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We ordered the ginger chicken ($5, left) and pork belly nasi lemak ($5, right). It was a surprise that it was so good and well prepared. Rice was flavourful and not oily. Pork belly was crispy and came with good sambal. Ginger chicken was tender, came with drumstick, and the sauce was flavourful. Came with side of achar and boiled egg, which made it refreshing. Not your usual neighbourhood nasi lemak. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ordered the Yellow Ginger Chicken Nasi Lemak and the Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak.
The rice has a mild coconut milk fragrance, the ikan bilis are crispy and the sambal chilli is of the right amount of spiciness for me, slightly less sweet than usual nasi lemak chilli. For the chicken, both flavours are good but my fav will have to be the Yellow Ginger Chicken!

Tried the yellow ginger chicken nasi lemak. This serving of nasi lemak does not gives a 'Jelak' feeling. The owner is friendly, stall beside a park connector route and will recommend as a cycling pit stop.


5 selection for 1-1 menu. When we arrived, the ginger fried chicken drumstick ($5) was just ready. We decided to try the chicken wing set as we prefer chicken wing ($4). The owner was friendly and overheard him not charging another customer $0.30 for takeaway as the guy didn’t have small change. He merely said, come back more often. The lemak rice was great and piping hot. The chicken wing was 3 pieces instead of 2, served alongside one egg, ikan bilis nuts and achar. Great value for money and it seemed the most popular breakfast stall in this coffeeshop. If you are not living in Punggol, it’s a maze finding the coffeeshop after you parked your car. Will definitely be back to support.

Nasi lemak with fried pork belly, homemade achar, egg, anchovies, peanuts and homemade sambal.

Thinly sliced pork belly fried till extra crispy on the outside while retaining some moisture on the inside. It turned out better than expected as I thought it would be hard and dry just by looking at the thickness and crispiness of the pork belly. The homemade achar and sambal chili complimented well with the pork belly.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 2 Main Dish for the price of 1 ✌ (U.P. $5)

Nasi lemak with yellow ginger chicken, homemade achar, egg, anchovies, peanuts and homemade sambal.

The yellow ginger (turmeric) chicken is aromatic, moist, juicy and flavourful which goes well with the homemade crunchy achar and sambal chili. However, the rice was plain and lacks ‘lemak’ flavours. Overall it is still worth the try but it would better if they are to make improvements to the coconut rice.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 2 Main Dish for the price of 1 ✌ (U.P. $5)

Nasi lemak set was value for money with Burpple Beyond. Very friendly service from the owner who serves up nasi lemak passed down from his grandma. The yellow ginger chicken was particularly pleasant. Highly recommended!

Value for money, great packaging & tasty! Meticulously prepared, pork belly was fried on the spot. Sambal is good, not too sweet. Achar is fresh. Will buy again even without Burple promo.

Pork belly and curry chicken nasi lemak were nice. Rare find in punggol.

This store located in a quiet spot in Punggol.

I had the Yellow Ginger Chicken Nasi Lemak set and the taste was great! The chicken drumstick was tender and full of flavour from the yellow ginger marinade.

I had this meal using Burpple Beyond, but would be more than happy to return to have this again even without Burpple Beyond!

Newly opened in Punggol East, this stall serves up local delights and nasi lemak. For just $5, savour the rich flavours of the Yellow Ginger Chicken Set, Curry Chicken, Fried Pork Belly Set served with a generous portion of fragrant coconut rice, egg, sambal chili, achar and cucumber with ikan bilis.