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pork belly slices cooked in a spicy sweet sauce. I thought the cut was a bit thin which did not feel quite satisfying and substantial compared to the chunky pork belly cuts used in the bak kut teh.

Warm Valrhona dark chocolate lava cake. Chocolate soil. Crunchy almond nougatine. Orange-infused vanilla gelato. Cutting the cake reveals a luscious and a gooey chocolate center which then drips down to coat the gelato beneath it. The combination of hot and cold - amazing. Recommended quantity: 1 per person, because anything is good if it’s made of chocolate (good quality of course).

I opt for single scoop ($4.80)
Inspired by our childhood candy and created into an one-of-a kind ice-cream
This ice-cream is one of my favourites. It was thick and gooey and had a perfect balance of sweetness, milkiness and creaminess
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I opt for single scoop ($4.80)
Kaya ice-cream base mixed with toasted bread
The toasted bread added a bite to it and I could taste the kaya flavour from the ice-cream
But I was a tad disappointed at the end as this kaya toast ice-cream gave me a weird sourish aftertaste.
#burpple #sgfood #icecream #kayatoast #toastedbread #kaya #NonEntreeDessert #FarrerPark

UPSIZED Chwee Kueh
*Last chance to get this before Non Entree Dessert change to a completely new menu during mid-April
Made out of lightly whipped vanilla and almond mousse, topped with mini sago pearls and infused with kaya creme filling
The lightly whipped vanilla and almond mousse provided a nice creaminess. The kaya creme filling wasn’t too sweet and the sago pearls gave a refreshing aftertaste
Similar to the traditional chwee kueh, this chwee mueh was light. But I prefer this chwee kueh to be of a saltier version as the almond taste was a bit overpowering
#burpple #sgfood #sgdesserts #chweekueh #vanillamousse #almondmousse #kayacreme #sagopearls #NonEntreeDessert

We ordered 4 dishes, from top left, Bak Kut Teh, Dry Bak Kut Teh, Spicy Pork Belly and Choy Sim. Service was good, food was great though we thought that the dry version could have been better with cuttlefish. The portion was rather small for 4 of us so we ordered additional big size Bak Kut Teh. Total payment comes out to about 50 dollars with burpple 1 for 1. Went there with 3 Malaysian friends and we are all very happy with the taste here. Approved!!

Pandan mousse, almond sponge and a liquid Gula Melaka heart!
The flow of sweet Gula Melaka when you cut into it is pure gorgeousness!

It can get rather sweet after a few mouthfuls. 😆

#nonentreedesserts #burpple #cake #sgcake

Jia Bin Bak Kut Teh ($8.80)
Braised Pig Trotter ($7.50)
You Tian ($2.50)

Prefer the clear soup with peppery broth over the malaysian style which uses soy sauce and herbal broth. Ribs were tender and pork trotter gravy was delish. However, would rate this 6/10 as i think BKT is all about personal preference.

- Bak Kut Teh: The pig stomach is nice and tender, intestine is clean and tasty, pig tail is delicious as well! There’re not a lot of pork ribs, but I feel it’s just the right portion.
- spicy pork belly: The meat are very very thinly sliced. It’s almost like those meat you get for Shabu Shabu. Super fragrant! Recommended!
- 花雕鸡: very nicely seasoned, and almost a million times better than those dry claypot from old street.
- 腐竹&油条: the side dishes all got standard

I can imagine we going back here again already! The best herbal Bak Kut Teh in Singapore. 😋😋😋

Pandan Mousse with an Almond Sponge Cake base and gula Melaka, wrapped in Caramel Coconut Cremeux.

I found this cake too sweet for my tastebuds. The combination is good but after a few bites, i skipped the outer layer and just eat the sponge cake.
📍Non Entree Desserts.
204 Rangoon Road.

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It was full house on a Sunday late afternoon but luckily we still managed to grab seats for 2. The place is squeezy and very small. It was too hot that day and we decided to give the cold brew and mocha a try. Not too bad but a bit sweet for my liking.

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I really like this one and it's very value for money at 16 dollars. The scrambled eggs went very well with the chorizo and the avocado. Excellent pairing of various ingredients. I wished they had more items on their menu.

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