $5.50😽
Gave their second outlet @ Punggol Oasis Terraces a try and I think it was as good as their original outlet’s🔥

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The sea bass is damn fresh. Silky smooth

Nonya sauce is also damn awesome.

Highly recommended.

Cosy and quiet place to relax