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Went to Bakehaus and bought some pastries. Tried the crossaint, kouigon amann and the herb and garlic baguette. The kouigon amann is good but overpriced! Everything is nice except for the baguette.

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You gotta try their signature cold brew ($6.90) ☕ too - my 3rd time having their cold brews & still liking them! 😋 Be it their hot-favourite White 🤍 or Matcha Latte 🍵, the aroma & smooth texture is simply alluring! 🤤

Almond Butter on Toast ($9.90): Toasted Sourdough/Croissant (+$3) 🥐 slathered with homemade almond butter 🥜, served with mixed salad 🥗. What a delightful balance of savoury & sweet! ✌🏻

Açaí Bowl ($15.90): A blend of premium organic açai pulps, bananas 🍌 & almond milk 🥛, this is then topped with homemade almond butter 🥜, strawberries 🍓, blueberries 🫐, pumpkin seeds & chia seeds. All the goodness in a bowl! 💯

The Enchanted Breakfast ($19.90): Scrambled eggs 🍳, mixed salad 🥗, cherry tomatoes 🍅, baked mushrooms 🍄, toasted sourdough 🥖, bacon 🥓 & smoked salmon (+$4). Just can't go wrong with this classic! 😋

Need fuel for a tough week ahead? Old Hen cold brews are light, creamy (those with milk) and you can smell the coffee aroma. Coffee wise it is relatively strong while not being too acidic.

Fast forward many years later, they have another outlet in the Geylang area, and with all the dining-in restrictions, Whampoa Keng Restaurant is now delivering islandwide (link below), in addition to their pickup services. The ongoing promotion is that you get to enjoy free delivery for orders above $80 or a 15% off from your self pickup orders.

You have to order their Signature Fish Head Steamboat and you can choose the type of fish you desire from the red garoupa, bucket pomfret to bardan sliced fish (boneless). In addition, for the ultimate experience, I highly recommend you add the long cabbage, seaweed, and yam into it. Each slurp of that magnificent broth will instantly life your spirits as you can taste the umami-ness and sweetness from the long hours of boiling, plus the differing texture that you get from the sliced fish and vegetables. Other dishes to go alongside your steamboat can be the unique Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs with Fried Shredded Cod Fish ($16 Small), Salted Egg Chicken and the Famous Street Tofu ($14 Small), all good with a bowl a white rice.
✨ Whampoa Keng Restaurant
📍 512-514 Geylang Lorong 28, Singapore 389468
🌐 https://whampoakeng.getz.co/
🍴 [Media Delivery]

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Berries were tart and nice, this also got soggy as I ate it the day after purchasing it, but toasting it for a bit got it slightly crisp again. This is nice and buttery, but just a bit pricey. There's also some sort frangipane ish stuff on the exterior? Quite delicious but it didn’t blow me away as compared to the Kouign Amann.

Yo this was so good. It’s on the sweet side but I only had a quarter (shared it with my fam as usual :p) so it was alright. It’s so buttery! It got soggy because I tried it the day after I got it, but toasting it with a cast iron pan made it crisp and flaky at the top again, the bottom was like a moist, almost juicy (because of the butter+sugar) enriched laminated dough kind of thing and I enjoyed it very much. It’s pricey but I definitely would recommend!

Quite a standard bottle of cold brew, it’s not too sweet and quite fragrant. I like the design of the label, very cute.

We initially came here during the earlier stages of phase 2 wanting to play board games - but because of Covid, they said that they kept all of their board games :(

The aesthetics of the cafe is cute, and there’s a small little shop tucked inside, selling artsy keychains, tote bags, socks and whatnot.

Overall a fairly standard cafe, great to sit down and chill. Once board games are allowed again, it’ll be a fantastic hangout spot for coffee & games!

[Tingkat Peramakan]
Have yet to try their Mains, but their Kuehs definitely caught my eye when I walked past the shop.

Kueh Salat (2 for $2.20)
I liked the green layer for its pandan fragrance and flavour, but the rice was not soft enough, and I do find this an issue for most Kueh Salat, because it's usually always lacking in one component or the other.

[Tingkat Peramakan]
Have yet to try their Mains, but their Kuehs definitely caught my eye when I walked past the shop.

Durian Ambon ($1.50)
This was chewy in texture, with a durian flavour that's not really overpowering. Wouldn't say it's the best, and you could give this a miss and try the other kuehs instead.

Lapis Legit OG ($2)
This was pretty fragrant and soft - indeed enjoyable, except that it's pretty pricey.