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$4.50 141

dirty matcha latte $4.50
toffee nut latte $4.50

dirty matcha latte was not bad, my tongue became green after drinking 😝
toffee nut latte was too sweet imo

Restaurant quality tonkatsu in a kopitiam at reasonably affordable prices? Yes, you can at @maruhachi2020 which is available at 3 locations islandwide.

Maruhachi's owner-chef was apparently the executive chef of Ginza Bairin which has since closed down. Their signature pork katsu teishoku set costs $11.80 and there is a premium black pig version that costs $14.80.

Yes, that is quite a bit more expensive than your regular kopitiam Japanese stall but you will understand why once you sink your teeth into their tonkatsu.

The black pig katsu has a good meat to fat ratio and is tender. The fresh panko coating was extra crisp. I would have preferred that they used a thicker cut to give the katsu a little more bite and juicier but that's me nitpicking. To ensure that the bottom of the katsu do not get soggy, they actually place the katsu on a metal rack --- something you only see in a tonkatsu restaurant.

For a hawker stall, I will definitely give this an A. It is comparable to your Tonkichis, Sabotens and Hajimes if you temper your expectations, considering the price you pay.

The special has the addition of a runny egg and more meat (I think?) vs the standard pork katsu don.

Runny egg makes it silkier and saucier and tasted better compared to the standard. Pork katsu was well fried; although there were some fatty bits that were hard to chew, overall it was tasty katsu. There was enough ingredients and sauce to go with the rice so I finished everything. Good enough for a re-purchase.

We tried the yellow ginger chicken, curry chicken, and roast pork. I think the ginger chicken was the best, though we did like all. First time seeing nasi lemak served with pork.

@$16.80, this is the most expensive item on maruhachi menu

Mind you, This is not a small bowl, and the katsu is already overflowing out of the bowl.

The katsu was not dry and every bite was just so good.

Very long queue, getting very popular and now already start to open other branches.

The black pig katsu tasted more flavourful and tender as compared to the normal pork katsu I had previously.

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$9.90 set - single scoop icecream with waffle and 1 drink
Love the minimalist interior, service and paintings on the walls. Great vibes!

The Blackpig katsu set meal came with rice, fried pork slices, salad, and miso soup.


opened its second outlet at Havelock road! Maruhachi Chef August accumulated tons of fans who travelled to taste their restaurant-quality Tonkatsu since opening in November 2020. Chef August used thick and high-quality pork cuts, breaded with fresh Japanese breadcrumbs and using a Japanese technique known as panko-ing.
Chef August made Donburi sauce secret recipe. I recommend to try Chicken Katsu Curry ($8.80) , also must try Special Pork Katsu Don ($12.80) and last but not least Blackpig katsu set ($15.80)

The Blackpig katsu set meal came with rice, fried pork slices, salad, and miso soup. The pork was just perfectly fried, not dry or too oily. The curry was so flavoursome top with chicken curry katsu and super value for money!

📍*new* Havelock Outlet:
Blk 51 Havelock Road #01-06 Singapore 161051
📍Punggol Outlet:
671 Edgefield Plain #01-01 Singapore 820671

⏰Opening Hours
Daily (except Tuesdays)
11.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.
Check our FB or IG for updates


Came at 8.30am today but it was closed

value for money tonkatsu
batter for the prawn abit thick.
rice was fluffy and i love the sauce. not too salty.

anw asked to have it without onion but it still came w it…

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