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Craved the taste of the soup so went back for another round!!! The vegetable ($5.50), chef recommended is soooo good!! Staff there are very polite too, despite no seevice charge charged

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Quite liked the surprising cinnamon notes from the lava but otherwise all the elements were solid. Particularly in love with the almond nougatine which was crispy and thin


Really dainty presentation and the various components were not too bad. The toast that was a meringue was really crispy and airy though, much like how a perfect toast should be.

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Their ondeh ondeh waffles is sweet but yums!!😋 (though their charcoal vanilla soft serve is still meh😐)

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High Tea Set ($32) presented in a bird cage 😍 The mini chicken burgers were really yummy & the assorted pastries were equally delicious 😋 For the pot of tea that came with the set, we opted for the light yet refreshing Eternal Garden Earl Grey ☕️ We also ordered Iced Cafe Latte ($4.50) served in the pretty jug 😘 Love the friendly staff & decor of this cafe especially the cozy seats made over from the vintage car 🚗
Great place to chill & have long relaxing conversations with family & frenz 👍🏻 #burpple

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I ordered soupy dishes such as mee sua and pork ribs. Mee sua soso but the pork ribs good and meaty. Texture wise some smooth some dry. I like the soup. It's very peppery tasty. The Chinese tea is also something different from the normal 普洱茶 that was usually served. They used 小叶干。I like its sweet taste. 五香 also very sweet too. I did not try their garlic though but looks good too.

This ang ku kueh looks so much like a real AKK it is almost (un)believable! I mean even the dimensions are similar to a real AKK.

This AKK outer glossy layer of red is made up of black sugar infused with dates curd cover. It seems to have a slight hint of Yuzu. Beneath the glaze/ jelly is red bean paste with (pandan) mousse. At the base/ bottom is a crisp shortbread.

It tastes as fantastic as it looks! Un~un~un~un~un~believable!


The Ondeh Ondeh is one the simplest-looking desserts on display there.

It reminds me of Kinder Surprise, but even more surprising!

Breaking the thin, delicate green outer shell of the Ondeh Ondeh open, you will realise this dessert is not as simple as it seems.

The gula melaka sauce dribbled out from the top (layer) first, revealing the light brown (soft, pudding-like) caramel coconut cremeux below it. Right at the bottom is the almond sponge cake. The pandan mousse right beneath the delicate green shell, encapsulating within the Ondeh Ondeh, is a taste reminiscent of my childhood!

Incredibly amazing!


Randomly settled for lunch yesterday and ended up here (Madness Thai took over the former premises of now-defunct Six by Sera) — thought the Thai Wanton Mee was actually pretty decent; springy noodle, savoury stock beneath while coming with pork lard, sweet Char Siew, well-filled wantons and a bowl of really flavourful soup on the side (which was pretty impressive). Felt that it could do better with some extra oomph though; perhaps tossed in more stock, and could certainly do with crispier pork lard as well.


Waited for a short minute and were served! Place was decently crowded due to a Saturday but the place was rather huge, allowing many to be seated.
Meal turned out to be $37.80 for 2, expected price to be higher since we ordered quite a bit! Portion was decent and we were pleased by the taste! Fried you tiao was crispy, soup peppery! Decent place to go to for yr bkt fix

went there around 2pm and it was surprisingly crowded! the orange infused ice cream had a sour tinge to it, making it a great combination with the warm chocolate lava cake and sauce!!!
$13.90, slightly towards the pricey end but worth for the taste. We ordered another dessert, some Singapore Toast with eggs but it was rather disappointing, small portioned and pricey too. Also, the staff were very quick to clear the food due to the incoming crowd

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Another local inspired dessert, with a look just like our traditional Bak Chor Mee.

The noodle eventually made from mango vermicelli which was refreshing, with coconut parfait portraying the fishball.

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