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Top 10 in Rangoon Road

Top 10 places in Rangoon Road, Singapore.

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Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Rangoon Road, Singapore.

Our childhood candy recreated into an one-of-a kind dessert
The old school coffee tin-can housed crushed coffee ice mixed with coffee-infused whip, dulce de leche, coffee jelly, chocolate sponge and served with a side of “You Tiao”
As I dip the “You Tiao”; which I later discovered to be a cinnamon dusted churro into the “Kopiko”, I could taste the strong potent rush of bittersweet flavours from each component
A nice interesting take on the Kopiko coffee candy
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Had heard a lot about this place and finally got a chance to visit it. I loved the decor of the place (specially the seatable cars) and it gives a sense of comfy cafe tucked away in a corner. As for the food it was just ok. I ordered the Spanish Omelette which was well cooked but it lacked the the concoction somehow. And for the pomegranate juice it felt a little blunt.

Apple crumble (~12) was neither here Nor there, felt like something I could go without. Wasn’t cheap either. The caramel sauce on the crumble was way too overpowering and definitely outshone the Apple taste. Apple chunks were a nice crunch to have but something felt off about this, can’t put my finger on it.

However the crumble itself was really yummy and the texture was great!


Umami prawn pasta (~20), came with 5 prawns and a very generous serving of tobikko! Tobikko was really good but pasta was lacking a strong umami taste, tasted a lil bland at times.

However extremely disappointed in the service. Wanted to go to the second floor ( bc we were seated on the same table as a really noisy group of people ) but staff told us it was reserved. Yet when another group came in, they managed to get the table on the second floor.... so clearly there’s some dishonesty going on..........

really love old hens kitchen big breakfast plate. they've unique offerings like bacon potato croquette, strawberry fig jam. yums

Probably because as all humans do we judge the book by it’s cover? 🤣 But this place really grew on me with each passing moment.
C+ stands for community plus and what’s interesting about them is that they actually gather various best sellers cakes from craft & home bakers and present le creme-of-the-crop for their patrons which is AWESOME because any choice would be a good choice? LOL. Perhaps it was CNY day 3, there weren’t much to choose from. We had their Yuzu Cheesecake & also a Nutella Chocolate tart! It was good but not like mind-blowing lol. 😋 BUT what blew me away was what happened next!
While chilling there their friendly staff explained that we could watch Netflix (no chilling please) or play PS4 😱 etc etc and do we did. We felt so comfortable and at home that we end up spending 4-5 there hours just munching on our cakes, watching Netflix, drinking coffee, tea then beer. SO HOMELY! I’ve never felt so at home at a cafe before! 真的很 Shiok! So if you want to goto a joint with an array of yummy cakes from all over without the hassle of going to so many cafes or if you just want a quiet place to slack and chill, this is it.
📍Address : C Plus • 217 Rangoon Road Singapore 218457 @cplus.sg #burpple

Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh (Rangoon Road)

Wonderfully balanced BKT, if you like a punch of pepper in your BKT, this is the place. The condiments and side dishes around this humble bowl of BKT is what makes this place so good. The pork skin is gelatinous and has a wonderful soft bite, the large intestines are lovely braised, and the preserved vegetables have a wonderful sweetness which compliments the savoury flavours of the meat. Highly recommended for those who love local SG BKT! This place has a rich history, and is well-managed so you can expect consistency in their dishes and service.
📍Ng Ah Sio - 208 Rangoon Rd, Hong Building, Singapore 218453
💰SGD ~15-20 per pax, if you order a set

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If you are up for something with a little heat, I would highly recommend their Jia Bin Spicy Pork Belly 火爆肉($8.80). One of their special dishes, it does resemble a dry bak kut teh with the focus being their succulent pork belly. Doused with dark sauce and fried with dried chilli, the aromatic combination was foolproof and surprisingly manageable in terms of spiciness. Two-thumbs up! Oh and not forgetting that they are on Burpple Beyond, so enjoy 1-for-1 deal on their main dishes.

Thank you @burpple for the invite and @jiabinklangbakkutteh for hosting us!

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Lemon cake comes with limoncello macaroni and a shot of limoncello.
Location @cplus.sg 217 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218457.
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feature Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel by @elijahpies .
Soft sponge of Dark chocolate layered cake, filled with soft swirl of salted caramel and dark chocolate ganache. .
📍C Plus.
217 Rangoon Road, Singapore.