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I like how they bottle their own brews in-house, their creamy matcha milk with powder from Kyoto, and their cold brew coffee. Learnt that lotsa effort goes into a cuppa cold brew. While creamy and not too sweet, i wish for a longer aftertaste.

Good place to zone out in the midst of coffee brewing buzz and soft music. ($7.50 for matcha, $6 for coffee)

A walk away from farrer park MRT

The peanut pancake stall in Pek Kio market & Food Center needs no introduction from us. Some ladies took the trip to buy in bulk from this stall alone. By 1 pm nothing is left!! 😱
At 11 am, we grab traditional pancake (soft type)$0.60 & the crispy pancake $0.70 (both are peanut fillings). The orange coconut filling is already sold out! Nice crunchy peanut pancake goes well with tea! ☕️ 👍
💡Tips: eat the crispy one at the stall and grab traditional one for takeaway.

It may look unassuming, but it was a really decent meal of fish and chips! The batter was crispy and yet not surfeiting, done just right.

Moreover, the sides (fries, coleslaw, hashbrown) that we had were delicious too.

For a one-man show, the service and food are definitely one of the best around.

Verdict: 8/10

‘Twas a hot day and after brunch at old hen we crossed the road to cool down with some icy bingsu. Whilst the ice was really snow like the bingsu’s paucity of injeolmi powder and solid frozen rice cakes made it a fail for me. Hubbys 1-1 avocado gado bingsu fared better with avo cream, gula melaka and coconut ice cream atop.. that saved the day
Service was great and its my principal that if I’ve nothing good to say about all else, dont say it

Machiato and Matcha Latte at Old Hen. They source their matcha powder from Kyoto and IMHO is one of the best matcha lattes in Singapore
Service was great and ambience chilled

What striked us immediately was how palatable this looked. The syringe added an element of fun in the addition of the milk. However, do take note to push it slowly at the start.

The crushed oreo topping was generous and went well with the ice, which was very fine. The oreo cheesecake bits were rich, but the sheer amount of crushed oreo bits take the crown.

Verdict: 9/10

Not only was the presentation on point, the toast was crisp and complemented the cream cheese filling. Also, the vanilla ice cream was not too overly sweet.

Definitely worth a try!

Verdict: 8/10


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Price was very well justified due to the generous amount of ingredients, including 2 incredibly tender pieces of pork ribs which were large as well. Other than that, the well Marinated Minced Pork and the numerous pork balls were nice as well. Radish was really out of place, both in shape and in taste, while the pearl onions were appreciates as they brough bursts of refreshing umami. Tom yum Base wasnt spicy but certainly wasnt mild either. Overall a really comforting dish and while nothing too crazy, it's highly recommended

Has a bit of bite and was slightly savoury, but there wasnt a lot of meat at all

A dish that goes rlly well w rice, with the Thinly sliced pork belly doused in dark sauce and chili. Do ask for less chili though as it was spicy enough. Again could be more generous as it was only half a bowl, probably best shared between 2 at most

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Only normal portions are applicable for Burpple beyond.

Pretty decent soup Base which was sweet and herbal. Ingredients were cooked well, esp the tender pork ribs for its cut. Could be more generous though, e.g. there were only 3 pork ribs in a large portion

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Great taste. Not too acidic and right temperature.