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Pretty good, definitely get the spicy version instead

Very affordable but unfortunately it's not that good, stir fried would be better

this place is marketed as a hotpot restaurant, but their hotpot seems rly pricey. that said, their mala dishes are actually pretty worth it!

their Grilled Fish was extremely generous in both their crispy, whole fish as well as their Sichuan vegetables (black fungus, cabbage, lotus root, bean sprouts etc.). guess my only complaint was that it was VERY oily - more than even regular mala.

I'm not sure how the taste compares to more hyped places like tanyu as I've never tried, but for the price this was fantastic 🤟 would come back just for this!

🌟 rating: 8/10
💰 price: $26.80 + svc charge/gst

This was surprisingly good! Deep fried skin outside but super soft inside.

The second item that you must try here would be this. Deep fried roll that perfect for sharing.

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Being adventurous pays off ....

A must order when you are at Punggol Safra , Huo Guo Kung Fu.

A fermented herb drink that’s good for your throat and your gut - especially after a hearty steamboat meal and mala grilled fish .

Party sourish and partly sweet made from a type of Herb typically imported. Typically enjoyed by the teochews in China - and no wonder I enjoyed it 🤣🥰.

Enjoying this huge variety of sauces in this well renovated restaurant hidden on the second floor of Punggol Safra .

Spacious , clean and comfortable to dine in 🥳

Really enjoyed the homemade rough chopped mushroom sauce , the green chilli spicy sauce and the aromatic sesame sauce .

Steamboat and mala lovers alert 🚨 ya beautiful Punggol Safra

Why not both - steamboat with a wide plethora of fresh ingredients to choose from and a side of char grilled skewers , Sichuan mala grilled fish, 辣子鸡、 wok fried crabs and prawns .

Pretty impressed with the spread at Huo Guo Kong fu because of it high quality food but reasonable prices .

I’d typically be quite skeptical of places that sell a variety of items but the standards here blew me away .

The most popular soup base goes to the Mala soup base but I opted for half creamy collagen base and half mixed mushroom soup base which were both delectable and most important , not salty .

Really enjoyed the wide variety of vegetables , the handmade pork and cabbage dumplings , the fish glue , the all natural spinach ramen and the fresh thin cuts of pork and beef and of course not forgetting the fresh seafood .

Impressed with the wide variety of sauces including the homemade minced beef sauce and dough homemade chopped mushroom sauce .

Spacious and clean environment best for family outings without breaking the bank .

Absolutely delicious 🤤

Hard to come across a steamboat place with such a good variety of skewers and cooked food items like Sichuan mala grilled fish , wok fried prawns and crabs .

The skewers stole my hard the moment they were served up . A complex Smokey flavour of cumin spices and chilli powder. The best part is that they were not greasy at all.

The crunchy lotus roots , QQ mushrooms and chicken wings were all so well done - couldn’t have enough of them .

And no - you don’t feel thirsty at all after all the food .

The lamb and beef skewers are also highly recommended